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Judith was an amazing advisor and did a wonderful job creating a travel itinerary that exceeded our expectations. We gave her a challenging wish list to be experienced in a short period of time and she made it all happen. The greeters, drivers and pilots were punctual and friendly and the last event of a seaplane flight to Lake Clark for a day of bear watching (18 bears sighted!) was a real highlight and perfect way to end what we call a life experience (not a vacation). Her office was very supportive when contacted. We have told numerous people about the “Wendy Perrin” way to travel and I am sure many of them have, or will, start using your service and network of valuable advisors. Thank you for your support and we look forward to putting together something exciting in 2024 with your company! Thank you for a wonderful experience!!

We worked with Judith Root to put together a logistically complex tour of Alaska for our son’s 40th birthday. The itinerary she proposed hit all the key activities we desired. We went on both a river fishing trip and ocean fishing trip with great results. We did a fantastic fly-in trip to Lake Clark for a bear-viewing day. Additionally, she suggested meeting a famous Iditarod musher and touring his kennel. The accommodations for the trip were good and we especially liked Tonglen Lake Lodge. We found Judith and her team easy to work with and responsive to our needs.

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  The trip was for myself and my 14-year-old grandson and likely a once-in-a-lifetime trip for the two of us. Overall it was very good and created some excellent memories. Judith was very responsive in our discussion at the planning phase and when a couple of items (hotel room / one tour) had a component go wrong, the team was responsive to get them fixed/adjusted as necessary.

There were definitely some once-in-a-lifetime moments, particularly the flight to the bear watching, the dog sledging/helicopter ride and the LeConte glacier boat trip.

There were a few tour items that did not work “quite as advertised” and I felt a better understanding of those trips would have helped in the original planning and likely some different choices on tour items.

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Our first trip to Alaska was made momentous by Judith Root and staff. Wendy connected us with Judith, and her group got cracking to set up a vacation that has us wanting to return for more adventure. Great schedule, amazing accommodations, superb dining; couldn’t ask for more.

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