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A number of unique experiences
Daniel Sabbah | October 24, 2018

10 wonderful days in Japan. 3 Fabulous hotels including a special experience in a Ryokan/Onsen (Japanese inn with Hot Springs) in the small towns of central Japan. A number of unique experiences including a Japanese cooking class with a chef at her home in Tokyo. A visit with an exclusive Kimono maker in Kyoto. Top-flight restaurants suggested and reserved in all locations with a variety of culinary experiences. Every day was with one of 3 professionals to guide us through all regions. Lots of the usual stuff with Shrines, Gardens, Temples, Museums and tailored shopping to our tastes. All planned and discussed/tailored in advance.

Scott did exactly what we asked him to do and tried to tailor all to our needs and wants. My only slight concern was the length of time in Kyoto which could have been cut back by a day. Too many temples, shrines, and Shogun homes at that point. We were a bit burned out on that. However, the guide was flexible and rearranged the planned agenda to shift to arts, museums, and shopping. His tailored experiences were excellent and unique. Things that we could not have arranged on our own. His restaurant picks with our input were also right on and ones we could have never picked on our own.

Scott was a pleasure to work with
Nancy Bronstein | October 15, 2018

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Japan. We have worked with many travel specialists and can easily say that Scott Gilman and his team were the most professional, responsive and helpful. Responses to questions or for changes came quickly. He listened to what was important to us and had interesting suggestions. Our guide, Narumi, was great. Our meditation session with a Buddhist monk and the tea ceremony in Kyoto were memorable. There were no glitches in any of our transfers and, sometimes, the separate transfers of our luggage. Scott’s dining suggestions were all excellent and varied. Scott was a pleasure to work with and our trip to Japan was outstanding.

Scott arranged the most memorable private moments for our family
Dale Sindell | August 24, 2018

Scott arranged the most memorable private moments for our family. One of our favorite experiences in Japan was attending a sumo wrestler practice, sitting within arms reach of the athletes. The photos are amazing! We also loved creating a new family memory with our kids (18, 21, 25) during a taiko drumming lesson. Since our family loves music, it was a great way to experience local culture and laugh together! Other private experiences that we would never have been able to appreciate without Scott’s expertise included a 5-hour cooking class and dinner in the home of a local Japanese chef. We loved learning about Buddhism and meditating with a monk. All of these were possible thanks to our unbelievable guide, Kiko-san, who also interpreted for us. She was kind, patient, knowledgeable and respectful of our family dynamic.

Unique experiences that were only available to us due to his amazing connections
Sarah Balassa | August 15, 2018

Traveled to Japan, visiting Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Mt. Koya, and Osaka. Scott helped me create an itinerary that specifically catered to my family’s interests. He helped me choose cities to visit, the length of time in each destination as well as advise restaurants, accommodations, sites, and activities in each place. Scott arranged for the most amazing guides and drivers as well as unique experiences that were only available to us due to his amazing connections within Japan. Along with his partner Philip Rosenfeld, Scott thought of everything and our whole two-week vacation ran incredibly smoothly. We had one of the most exciting and stress-free family adventures ever. We look forward to planning another trip with him in the future.

We had a lot of unique experiences
Larry Seidman | May 14, 2018

Scott and his team did a superb job of understanding who we are and what we wanted to see and do. We had a lot of unique experiences. To mention just a few: intimate sumo experience, time with Buddhist leaders, overnight in the monastery, etc were all terrific. The whole trip was well paced and always the option to do something else if the going became too strenuous.

Our guide Narumi was amazing. Every time we expressed a new interest, she found a way to meet it in the near future.

We would highly recommend Scott and his team, for any trip.

The hotels planned for us were spot-on
Nicole Walworth | April 30, 2018

The hotels planned for us were spot-on. We were lucky to be upgraded to a suite at the Conrad Tokyo that was absolutely gorgeous. The hotel was nicely situated close to transportation to get us around the city while on our own too. The Four Seasons in Kyoto was such a nice oasis and the Yoshikawa Inn was lovely with our room having direct garden access. It was so relaxing to go to sleep to the sounds of the stream outside.

Scott’s restaurant suggestions were all very good, particularly in Kyoto. We would never have found these places on our own and I don’t think we had a bad meal while we were there.

