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We spent one day on a sailboat, visited a bergamot farm and drove to the village of Bova
Cindy Kelly | September 20, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  This was our first trip to Calabria, and we had no idea what to expect. Jennifer researched the area and found really great places to visit – lovely villages, unique architecture and experiences with local food and people. We spent one day on a sailboat enjoying the stunning coastline from Tropea to Capo Vaticano, swimming in the beautifully clear water. We visited a bergamot farm and drove to the village of Bova where we took in a panoramic view of the ocean and countryside. We visited gorgeous churches in Tropea and grottoes and caves in Pizzo. Our guide, Tatiana, was very informative and attentive to the types of things we were drawn to, stopping for photos where she thought I’d be interested and pointing out significant monuments.

On our last day, we thought the place we were staying might be too far a drive to the airport (we had a 6:45am flight), I mentioned it to Mara and she found us a perfect B & B, close to the airport but in a beautiful remote area. We had the whole place to ourselves and spent our last day relaxing by the pool – perfect way to end our trip.

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In Venice, we saw lace makers and glass blowers. In Florence we watched engravers, leather artisans, and jewelry makers
Cynthia L. Simmons | August 27, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  My husband searched The Wall Street Journal for help planning our July/August 2021 Italy trip. An article there sent us to, and Wendy’s team recommended Jennifer in Italy. We communicated our desire to see the art and architecture in three cities: Venice, Florence, and Rome. Jennifer attentively listened and created a plan that made our trip a huge success. She and her assistant Mara made arrangements for five people in our family the first week and seven the second week. They set up transportation and hotels and suggested great sites of which we were not aware. Because of such detail, we were ready with proof of our COVID-19 vaccination. She gave us the place to receive the virus test so we could be readmitted to the U.S.A. Every detail! Fantastic guides met us in each city and oriented us about the history, architecture, and art. We had studied the Renaissance and ancient Roman history, but these guides deepened our knowledge and understanding much, much more than we expected. They also snapped photos of all our family. We particularly enjoyed the craftsmen we visited: In Venice, we saw lace makers and glass blowers. In Florence we watched engravers, leather artisans, and jewelry makers. The only activity that did not work out was the one we scheduled without Jennifer. Lesson learned! From then on, we depended on her to set up all our activities. The pinnacle of the trip was different for each of us, but we all enjoyed every single experience and guide.

She worked hard to set up special tours for me for the unique interests I have
Donna Jones | August 22, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL I didn’t vary this trip much due to Covid — the main change was bringing lots of masks and spending several hours to convert my vaccination card into the French system, and then reserving museum visits in advance. The trip planner did suggest Covid-appropriate activities (outdoor walks). She worked hard to set up special tours for me for the unique interests I have in 11th and 12th century Loire Valley and Jazz. I would seek out a trip to the musée Carnavalet — it’s free and has an abundance of items on the history of Paris — I found the prehistoric and early history and then Revolutionary War sections especially interesting.

Incredibly responsive and proactive throughout our trip
Courtney Cooper | August 19, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We found Jennifer Virgilio through Wendy’s list for our honeymoon to Italy. We contacted here with just over 2 weeks until our trip. Would recommend getting started with more time but Jennifer and her team got to work quickly and were incredible to work with. They organized everything, provided alternatives based on feedback, and were very flexible. Most importantly, they were incredibly responsive and proactive throughout our trip. Would highly recommend!

Venice was delightfully uncrowded, by Venice terms!
Kim Prater | August 15, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Jennifer and her team were great to work with. In the planning stage we worked through several options as to how best to enjoy our 5 1/2 days in Venice & came to an ideal balance between scheduled time and free time.

Throughout the planning one or the other, often both, were touching base; making sure we knew not just what we would be doing but also what we needed to do to meet all requirements of travel as they changed leading up to departure. When we had specific requests they were able to accommodate without difficulty.

After our arrival, I particularly liked the daily text update from a staff member reviewing what was on the schedule for the next day, a contact phone number for any issues and stating any important updates such as the need for proof of vaccination in order to eat indoors, go to museums etc. which began in Italy midway through our trip. Yes, I had my printed copy as well as access to the digital copy of daily activities but getting that text made it so easy. Who wants to carry around the printed page and a text is easier to access by phone than getting into the itinerary!

Our guide for touring Venice and our sommelier guide for Valpolicella wineries were knowledgeable as well as engaging to spend time with–both are native Venetians which provided an ideal lens through which to learn about Veneto. Venice is a magical place and having Alvise take us to the expected as well as unexpected and unknown spots was wonderful. Make sure not to miss the best, and funniest, saleswoman in the world at the linen shop on Burano!

