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Such a great dinner experience in the tents—our waiter was regaling us with Moroccan trivia (while practicing his English)
Rekha Mankad | March 15, 2023

After a lengthy travel day, we were so happy to be greeted with someone who led us through FastTrack. So glad this was part of our “package.” After a tiring day, it was nice to have someone lead us through all of the immigration process in a quick and efficient manner. We were then warmly welcomed by our travel guide, Hicham. We then had a 4-hour drive, with our driver Abdel, to Fez. Unfortunately, we had not anticipated that long drive and had not eaten dinner. So we were quite hungry upon our arrival into Fez. Luckily the hotel restaurant was still open and we were able to grab a dinner. There were not many choices for a pescatarian but the ambience and service were lovely. The hotel itself was so warm and inviting.

The following day we walked about the Fez Medina. We saw so many things (and bought quite a bit too!). The ceramics shop and tannery were unique learning experiences. We learned much about the history of Fez and gained insight into the Moroccan culture from Hicham.

The following day was one of my favorites. We saw the ancient ruins of Volubilis, which were so spectacular. Our guide for that walking tour was so informative and engaging. We had a blast with him. This was followed by a lovely local winery visit. We had overall less involvement from our guide for this day’s experience. We would have liked to know a bit more about options for dinners around the hotel. I think we would have liked to do some exploring on our own (particularly on the days when we were on our own for meals).

The next day we drove to the desert. This was quite a long haul. We knew about the timing but I guess we expected a few stops and perhaps a bit more information on the way. The arrival to the desert was lovely—the camel ride and night in the desert were iconic (and perhaps a bit touristy) but still totally worth it. We had such a great dinner experience in the tents—our waiter was regaling us with Moroccan trivia (while practicing his English). The sunset that day (from the back of our camels), followed the next morning with a glorious sunrise, were truly awe-inspiring.

We drove to the Gorges the next day. The views were lovely. The hotel that night was probably our favorite because of the views (although it was quite chilly and we couldn’t get the heat to work!). The dinner at the hotel was fantastic. Again, the drives were a bit long without lots of “options” for lunch spots (but this is likely not surprising given the landscape). We did get to meet a traditional Berber family, which was really a treat.

Then we started our trip to Marrakech. We visited the Kasbah and the Telouet Kasbah. This was a highlight of the trip. Our guide for the site was Mohammad. His family had been slaves on the property in the past and he gave such a unique perspective. It was so eye-opening and informative.

We ended in Marrakech, were we finished up our trip. The first day here was filled with walking the streets and learning a lot about Islam from Hicham. We toured the Medina and were able to do some nice shopping. We gained so much information that day. Lunch was on a rooftop restaurant, which gave us great views of the city. The following day, I went solo (my daughter wanted to relax poolside at our great hotel). I had a chance to hike and be guided by one of the locals. I visited some local families as well. I had an amazing lunch with some of the most spectacular views.

The last day in Marrakech, we went for a hot-air balloon ride and then did a tagine cooking class. Both experiences were top-notch. They really wrapped up a great experience! Then departure also went very smoothly with the FastTrack option. Our kind guide got teas for my daughter (as she indicated how much she enjoyed Moroccan tea)!

This was truly a fantastic trip. We felt safe and cared for throughout the experience. The food was fantastic (and very accommodating for an almost vegetarian!). The hotels were all top-rated. The last one in Marrakech was a dream! We had a hammam experience there, which was surreal. As it was Christmas during our time there, they had a special meal for that day. We were feeling a bit too tired to go down to dinner, so staff brought up the special menu to our room. The room had a fantastic rooftop that we had private access to as well—really, really lovely!

I think my daughter and I would have liked some time to explore on our own. We would have appreciated some “down-time” to see some local area on our own. That being said, we certainly got a great overview of the locations we visited. Morocco was a great 1-week experience. There is some driving, so be prepared for that.

