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The 2024 WOW List: 96 Top Local Fixers in Countries Worldwide

The WOW List is a collection of exceptionally knowledgeable and well-connected trip planners around the world. They have been rigorously road-tested, based on my decades of experience as a travel journalist and based on the latest trip reviews from travelers who used my WOW approach to ensure an extraordinary trip. In 2023 they quickly found solutions to the travel complications and disruption that arose: They rerouted travelers away from wildfires and floods, kept them cool and comfy amid extreme heat, helped them bypass unprecedented tourist crowds and lines, restored whole days of sightseeing missed because of flight cancellations, and lessened the impact of hotels’ sky-high prices, understaffing, and skimpflation. We know they did this because of your trip reviews. We continue to monitor trips and update The WOW List in real time.

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What these local fixers do is custom-tailor a private itinerary exactly to your trip goals and travel style, get you special access to iconic sights, and mastermind all the trip logistics so that you don’t have to. Trips start at about $10K to $15K, depending on your destination and timing.

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Australia and Pacific
Caribbean, Central America, Mexico
Cruises and Yacht Charters
Middle East
South America



Jim Berkeley, Destinations & Adventures International

Jim jokes that he’s a frustrated Indiana Jones—which is why he’s spent much of his career scrambling around the ancient temples and pyramids of Egypt. After five years in Cairo running the local office of a major travel firm, he started his own company in 1995 to plan trips to Egypt and beyond. Jim’s customized itineraries combine luxury and adventure—he’ll have you sailing down the Nile in a dahabiya one day and lounging by the pool at the Old Cataract Hotel the next—and he has the connections to get you into tombs that are closed to the public.

Read Jim’s Insider’s Guide to Egypt. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui and Radia Tehitahe, Experience Morocco

Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui and Radia Tehitahe: MoroccoAfter earning an MBA from Harvard, Hicham returned to his native Morocco to fulfill his dream of introducing travelers to the best of his homeland beyond the typical tourist routes. He and deputy Radia Tehitahe can arrange everything from a family-friendly scavenger hunt through Marrakech’s souks to a cooking class in a Berber village to a workshop in metal welding or book binding, and they love to place travelers in the most atmospheric 4- and 5-star riads that ooze Moroccan charm. Thanks to trusted colleagues in Spain, they can also mastermind a trip that combines both countries. 

Read Hicham and Radia’s Insider’s Guide to the Sahara Desert. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Michael Diamond, Cobblestone Private Travel

Michael DiamondThanks to two decades of planning trips to Morocco, Michael designs seamless itineraries utilizing the savviest logistics and most atmospheric luxury riads. He encourages travelers to slow down to match the pace of local life, whether by lingering over a late-afternoon mint tea and people-watching in a bustling Marrakech square or staying up late around the fire at your Sahara encampment while the African stars dazzle above you. His handpicked special-access guides can steer you to the hidden ateliers where you’ll find the highest-quality designs and products at the lowest prices.

Read Michael’s Insider’s Guide to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Helen Wilson, Destinations & Adventures International

Helen uprooted her life from southern California to a riad in Marrakech’s old medina, drawn to the lifestyle, the traditions, and Morocco’s many hoteliers and English-speaking guides whom she already called friends. When choosing accommodations, location and soul are Helen’s top priorities, and she is constantly seeking out remarkable new experiences—from a private session with a lute maker and teacher to a morning of fishing with the locals from the cliffs near Essouira. She can also work with her well-connected colleagues to cleverly arrange trips that combine Morocco with Egypt or France.

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Safaris: Southern and Central Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius
Cherri Briggs, Explore, Inc.

Cherri—who splits her time between homes in Zambia and Colorado—has spent the past 25 years combing the African continent to create unique travel experiences: canoeing the Zambezi; galloping on horseback with zebra and giraffe across the Okavango Delta; scuba diving off Mozambique; and exploring the remote corners of Ethiopia, Gabon, Madagascar, Cameroon, and the Congo Basin. She ensures that clients—both private travelers and groups—enjoy excellent value and a smart selection of lodges and camps in Southern and East Africa. Cherri serves on the boards of several African conservation organizations, and she selects lodges that support local communities and invest in conservation.

Read Cherri’s Insider’s Guides to Namibia Adventures, Zimbabwe, Zambiaand Madagascar. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Safaris: East Africa and South Africa
Dan Saperstein, Hippo Creek Safaris

Dan draws on his vast network of connections to ensure that each safari really is the trip of a lifetime and that each traveler gets the most rewarding safari experience possible for their travel dollar. Based in the New York City area, he is always on call and always making sure that his clients are treated like royalty at every lodge and camp. Parents and grandparents wanting to take young children on safari: Do yourself a favor and have an honest conversation with Dan, who is a father of young kids himself, about which countries and parks are truly the most child-friendly. 

Read Dan’s Insider’s Guides to South Africa Safaris and East Africa Safaris. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Safaris: Southern and East Africa
Julian Harrison, Premier Tours

Fluent in Afrikaans and Zulu, Julian was born and raised in South Africa, where he spent the early part of his career establishing his safari bona fides by working as a ranger in KwaZulu-Natal and cohosting a weekly radio program about wildlife conservation. Later, he coauthored Fodor’s African Safari, giving him the chance to show off his extensive knowledge of every park, lodge, and safari camp in southern Africa. He knows exactly where to go—and when to go—to make the most of your time and money, and takes great pleasure in introducing travelers to the lesser-known corners of the continent, such as the wilds of the Congo rainforest (“The Jungle Book come to life,” as he calls it).

Read Julian’s Insider’s Guides to Botswana’s Small Safari Camps and Cape Town and South Africa’s Winelands. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Bali and Indonesia
Many travelers know and love Bali—but what about the rest of the Indonesian archipelago? And if Bali is your destination, can you plan the trip yourself in a smart way that avoids the pitfalls of popularity, from traffic jams to overcrowded beaches? Beyond the best-known island, Indonesia is also home to far-out wildlife (think Borneo’s famous orangutans), lush rainforest, and plenty of rarely visited spots. Curious about the possibilities? Ask us, and we’ll match you with the right fixer to create just the trip for you.

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Central Asia, the Silk Road, and Uzbekistan
Zulya Rajabova, Silk Road Treasure Tours

Zulya grew up in Uzbekistan—her hometown, Bukhara, is one of the legendary cities of the Silk Road trading route—and has lived in the U.S. since 2003. This makes her well suited to introduce foreigners to the stunning landscapes and ancient sites of Central Asia, including all five “Stans.” She started out as an interpreter and guide for journalists, diplomats, and heads of state visiting Uzbekistan. Her personal contacts at museums, exhibition sites, and performance companies translate to exclusive access for her travelers, and the encounters that she orchestrates with artisans and businesspeople help bring alive aspects of the culture both ancient and contemporary.

Read Zulya’s Insider’s Guide to Uzbekistan. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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China: Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Mei Zhang, WildChina

Sharing her homeland’s hidden gems has been Mei’s lifelong passion, interrupted only by the years she spent earning her Harvard MBA and working for McKinsey. No matter the occasion—family trip to her native Yunnan province or 50th birthday celebration in Beijing—Mei can filter the seemingly endless options to craft an experience that’s just right, and her close relationships with hoteliers ensure her travelers get the red-carpet treatment. Her private guides and drivers are the best in the business, opening the doors to authentic Chinese culture and steering travelers away from all things touristy.

Read Mei’s Insider’s Guides to Beijing, Yunnan Province, and China’s Big Cities and Small Villages. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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India, Bhutan, Nepal
Sanjay Saxena, Nomadic Expeditions

The son of a brigadier general in the Indian Army, Sanjay was born in New Delhi and grew up living in numerous places throughout India. He began mountaineering and rock climbing in the high Himalayas at age 15, and since 1979 has led groups on trekking, climbing, touring, and safari trips not only in India but in Tibet, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Committed to running trips that are ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive, Sanjay has been named an “Unsung Hero of Compassion” and recognized by the Dalai Lama for the community projects he has created in South Asia.

Read Sanjay’s Insider’s Guides to Agra and the Taj Mahal, Delhi, and Secrets of India. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Bertie and Victoria Dyer, India Beat

Bertie and Victoria DyerWhile living for ten years in Jaipur—where they were married and had their first child—Bertie and Victoria introduced so many visiting friends to their favorite places and people in Rajasthan that it turned into a travel business. They plan trips tailored to individual interests—a type of travel experience that is rare in India, where most tours emphasize ticking off as many main sites as possible. Bertie’s areas of expertise include Moghul architecture, wildlife photography, and Indian history. Victoria’s passions include yoga, Indian cooking, and textile design, and she is known for her popular Jaipur bazaar crawl. They now live in England, but their Jaipur office is run by a dedicated team of local employees who have been with the company from the beginning.