Unrelated to Jennifer–we had purchased the BinaxNOW home test to use prior to our return to the US. Wait times however were over 3 hours whenever we checked within our window for testing which negated any convenience aspect as we weren’t going to sit around and waste time. Luckily Marriott has a system whereby the primary properties in Venice have rotating “testers” who come to their hotels for 2 hours each day and for $65 we could get an antigen test. Felt like BinaxNOW let us down but there was an easy solution that left us able to not miss out on time exploring. Thank you Bonvoy/Marriott for making the process simple and the price reasonable.

My husband and I had a very stress free trip with all planning aspects having been taken care of by Jennifer and Susanna. Thank you again for recommending a great travel agent to help create a memorable trip–especially in these travailing travel times. I do feel that with appropriate destinations and precautions, travel can be done safely and enjoyably. Venice was delightfully uncrowded, by Venice terms!

We really felt like we were in Italy at a special time and Jennifer's choices helped us take advantage of all it has to offer
Susan Bailey | August 12, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We felt completely comfortable on this trip. The apartment-style accommodations had a double benefit that they felt more COVID-friendly and also really made us feel like we were living in the city where we were staying.

In addition, as others have noted, this is a truly special time to be in Rome and Venice. It was my first time and I am afraid I have been ruined for the future. The crowds just weren’t a factor at any time. We felt like we always had the space to move around freely, visit any location and were comfortable with the mask wearing when we and others were indoors.

Highlights included:
– The guides, Roberto and Alvise, really were wonderful. They obviously both love their cities and their work and they made the time with them quite educational and fun. Alvise was particularly engaging. His personality is perfectly suited to being a guide and he loves showing off his hometown of Venice. We learned so much during our orientation tour and got great dinner reservations as well at lOsteria di Santa Marina.

– The Danza tickets were amazing!!! Jennifer didn’t tell us they were front row!! Thanks so much to her for coming through on that request. Choreographer Wayne MacGregor was actually sitting right behind my son in the audience too. We really enjoyed the show and the talk afterwards. We also loved the Architecture exhibit at the Arsenale (didn’t have time for the Giardini unfortunately).

– The various accommodations worked out very well for us. In Rome, the Martius private suites were very well situated and quite comfortable. In Bologna, we were close to Oriana’s (chef for cooking class) apartment and just down the street from her optometrist shop and of course a quick walk to the downtown area. We enjoyed doing a little bit of shopping and cooking while we were there. In fact we took some of the groceries with us to use in Venice. The Venice apartment was beautiful and very comfortable and a nice bit away from the hubbub of the central part of Venice. I would definitely stay there again. And then the Villa Serbelloni’s history and beautiful views made it special as well.

– Oriana, our chef for the cooking class, took us for a delightful tour of the outdoor markets and then welcomed us into her home for a relaxed, fun and educational afternoon of pasta making.

Thanks again for your assistance. We really felt like we were in Italy at a special time and Jennifer’s choices helped us take advantage of all it has to offer.

The best imaginable service in Italy, from scheduling private tours to finding guides who matched our interests
Amy Nadel | August 12, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Jennifer Virgilio and her associates furnished us with the best imaginable service in Italy, from scheduling private tours for us, to understanding who we are and finding guides who matched and built on our interests. Above all, given the unpredictability that the pandemic continues to wreak on openings and closings of monuments and museums, Jennifer and associates were able to “turn on a dime” and give us alternative tours and tickets if something was closed, and they notified us on the morning of a tour that something we had wanted to see had just opened to the public–and with our approval, they immediately secured tickets and tours for us.
She/they did this without causing us one iota of stress or worry. We were in the hands of professionals who wanted to give us the best experience possible. We did not take advantage of a number of lovely services that Jennifer provides, including chauffer and reservation services, but we look forward to doing so on our next visit to Europe.

Southern Italy is a truly beautiful group of regions each that could have been a vacation in itself
JoEllen Shelden | August 8, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Jennifer did a great job developing an itinerary, helping us react with flexibility in-country, and putting us in the hands of great people on the ground. We felt very safe in Italy. Our trip had a very rocky start, as it was a stormy night at Newark Airport. Our flight was over 8hrs delayed, forcing us to miss our connection and then take the last flight out of Frankfort, arriving in Naples at 11pm and transferring 3hrs+ to Ostuni, arriving at 3am. (More on how fabulous our driver Luca was later). Italy required masks indoors, and most places were requiring social distancing and had timed entrances.

Ostuni was lovely. We stayed at the Paragon 700, a boutique hotel in a historic mansion. The staff and service were top-notch. They serve a la carte breakfast each morning starting about 7:30ish. The room was large, the bed comfortable, but there is no television. I think had we known we would have asked for a different hotel. (We like to have access to the news and would have enjoyed seeing the Olympics in the evenings when we were home). However, all our hotel choices were based on being able to cancel without penalty, so they probably aren’t what Jennifer would have suggested normally. Ostuni is very walkable and has a lively aperitivo scene. We visited the Pianelle Masseria and had a magnificent time learning and participating in making mozzarella, stracciatella, and burrata. We were then treated to an incredible tasting. We were so full we canceled our dinner plans. The next day we met our guide and visited Lecce and had a private tour with a local docent of the Jewish history museum and area. Our guide then took us around Lecce and Otranto. Angela was so knowledgeable about history, culture, and was able to impart what was most special and unique about each town. We were her first tour since the shutdown and everyone—no matter where we went—was thrilled and said they were so happy to see Americans.