Loved our hammam experience in Marrakesh, rug shopping in Fes, local market pit-stop where we saw donkeys parked on the side of the road...
Andrea Chiu | March 9, 2023

Our trip to Morocco was from Feb 18-27 2023 and it included Casablanca (1 night), Chefchaouen (1 night), Fes (2 nights), and Marrakesh (5 nights). Hicham’s team always aims to provide top guides in each city as well as wonderful drivers. Our driver was Zakaria, and he was extremely informative and professional the entire trip. It was amazing to see the country from his eyes. He took us to a gas station for a meal and it was honestly the best meal of our the trip. We loved our hammam experience in Marrakesh, rug shopping in Fes, local market pit-stop where we saw donkeys parked on the side of the road, the crisp spring water flowing through Chefchaouen, and baby goat we got to hold in the Atlas Mountains. If you are considering booking with Hicham’s office, my advice would be to book early so you can get the best of the best and get ready for a wonderful trip. If you’re lucky, maybe you can bump into the king!

In Fez, we learned to make chicken tagine in a rooftop kitchen overlooking the city
Sarah Balassa | February 5, 2023

Our trip planned by Radia was absolutely fantastic! The planning process with Radia was easy. I had a general idea of the cities and sites that we wished to visit ,which Radia developed into a thoughtful and exciting itinerary, including such highlights as a gourmet lunch and wine tasting in a beautiful vineyard near Fez, an excursion to the Roman ruins of Volubilis, a motorcycle and vintage sidecar tour through Marrakech’s medina and a sunset camel ride in the desert. Radia’s office helped us choose excellent restaurants for all our meals and handled all the reservations. Radia also arranged a very fun market tour and cooking lesson in Fez, where we learned to make chicken tagine in a rooftop kitchen overlooking the city. Our guide and driver chosen for us by Radia were both a perfect fit for our family, and they went out of their way to make sure we were having a wonderful vacation. We cannot wait to return to Morocco in the future.

We felt like we were in the pages of National Geographic as we drove ATVs over the gorgeous sand dunes...
Lauren Schor | January 9, 2023

Radia and her team put together a trip of a lifetime for our multi-generational family of eight. Our 10-day trip to Morocco over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays was one of the best we have ever taken together. It was the perfect combination of cultural experiences, food experiences, sightseeing, shopping and adventure! We spent three nights in Fes, one night in the Sahara and six nights in Marrakech (due to the holiday season some of the Riads had minimum stays, but there was plenty to do for the 5 days!). Radia suggested the perfect Riads for us (Palais Amani and La Masion Arabe), along with a luxury tented camp in the desert. Each day was a new adventure and our incredible guide, Bouch, really made the trip that much better. We have taken a lot of trips with a lot of different guides around the world, and Bouch really topped them all! He made sure everyone was always happy, from the kids to the grandparents, and changed things last-minute where he saw fit. We always seek out unique, local experiences when we travel and Radia and Bouch really made sure we had plenty of them! Highlights included a hike in the Atlas Mountains followed by a cooking class at a local Berber family’s home in the mountain village. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience we will not soon forget! There were even mules to help carry some of us up the mountain! We also loved the sidecar tour around Marrakech—such a fun and different way to see the city beyond the medina, where most tourists spend all their time. But, everyone’s favorite day of the trip was the time we spent in the Sahara. We felt like we were in the pages of National Geographic as we drove ATVs over the gorgeous sand dunes—so fun and thrilling with the most unbelievable scenery. And we drove the ATVs right to where our camels were waiting to take us on an unforgettable sunset ride and then on to our luxury tented camp for the evening, where our belongings were waiting for us. It was truly a dream come true. We also had another surreal experience in the Sahara when we had tea with a nomadic Berber family who lives in tents without electricity or running water. We were able to talk to them and ask them questions about their life (through our guide, who translated for us)—it was a very educational and eye-opening experience, especially for our teenagers. It is not easy to get to the Sahara, but it is most definitely worth it and there are different options for how to make the journey that can be discussed. Morocco is a feast for the senses. Even just walking around the medina and souks, the sights, sounds, tastes and smells you will experience will leave a lasting impression on you. It is such a special country, I could go on and on. My only regret is not seeing other parts of Morocco, but it is definitely a place I plan to return to and I will definitely be contacting Radia when I do (and requesting Bouch as our guide!).