Read Bertie and Victoria’s Insider’s Guides to Rajasthan and Mumbai. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Japanese society relies heavily on personal connections to unlock doors. Japan is also bracingly expensive, with many of the loveliest ryokans and guest houses costing upwards of $1,000 per night (although that does include an extravagant dinner). And because the number of savvy guides with exceptional access is limited, they can command high fees. If you are seeking the right bespoke trip-planning specialist who can deliver the best that Japan has to offer, we can point you toward your smartest options.

Ask Wendy

Andrea Oschetti, Blueflower

Because he lives in Hong Kong and has made Asia his home for more than two decades (he’s Italian by birth), Andrea has regional connections that enable him to offer a broader range of itineraries and price points than you’ll find through most U.S.-based firms. He’s open to arranging relatively short experiences of Japan because he’s accustomed to booking long weekends there for his Hong Kong clientele, and he uses WhatsApp to stay in contact—from a nearby time zone, no less—throughout your trip. He can arrange visits with local artisans, sushi chefs, and bonsai masters, is equally comfortable sending you around rural and urban Japan via train or private car, and is particularly adept at managing groups with disparate interests.

Read Andrea’s Insider’s Guide to the Philippines. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Scott Gilman, JapanQuest Journeys

Scott GilmanAfter living in Japan working for Goldman Sachs, Scott launched his own firm to deliver five-star-only journeys into the soul of Japan, peppered with the sorts of experiences that are normally very difficult for travelers to access. He has spent decades cultivating local relationships, hand-picking the savviest guides, and uncovering unusual opportunities that unlock the mysteries of Japan. He and son Jason orchestrate trips for visitors of every age, from children fascinated by samurai swords and manga comics to romantic couples in pursuit of exquisite ryokans with secluded hot springs. They can arrange encounters with experts in pottery, textiles, kendo, taiko drumming, and more. They can even deliver a practice session at a sumo training stable or a dinner with geisha entertainment at a teahouse open only to invited guests.

Read Scott’s Insider’s Guide to Classic Japan. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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The Maldives and the Seychelles
Justin Parkinson, Linara Travel

Justin ParkinsonJustin’s frequent trips to the Indian Ocean over the past 14 years make him uniquely qualified to match you with the specific island, resort, and overwater bungalow that best suit your needs. This is especially crucial in the Maldives, where you’re likely to spend all of your time at a single, private-island resort, and there are new properties opening regularly. In the Seychelles, Justin can help you rent a car to go exploring and point you to the best beaches and hiking trails. Given how many people fly to the Indian Ocean via Dubai, he has become an expert on the United Arab Emirates too and can help you save money there so you can splurge in the islands. 

Read Justin’s Insider’s Guides to the Maldives and the Seychelles. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Jalsa Urubshurow, Nomadic Expeditions

A Mongolian-American who splits his time between the U.S. and Mongolia, Jalsa was among the first to offer highly customized trips to his homeland, and he also created one of the country’s original guide-training programs. He pairs travelers with experts—historians, scientists, artists, photographers—who provide a comprehensive understanding of the country’s history, culture, and traditions. Jalsa champions sustainable, eco-friendly travel as a viable alternative to Mongolia’s mining-based economy; he also founded the Nomadic Foundation to expand the impact of conservation and cultural preservation projects run by his team in Mongolia.

Read Jalsa’s Insider’s Guide to Mongolia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Sri Lanka
Miguel Cunat, Sri Lanka in Style

Miguel CunatMiguel, who has been living with his family in Sri Lanka since 2003, provides visitors with insightful, engaging experiences in this logistically tricky but enchanting country. He helps travelers to get off the beaten path without sacrificing comfort or charm, and to meet the colorful local characters who provide a real sense of place (authors, architects, even the Leopard Man). Having watched Sri Lanka undergo so many changes in the past two decades, Miguel is deeply committed to conservation and is certified in Sustainable Tourism by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council; this plays into every recommendation he makes, from the hotels he chooses to the strategies he employs for keeping his travelers far from the tour-bus crowd.

Read Miguel’s Insider’s Guide to Sri Lanka. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
Sandy Ferguson and Ethan Crowley, Asia Desk

Sandy and Ethan craft tailor-made itineraries that combine five-star creature comforts with authentic local experiences. Both grew up in the region: Sandy graduated from the International School of Bangkok in 1969 while his father was serving in the Vietnam War and has planned trips to the region for more than 30 years; Ethan was raised in Cambodia and is fluent in Khmer. Sandy now splits his time between Saigon and the U.S., while Ethan keeps the office running in South Carolina. They have a vast network of powerful contacts in the hotel industry—which translates into status for you—and a wonderful selection of on-the-ground hosts, all charismatic locals whom Sandy considers family (some of them really are!).

Read Sandy and Ethan’s Insider’s Guides to Thailand, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Bangkok, and Laos. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Southeast Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
Daniel Fraser, Smiling Albino

Daniel FraserA celebrity in Thailand as the host of several TV shows there, this Thai-speaking Canadian got his start in Asia working for the Thai royal family more than 20 years ago. With that notoriety came the ability to open all sorts of doors that others can’t (private lunches in the homes of famous architects and designers, exclusive tours of Bangkok’s underground art scene). Daniel has a variety of tricks up his sleeve to keep travelers far off the beaten path—whether that’s getting a private monk blessing in Wat Pho, entry to famous landmarks before they are open to the public, or visiting artisans’ workshops that are accessible only by boat. He also has offices in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

Read Daniel’s Insider’s Guide to Thailand Like You’ve Never Seen It. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Australia and Pacific

Stuart Rigg, Southern Crossings

Stuart RiggStuart has personally tested nearly every lodge, heli-tour, yacht charter, and waterfront restaurant that he recommends. Based in Sydney, he can arrange access to private homes, golf courses, and art collections, and will offer careful guidance on everything from drives through the Margaret River wine region to sailing trips around the Whitsundays. Stuart will point you to the sections of the Great Barrier Reef that are the least visited and most spectacular, and he knows exactly which island properties are best for hyperactive families, spa-loving hedonists, or Robinson Crusoe fantasists. If you’d like to combine Australia with New Zealand, Stuart can collaborate with Auckland-based colleague and fellow WOW Lister Sarah Farag

Read Stuart’s Insider’s Guides to Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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French Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea) and the Cook Islands
Kleon Howe, The Art of Travel

When Kleon first sailed to French Polynesia more than thirty years ago, he fell in love with the island’s people and their culture. On his many trips since then, he’s explored both the famous islands that attract first-timers and the lesser-known gems his intrepid repeat travelers want to visit—all the while bolstering his vast array of contacts and experiences. Since he books directly with companies in Tahiti—leaving out the U.S.-based wholesalers—his prices are competitive, and his travelers get free services and amenities at virtually every hotel. As an experienced sailor and diver, Kleon knows the best locations and outfitters for those activities too.

Read Kleon’s Insider’s Guide to Bora Bora, Tahiti and French Polynesia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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New Zealand
Jean-Michel Jefferson, Ahipara

Jean-Michel JeffersonJean-Michel Jefferson moved to New Zealand in 1998, after a decade-long career with Price Waterhouse, and founded a travel firm to cater to people who want to “go further, deeper, and see things others do not see.” He draws on his encyclopedic knowledge of New Zealand and network of hundreds of hoteliers, restaurateurs, private pilots, ship captains, and noteworthy experts to create itineraries that translate travelers’ wishes into reality—experiences that in many cases you could not possibly arrange on your own. His team can modify an itinerary on the fly to work around uncooperative weather or to satisfy a traveler’s spontaneous desire to either add another location or slow down the pace. He has even helped people with immigration, including interviewing principals at selected schools!

Read Jean-Michel’s Insider’s Guides to Active New Zealand and Queenstown. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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New Zealand and Australia
Sarah Farag, Southern Crossings

A native New Zealander based in Auckland, Sarah works her superb connections—from sheep farmers to helicopter pilots—to open doors for her travelers. She can set you up with a driving itinerary and rental car with stops for scenic hikes, wine tastings, and whatever else you might enjoy, but for those times when you’d prefer not to worry about driving on the left-hand side of the road and be able to lose your eyes in the country’s countless glorious vistas, she has the savviest private drivers at her beck and call. Sarah has pull not just with the country’s top luxury lodges, but also with its guesthouses and even private homes with chefs. And, as a mom of two teenage sons, she is tuned in to what families enjoy most. Sarah can add beach stops in Fiji and other South Pacific islands, or coordinate with colleague and fellow WOW Lister Stuart Rigg to include time in Australia.

