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Radia notified them about Morocco's impending shutdown of the skies way before other tourists heard from their booking agents
Priscilla Eakeley | March 24, 2020

PANDEMIC TRAVEL I can’t thank Radia enough for taking such phenomenal care of my daughter, her husband, and their children (age 10 and 12) as COVID-19 rearranged the world order this past week. My family even reported back that, despite the tumultuous situation on the ground and the fact that their 10-day trip was cut short by three days, they had a terrific time. But for me, it was their safety that mattered most. While hotel after hotel was closing its doors (including three that my daughter was to stay in), Radia’s team arranged excellent alternatives. As their super comfortable van (with wi-fi!) passed shuttered restaurant after restaurant on the five-hour drive from the desert to Skoura, their guide, Mohammed, contacted his Berber connections who opened a restaurant just for the six of them—incredible! And, most important, Radia notified them about Morocco’s impending shutdown of the skies way before other tourists heard from their booking agents, allowing them precious time to secure seats on an emergency flight arranged by Britain to transport stranded visitors back to London (don’t get me going on the shameful lack of response from the US government . . .). “The best of houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness,” according to the Prophet Muhammad. This mother of four temporarily orphaned family members is forever indebted to Radia and her team, and I look forward to returning to Marrakech and Dar Ahlam as a family and seeing this beautiful country through Radia’s eyes.

They found excellent lodgings in a very high travel season that we were not able to find on our own
Gina Davis | February 5, 2020

My husband, 22-year old son and traveled over the holidays to Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains and Fes. Our Travel Planner did an excellent job of preparing an interesting itinerary and iterating upon it based on our feedback. They found excellent lodgings in a very high travel season that we were not able to find on our own.

Felt like they really understood our M.O.
Bernardine Wu | December 10, 2019

Excellent responsiveness and trip planning. Felt like they really understood our M.O. Presentation of options and recommendations visually easy to understand. Pre-trip communications were great. Availability, responsiveness, proactiveness during the trip were also great, including some unforeseen local changes – such as upgrading our hotel when the hotel was overbooked. Local guide, driver and van were all top notch. Guide was especially great in knowledge, tempo, friendliness and adapting to us. We felt safe and cared for. We recommend one guide for the whole trip, too, because then we got into deeper discussions about religion, government, extremism, family. We were extremely happy with the specialists, especially as seasoned travelers, and would recommend them to others.

Jam-packed but not rushed, which was perfect
Cynthia Kounaris | November 29, 2019

We had only 5 days for our visit. The planner worked with us to arrange 5 full days to cover what we were interested in, at the pace that we wanted. I felt that it was jam-packed but not rushed, which was perfect.

Our driver was very good and accommodating. Our guide was great; very knowledgeable, interesting, very pleasant, and went out of his way to make the trip great for us.

I had hurt my knee prior to the trip and all TE walking and climbing exacerbated it; the team was as accommodating as possible, including a last-minute change where a car was arranged to take us up into the high atlas mountains.

All the accommodations were top notch.

Also, this was a fairly last-minute trip, and the team was very responsive so we were able to do this with a quick turnaround.

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