How many travel representatives provide a starter set of local currency and provide a cell phone with key numbers locked in?
Joe Rothman | October 29, 2022

We have recently returned from an amazing two-week adventure to Morocco. Radia Tehitahe created a wonderful itinerary for our 2020 trip which was modified for our 2021 trip and again modified for our eventual 2022 trip.

Travel during the Covid period certainly has its risks and challenges, and Radia kept dealing with the associated issues, for which we are most grateful. The itinerary enabled us to tour both large and small cities, enjoy the mountains, and interact with several local families. The hotel accommodations were perfectly chosen. They were well located, quite comfortable, and each offered ideal service and meals. Radia gave us an opportunity to experience and appreciate life in Morocco thanks to a wonderful itinerary and a great guide and driver. We were blessed to have an extraordinary guide (Mohamed) and driver (Abdoul) for the two-week period. Spending time with Mohamed was like attending a college history class. We spent countless hours discussing Moroccan history and the associated cultural differences of the various groups who reside in Morocco. My wife needs a hip transplant and so we traveled with a lightweight wheelchair. Mohamed pushed that chair everywhere for two weeks over terrain that wasn’t exactly level. Finally, how many travel representatives provide a starter set of local currency and provide a cell phone with key numbers locked in, should we need to reach the agency, the guide, or the driver…? As we think back on the trip, there wasn’t anything that Radia could have done to improve our experience. Thank you Radia, Mohamed, Abdoul, and the other staffers who contributed to our memorable experience.

Maybe our favorite moment was after the hike in Imlil with a local guide...
Frank Ott | October 16, 2022

Amazing, exceeded our already high expectations—that sums up this vacation.

From the planning stage thru drop-off at Casablanca airport, everything was exceptional.

To avoid writing a book, I’ll just jot down a few of the highlights.

First and foremost, our guide Houcine and driver Ossama were excellent. Knowledgeable and expert—and always on time, always there before we were.

Skipping Casablanca and going directly to Rabat to start was spot-on. The 3 Riads in Rabat (Euphoriad), Fes (Palais Amani) and especially Marrakech (La Maison Aribe) were beautiful and perfectly located for our walks/sightseeing. Great staff everywhere, same for the cooking class at La Maison Aribe.

The tented camp outside Merzouga was as expected, the camel ride in one day and the dune buggy the next was fun, but more personal was the time spent with the Nomad family, sharing their bread and tea. Big highlight.

The two over-the-top hotels, Dar Ahlam and Kasbah Tamadot, were wonderful. I’d give a 6th star to Dar Ahlam due to the service and dinner locations, and just the vibe.

Maybe our favorite moment was after the hike in Imlil with a local guide (Hassan): After reaching the top we finished by having tea with him and his wife in their home. Rooftop Berber lunch after was excellent but the family tea was a truly memorable moment.

A wonderful trip and thank you everyone involved.

Won't ever forget the sandstorm in the Sahara, or sunset over Djemaa Al-Fina, or the endless maze of the medina in Fes...
Sarah Wigglesworth | July 14, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Our family of 2 adults+2 older teenage boys just returned from a week in Morocco, organized by Radia Tehitahe. We had 3 nights/2+ days in Fes, 24 hours in the desert at Merzouga, and then 3 full days+nights in Marrakech. Radia organized us an absolutely fantastic trip! Our itinerary was a mix of sights, cultural visits, and food experiences – every day was different and packed with activity. She also built in time for us to relax or explore on our own. We connected by phone to plan the trip and went through 2-3 variations of an itinerary before finalizing. Radia asked great questions and gave me good choices for activities to choose from, understanding limitations on time/interest/cost. Once in Morocco, we had a terrific guide and driver for the week. Ahmed and Aziz took very good care of us: stocking the van with snacks good for our son allergic to nuts, accompanying us on extra walks, arranging a birthday cake and celebration for our other son, reserving spots for lunch or dinner as needed. We really appreciated the attention to detail throughout our visit as well as Radia’s and Ahmed’s recommendations for us as we went along. They nailed it! We won’t ever forget the sandstorm in the Sahara, or the gardens of Marrakech, or sunset over Djemaa Al-Fina, or the endless maze of the medina in Fes, or the Roman mosaics in Volubilis. It was a wonderful trip start to finish.