Keiko, our local guide, was the best! She fit in more stops that weren’t even on our itinerary according to our interests, such as the 21st Century Art Museum in Kanazawa that were so much fun. We’re convinced we saw at least 50% more than what we would have ever seen if on our own. And she was very helpful in giving us detailed information for our days on our own in Nara and Tokyo.

We loved Japan. Both the people and places filled us with amazement and joy.

He had excellent suggestions and was incredibly responsive
Nicky Green | April 18, 2018

We had an excellent trip planning experience with Scott to create a very special holiday for my husband (Bob), 12 year old daughter, 10 year old son and I. Scott wanted to understand our priorities and interests. He had excellent suggestions and was incredibly responsive. Other than Bob unexpectedly getting the flu before our trip and delayed arrival, everything went as planned. Our guide for the week (Sako) was an invaluable resource to us and made the trip incredibly special. We appreciated her flexibility, knowledge, and sensitivity to what appealed to each member of our family. She had many wonderful suggestions and even called a restaurant we were eating at one night to make sure everything was going ok because she knew the menu was only in Japanese and my verbal skills are very basic. It would have been a very different trip without her.

Our trip highlights included:
•watching the Swallows beat the Giants!
•the animal cafes (hedgehogs, otters, and chinchillas)
•visiting the Snow monkeys
•a family Taiko drumming lesson
•participating in a traditional tea ceremony
•the beautiful Kenrokuen Gardens
•visiting the Fushimi Inari shrine and Golden Pavilion
•attend a private Sumo practice!
•trying roasted tea flavor Kit Kat
•staying at a traditional Japanese Ryokan and enjoying the hot springs

It was definitely one of our best family adventures ever.

Fabulous and varied itinerary
Patricia Klein | April 8, 2018

Scott planned a fantastic trip for us. I wanted to take my youngest daughter to Japan to celebrate her high school graduation. We didn’t have so many days. Scott planned a fabulous and varied itinerary, which we never would have done without him. Our guides were fantastic: They were enthusiastic to show us their beautiful country and were very flexible to accommodate our interests and our energy levels. They were very understanding of how a teenager would like to travel, and my daughter and I enjoyed the time with our guides very much.

Scott arranged several special experiences based on the relationships he has formed. We had a cooking lesson with an amazing woman in her home, a fascinating dinner at a club with geishas, and a calligraphy lesson with an excellent teacher. We both loved Studio Ghibli and the Monkey Park. We took different trains and car rides, and every driver was fantastic and every transfer was smooth.

His choice of hotels was wonderful. Every room was well appointed, clean, safe and quiet. We slept so well every night, particularly at our ryokan. The Mandarin Oriental serves a fantastic breakfast buffet. The Ritz-Carlton was very luxurious (and yes – we did see Leonardo Di Caprio there). It was a very special trip and I felt very pampered and taken care of and I had absolutely no worries. We were particularly fortunate that the cherry blossoms came out when we got there and we got to experience the beauty of the season.

Throughout the trip, I was able to sit back and relax and enjoy everything because of Scott’s careful planning and knowledge of Japan. I would absolutely use him again and recommend him. I have been a fan of Wendy’s since her Conde Nast days. This is now my second special trip with her experts, and I plan on more. The level of professionalism is exceptional.

Scott did a fantastic job
Matt Assiff | February 27, 2018

Scott did a fantastic job of planning a unique trip for our family. He tailored the trip to expose us to beautiful and cultural attributes of Japan. We had a wonderful time from the moment we landed to the moment we took off. We felt welcomed and learned much about the culture, history, and art of the country. We have much more to learn and upon our return, we will request Scott’s help again. Thanks.

Everything was perfectly timed
Renee Tipton | February 12, 2018

Overall, I thought the trip planning was excellent. Because of price considerations, I ended up only doing one full day of tours/accommodations and a mix of public and private transportation. Everything was perfectly timed with people helping us transfer between trains, and accommodating staff. – December 2017, Tokyo/Hakone, Japan.