Read Sarah’s Insider’s Guide to New Zealand and Australia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Atlantic Canada: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Jill Curran, Maxxim Vacations

Jill was raised in a small fishing community in Newfoundland and is deeply rooted in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. Her customized itineraries extend throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and the Maritime provinces, uncovering secrets that most people miss: the side road with a stunning view, the tiny fishing village where you can chat with locals over tea. Her tours are either self-drive or privately guided, and her personally selected accommodations range from small inns and B&Bs to luxury hotels. One of her specialties is a seaside picnic lunch sourced from local ingredients (think chutney-glazed ham, garden veggies, homemade bread) and prepared in the 150-year-old lighthouse where her grandmother was born.

Read Jill’s Insider’s Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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French Canada: Quebec
Centuries of history, majestic megafauna, indigenous culture, pristine landscapes, and a strong dose of France, all within a short flight (or even a drive) of many U.S. locales: This is Quebec. Browse Montreal’s street art with an internationally acclaimed artist, hop on a seaplane for a picnic on a remote beach, get VIP access to observe whales and black bears in the wild. Click on the button below and we’ll connect you with a side of Canada you’ve never seen before.

Ask Wendy

Pacific Northwest: British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies
Sheri Doyle, Pacific Northwest Journeys

Sheri DoyleBased in Seattle and a former corporate attorney, Sheri brings her legal-eagle eye for detail to the itineraries she crafts in Western Canada. Her self-drive itineraries typically run to 20 pages, covering everything from detailed driving directions to activity and restaurant recommendations. Geared to your interests and preferences, each itinerary is a personalized guidebook, and Sheri will have hiked the trails, kayaked the waters, and dined at the restaurants she recommends for you. Her preferred rates at top properties can save travelers a bundle.
NOTE: Sheri is not taking requests for trips less than 90 days out. For a different recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Sheri’s Insider’s Guides to Seattle, San Juan Islands and the Olympic Peninsula, and California Coast. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Western Canada: British Columbia, Canadian Rockies, Northwest Territories, Yukon
Marc Telio, Entrée Canada

Born in Montreal and now based in Vancouver, Marc is most passionate about helping travelers access Canada’s most remote places, dazzling landscapes, and memorable activities. His favorite itineraries combine beautiful scenery, fascinating wildlife, and local culture with soulful accommodations (think luxury tented camps and sumptuous wilderness lodges). Marc and his team are like special-ops agents—pros at logistics, taking into account weather patterns, tides, seaplane schedules, and dozens of other details to ensure a seamless experience. Their tight-knit relationships with top outfitters, guides, and hotels translate to VIP treatment for you. And if you’re looking for kid-friendly adventures, Marc has plenty of ideas up his sleeve—his two kids grew up on scouting trips throughout Canada.

Read Marc’s Insider’s Guide to British Colombia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Caribbean, Central America, Mexico

Bahamas and Caribbean Yacht Charters
Picture sparkling seas, the waves lapping at your boat, a captain who knows every secret snorkeling spot, toes-in-the-sand beach bars where you can stop for a drink, fabulously fresh seafood—prepared by your private chef—to enjoy at night…. All that can be yours when you charter your own vessel. But of the hundreds that are based in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, which to choose? And how do you know that its crew can make the magic happen, and that its water toys are up to snuff? We know yacht-charter experts who spend a good portion of every year inspecting boats and their crews to find the very best. Tell us what you have in mind, and we can match you to the right specialist for your specific needs.

Ask Wendy

Patricia Johnson and Rachael Wilson, Absolute Belize

A Londoner who gave up the rat race to settle in the tropics (Rachael, who now lives on the coast) and a Belizean who still resides in her hometown (Patricia, who’s based near the jungle), this dream team designs custom-tailored itineraries that capture Belize’s natural and cultural wonders. From scuba diving and sport fishing to Indiana Jones–style cave adventuring, they know how to keep the adrenaline flowing. Patricia spent several years working at some of the country’s luxury resorts, so their travelers get special attention there, and they can mastermind everything from private-yacht charters to Champagne picnics beside a waterfall to helicopter flyovers of the Great Blue Hole.

Read Patricia and Rachael’s Belize Insider’s Guide: Azure Waters, Green Jungle. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

Contact Patricia and Rachael
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Julie Byrd,

With its natural beauty, wide-ranging water- and land-based activities, and genuinely hospitable locals, Los Cabos is an easy getaway, made even easier by Julie. Her deep roots and intimate connections there save you money and spare you headaches. She knows the resorts like the palm of her hand, but she also has a portfolio of private rental properties that includes more than 100 luxurious villas and condos suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends. Her Cabo-based concierge team is available 24/7; they can arrange everything from fishing and yacht charters to private chefs and in-villa celebrations.

Read Julie’s Insider’s Guides to Los Cabos Villa Vacations and Los Cabos Beach Vacations. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Caribbean Islands and Dive Vacations
Meg Austin

Meg is exceptionally well-connected among the who’s who of the travel world, an accomplished diver who has scoped out every Caribbean reef, and a mom of recent college grads, so she is an excellent solution for active family trips. Her longstanding friendships on select Caribbean islands—specifically, Anguilla, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Nevis, St. Barts, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and Turks and Caicos—as well as on Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Caribbean Sea, translate to special treatment for her travelers.

Read Meg’s Insider’s Guide to the Scuba Diving in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Costa Rica
Irene Edwards, GreenSpot

Irene Edwards on a zip lineA native Costa Rican, Irene arranges trips to her country that marry sophisticated luxury, cool nature experiences and adventure thrills, and ecological sensitivity. She knows which high-design jungle lodges, stylish beach resorts, and adventure outfitters prioritize not just comfort but a commitment to preserving the culture and environment. She is eager to arrange meaningful, one-on-one experiences with the locals. (You might even get invited to her mother’s home for a cooking lesson.) 

Read Irene’s Insider’s Guide to Costa Rica Luxury Eco-Travel. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Costa Rica
Priscilla Jimenez, Costa Rica Expeditions

Priscilla JimenezCosta Rica’s wildlife has fueled Priscilla’s own explorations of her homeland, and it’s on display in her itineraries featuring the country’s national parks and volcanoes. While her own family’s trips lean toward active adventures involving mountain biking, hiking, canyoneering, and whitewater rafting (Priscilla’s got two energetic sons), she is just as fluent in the options for romance and serenity on blissful beaches. In a place where distances are short but the infrastructure weak, Priscilla is smart about utilizing private drivers, helicopters, and chartered or scheduled flights to make the most of your time.

Read Priscilla’s Insider’s Guide to Costa Rica Adventure. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Yes, you can still travel to Cuba. Legally and privately. The Cuba experts we know have worked in the country for years and are well connected to artists, musicians, historians, TV personalities, and the best privately-owned boutique B&Bs, casas particulares, and paladares. They can have you learning the secrets of a perfect mojito from a local bartender, enjoying a night out at a pop-up jazz club, bird-watching on a day trip into the countryside, and strolling Havana with a former architect or journalist (who now earns more as a private guide).

Ask Wendy

Zachary Rabinor, Journey Mexico

Zach RabinorAn elite guide in Mexico for more than two decades, Zach learned everything about what sophisticated travelers really want there but can’t easily find, then founded his own travel firm to deliver exactly that. Currently based in New York City, Zach spent many years living in Mexico with his wife and two sons; he still travels there regularly to cement his insider connections across the country’s wide array of coastlines, colonial cities, wildlife reserves, beach resorts, historic haciendas, private villas, ancient monuments, award-winning kitchens, and thrilling activities (he’s a big surfer). His deep relationships with local hoteliers, communities, and fixers of all kinds translate into room upgrades, special-access visits, and off-the-beaten-path experiences that travelers wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Read Zachary’s Insider’s Guides to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Cityand the Riviera Maya. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

Contact Zachary
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Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua
Pierre Gedeon, Costa Adventures

Pierre, a Frenchman whose adopted home has been Central America for more than 20 years, orchestrates multi-country itineraries that maximize efficiency in Panama and Nicaragua—places that are still relatively undeveloped—and in Costa Rica. Trips can feature adventure activities from soft to strenuous (think river rafting, horseback riding, ocean or mangrove kayaking, volcano hiking); a romantic Caribbean beach escape; bird watching and other wildlife pursuits; visits to archaeological sites, colonial towns, and native villages; a focus on three of the region’s most popular exports—coffee, chocolate, and cigars; or all of the above. 