The experiences were all exactly tailored to what we discussed ahead of time
Rachelle Graham | May 31, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Radia & Oussama put together a top notch itinerary for my husband and I to experience Morocco in just 8 days. We were blown away with the hospitality of all of our guides, the local people in general, and of course our amazing driver Ahmed. The experiences were all exactly tailored to what we discussed ahead of time, while also allowing for on the fly modifications based on how we were feeling (ex: adding on extra time to our hike in the Atlas mountains). The dining was excellent, whether it was our driver choosing a place for us to stop along the way on our road trip, or a selected restaurant in Marrakech, every meal was a hit. Our guides took great care of us, acquiring entrance tickets, paying restaurant tabs, etc so that we didn’t have to worry about it. All we had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves, Moroccan people are friendly, hospitable, and we felt so very safe the entire time, even when we ventured out solo.

The absolute highlight of the whole trip was our driver Said, a warm, friendly and extremely helpful person
Thomas John | May 25, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We have just returned from a great two-week trip to Morocco. The trip was planned by Radia Tehitahe (except the riads, which we selected before finding Radia). We started in Casablanca, then moved on to Fez (from there we visited Chefchouen, Meknes and Volubilis). The scenery in this area of Morocco was beautiful, with vista of green, hills with acres of olive trees and wonderful people. Our next stop was Marrakech, a personal favorite, where we enjoyed wandering in the souks, a food tour, cultural highlights like the Radia Palace, great restaurants, the Atlas Mountains and beyond with connections to the Berber community and a lovely riad. Then on to Essaouira, a lovely seaside city with great views, open streets, and wonderful seafood.
The absolute highlight of the whole trip was our driver Said, a warm, friendly and extremely helpful person who we all appreciated so much. He literally could not do too much for us, including shopping for clothes and pharmaceuticals in Fes as our luggage was delayed for five days (thanks to KLM and Air France). He was with us at all times, is a great ambassador for Morocco and has become a good friend.
Radia’s recommendations for tours and activities was perfect, and the selection of guides excellent.
We highly recommend Radia’s team and a big thank you to Wendy Perrin, who did indeed provide a WOW experience.
In fact we will lean on Wendy’s connections to help us plan a few days in Istanbul next year.

Staying in a tent amidst the sand dunes was special, along with a hike/mule ride to a Berber village
Jeff Greenberg | April 11, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Just back from a great two-week trip to Morocco, arranged by Radia and her team. This was twice delayed by Covid, so we made sure health issues were taken care of first. Morocco is actually a great place to visit in the Covid world, as it has an extremely low infection rate and most of the places we visited were outdoors and spacious. Our driver and guides were fully vaccinated, masked etc, so we felt completely safe. Radia also worked with us on being flexible on cancellation policies as Morocco was closed for a time before our trip.
The trip planning process was excellent, with Radia working very patiently with me to adjust the trip itinerary, hotels and activities as required. The trip to the Sahara, staying in a tent amidst the sand dunes, was special, along with a hike/mule ride to a Berber village at the top of a mountain, including tea with a local family. Our driver Said was with us the whole trip and was fantastic- a good driver as we hit a snowstorm on a mountain pass, and always flexible as timing or weather changed, re-arranging/adding items to the trip. They even provided us with some small bills upon arrival so we could have money for tips before we were able to hit the ATM.
Overall a fantastic experience and would highly recommend Radia and her team.

We rode camels, went ATVing along the ocean...
Mary Ko | March 29, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Just got back from Morocco with my 3 kids (ages 3,7, and 9). We could never have planned such a wonderful experience. We rode camels, went ATVing along the ocean, and my girls love couscous. We loved our guide. He has 3 kids himself and was empathetic to the occasional chaos. My snake loving daughter, loved the cobras and snakes she was able to hold. My 7 year old got a fever and cough and our guide helped us find medicine for her. Honestly it is always an adventure to travel, but with 3 kids we have to be able to pivot, and pause. Everyone was so helpful and kind. The Four Seasons was perfect for kids. The beach was beautiful. We feel so lucky to have been on this trip!