John and Heidi O'Connor | January 9, 2018

We enjoyed the trip immensely and felt the service we received from Scott Gilman was outstanding! The guides provided were not only extremely knowledgeable, they were lovely people and very enjoyable to spend time with. The accommodations we had at each location, were superb and we couldn’t ask for anything better. The private events we did were the highlight of the trip for each family member. From the cooking class to the drumming lesson to meditation with a monk — all were outstanding and quite memorable. We were able to cover a great deal of ground because of a well-coordinated process and appreciated having prompt and reliable drivers throughout the journey. We were also extremely impressed with the Japanese people and their culture – vowing to go back again.

He was able to make arrangements very quickly
Linda Louis | December 2, 2017

Kyoto, Nara, Takayama, Kanazawa, Shimane, Tokyo and a brief stop in Osaka

We really enjoyed our trip to Japan. I can’t believe we didn’t do that sooner.

We decided to go to Japan on quite short notice. We called Scott and after some discussion about us and our preferences, he was able to make arrangements very quickly and everything went very smoothly. Tomo was a great guide – fun to be with and very accommodating.
I am glad that Scott was able to engage her on such short notice.

I really enjoyed our visits with Kimono makers, paper makers, and the zen meditation visit. The indigo dyeing visit was great. He is such an entertaining instructor.

Tomo was able to take me to lovely “craft” shops everywhere we visited. And of course, the leaves cooperated, with spectacular colours.

Taking taxis was the right choice. They were efficient, plentiful and all had very friendly drivers.
In fact, we found everyone in Japan very friendly, as well as efficient and polite.

A perfect trip for us
Jane Douglass | October 25, 2017

Scott planned a perfect trip for us for our first visit to Japan. The hotels were great, his restaurant recommendations were terrific, and most importantly we had a terrific guide, Junko, who traveled with us. Not only was Junko extremely knowledgeable, she was a pleasure to spend time with each day. We visited all the major sites in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Naoshima as well as cities and towns in the Japanese Alps so we were exposed to small villages as well as large cities. We would definitely use Scott to plan another trip to Japan.

Scott went above and beyond
Alison Michaels | September 18, 2017

We had a fabulous time! Scott made sure to organize an absolutely lovely, and most important, authentic, trip for us. He spent hours on the front end talking with me since I’m so specific about what well be spending time on. Scott went above and beyond in explaining all of my different options of sightseeing and locations in Japan to visit, given my lack of familiarity with the country.

And our guide who Scott set us up with, Sako, truly made it an amazing experience – I can’t say enough about her. When we told her we were foodies, Sako showed us all of her secret / favorite restaurants and bars, which were our favorites actually! And, she went above and beyond when we wanted to change the schedule – go to Matsumoto a day early to do the hike, since it was supposed to rain on the day we were scheduled to do so, taking us to local massage parlors, etc. Also, just overall, she was a kind, fun person who we loved having accompany us throughout our trip.

Scott had every little detail covered
Eileen Fischmann | May 17, 2017

Scott had every little detail covered, down to having a porter waiting at the airport to help us with our luggage at departure time.

We were most taken by the food
Bill Vanderweil | March 23, 2017

Thanks to Scott Gilman, we had a great time in Japan. Mimi, our guide, was fantastic; we really enjoyed her and became friends. Our two favorite restaurants were the tempura restaurant at Yoshikawa Inn and the sushi restaurant the last night in Tokyo. Our favorite temple was the Kinkakuji. We were most taken by the food aspects of our trip; the markets, the kitchen market and the great floors of food in the department stores. We really enjoyed the Zen meditation session both for what we learned and the interesting monk who lead it. We very much liked our ryokan; great setting and nice hot baths. The cooking class was fantastic; really enjoyed the personality of Kyoko and her husband. Hotels were all good, particularly liked Kyoto. Thanks for your help.

The best guide I have ever had
Pam Mackey | March 22, 2017

Everything went very smoothly. I can honestly say that Makiko was the best guide I have ever had. She was friendly, funny, very smart and knowledgeable, and made sure that we saw and did everything on our list. She found the best places for a quick lunch. Our drivers were also wonderful, especially the driver in Kyoto (I think his name was Hiashi san). He was so considerate and went out of his way to show us where to try the best mochi in Kyoto and to see a gorgeous cherry tree that was in early bloom.

Our hotels were also superb. I am glad that I returned to the Park Hyatt. The service and accommodations were top notch. I am also glad that I returned to the Ritz in Kyoto. It is a wonderful hotel and the staff is very attentive. The Ryokan was another excellent experience. Our onsen and the room were lovely, and we especially enjoyed the town of Shuzenji – very charming.

