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Travelers watching an artisan work at the PP Møbler furniture factory in Denmark.

Watching an artisan work at the PP Møbler furniture factory. Photo: Traveler Cari Bender

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Copenhagen to visit our daughter who is studying abroad there. Mads Tange Christensen helped us plan a lovely vacation (March 23-27) where we got to explore all over the area. We loved visiting the gorgeous Louisiana modern art museum on a beautiful day in the most spectacular setting, with Elsinore (of Hamlet fame) on the way. We learned about Danish food on a food tour and loved seeing the city from a private boat excursion along the canal.

Our favorite day was the Danish design day! We love Danish design, and Mads arranged for us to have a private tour of a furniture manufacturer and meet some current local artists in their own studio. It was a special and memorable day. My son and I probably took 1,000 photographs and we all loved learning about the history of prominent furniture design. We had a terrific hotel right in Nyhavn, the famous canal with the colored buildings that was centrally located and super charming. The other incredibly memorable adventure was Dine with Danes, where we had a truly special evening at the home of a local couple. They prepared a Danish Easter dinner for us — they must have cooked for two days! We simply adored them and we had a wonderful evening together. It was very special. Mads planned a terrific trip for us, and we will remember it forever!

Excellent trip to Iceland, Faroe Islands and Copenhagen, Mads was always available no matter the time or day, even for last-minute changes or requests.

Extremely knowledgeable of the areas to visit and awesome suggestion for a couple of spa days in a wellness resort in northern Copenhagen before touring the city.

Don’t miss Ræst Restaurant in the Faroes if you go there, and for sure don’t go without talking to Mads!!

Lynn Herrick

Rainbow over Copenhagen. Photo: Lynn Herrick

Just back from Denmark! We rarely travel to Europe in the summer because of the heat and crowds, but we needed to be in Berlin in mid-July this year and wanted to add a week to another destination prior to reaching Berlin. Denmark was the PERFECT choice. Not too hot (even chilly some days!), reasonable crowds, not too expensive, and very enjoyable. Mads arranged our trip for us and he made it very easy. We did not mind driving in Denmark, so he arranged for a private car and put together an itinerary that gave us a flavor of the country. Our college-age kids traveled with us and there was enough to keep everyone engaged. We loved, loved, loved Copenhagen. Our hotel was in the middle of all the action and the city is extremely walkable and public transportation easy to navigate. Our first morning in town was our WOW Moment, and it was perfect. We sailed (electric boat) around the city with a private tour guide and lots of fun snacks. It was a great introduction to the city and the guide gave us lots of ideas for the rest of our trip. We traveled to several cities after Copenhagen, visited castles, stayed at an inn that has been hosting guests since 1744, learned all about Hans Christian Andersen, visited museums, enjoyed a ferry ride, and stayed in a charming Danish seaside town with a great spa. We finished the trip with one more fun night in Copenhagen and stayed up late, as the sun seems to last forever. The only part of our trip that was frustrating was the voucher system that really did not work well, but hopefully, with the feedback we provided, Mads and his team will update that system! Highly recommend Mads and Denmark for a special summer trip.

Due to problems with a previous agent, we had our first conversation with Mads two months before our Icelandic adventure was set to begin. It was in the few first minutes that Mads noted that he is turning customers away, as Iceland is sold out. Obviously freaking out, he quickly added, for Wendy and Brook VIPs, I have rooms/cars/guides. Across multiple calls, in a week, he hit our budget and planned our trip. It was amazing. What our first agent couldn’t do over six months, Mads did in six days…

This trip was to celebrate my birthday. Mads arranged for dinner at the best restaurant in Reykjavík (a pull I couldn’t make on my own), surprised me with not only birthday gifts but a full hotel property upgrade AND his insistence of an adventure activity (snowmobiling) gave my wife her favorite part of the trip. My favorite part? The WOW Moment at the Blue Lagoon, thank you Wendy & Brook, never had a floating massage before…drifted to relaxation.

Mads showed that he genuinely cared about me and my wife. Every person he arranged for us to encounter mimicked his tone, his care and his expertise. There was no promise unkept, communication was seamless and he was always present without being overbearing. Great trip.

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