Three days before the end of our trip, the airport closed as a result of the new Covid virus. The team didn't miss a beat and took care of us for 3 days until we could get a flight out
Lindsey Stewart | December 6, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL My husband and I just returned from two weeks in Morocco. We used Radia and Hicham to organize the trip. They did a spectacular job. During the planning phase, they were truly interested in our interests and incorporating them into the itinerary. They also had recommendations of their own which were spot on. We were met at the airport by a greeter who fast tracked us through the official process and led us to our personal guide and driver waiting for us outside with their Mercedes van. Totally seamless. The vehicle, driver and guide were top notch. Our guide, Husan, was outstanding. Perfect English. Knowledgable. Great sense of humor. The boutique hotels were all great. Flexible itinerary if we wanted to return to, say, a particular shop, or linger at a particular attraction (such as the YSL museum and garden). Three days before the end of our trip, the airport closed as a result of the new Covid virus. The team didn’t miss a beat and took care of us for 3 days in Casablanca until we could get a flight out. Really felt safe and cared for. We ended up having a great time in the modern city of Casablanca (which was a surprise). Morocco is a fully functioning, multi-cultural, diverse society that offers so much to the visitor. People are very friendly. Most speak English. Shopper’s paradise for any budget. We highly recommend Morocco as a destination and Radia and Hicham as the people to make it all happen for you!

I love Morocco and I wanted the first-timers to experience the magic and feel the same way. Mission accomplished!
Patricia Campbell | October 31, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We returned from our family trip to Morocco on October 17. It didn’t really feel that much different to me than a trip taken before Covid. When we were in a crowded store or surrounded by people in the open, some of us put our masks on; but overall, it felt quite normal. And yes, our guide and driver wore their masks at all times, making us feel very safe around them, in the van and elsewhere.

Radia and company were extremely helpful when it came to the overall planning. She suggested great experiences that everyone loved, and the hotels and restaurants were superb. My biggest gripe were the rooms at Villa des Orangers – and that was a place that I wanted! Ha! Here’s what I’ll say about it: the public spaces are beautiful, the staff is lovely and the 12 year old was enchanted with the pool! But the rooms need a serious facelift. The lighting is horrendous, there are not enough electrical outlets, and the rooms all just look tired and worn out. In fact, I’m very surprised the place still gets such high ratings. But again, that was my pick so any complaints I have are my own fault. The last hotel in Marrakech, Palais Ronsard was absolutely exquisite. Everyone was in love with their rooms (once again, the 12 year old was gleeful over the gorgeous pool) and that hotel was one I hadn’t even heard of. Kudos to Radia on that one!

And again, Radia picked some fantastic restaurants. Each night we had delicious food in glorious settings. And our guide, Miloud Chacha picked fabulous places for our lunches. We were all wowed by the food experiences!

And speaking of our guide – he told us to call him Chacha – he was simply fantastic. My husband and I had a wonderful guide on a Moroccan trip we took several years ago, and we were convinced that no one could live up to the high standards of that guide. Well, Chacha proved us wrong. He was everything you could hope for in a guide: knowledgeable, entertaining, personable. The 12 year old just adored him (actually we all did) and had big tears in his eyes when he realized he was saying goodbye to Chacha and wouldn’t be seeing him again. I can’t think of a better compliment to pay to a guide! And our driver, Deress (I’m sure I’m spelling his name wrong) was also lovely. Len and I were alone with him when he ferried us back to Casablanca (we had stayed one day later than the rest of the crew) and we had the opportunity to chat the entire way from Marrakech to Casablanca. He was also a fount of knowledge and entertained us all the way.

Radia checked in with me, by phone, when we were a few days into our adventure: just to make sure everything was going OK. There was miscommunication about PCR tests (cost for coming to the hotel and the fact that they required a cash payment) for 5 of the crew, so there was so scrambling and ATM searching. But “the scramblers” said that in the scheme of things, it was not a big deal and they were fine with it all.

