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The guides in Istanbul and Izmir were extraordinary…
Kiriti Shah | October 22, 2019

We had a great time in Turkey planned by Earl. The selection of hotels was fantastic. The guides in Istanbul and Izmir were extraordinary and the local transportation was great.

Earl is absolutely amazing at all the recommendations and details…
Julia Bushkov | July 9, 2019

The trip was designed very well. We had visited all the places that we needed to visit and also had time to ourselves. Hotel recommendations were superb, the guide was very good – I would not change anything. Earl is absolutely amazing at all the recommendations and details. Thank you, Earl!

They made our trip special
Diana Gleghorn | December 3, 2018

Earl was easy to work with. He was knowledgeable, helpful and made our trip easy. We loved the hotels that he chose for us and we would recommend them. The guides and drivers were all very pleasant, fun and they made our trip special.

Safe and friendly — no security issues whatsoever
Mark Bloom | June 6, 2018

My wife and I chose Istanbul as the place we wanted to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Overall, we had a fantastic experience, and especially enjoyed our super-guide/confidante – Mr. Reza Yenice. His encyclopedic knowledge of the city and country, as well as his excellent spoken English, made our visit informative and worry-free. We spent most of our visit in Istanbul but traveled to Ephesus for a day trip. My wife and I would highly recommend Earl and his team to anyone considering visiting Turkey. Also, we found it to be safe and friendly — no security issues whatsoever.

My Turkish family raved about all facets of our trip
Suzanne Ilgun | October 18, 2016

This is the 2nd time I have used Earl Starkey to plan our vacation in Turkey with my Turkish husband and in-laws. Earl and his team exceeded our expectations in planning and executing our itinerary. Earl is gracious, quick to respond when contacted, knowledgeable, and well connected. We switched some of the itinerary around at the last minute which Earl and his team handled seamlessly.

The hotel we stayed at was a perfect match for our likes. We had the best room location in the hotel.

The driver, Ali, did small extra touches for us without us asking. The guide, Burju, was excellent. She is well versed in ancient history, modern history, as well as open and willing to talk about any question we asked. She shared with us local cultural highlights. When we went to a restaurant that did not have the menu items we were looking for, Burju and Ali were able to quickly take us to another that was exactly what we were looking for. In addition, I asked Burju to simultaneously translate for me stories being told by a native Turk at one of the sights we were visiting which she did flawlessly. This enabled me to participate in the conversation as if I was a native speaker and part of the group. I felt like a local. This was a priceless experience that can only be done with a top-tier guide.

Traveling in Turkey with native Turks provides an extra challenge for any travel expert as Turks are very discerning clients. As they are native speakers as well as familiar with the country and culture, a travel expert, driver, guide, or hotelier will be quickly spotted if anything less than top-notch service is provided. My Turkish family raved about all facets of our trip. We will be contacting Earl again for our next family vacation in Turkey.

If you want to have a wonderful trip to Turkey, feel well cared for with all your desires met, then without a moments hesitation contact Earl to plan your trip.

All guides were exceptional
Cori Packer | April 15, 2016

We traveled to Turkey in April 2016 with Earl Starkey. We travel a lot and have experience with various travel companies. Earl and his team didn’t disappoint, actually truly exceeded expectations!  All guides were exceptional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic!  Nothing was missed, the hotels – perfect, the sites -fascinating, the choices for dining – perfect. I would highly recommend.

Visit Turkey—it will not disappoint—and use Earl Starkey. He will help you to design the PERFECT trip!

Earl was able to read my mind
Nana Soetantri | November 11, 2015

Earl and his team have done amazing work with trips. It is our first time in Turkey, and I am glad I got in touch with Earl. Earl was there every step of the way. I was very vague in my initial email to Earl, I simply informed him what I like and what my mother likes to do. Earl was able to read my mind. He gave good advice and pointers on what we can do in Turkey, and designed an itinerary that was very relaxing and easy for my mum to follow. It was also flexible enough for some last minute changes. As a result, we had an extraordinary time in Turkey. We enjoyed every moment. The food was amazing (I’m still dreaming about the tomatoes!!), the sites were all that I wanted to see (if not more!) and the hotels…. My mum couldn’t stop talking about the Gulu Konak and Museum Hotel… Amazing places! Let’s not forget the guides and drivers…. Guzin in Istanbul, Basri in Cappadocia, and Tan in Izmir were all wonderful and very knowledgeable. And let’s not forget Ali! What an amazing person!! I left my mobile in the car a few times, and he always managed to find it.
One of our domestic flights was delayed for 3 hours, and Earl & Co was able to reorganize our transfer to hotel- so that is very much appreciated! For me the idea of being able to contact Earl and/or his team at Sophisticated Travel gave me the peace of mind that I needed on this trip especially since I was traveling with my mum. In addition, we were upgraded in every hotel that we stayed in courtesy of Earl and Sophisticated Travel. So thank you very much!!

We left Turkey feeling that we needed to come back for more, thanks to Earl and his team at Sophisticated Travel.

The itinerary was perfect
Suzanne Ilgun | October 29, 2015

My husband and I used Earl to plan a 3-day itinerary in Konya for ourselves and my in-laws. My husband and family are all native Turks, which provided an extra challenge to planning the itinerary.

After an initial phone conversation with Earl where he took time to understand our desire to see Konya and what our needs were, we were presented with a 3-day touring itinerary with private car, driver, guide, restaurant, and hotel arrangements.

The itinerary was perfect. In fact a friend who was originally from Konya commented that she had not heard of some of the places we went to visit. She was going to go and visit them after seeing our pictures.

One challenge we presented was I only speak limited Turkish, my mother-in-law speaks limited English, and my father-in-law speaks no English, so we needed a guide who could give a tour in both English and Turkish. Our guide, Eyup, did a beautiful job in going back and forth between both languages. He brought his personal love for Konya and it’s surrounds into his narrative. He also was gracious and honest in answering all of our questions on Mevlana, the modern city of Konya, and general questions about Turkey. The driver, Cengiz, was very professional and courteous. The car was always clean and ready to pick us up at whatever location we ended up at.

We also used some of Earl’s recommendations for restaurants in Istanbul which were spot on. My brother and sister-in-law, who live in Istanbul, had not heard of these restaurants and loved them too.

After our great experience with Earl, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a trip to Turkey.

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