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Monica Geocaris | November 14, 2023

My three friends and I went on the most magical trip to Morocco in October 2023. The itinerary was planned beautifully and our guide, Anouar, was a walking encyclopedia! We learned so much, some that we even retained! We were honored to be invited to his house for a wonderful meal prepared by his mother. War had just broken out in Gaza and we had some concerns about traveling even though I was reassured by Hicham and Radia’s team that we’d be safe. They were right. We were welcomed everywhere we went by warm and friendly hotel staff; and we felt completely safe with Anouar. We thoroughly enjoyed traveling with him. We loved our driver, Magid, who was fabulous too, with excellent driving skills! He was so attentive and caring. I wonder how many miles we put on that Mercedes! With Magid’s ever-present smile he made us feel like we were really important to him. Fes Cooking School was a hoot and we had a blast making a delicious tagine meal we heartily consumed. The Dunes and the camp accommodations were spectacular. I kept pinching myself that we were really there atop camels traveling to our camp, and the next night we sat on a dune watching other guests come to the desert on their camels in front of a setting sun backdrop. Unbelievable beauty in the starkness of the dunes. Every hotel was as nice as the next and we wished we had more time at each one. Another highlight was the hike in the High Atlas Mountains with tea and a fabulous lunch on a rooftop surrounded by the mountains. The sidecar ride in Marrakech was icing on the cake. We’re going to the medina in this??? The itinerary going from Casablanca/Fes/Desert/Marrakech/Casablanca was perfect. It was completely magical and the weather was perfect. A trip of a lifetime! Go!

Morocco has a rich history, remarkable cultural diversity, amazing points of interest, and warm, welcoming people. We have just returned from a spectacular, long-awaited trip there planned by Radia Tehitahe. Radia carefully listened to our trip goals and needs. She then expertly planned a wonderful two-week itinerary and many unique experiences.

We will long remember the huge Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, the glorious Medersa in Fez, the Roman ruins of Volubilis, the beautiful Blue City Chefchaouen, the grand Mausoleum in Rabat, the exciting souks and square of Marrakech, and the vibrant beaches and fish market of Essaouira.
Unhappily, the recent earthquake prohibited our intended stay in the Atlas Mountains and time did not allow a side trip to the Sahara Desert.

Equally memorable were learnings about the Muslim religion, the rich Jewish history, the Berber culture, the many kings, and French colonial rule. This information, and our many questions about it, was expertly communicated by our amazing guide Mustapha. Mustapha is a prime example of a superb Wendy Perrin WOW guide…an invaluable trip manager, highly knowledgeable, an effective communicator, flexible, and attentive to a client’s every need. Mustapha made our trip very special and we are so very lucky Radia assigned him to us for the duration.

Mustapha had a valuable partner in Zazac, our calm, personable driver. Zazac negotiated our complex routing with ease and handled the innumerable, often chaotic, roundabouts like a pro. He also generously transported us to and from dinner restaurants. His Mercedes van was very comfortable for the sometime long drives between cities.

We prefer small, local, boutique hotels. Radia made some great choices for us. The various riads were gorgeous with well-appointed guest rooms, amazing staffs and delicious breakfasts. We loved Palais Amani in Fez but our favorite was Maison L’Arabe in Marrakech. Food was an adventure. There were many new things to try, making our chef-guided souk food tour in Fez extra special. At Radia’s recommended Moroccan restaurants, we became experts in the many versions of tagine.

Before arriving in Morocco, we had some anxiety and uncertainty about our first visit to an Arab country, especially in the context of troubling current events in the Middle East. But Radia, General Manager Maryama, and co-founder Hicham were reassuring. Mustapha and Zazac were alert and careful. Local authorities, including “tourist police,” were vigilant. We felt safe and calm throughout our trip.

All in all, visiting Morocco was a remarkable experience which far exceeded our expectations. We are eager to relive it through our hundreds of photos and sharing stories with friends. We highly recommend Hicham, Radia, and their colleagues.