Most memorable of all was the luxury camp in the desert where we had a delicious dinner then listened to an impromptu concert by the camp staff
Elizabeth Bantley | October 21, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Just back from Morocco and I can’t thank Radia and her team enough for her creativity and flexibility in planning our trip. We reached out to Radia in the fall of 2019 and were impressed with her plan for an 8-day tour. We booked our trip in December 2019 for April 2020 departure just as covid began to be reported in the news. Three weeks prior to departure, she contacted us about our lockdown and theirs. We rescheduled for April 2021 as we never imagined what would unfold. In January 2021 we asked for another reschedule. Our group – four women who are all experienced travelers – was able to book the trip for September of 2021. Through this, Radia was always available to answer questions and ease some last-minute anxiety.
Every aspect of the trip was wonderful. We asked to dine outside as much as possible and Radia and her team provided that and more. We enjoyed stunning views of the Fes skyline as the sun set during dinner. We dined at both a rooftop restaurant and by the hotel pool in Marrakech. And perhaps most memorable of all was the luxury camp in the desert where we had a delicious dinner then listened to an impromptu concert by the camp staff.
The hotels were luxurious and unique and extremely comfortable. The hotel staff were always wearing masks and often volunteered that they were vaccinated.
Our guide, Miloud Chacha, provided fascinating historical and political context for the sights we were seeing. He provided us with opportunities to meet locals while still being covid safe. One morning, we took a quick walk through a local market and bought local dates. Our driver Abdel managed to smoothly navigate dense traffic, scooters, and one afternoon, torrential rain. Our van was immaculate and well provisioned with snacks, water, and lots of hand sanitizer.
The local guides were great. The guides for the Fes food tour, the Roman ruins of Volubulis, and the Grand Mosque in Casablanca were knowledgeable and personable. One of the trip highlights was a visit to a Berber pharmacy where we were the only customers and our guide showed us wonderful teas, skin care, and spices.
Because of covid, there were few tourists in Morocco and we were able to go into the souks to do some shopping while still maintaining distance.
I just can’t thank Radia enough for our adventure.