Read Pierre’s Insider’s Guide to Nicaragua. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Cruises and Yacht Charters

European Barge Cruises
Ellen Sack and Caroline Klein, Barge Lady Cruises

Chartering a canal barge (ideal for groups of 4 to 12 adults) or booking individual cabins on such a vessel (for 2 to 4 travelers) is slow travel at its best: You get to glide along centuries-old canals and waterways through the bucolic European countryside, covering just a few miles a day between excursions to vineyards, villages, castles, markets, and local artisans’ studios. Ellen Sack, the original Barge Lady since 1985, and daughter Caroline Sack Klein will level with you about the pros and cons of each itinerary, as well as the cuisine, service level, and sightseeing possibilities on offer for each vessel. The warm welcome their travelers receive onboard is testament to their close relationships with the vessels’ owners.

Read Ellen and Caroline’s Insider’s Guide to France’s Waterways. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

Contact Ellen
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European Rivers and Luxury Cruises Worldwide
Tom Baker, Cruise Center

Tom Baker has sailed on more than 250 ships in over 50 years. From Alaska to French Polynesia to the Panama Canal, from the Douro to the Rhine to the Danube, if an ocean or river ship docks there, chances are he’s been—more than once! First Tom helps each traveler pinpoint the right ship, cabin, and itinerary. Then he advises on which private guides, group shore excursions, and flights will best suit your needs. He has particular clout with river lines AmaWaterways, Amadeus, Scenic, Tauck River, Uniworld, and Viking, and with ocean lines Celebrity, Holland America, MSC, Norwegian, Oceania, Royal Caribbean, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, and Windstar.

Read Tom’s Insider’s Guides to Alaska Cruises and Mediterranean Cruises. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Expedition Voyages
Ashton Palmer, ExpeditionTrips

Ashton spent nearly a decade as an expedition leader, guide, naturalist, conservationist, Zodiac driver, avid bird-watcher, and photographer in the last wild places—Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as the Galapagos, the Amazon, and the South Pacific. Realizing that travelers desperately needed unbiased guidance on every expedition line and ship, he founded a travel firm in order to provide just this. Now, he and his staff work tirelessly to match travelers with the right small-ship expedition trips, and he has traveled to Antarctica more than 50 times and spent a collective three months in the Arctic. And because of his relationships with the top cruise lines and tour operators, he often secures preferred rates or other perks.

Read Ashton’s Insider’s Guides to Antarctica Cruises, Arctic Cruises, and Small-Ship Alaska Cruises. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Luxury Cruises Worldwide
Mary Jean Tully, Cruise Professionals by Tully Luxury Travel

Mary Jean TullyMary Jean sends an enormous amount of business to the more high-end cruise lines—Regent, Seabourn, Silversea, Oceania, Viking, Azamara, Cunard, Holland America, Celebrity, Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, Ponant, Scenic, and Aqua Expeditions among them—and thus is able to secure the best cabins (often as an upgrade) and procure generous onboard credits for her travelers. She has plenty of pull with five-star hotels too, which comes in handy when she’s making pre-and post-cruise land arrangements. When she’s offline in Africa—she is seriously committed to wildlife preservation—or sailing on the coolest new ships in remotest Asia, ask to speak with her trusted deputy Cheri Ozimac.

Read Mary Jean’s Insider’s Guides to Asia Cruises and Africa Cruises. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Yacht Charters
Picture sparkling seas, the waves lapping at your boat, a captain who knows every hidden cove, quaint villages to explore by day, fabulously fresh seafood—prepared by your private chef—to enjoy at night…. All that can be yours when you charter your own vessel. Maybe it’s a sailboat on the Dalmatian Coast, a catamaran in Tahiti, a bareboat charter in the Caribbean, or a mega-yacht on the Great Barrier Reef. But of the thousands out there, which craft and crew to choose? We know yacht-charter experts who spend a good portion of every year inspecting boats and their crews to find the very best. Tell us what you have in mind, and we can match you to the right travel specialist for your specific needs.

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Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland
Gwen Kozlowski, Exeter International

Gwen KozlowskiGwen has been masterminding custom trips for independent travelers to Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and other parts of Eastern Europe for more than a decade. She’s based in the U.S. but heads to the region at least twice a year to suss out new hotels and restaurants, test train and driving routes, and add to her ever-growing list of local experts—from museum curators to pastry chefs to artisanal vodka makers—who provide access and insights that you could never get otherwise. Unflinchingly honest, she prides herself on knowing where to find the best food—and drink—in every town from Innsbruck to Budapest to Krakow, and she has such strong relationships with local hoteliers that her guests frequently receive VIP treatment at the most atmospheric four- and five-star hotels.

Read Gwen’s Insider’s Guides to Austria, Hungaryand the Czech Republic. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg
Tom Stinglhamber, Brilliant Ideas

Thomas StinglhamberBased in Antwerp and fluent in Dutch, English, French, and Portuguese, Tom started as a hotel concierge and now treats travelers to that same white-glove service as he crafts Benelux itineraries combining city sights and countryside charm. It’s a compact region (Amsterdam is an hour’s drive from his office), so he knows the right people to make your trip special, whether that’s a master Cicerone (a beer sommelier) who can guide you through a tasting of Belgium’s finest brews, a Michelin-starred chef who will cook only for you as you cruise privately through Amsterdam’s canals in a luxuriously refurbished 19th-century boat, or a renowned chocolatier who treats you to a praline workshop in his private atelier. Accommodations are most often in stylish, independently owned boutique hotels, along with the odd medieval castle that has been transformed into a romantic overnight haven.
Note: Tom cannot take requests for trips that start before September 2024. For a different Benelux recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Tom’s Insider’s Guide to Belgium. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Croatia (plus Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia)
Ala Osmond, Exeter International

Ala OsmondThanks to frequent trips to the former republics of Yugoslavia during the nearly two decades she spent in the hotel industry in Europe, Ala excels at crafting itineraries that combine the coastal must-sees (think Dubrovnik and Kotor) with historic gems (think Sarajevo and Split) and the picturesque countryside in between—all while avoiding tourist traps, navigating travelers around the cruise-ship crowds that plague the coastal cities, and wisely negotiating border crossings. Charming 5-star and 4-star hotels are a focus for her: She’s always up on the latest openings and will warn you away from the more run-down boutiques.

Read Ala’s Insider’s Guide to Croatia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Jay Ternavan, JayWay Travel

Jay makes travel to Croatia—and beyond to other parts of Europe—more affordable via a wide range of accommodations, including boutique hotels, B&Bs, and sea-view apartments. He knows where the trains and ferries are convenient and reliable, where it’s easy to drive yourself, and where you’ll save time and aggravation by hiring a private driver. For sporty families, he can arrange everything from biking to canyoning, and if you’re near the coast, he’ll be sure to include time on the water, be it by sailboat, kayak, or ferry. He’s also knowledgeable about wine, thanks to a previous career in the wine industry, and can tell you which boutique wineries, even those that don’t export widely to the U.S., are worth a visit. Jay is headquartered in New York but has staff based in much of Mediterranean, Central, and Eastern Europe.

Read Jay’s Insider’s Guide to Affordable Croatia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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England and the British Isles
Travelers bound for the United Kingdom and Ireland seek a broad array of experiences for which there is a broad array of sources. Do you need a castle in the countryside for a 50th birthday party or a manor home for a family reunion near the university where your kid is in college? A week of hiking in the Cotswolds or meeting the most interesting local characters in the hidden pockets of Ireland? The more specific you can be about your trip goals, the better we can direct you to the right fixer for your needs.

Ask Wendy

England, Ireland, Scotland
Jonathan Epstein, Celebrated Experiences

Jonathan EpsteinIf you want to be filled with wanderlust—and jealousy—follow Jonathan’s Instagram feed. Between the picture-perfect Cotswold cottages and the Michelin-starred Scottish restaurants and the grand Irish castles, you’ll wish you could hide inside his suitcase on his next trip. The next best thing? Let him arrange your itinerary, including the most scenic drives between all those fairytale properties and otherwise-hard-to-book restaurants. Although he’s based in the U.S., you’ll benefit from his close relationships with colorful hoteliers and star chefs, not to mention their friends all over the U.K. and Ireland—from whiskey distillers to crystal cutters to cashmere-sweater weavers. 