Milinda Martin | November 2, 2023
Traveler in the "Blue City" of Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Milinda Martin in the famous “Blue City” of Chefchaouen.

It had been 20 years since I had visited Morocco, and I have to say, the country is going through such a positive time. People are happy there! The government is building tons of affordable housing, redoing the waterfront areas, and spiffing up all the cities. It’s a good time to visit.

Thanks to Radia and her team, I was able to indulge my desire to learn more about the history of this country, especially the Berber culture, the invasion of the Arabs, and the long history of the Moors and Jews. Radia did not disappoint; all of my guides were experts and very willing to discuss the benefits and challenges of being such a rich land where everyone wants to be. My guide in Tangier, AbdulRahman, was OUTSTANDING. He was born in the Medina and his family still lived there, and he was able to share stories of how Tangier has changed over the centuries with all the invaders. He shared the local delicacies — mint tea and amazing cookies — with me, and we truly felt like friends by the time I moved on to Chefchaouen.

With Radia’s guidance, I visited Casablanca, and the amazing Hassan II mosque, with a Muslim scholar who could really immerse me in the religion, far beyond the 5 pillars. The trip ended in Marrakesh, where I had the most unique experience of learning how to make mosaics. This wasn’t a “tourist activity”; this was a visit to a gentleman’s workshop where we cut the tiles, arranged the mosaics and eventually plastered the mosaics into place. Radia provided a translator because the artist — having mastered this trade 40 years ago — did not speak English.

And I have to give a strong shout-out to my driver, Rachid. Throughout my tour, he was always on time, always kind, always conversational, and a great driver to boot. This is what I like about planning with Wendy Perrin: meeting the people and seeing life like a local. We visited the communal bakery and the hammam, two vital components of life for every Moroccan. I was able to go hiking in the Atlas Mountains, obtain early entry to the Majorelle Gardens, and have someone guide me through the mazes of the Medinas. The riad in Marrakesh was truly divine! Unlike other tours that whisk you here and there, in international hotels, where you never meet a local, Radia and her team ensured that I felt like a Moroccan from the very start.

Max and Julie Silbermann | October 29, 2023
Travelers riding camels in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

Max & Julie Silbermann and friends rode camels to a desert camp in the Sahara.

Morocco October 2023
We are 2 couples that wanted to go to Morocco as a bucket-list trip. We were introduced to Radia through Wendy Perrin and immediately began planning our trip. Radia called us to talk about our interests, timing, budget, wish list of things to do and see, dietary issues, and everything else you can think of! We received a draft itinerary in a day or two and then began to tweak small changes to incorporate the must-do’s with the want-to-do’s, which resulted in our final itinerary. Radia and her team were always very responsive to email correspondence and kept us fully informed after the earthquake about any changes to our proposed itinerary. Radia’s colleague Aicha worked with us to set our dinner reservations and took care of the last-minute changes to our itinerary like our cooking class instead of our Atlas Mountains hike because of the earthquake. Radia’s office certainly took care of every detail and we felt very well cared for throughout our entire visit.

We started in Casablanca. Then onto Rabat, Fes, the Sahara Desert, the Dades Gorge, Marrakech, and we ended in Essaouira. And so much in between! We toured cities and learned about amazing centuries-old culture. We rode camels to our desert camp and watched sunset and sunrise over the dunes. We drove ATV’s over the Saharan dunes and couldn’t believe the colors of the sand. We felt well-cared for and safe throughout our entire trip. A 2-week trip giving us a fabulous overview of Morocco! Our guide, Haddou, was very knowledgeable and able to easily discuss aspects of Morocco’s history, culture, religion, and politics. He was a pleasure to travel with and never tired of our endless questions!

The accommodations were spectacular and we enjoyed every morsel of Moroccan food! Our days were the perfect mix of activity and time for reflection.

Thank you, Wendy Perrin, for connecting us with Radia and her team! We can’t wait for our next Wendy Perrin trip!

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