I'd urge people not to shy away from visiting Morocco as soon as possible, before the hordes of tourists reappear
Marcia Wood | September 28, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We just got back from a 2 week trip to Morocco that had originally been planned for June of 2020, but the world had other plans… We were put in contact with Hicham and Radia by Wendy Perrin for that original trip and kept in touch with them as we ultimately moved the trip to Sept. of 2021, thinking surely COVID would be behind us then. We worked primarily with Radia and largely revised our original itinerary but with a few tweaks learned from the interim. Radia from the very start was quick to respond, helpful and upbeat. She understood the kinds of things we wanted to do, that we wanted charming riads not big hotels and that we were willing to be active. I gave her a rough outline of the 5 places/areas of Morocco I was most interested in seeing and that this was to be a family trip with our grown children (ranging in age from 27 to 31). After all this meticulous planning, fast forwarding to the trip itself, it was a great sequence of places starting with landing in Marrakech, heading right to Essaouira on the coast the next morning for 2 nights, followed by a long drive (totally worth it and not to be missed) to the Sahara to a desert camp for a night, back to Marrakech for 3 nights, then to the high Atlas Mts for 2 nights and ultimately to Fes for 2 nights. Essaouira was perhaps our least favorite of the locations but still interesting and the most fascinating experience there was taking us to the docks as the sardine fishermen came in: a scene of mayhem, color, sound, smell, and unbelievable variety of sea creatures and since it had been a good catch, the fisherman were giving away lots of fresh fish to the poor who thronged around with buckets. We had a guide for the whole 2 weeks, Anouar, and a driver, Hafid, who were both terrific. Hafid drove confidently and well through absolutely harrowing roads that had my husband intensely thankful he was not driving, through mountains and city streets and was always waiting when we needed him. Anouar was a crucial part of the trip (both chosen by Radia, although he freelances) and a fount of cultural and historical information about his beloved country and even more beloved Fes (just for the record, everything is better in Fes). He steered us to wonderful quality shops, whether it was jewelry or fresh dates or leather goods and was willing to help haggle in Arabic, when needed. So much of this trip was different than what one might expect of a trip to Morocco in non-COVID times because tourist numbers were still way down. Rather than acting resentful we found Moroccans generally friendly, enthusiastic, willing to be of great service and places that were open (sadly many restaurants we might have wanted were closed, either temporarily for COVID or now permanently) rolled out the red carpet. For example, one of the absolute highlights of the trip was a night in the Sahara at a desert camp. It is a long drive (roughly 12 hours split over two days each way) to get there and our comfortable van with Hafid gave way for the last hour to 4-wheel drive vehicles capable of rough sand roads and ultimately just hard sand. Then we transitioned to riding camels into the dunes (actually dromedaries because only one hump in Morocco) for about 20-30 min but they would have let us ride longer, or not at all if one didn’t want to). Normally set up for about 8-10 full size luxury tents in this Berber camp, we were the only tourists there, and I think the first ones in almost 15 months, but they treated us with such warmth and welcome. Plentiful food, fresh orange juice brought up to the top of the dune where we were watching the sunset, a feast followed by music and singing on traditional drums around a camp fire with unbelievable stars. We got up to ride the camels again to see sunrise over the dunes. Another highlight of the trip was our hotel in the high Atlas Mts (near where some of Game of Thrones was shot) Kasbah Tamadot (owned by Richard Branson). They had gorgeous, extensive grounds with pools, nooks and crannies with appealing seats, lawns with games from grass tennis courts to bocce, ping pong, and showed the movie Casablanca on a big screen on the lawn with headphones that evening if one wanted to see it (was great fun). The physical, mountainous setting was spectacular. We also did a hiking afternoon with a local guide, Rasheed, who couldn’t have been better. One of us wanted a less strenuous experience but still to go, so Anouar accompanied me with Rasheed taking others in the family, and we had two mules for riding at times if desired. Our last stop, Fes, for two nights was wonderful and a good capstone. Anouar knew excellent shops for those of us wishing to purchase ceramics, leather goods, and fresh dates (quite a dizzying array of each available so having someone’s expert guidance for quality and price was invaluable). Fes normally would be clogged with tourists in its narrow alleys but because tourist numbers were down so much, we had much easier path through places. The riads we stayed in at each location of the trip were exactly the level of accommodation we had hoped for and Radia delivered: more like charming smaller boutique hotels with Moroccan history and art all built around beautiful interior courtyards, usually with fruit trees and fountains, with outdoor and/or rooftop dining. Our last evening in Fes was memorable because Anouar invited us to have dinner in his home with his family and had arranged with his wife to make a few of the dishes we had most enjoyed on the trip (e.g. chicken bastilla) and on one other occasion had a friend of his who owned a restaurant which was closed, open up with a private rooftop dinner for us with one of Marrakech’s speciality dishes served. – On one COVID related note as a warning, Radia had very nicely set up rapid Antigen testing at our hotel the day before leaving, required for us to fly back to the US. While they did come do the testing, they did not include our birthdays and passport numbers or stamp each certificate that they were supposed to email to all of us (and only 2 of the 5 of us got their emails), which Anouar ultimately solved. At the airport, the lack of this info on the test result caused consternation as to whether it was acceptable but ultimately Air Maroc let us fly. I don’t fault Radia in the least but if you need COVID testing, make sure the facility includes all that info on the results certificate. – All in all, it was a really terrific trip and I’d urge people not to shy away from visiting Morocco as soon as possible, preferably even before all the hordes of tourists reappear. So much of our experience was in open air that this also helped us feel safe in COVID times. We felt that going through Wendy Perrin who put us in touch with Radia who then hired out guide Anouar and driver, was a really successful way to have customized a trip that was exactly what we wanted and had ultimate flexibility and focus to our needs and wishes, with invaluable local knowledge and experience. Radia checked in with me by phone several times during the trip to make sure all was going as planned. Five stars all around! – Marcia Wood, Portland OR

Watching the sun rise from the basket of a hot air balloon and riding a dromedary through the desert are tied as my most memorable experiences
Lisa Lenow | September 24, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  On September 4-12, 2021 I had the pleasure of traveling to Morocco with three of my closest friends. Hurricane Ida just passed over the East Coast, the Delta variant of the coronavirus was spreading, and unruly passengers was all over the news, so my trip started with some trepidation. All was immediately eliminated with an easy and comfortable flight on Royal Air Maroc and a warm welcome from our guide, Miloud. He took exceptional care of us throughout the entire trip!