Read Jonathan’s Insider’s Guides to Killarney and County Kerry, IrelandScotland, and the Cotswolds. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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England, France, and Italy
Jennifer Virgilio, Queen of Clubs

Jennifer is currently based in London and has also called Rome and Paris home—all the while building her outstanding connections to charming boutique hotels, hard-to-get-into restaurants, and expert private guides. She can make the line at the Eiffel Tower disappear, snag front-row seats for Fashion Week, or get you an after-hours tour of the Tower of London. Jennifer is equally deft at planning itineraries for families—she’s taken her own daughter all over Europe—as she is for high rollers (she’s a private-jet broker too). For those flying commercially, her VIP meet-and-greet starts at the aircraft door and includes fast-track entry through immigration to a waiting car.

Read Jennifer’s Insider’s Guide to Paris with Perks. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Philip Haslett, French Promise

Philip HaslettPhilip crafts elegant, bespoke itineraries through the hidden pockets of France that, sadly, most travelers miss. The reason he knows so many charming villages, country lanes, waterways, and cowpaths—not just in his homebase of Provence but throughout the country—is the many years he spent captaining both hot-air balloons and luxury hotel barges. He can unlock the Palace of the Popes at night, helicopter you in to hike with shepherds in the Pyrenees, or ensconce you in a chic beachside villa whose guest list looks like the Oscars seating chart. Bear in mind that many of the sights he’ll recommend are so hidden that you’re better off using one of his English-speaking driver-guides than renting a car and attempting to navigate on your own.

Read Philip’s Insider’s Guide to Provence and the French Riviera. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Michael Eloy and Alex Zglinski, Trufflepig

Michael Eloy and Alex ZglinskiMichael and Alex grew up in France’s famed regions of Provence and Burgundy, respectively. Today, they sprinkle their local connections throughout their itineraries, helping independent-minded travelers—especially those who want to rent a car and explore on their own—to experience the best of what’s off the beaten track in France. Their in-depth itineraries will ensure that you drive the most scenic roads, sleep in the most charming and unusual accommodations, and dine in the most authentic local eateries. They can also help you combine France with Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, or Switzerland.

Read Michael and Alex’s Insider’s Guides to Paris for Food Lovers and Burgundy. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Germany and beyond (Central and Eastern Europe)
Claudia Schwenger, Trufflepig

Claudia returns to her native Germany regularly to ensure she’s on top of the latest intel. She specializes in highly detailed self-drive and train itineraries for independent-minded travelers and will map out for you the most scenic driving, hiking, cycling, train, and ferry routes, and even where to bobsled or ski for a couple of days. She can point you to the best castles to sleep in along the Rhine, hire the latest-model Porsche for your tour of the Bavarian Alps, and manage journeys that continue into Eastern Europe, the Adriatic, or Scandinavia. 
Note: Claudia cannot take requests for trips that start before September 2024. For a different recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Claudia’s Insider’s Guide to Bavaria, Germany. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Certain Greek islands, especially those visited by cruise ships, can be a mosh pit in high season, and the logistics of getting between islands can be surprisingly complicated. The right expert can steer you to the most reliable ferry operators, ensure there’s a taxi to pick you up at the pier, even arrange for private boat rides to secret islands. There are hundreds of Greek islands to choose from, of course—each with its own unique character—and the right expert can design an itinerary with just the right combo of ancient history, modern culture, near-empty beaches, sleepy villages, pulsating nightlife, or whatever it is that you want most. Tell us via the button below, and we’ll help as best we can.

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Jacoline Vinke, Trufflepig

Jacoline, who has lived in Athens for more than two decades, literally wrote the book on travel in Greece (three of them, in fact, including Jacoline’s Small Hotels in Greece). Her research for those volumes has taken her to every corner of the mainland and just about every inhabited island. Call on her when it’s your second or third—or tenth—trip to Greece and you’re ready to focus on the most charming spots that everyone else misses, including the hidden-gem boutique hotels and guesthouses where you’ll be on a first-name basis with the owner. 
Note: Jacoline cannot take requests for trips that start before September 2024. For a different Greece recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Mina Agnos, Travelive

Mina has been visiting Greece since childhood and is particularly keen to help travelers when it’s their first trip to the country (or sometimes, to Europe). These days she divides her time between Athens and Florida, regularly road-testing an array of islands, experiences, and accommodations so she can help you see the country’s iconic sites while navigating its tricky logistics. Her knowledge of reliably good places to stay extends to rental villas, yacht charters, and an organic agritourism farm in the Peloponnese where you can pick olives, stomp grapes, and make pastries with the village ladies. Mina has two teens, so she is especially helpful to families.

Read Mina’s Insider’s Guide to the Ionian Islands. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Iceland has awesome landscapes and unusual adventure activities, from volcano diving to geothermal-pool hopping. But it is surprisingly expensive, and soaring tourism has caused demand—for accommodations, activities, all-terrain vehicles, glacier adventure guides, etc.—to outpace supply, driving prices even higher. What’s more, the country’s tourism infrastructure is geared to mass-market group tours. For the right local fixer to deliver a private, custom-tailored itinerary with unique experiences, click on the “Ask Wendy” button below.

Ask Wendy

Chris Gordon, Icepedition

Chris GordonChris’s trips combine jaw-dropping landscapes with cushy places to stay, from high-design hotels to friendly guesthouses, and he can arrange for you to spend your days kayaking among icebergs or soaking in secret hot springs. Iceland has a very high standard of living, and locals’ time comes at a high cost, but for the right price, he can also have you listening to family sagas in small fishing villages and foraging with famous chefs. Chris usually has travelers rent a car and drive themselves using his clear, Wifi-enabled route-finding. Just before departure, he mails you a set of day-by-day directions and regional guides; the printed itinerary may feel old-school to some, but his recommendations of specific beaches, waterfalls, and roadside turnouts for self-guided days are smartly curated.

Read Chris’s Insider’s Guide to Iceland Adventures. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Iceland, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands
Mads Tange Christensen, Nordic Star

Based in Copenhagen, Mads travels frequently throughout Denmark and its territories (e.g., Greenland and the Faroe Islands) to stay abreast of the latest offerings for his travelers—like a candlelit dinner inside the Stone Age collection at Copenhagen’s National Museum, or a private cruise aboard a former royal yacht. When it comes to Iceland, adventure is Mads’ forte, from river rafting to horseback riding to glacier walking, but it can be made soft enough to please grandparents on a multigenerational trip. He works with elite driver/guides who own safe, luxe vehicles that can venture into Iceland’s rugged backcountry.

Read Mads’s Insider’s Guide to Off-the-Beaten-Path Iceland. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Travelers bound for Ireland seek a broad array of experiences for which there is a broad array of sources. Do you want to hike the trails of Killarney National Park, stroll through Galway with a local musician, meet artisans and farmers in the countryside, overnight in an 800-year-old castle, or rent a Georgian manor home for a family reunion? The more specific you can be about your trip goals, the better we can direct you to the right fixer for your needs.

Ask Wendy

Andrea Grisdale, IC Bellagio

Andrea, who is based on Lake Como, can open doors that are closed to most people. A bilingual former guide, she knows all the tricks for tailoring a trip to your fantasies while avoiding your pet peeves, and for reducing logistics and saving time at the most well-known sites while also squeezing in the hidden gems. Andrea has the clout with Italy’s finest hotels to pull strings and ask for favors, and her team has a track record of coming to the rescue 24/7 should the need arise. Save her for extra-special trips where you are splurging on five-star hotels and VIP excursions—e.g., wedding anniversaries and surprises for elite travelers.

Read Andrea’s Insider’s Guides to Amalfi Coast and Italy’s Lakes Region. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Luisa Grigoletto, Trufflepig

Born in the Veneto, Luisa now lives in Rome—she is co-author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rome—and is well-connected in Italy’s art-history realm. Once a fixer for foreign journalists, she’s a pro at gaining insider access for her travelers, especially at museums and the Vatican. Luisa is a proponent of renting a car in the less jammed parts of the country and will provide driving itineraries with plenty of interesting stops, such as little family-run olive oil estates in Tuscany or off-the-beaten-path villages in Puglia. She can also orchestrate multi-country itineraries that involve France, Croatia, Spain, Austria, Germany, Greece, and elsewhere in Europe.
NOTE: Luisa cannot take requests for trips that start before December 2024. For a different Italy recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Luisa’s Insider’s Guide to Rome. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Italy, France, England 
Jennifer Virgilio, Queen of Clubs

Jennifer is currently based in London and has also called Rome and Paris home—all the while building her outstanding connections to charming boutique hotels, hard-to-get-into restaurants, and expert private guides. She can make the line at the Eiffel Tower disappear, snag front-row seats for Fashion Week, or get you an after-hours tour of the Tower of London. Jennifer is equally deft at planning itineraries for families—she’s taken her own daughter all over Europe—as she is for high rollers (she’s a private-jet broker too). For those flying commercially, her VIP meet-and-greet starts at the aircraft door and includes fast-track entry through immigration to a waiting car.