Even the train transfers at Tokyo station went well, in spite of the mob scene there. Our transfer guide expertly navigated us through multiple halls and elevators. I don’t think we could have managed without her.

We also enjoyed the visit to the Ghibli Museum. My daughter was thrilled to see the notebooks and sketches from the movies and to see how the master worked behind the scenes. He is truly a living legend in Japan. The guide had some interesting anecdotes about him- he can be found in the morning sweeping the streets in his neighborhood!

Eating fresh sushi at Tsukiji was a special treat. The Zen meditation session at Taizoin was unique and I am glad we experienced it and saw the temple. The session put my daughter in a Zen mood for visits to other gardens.

Besides the tea ceremony, which was very nice, we had a special and unexpected tea making session with the funny and friendly tea master at Ipppodo, who has his own techniques for making the best tea.

Thank you to Scott and his team for arranging a wonderful trip. Now if you could only figure out how to eliminate jet lag and get more of those cherry trees to bloom early!

It was 5-star.
Scott Coleman | December 21, 2016

Overall, excellent job on Scott Gilman’s services. We were so impressed with the professionalism and personalities of everyone in Japan. Our guides Izumi and Keiko were fantastic. I think what really makes them superior (and makes Scott’s company superior) is the ability to tailor the trip to our needs. Yes we wanted to see a lot in a short period of time, but we wanted to enjoy it and for us that entailed stopping to take rest breaks every so often. The guides did a nice job picking up on that and altering the itinerary slightly to adjust and at the end of the day we felt much better. We also appreciated some other adjustments during the day on what to see, depending on how things were progressing that day. In other words, the flexibility was a big bonus. Obviously they were skilled to answer all of our questions, or if not they would investigate our queries and get back to us. Much appreciated. Izumi was looking into some special tea my aunt asked about. Keiko into Nikon products.

For us, we enjoyed sampling local restaurants that were not necessarily Michelin starred. We hit a variety of Udon noodles, Ramen, Yakatori, grilled noodles and sushi places. We liked all of it.

The hotels were pretty much exactly what we asked for. As for Japan impressions, you can read about the culture but it’s hard to get a feel for it until you spend a little time there. The attention to detail, pride in the work, and manners, are something that stands out. Also, how quiet it is in Tokyo on the streets and subway for a city of that size is remarkable. We enjoyed the taxi and subway rides to get a feel for how people get around. And especially the super fast bullet train.

I don’t really have any criticisms or improvements on Scott’s service. It was 5-star. Thanks for everything.

The guides I was provided were OUTSTANDING
Andrea Reed | June 21, 2016

The guides I was provided were OUTSTANDING. We had a seamless transition from place to place due to their expertise. Scott was also excellent at getting back to me in a timely fashion when communicating via email due to time zone differences.

A heartfelt, enthusiastic recommendation
Betty Chang | June 14, 2016

Upon returning from a wonderful Japan trip, I offer a heartfelt, enthusiastic recommendation of Scott Gilman. My goals in planning a family trip were to have memorable experiences with our teenagers highlighting Japanese hyper-modern culture and architecture, classic gardens, daily markets and traditional crafts. We often do all our own trip planning and limit the use of guides. However, as non-Japanese speakers who wanted more than a superficial exposure to Japanese culture, we decided to work with a professional to make the most of our limited time.

Scott provided wise counsel every step of the way. From the initial consultation where he listened so carefully through the subsequent detailed planning of the activities and itinerary, Scott not only addressed our requests, but he offered excellent ideas and gently guided us when we didn’t even know what to ask for or had pre-conceptions.

Not having been to Japan, I started out surprised by the high travel costs. After talking with Scott, understanding what was included in the costs, and getting over the sticker shock, I came to think it was well worth it. This is why I thought the charges were fair and a good value:

1. Japan is not an intuitive place to traverse if you don’t speak Japanese. The street numbering is not orderly. Many signs are not legible to English-only readers. And while the subways and trains are extensive and on-time and immaculately clean, they are not always the fastest way to get around. We could have done the navigating ourselves, but using Scott’s guides and drivers, I estimate we saw 30-50% more each day than we could have managed on our own using public transportation/walking/car rental/taxis (i.e. the less expensive option). This was what created the value for me. We had only a limited time for vacation and had travelled such a long distance and didn’t know if we’d ever be back, so to be able to see and do so much more each day was priceless.