We had a wonderful time seeing the sights of cities and towns, including the desert, and sleeping in lovely hotels along the way. The food was delicious everywhere we ate and I really appreciated the complimentary goodies left for me at several of the hotels. Miloud educated me and made me feel immersed in the culture, which is what I was seeking. Highlights included the Casablanca mosque, tasting our way through Fez, tagine cooking in Marrakesh, and shopping at the ceramic cooperative and tannery. Watching the sun rise from the basket of a hot air balloon and riding a dromedary through the desert are tied as my most memorable experiences.

I can’t say enough about the communication before and during our trip. They quickly replied to all of my emails and checked in (twice!) while in Morocco to ensure my satisfaction. The trip I enjoyed via Hicham and Radia exceeded my expectations!

Radia notified them about Morocco's impending shutdown of the skies way before other tourists heard from their booking agents
Priscilla Eakeley | March 24, 2020

PANDEMIC TRAVEL I can’t thank Radia enough for taking such phenomenal care of my daughter, her husband, and their children (age 10 and 12) as COVID-19 rearranged the world order this past week. My family even reported back that, despite the tumultuous situation on the ground and the fact that their 10-day trip was cut short by three days, they had a terrific time. But for me, it was their safety that mattered most. While hotel after hotel was closing its doors (including three that my daughter was to stay in), Radia’s team arranged excellent alternatives. As their super comfortable van (with wi-fi!) passed shuttered restaurant after restaurant on the five-hour drive from the desert to Skoura, their guide, Mohammed, contacted his Berber connections who opened a restaurant just for the six of them—incredible! And, most important, Radia notified them about Morocco’s impending shutdown of the skies way before other tourists heard from their booking agents, allowing them precious time to secure seats on an emergency flight arranged by Britain to transport stranded visitors back to London (don’t get me going on the shameful lack of response from the US government . . .). “The best of houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness,” according to the Prophet Muhammad. This mother of four temporarily orphaned family members is forever indebted to Radia and her team, and I look forward to returning to Marrakech and Dar Ahlam as a family and seeing this beautiful country through Radia’s eyes.

They found excellent lodgings in a very high travel season that we were not able to find on our own
Gina Davis | February 5, 2020

My husband, 22-year old son and traveled over the holidays to Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains and Fes. Our Travel Planner did an excellent job of preparing an interesting itinerary and iterating upon it based on our feedback. They found excellent lodgings in a very high travel season that we were not able to find on our own.

Felt like they really understood our M.O.
Bernardine Wu | December 10, 2019

Excellent responsiveness and trip planning. Felt like they really understood our M.O. Presentation of options and recommendations visually easy to understand. Pre-trip communications were great. Availability, responsiveness, proactiveness during the trip were also great, including some unforeseen local changes – such as upgrading our hotel when the hotel was overbooked. Local guide, driver and van were all top notch. Guide was especially great in knowledge, tempo, friendliness and adapting to us. We felt safe and cared for. We recommend one guide for the whole trip, too, because then we got into deeper discussions about religion, government, extremism, family. We were extremely happy with the specialists, especially as seasoned travelers, and would recommend them to others.

Jam-packed but not rushed, which was perfect
Cynthia Kounaris | November 29, 2019

We had only 5 days for our visit. The planner worked with us to arrange 5 full days to cover what we were interested in, at the pace that we wanted. I felt that it was jam-packed but not rushed, which was perfect.

Our driver was very good and accommodating. Our guide was great; very knowledgeable, interesting, very pleasant, and went out of his way to make the trip great for us.

I had hurt my knee prior to the trip and all TE walking and climbing exacerbated it; the team was as accommodating as possible, including a last-minute change where a car was arranged to take us up into the high atlas mountains.

All the accommodations were top notch.

Also, this was a fairly last-minute trip, and the team was very responsive so we were able to do this with a quick turnaround.


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