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Italy and Switzerland
Brian Dore and Maria Gabriella Landers, CIU Travel

Call on Maria and Brian when you want the ultimate culinary tour of Italy, or to be matched with charming and terrifically knowledgeable private guides and drivers who have keys to doors you wouldn’t even know how to look for, let alone open. Maria has a background in art history, Brian is a former chef; they met as professional opera singers. Through this husband-and-wife team, you can gain entrée to noteworthy winemakers, charismatic artisans, secret private gardens, and the like. Maria and Brian have a home in Umbria and love to show travelers that region’s hidden charms, but they are equally comfortable making arrangements everywhere from the Amalfi Coast to Lake Como—as well as farther north into Switzerland; Brian is an enthusiastic hiker and skier who’s tested out many Alpine slopes and trails.

Read Brian and Maria’s Insider’s Guides to Venice, Florence, Umbria, and TuscanyCheck Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Italy: The Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera 
Anna Merulla and Emanuela Raggio, BeautifuLiguria

Anna and EmanuelaItaly’s northwestern region of Liguria is best known for the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre, star-studded Portofino, and the port city of Genoa. What many travelers don’t know about—but should—are Liguria’s colorful hilltop towns, its hiking trails with breathtaking coastal views, and its family-run agriturismos. That’s where Anna and Emanuela, who are based in Genoa, come in. They make sure that their travelers visit the Cinque Terre in the opposite direction than the cruise-ship day-trippers do, to avoid the crowds. In the hills above Portofino, they can introduce you to artisanal producers of wine, olive oil, honey, and beer. And to help you work off all those calories, they’re ready with plans for biking, kayaking, snorkeling, and other active pursuits.  Anna and Emanuela can also assist with the rest of northern Italy except the Dolomites. 

Read Anna and Emanuela’s Insider’s Guide to The Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Italy: Puglia
Antonello Losito, Southern Visions Travel

Puglia’s spectacular Adriatic coastline makes it the hot new alternative to the traffic-clogged Amalfi Coast a couple of hours to the west. Antonello, a Puglia native and former professional cyclist, roams the region’s rural villages finding and creating unique experiences. If your aim is to burn off as many calories as you ingest, Antonello will balance hikes and bike rides with stops at a local farm for a burrata-making session, or at an olive grove for an oil tasting with a family who’s been in the business for generations. If you want adventure without the sweat, he can arrange hot-air balloon rides, sailing trips, and self-drive itineraries along roads that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Read Antonello’s Insider’s Guide to Puglia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Italy: Sicily
Marcello Baglioni and Matteo Rota, Agave Travel Creative

Marcello and MatteoWhile running a school for Americans studying in Sicily, Marcello found himself planning trips for the students’ visiting families—and thus his travel business was born. Matteo, meanwhile, has hospitality in his blood: Raised in his family’s restaurant in St. Moritz, he’s been known to moonlight upon occasion—when restaurateur friends need a break—in the front of the house and show off his food-and-wine cred. Together they can arrange anything from a hike or donkey ride on Mt. Etna with a volcanologist to a market tour and cooking class with a chef, a visit to Greek ruins with an archaeologist, or a tour on a lovingly restored sailboat, all hosted by passionate locals whom they consider family.

Read Marcello and Matteo’s Insider’s Guide to Sicily. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and beyond in Eastern Europe
Greg Tepper, Exeter International

Greg has extensive connections, and friends in high places, throughout Eastern Europe, but he is especially well-connected in the former Soviet republics, from the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) to the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia). He and his team troubleshoot every aspect of your itinerary through these countries whose rural areas are filled with old-world tradition, medieval charm, and picture-postcard natural settings, and whose modern cities brim with technological innovation and emerging foodie scenes.  Not only can Greg and his team ensure you skip the lines at popular castles and palaces, but he can also get you inside the most exclusive venues that are off-limits to the general public.

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Jason and Damon Camilleri Allan, Exclusively Malta

Jason and Damon Camilleri-AllanFrom accessing private residences of nobility to meeting members of the Knights of Malta, brothers Jason and Damon can unlock doors in Malta that you couldn’t find on your own and probably didn’t even realize exist. Damon is based in London and Jason lives in Canada; both are citizens of Malta, where their mother was born and where they have a team on the ground. They can add a few nights in Malta onto a trip elsewhere in Europe or custom-tailor an elaborate, week-long exploration of the islands’ deep history. They work with a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to locally-run boutique properties and classic Mediterranean palazzos that you can have all to yourself.

Read Jason and Damon’s Insider’s Guide to Malta. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Torunn Tronsvang, Up Norway

Torunn’s passion is to show travelers a more authentic and sustainable side of Norway. Her trips focus on getting people out into the country’s stunning landscapes via mountain bike, kayak, dog sled, or even hut-to-hut overnight hikes. Her preferred accommodations include stilted log cabins, lakeside yurts, tent igloos, and a renovated lighthouse: cozy places where you’re hosted by the owners and introduced to the local culture and traditions. Torunn likes to include food experiences (harvesting, foraging) and indigenous experiences in Sápmi (the land of the Sámi people) in her itineraries, and she is savvy about mixing different forms of transportation (trains, rental cars, private drivers) and choosing between public ferries and private boats. 

Read Torunn’s Insider’s Guide to Wild NorwayCheck Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Norway and Scandinavia
Jan Sortland, Norwegian Adventures

From his home base in Oslo and additional office in Stockholm, Jan specializes in custom-tailored adventures into the lesser-known regions of Norway and beyond. His imaginative itineraries often involve seeing the northern lights or sampling the best Nordic cuisine, but he can also arrange activities you may not have known were possible, from sea kayaking in glacial lakes to spending the day with reindeer herders to fishing in the Arctic Ocean to building your own snow cave—and sleeping in it. In Denmark, he can orchestrate a public audience with the queen; and in Sweden he can get travelers onboard the famous 17th-century ship the Vasa—an honor usually reserved for royalty and heads of state.

Read Jan’s Insider’s Guide to Norway. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Portugal and Spain
Gonçalo Correia, Tours for You

Gonçalo CorreiaGonçalo, who lives in Lisbon, knows every nook and cranny of Portugal the way only a native who’s spent years guiding travelers around the country can. He brings that level of detail to his custom itineraries, specializing in the hidden gems—the wineries with excellent bottles for less than $10, the seaside villages that aren’t crowded with day-trippers. He is happy to book a wide range of accommodations, from small-town B&Bs to 5-star palaces. The special-access arrangements he can make—say, visits to famous monuments after they’re closed for the day and the crowds are gone, or a cooking class with the owner of an Alentejo manor house—enhance a trip without adding too much to its cost. For trips that include Spain, he works with colleague Pablo Calvo, a WOW List specialist for Spain.
NOTE: Contact Goncalo only for trips that start more than 60 days from now. If you need a different travel recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Gonçalo’s Insider Secrets of Portugal. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Raluca Spiac, Beyond Dracula

Raluca Spiac portraitIn Raluca’s hands, you’ll gain a full appreciation of her native country’s beautiful landscapes and its culture charmingly stuck in an earlier era, when people organized their lives around the seasons. Assisted by her trusted deputy Laura, Raluca will show you the best of the Carpathians’ forested peaks, ideally seen on foot or horseback; Bucharest’s curious combination of Art Nouveau and brutalist architecture; the Danube Delta’s rich avian and aquatic life; and 13th-century UNESCO World Heritage-recognized villages and churches. You can even spend time with some of the many traditional village craftspeople whom Raluca and Laura have befriended, likely ending up in their attic looking through old photographs.  