2. Once he knew what we were interested in, Scott suggested activities we would not have thought of or read about or been able to access on our own. We had extraordinary access to special experiences through Scott and his business partner Phil’s relationships – a lacquerware workshop visit, a kimono fabric dye-ing workshop, and a wonderful day with a Japanese pottery expert who took us to a famous pottery village to see kilns, a workshop, and a museum. These would not have been possible through a hotel concierge or trying to go on our own. They were educational in focus and there was zero pressure to buy anything.

3. The restaurant recommendations were excellent and not what you could find easily on Yelp or TripAdvisor. They were places your in-the-know local foodie friend would take you to. Sure beats wandering around and guessing.

4. All of the guides were carefully selected and excellent – well-informed, good English skills, knowing how to read us for pacing and type of information to convey, and not rigid in the least. Every van was late-model, clean, and operated by a very professional driver with basic English skills.

5. Every transfer was handled by an English-speaking guide even on days when we were in transit. When we were early to the train station, the guides were able to exchange tickets and get us on earlier trains to the next destination so we didn’t waste time waiting at the station. The greeter at the other end was flexible enough to be able to come meet us early. There was a fair amount of on-the-ground support that we either saw in person or we knew was there to help. Doing the transfers and logistics on our own would have been possible, but stressful.

6. I received a comparable cost estimate from a reputable independent Japan expert for the desired level of service (separate room with real beds for the kids, 5-star hotels where possible, private guides and drivers, first-class trains).

If we had wanted to economize, Scott was willing to work with us on options. Scott’s business partner, Phil Rosenfeld, lives in Tokyo and runs operations in Japan. There was always someone to get back to us immediately whether we were in NYC in Eastern Standard Time or in Japan on Japanese time.

A crucial thing I really appreciated was that my contact was Scott, and he stayed my contact. He never handed me off to a junior person (which is what usually happens). So every question answered, every recommendation came from Scott and that made all the difference in our experiences. Scott and his team were a pleasure to work with and flawless in their execution. We were able to relax, enjoy, and make many happy memories.

Our trip was great!
Kent and Nancy Stow | April 3, 2016

Our trip was great! The sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences that Scott organized were exactly what we hoped to have for our first trip to Japan. Everything we had discussed during the planning phase turned out to be as we had understood from our conversations with Scott, but only better in the reality. There were absolutely no problems or disappointments with anything; except now we know we will need to return several more times to see and experience many other parts of the country.

The singular best part of the trip was our guide, Masako Takenaka. She was always smiling as she took care to ensure that every detail was exactly right. Not only did we accomplish all the items Scott had outlined in our itinerary, Masako was able to improvise and add more experiences that further enhanced our trip. The adjustments that she made as the week progressed really made things flow smoothly and took full advantage of the time and place. Our conversations with her really gave us a good feel for the people and customs of Japan.

Following our trip, we were attending our son’s wedding in Hamamatsu, and we wanted to give the traditional wedding gift of money. Masako helped us not only find the proper wedding gift envelope, but she set up a visit to a paper making experience where we made our own note paper. She then helped translate our wedding message onto our paper in Japanese to be included in the envelope. The final gift with these details was truly appreciated by the wedding couple.

A fantastic journey in Japan.
Joe Belfiore | February 22, 2016

Scott did a great job of helping our family have a fantastic journey in Japan. He was terrific in suggesting destination cities, sites and activities that our family of 5 (including 8-year olds and a 12-year old) would really love. The hotels were terrific, the sites were fascinating and beautiful, the guides were excellent and the “added activities” (Taiko drumming, Tea Ceremony, Geisha/Teahouse visit) really added a lot of “insider feel” to the trip and got us a look at some of the cool things behind the normal touristy-sights.

We had a LITTLE BIT of logistics and pricing disconnect early on in our planning — if you book with Scott (which I’d recommend!), definitely get very clear on your expected price-per-day, what your priorities are, etc. I think our planning phase would have gone more smoothly if we’d done that better together.

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