Read Raluca’s Insider’s Guide to Romania. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Spain and Portugal
Pablo Calvo

Pablo CalvoPablo was born in Spain, studied art history at university there, and worked in museums until he realized that he wanted to help travelers craft their entire trips, not just a single stop along the way. His network of connections ensures he can help reserve tables at the most sought-after restaurants in San Sebastian, arrange private flamenco lessons in Madrid, or get you into the hidden-gem wineries in La Rioja. Rather than the fanciest hotels, Pablo prefers the charming, one-of-a-kind 4-stars with a great location—and, in the countryside, a location that’s easy to find in a rental car. For trips that include Portugal, he works with his Lisbon-based colleague Goncalo Correia, WOW List specialist for Portugal. Pablo covers mainland Spain only, so if you’re headed to the Balearic Islands (e.g., Mallorca and Ibiza), the Canary Islands, or Gibraltar, write to Ask Wendy.

Read Pablo and Gonçalo’s Insider’s Guides to Spain’s Basque Country and Portugal. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

Contact Pablo and Gonçalo
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Spain and Portugal
Virginia Irurita, Made for Spain and Portugal

Virginia IruritaBorn and raised in Spain, Virginia has a little black book thick with the names of local experts—museum curators, architects, chefs, flamenco dancers—eager to show you their corners of the Iberian peninsula. Her bespoke itineraries extend to the Balearic Islands, the Azores, and Madeira too. Virginia has a keen interest in wine and winemaking, and she is well-connected in the foodie world. Virginia’s savvy local drivers and clever guides will save you considerable time and hassle. If you prefer to rent a car and drive yourself, click to Ask Wendy for a different recommendation.
NOTE: Contact Virginia only for trips that start more than 30 days from now. If you need a different travel recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Virginia’s Insider’s Guides to Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia, and The Algarve, Portugal. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Spain: Andalusia and Southern Spain
Iván Ricoy, Genuine Andalusia

Iván Ricoy - Genuine AndalusiaIván is a born people-person—so much so that he left behind a good engineering job to show travelers the authentic side of Andalusia, his beloved home region in southwestern Spain. He now designs trips throughout Spain, including the Balearic Islands—Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera—and Gibraltar. On a trip planned by Iván, you’re as likely to share paella at a family gathering, or visit a traditional olive-oil mill that’s been in the same family since the 18th century, as you are to learn the history of the Alhambra. His charisma also opens doors into wineries, pottery workshops, even aristocrats’ palaces. 

Read Iván’s Insider’s Guide to Southern Spain. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

Contact Iván
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Sweden, Finland, and Scandinavia
Leigh Landis, Exeter International

Leigh LandisBased in the U.S., Leigh excels at trips that pair several of Scandinavia’s vibrant cities with its breathtaking countryside. She’ll have you museum-hopping in Stockholm and Copenhagen, strolling quaint seaside towns, taking scenic train rides, and cruising the Norwegian fjords. She’s adept at organizing family trips (her teenage daughter has accompanied her to Scandinavia several times), keeping everyone happy while kayaking through dramatic fjords and learning about Viking culture. Her well-connected local guides can get you backstage at national theaters and opera houses, and into the kitchens of some of Scandinavia’s most famous restaurants. 

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Switzerland and Road Trips Through the Alps
Nina Müller, Cosa Travel

Nina MuellerThis Swiss native’s network of connections runs deep. She can arrange dinner in a castle, tickets to exclusive music and film festivals, and entrée to personal art collections. In the Alps, she plans trips that include hikes with Saint Bernard dogs and introductions to how cowbells are made and traditional Appenzell costumes embroidered; elsewhere she adds plenty of iconic Swiss elements, such as chocolate- and watch-making workshops, or even a romantic dinner of raclette warmed over a candle inside a cave. Overnight accommodations on her itineraries range from family-run inns and alpine farms—where you can help milk the cows—to private chalets and 5-star grande dames.

Read Nina‘s Insider’s Guide to the Secrets of Switzerland. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Karen Fedorko Sefer, Sea Song Tours

Karen has lived and worked in Istanbul for more than 20 years and has offices across Turkey. Her local connections—from museum directors to star restaurateurs to powerful hoteliers to the country’s culture ministry—enable her to gain all manner of special access. She can introduce you to shop owners who will show you their special wares not displayed to the public and create one-of-a-kind experiences. When you’ve got limited time—and who doesn’t?—her intimate knowledge of the country helps you make the smartest use of it, and she is on the ground and on-call to answer questions and fulfill special requests. If you’d like to charter a gulet on the Turkish coast, she’s the expert.

Read Karen’s Insider’s Guides to Istanbul and Turkey’s Aegean Coast. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Earl Starkey, Sophisticated-Travel

Turkey has been Earl’s second home since he first ventured to Cappadocia 20 years ago. He can arrange many uniquely Turkish experiences that other travel companies don’t offer—say, a private cooking lesson in the home of a noted chef or access to a normally off-limits ancient ruin. Earl understands that a local guide can make or break a trip, and he is known for handpicking only the savviest, all of them highly educated, personable, accomplished in their own right, and attentive to their charges’ safety.

Read Earl’s Insider’s Guides to Istanbul and Cappadocia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Middle East

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Arabian Peninsula
Nick Rhodes, Arabian Lux

Nick lives in Dubai, operating trips throughout the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the Maldives. Thanks to the volume of business he does, he has special rates with the best hotels in the region—both brand-name and those lesser-known—but for him the most important trip elements are the experiences that only his connections make possible: a high-fashion photo shoot in the desert, a visit to a camel farm, or dinner in a presidential palace. Nick is equally comfortable arranging a weeklong Arabian adventure or a quick city stopover on your way to an African safari. His 24-hour concierge service tends to travelers’ needs on the ground.

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Egypt and Jordan
Jim Berkeley, Destinations & Adventures International

Jim jokes that he’s a frustrated Indiana Jones—which is why he’s spent much of his career scrambling around the ancient temples and pyramids of Egypt. After five years in Cairo running the local office of a major travel firm, he started his own company in 1995 to plan trips to Egypt and beyond. Jim’s customized itineraries combine luxury and adventure—he’ll have you sailing down the Nile in a dahabiya one day and lounging by the pool at the Old Cataract Hotel the next—and he has the connections to get you into tombs that are closed to the public.  If you want to combine Egypt with Jordan, Jim can make it happen in the smartest possible way.

Read Jim’s Insider’s Guide to Egypt. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and beyond, incl. Central Asia
Jonny Bealby and Dan Waters, Wild Frontiers

Jonny Bealby Dan WatersJonny has spent decades adventuring in the Middle East and Central Asia—he’s even written books about his epic journeys through Afghanistan and by horse along the Silk Road. His right hand, Dan, has traveled extensively in Jordan, Oman, Iran, Israel, and Palestine. Now based in the U.K., they deliver multi-country itineraries that get you under the skin of the world’s exotic frontiers, while ensuring your safety throughout. They are eager to immerse you in the local culture via overnights in village homes or desert camps, but are also well-acquainted with the most magnificent 5-star properties. By day, they’ll introduce you to semi-nomadic families of shepherds and their goats in Jordan, or get you to the tallest dunes in Oman’s Empty Quarter at sunset.

Read Jonny and Dan’s Insider’s Guide to Oman. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Joe Yudin and Jonathan Rose, Touring Israel

Joe Yudin and Jonathan RoseAfter graduating from Boston University, Joe moved to Israel and served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces, then gained his travel chops by working as a guide, quickly becoming one of Israel’s best. After learning what sophisticated travelers to Israel really want that wasn’t being offered, he founded his own travel company, hiring his fellow guides who are Israel’s most charismatic and in-the-know. He also hired his army buddy Jonathan Rose, who works alongside Joe sketching out itineraries for their travelers. They break down Israel’s complicated politics and history by introducing travelers to locals from varied backgrounds, including Muslim and Jewish journalists, famous chefs, local graffiti artists, even an expert on the Tel Aviv fashion scene. They can arrange all manner of special-access experiences (our favorite is the chance to take part in the excavation of 5,000-year-old ruins), as well as side trips to Petra, Wadi Rum, and other iconic sites in neighboring Jordan.

Read Joe and Jonathan’s Insider’s Guides to Jerusalem and Israel. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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South America

Argentina, Chile, Patagonia, Uruguay
Maita Barrenechea, Mai10

Based in Buenos Aires and the daughter of an Argentine ambassador, Maita has superb connections throughout Argentina, Chile, Patagonia, and Uruguay (where she has a second home). She can make pretty much anything happen and is passionate about providing travelers with those authentic, one-of-a-kind encounters that create the happiest travel memories. She is particularly fussy about hotels: Whether it’s a luxury estancia in the Pampas or an eco-lodge in Tierra del Fuego, she’ll detail all the pros and cons.

Read Maita’s Insider’s Guides to Buenos Aires and Argentina’s Wine Country. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Argentina, Chile, Patagonia, Peru, Ecuador, and beyond
Tom Damon, Southwind Adventures

An experienced trekker and expedition climber, Tom specializes in outdoor adventures and active family travel throughout South America. He’ll point you to the best hiking trails—for every skill level—near Machu Picchu and in Patagonia, and the most thrilling jungle adventures in the Amazon. Wherever you’re headed, he’ll ensure you’re in the company of highly trained, highly personable English-speaking guides. If you’re looking to cross borders or link multiple regions, he’s a pro at making the trip seamless, dodging logistical hassles and making it all run like clockwork.

Read Tom’s Insider’s Guides to Patagonia and Machu Picchu. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and beyond
Paul Irvine, Dehouche Travel

Paul’s vibrant itineraries incorporate as much nature, sea, and culture as possible; from his home base in Rio, he regularly digs up intel on fabulous new hotels, hidden beaches, and wilderness adventures. His connections across the continent open doors for his travelers—imagine bottling your own blend with a winemaker in Mendoza, or taking a privately owned 50s-era Chevrolet for a road trip in Uruguay—and his relationships at the hottest properties often translate to upgrades for his travelers. 

Read Paul’s Insider’s Guides to Rio de Janeiro and Trancoso. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
Jordan Harvey, Knowmad Adventures

Jordan’s contacts—winemakers, true-blue gauchos, indigenous families—give travelers an authentic experience of southern South America.  He loves juxtaposing the several sides of Chile—the driest desert in the world, the temperate rainforest, and the vast Patagonian landscape—and combining awe-inspiring lodges with remote agritourism enterprises. His background as a wilderness guide gives him an edge in picking the best adventure experiences, from stand-up paddle boarding on blissfully empty lakes to horseback riding past jagged peaks and icy glaciers.
NOTE: Jordan is not taking requests for trips less than 60 days out. For a different travel recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Jordan’s Insider’s Guide to Chile. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Boris Seckovic, Amakuna

Based in Medellin, Boris is constantly traveling the length and breadth of Colombia to discover and develop new opportunities for his travelers, from paragliding in coffee country to stargazing in the desert with an astronomy professor. He can arrange for you to cook alongside a cutting-edge chef, visit an Amazon lodge that works hand-in-hand with the community, explore Bogota’s gallery scene with an art expert, or road-trip between indigenous villages and UNESCO-quality pre-Hispanic sites. He is well-connected at the country’s handful of boutique hotels; for larger parties that want some room to spread out, Boris also has a portfolio of private homes and fincas, some of which aren’t available to the public.

Read Boris’s Insider’s Guide to Bogotá, Colombia. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Peru
Allie Almario, Premier Tours

Allie’s passion for wildlife conservation, photography, and indigenous cultures helps explain her fascination with the Galapagos Islands. As the former executive director of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association, Allie has a bead on which ships operate sustainably and support local conservation efforts—and which don’t. She can pinpoint the best luxury ship (or land-based lodge) for your needs and can even acquire a private guide (for a price) if you prefer private shore excursions. 

Read Allie’s Insider’s Guides to Quito and the Northern Andes and the Galapagos Islands. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Peru and Bolivia
Marisol Mosquera, Aracari

A native Peruvian, Marisol chucked a career in the financial world to become a pioneer in experiential travel to Peru and Bolivia; she also plans trips that combine the Galapagos with either country. Her network of prominent historians, photographers, chefs, museum directors, and fashion designers delivers privileged access to people and places throughout the region. Call on her if you want to explore the hidden pockets that most travelers miss, from the oldest city in the Americas to a little-known protected reserve next to Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats.

Read Marisol’s Insider’s Guides to Secrets of Peru, Bolivia: The Salt Flats Are Just the Beginning and Peru for Food Lovers. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Alaska, American West, and National Parks
Melissa Ladvala, West Bench Adventures

From Alaska to Texas, and especially her home state of Montana, Melissa has spent years exploring America’s national parks out West. She’s sussed out the most eye-popping routes, the most efficient logistics, the smartest lodging options all the way from cushy hotels to backcountry base camps, the savviest special-access guides (some PhDs, others former park rangers), and the local characters who bring life to each park and can show you things you’d otherwise never know to look for. Beyond and between the national parks, she designs road trips that might incorporate stops to explore quieter state preserves, meet a Native American storyteller, or walk through a vineyard with the winery’s owner—and she loves to get people just slightly out of their comfort zone, whether that’s a gentle float or Class IV whitewater, an easy hike, or a thrilling mountain-bike adventure.

Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Judith Root, Entrée Alaska

Judith has mastered dip-net salmon fishing, camping solo in bear country, and skiing at 40 below. She can orchestrate complicated itineraries to remote lodges with few other guests, select the perfect backcountry retreat for a family reunion, set up a rendezvous with an Iditarod champion, or fly you to a glacier for summer sledding. Her outdoor guides specialize in everything from fly fishing to river rafting to kayaking with whales. Note: She does not book Alaska cruises. For a small-ship expedition cruise, which is the best way to see the coastline and wildlife, contact Ashton Palmer. For something more affordable—which means a large ship—contact Tom Baker.

Read Judith’s Insider’s Guide to Alaska. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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California and Hawaii
Jay and Dani Johnson, Coastline Travel Advisors

Jay and Dani spend six weeks a year in Hawaii, escorting groups of Silicon Valley execs as well as vacationing with their teenaged daughters. Their agency has significant clout with the 5-star resorts—which translates into perks for their travelers—but they also book rental homes when that’s the smarter choice for the group. Living in Los Angeles and with offices throughout California, they can also orchestrate out-of-the-box itineraries in their own backyard.

Read Jay and Dani’s Insider’s Guides to Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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California and the Pacific Northwest
Sheri Doyle, Pacific Northwest Journeys

Based in Seattle and a former corporate attorney, Sheri brings her legal-eagle eye for detail to the itineraries she crafts all over the Pacific Northwest as well as along the northern California coast. Her self-drive itineraries typically run to 20 pages, covering everything from detailed directions to activity and restaurant recommendations. Geared to your interests and preferences, each itinerary is a personalized guidebook, and Sheri will have hiked the trails, kayaked the waters, and slurped the oysters she recommends for you. Her preferred rates at top properties can save travelers a bundle.
NOTE: Sheri is not taking requests for trips less than 90 days out. For a different recommendation, CLICK HERE.

Read Sheri’s Insider’s Guides to Seattlethe San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula, and the Perfect California Coast Road Trip. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Disney and Orlando
Michelle Allen, Travel Magic

The seemingly infinite array of hotel, activity, and dining options that Walt Disney World offers can overwhelm anyone—and don’t get us started on the Genie+ system. Michelle will design the perfect Disney vacation by learning the details of your group (which characters you want to meet, how scary a ride your kids can handle), sorting through the veritable banquet of choices, and helping you decide what to put on your plate. She continuously checks all rates to make sure you pay the lowest possible prices—even if a discount appears after you’ve booked—and maximizes your time at the parks by strategically planning your Park Pass reservations to align with requested meals, character meet-and-greets, and fireworks shows, all while minimizing hassles. Whether your plans involve Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani (the Disney resort in Hawaii), or Disney Cruise Line, Michelle’s the ticket.

Read Michelle’s Insider’s Guide to Disney World, Orlando. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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Rocky Mountains 
Meg Austin

Meg has been skiing in Colorado since she was five, including a stint as an instructor. She lives in Vail and also knows Aspen, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Jackson Hole, Keystone, Telluride, and other resorts like the palm of her hand. Whether for a high-end ski trip or a luxe summer outdoor adventure, she will gauge your group’s experience level and use her local connections to put you not just on the right mountain, but in the right hotel room, condo, or house with prime access to the ideal runs or trails. Flustered by your family’s mix of ability levels and interests? Her private guides can help you avoid the lines and ski a variety of terrain—and if not everyone is a hardcore skier or snowboarder, Meg also knows where to find the best snowmobiling, snowshoeing, yoga, and spa treatments.

Read Meg’s Insider’s Guide to Skiing the Rocky Mountains. Check Wendy’s pricing tip.

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* While these Trusted Travel Experts are road-tested and well-respected, and I have known them for years, I don’t make any representation as to their financial stability or the suitability of their arrangements. I am connecting travelers with trip planners, and can help during the travel-planning process, but I cannot be held responsible or accept any liability for what happens after that. As always, to protect yourself, pay with a credit card and buy third-party travel insurance.

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