The next day, we would be leaving Ostuni for Matera. We learned about the bacteria that is killing the olive trees of Puglia. It is sad to see field after field of dead trees as the Italians fight to save this ancient industry. We would stop in Locorondtondo and Alberobello. The first town was voted as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The residents compete to have the most gorgeous flowers. Our guide had relationships with people in both cities, allowing us entrance into homes to see what a traditional Trulli looked like when people lived there in the past.

We arrived to Matera at the Sextanto Le Grotte Della Civita. This is a hotel and UNSECO site. The hotel has somewhat modernized caves. While we previewed the rooms before agreeing to stay here, we hadn’t grasped the amenities. It is truly an experience. The caves are a bit dark and warm (we should have known), no television (we should have known), and no door to the bathroom. If ever there was something I could classify as “luxury rustic,” this would be it. One of the most comfortable beds and the breakfast was amazing. An elaborate buffet that the staff served to keep things safe. They could not have been more helpful, kind, and accommodating. They brought us an extra light and fan. It is air-conditioned but the controls are in the office. Our biggest issue was the bathroom mirror was practically unusable. It was antiqued, hung low, and quite small which made it hard for getting ready to go out, shaving, etc. I would still suggest everyone stay here one night. Matera is magical. Antonio took us on a tour that was fascinating and had the perfect mix of history, culture, art, and food. We had two fantastic dinners. The first at Le Baccanti in a cave and the second at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Vitantonio Lombardo Ristorante. Chef Lombardo signed a menu for us and came out to greet us as we left.

The next morning Luca picked up us and all our luggage and drove us via Sorrento to Positano. Jennifer was able to re-adjust our itinerary so that we could learn about the ancient craft of wood inlay (Intarsia) and visit one of the oldest crafters of this art form. After this brief visit to Sorrento, Luca suggested a lovely restaurant overlooking the water in Positano, and then we went to our hotel, The Eden Roc. Our room at the Eden Roc was large, air-conditioned, and had a television. We were on the second floor and had a bit of street noise but all in all was fine. The breakfast is a la carte and comes with a dose of Tony. Tony is amazing and makes you feel so welcome. This hotel was conveniently located by the stairs that took you down and across the street to the main path to the beach area of Positano. Positano was beautiful and we were happy to have a day to ourselves. We had privately scheduled a sunset boat tour with Junior Grassi Boats. We had a great time seeing Positano from the water. Positano was the busiest place we were and saw crowds everywhere. As expected it is expensive and full of young beautiful people. It was also quite hot and humid. Jennifer helped us get reservations at La Sponda. We had requested indoors assuming it would be air-conditioned, it is not. If you are sensitive to heat, you might want to ask specifically. We would recommend people not miss the museum, Mar Positano,that shows the ruins of a Roman Villa in the crypt of the nearby church. It is a docent-led tour and truly fascinating.

After two nights it was off to Naples. We would visit the Herculaneum and Pompeii, mixed with free time in Naples. Once again Luca would be our driver. Our guide in the Archeological Parks was Augustino. He was so knowledgeable and was able to transport us back in time and give us the context to better understand what occurred. He was an accomplished scholar of history, archeology, and more. He made sure we didn’t wait too long in lines to get in. Pompeii was a bit busy and we focused on the highlights, There were places we had hoped we would see and didn’t, but there were traffic plans in place and closures of areas so we understood. We were able to visit the museum at the Herculaneum and had the site largely to ourselves. We visited a local winery, Casa Setaro, where Jennifer arranged to have the owner invite us to his home for a tasting and lunch. This would have to be a highlight. We sampled four of his wines, his olive oil, limoncello, and one of the best meals ever. We would meet his wife and children and eat tomatoes from his garden. Luckily we were able to ship some wine home.

Back in Naples, we decided to tackle it on our own without a guide and visit the wealth of museums and historic sites. We were sure to purchase timed tickets for the most important sites, Sansevero Chapel, Archeology Museum, Capodimonte Museum, and Tour of the Catacombs. Naples is not known as the safest of cities so it was great to have a driver. Luca added stops at other sites, allowing us to get out and look around. He also took us to a historic pizza place for authentic Neapolitan pizza. We stayed at the Romeo Hotel, which is a 5-star hotel near the port. Truthfully it is not our style of hotel and we only agreed to stay there when the Grand-Parker closed during the days we were there. We had a sea-view room which really from our low floor was a building. The hotel seemed to have very few people so we had hoped for a possible upgrade. Room-service food was par at best. The room was very streamlined, not much space for unpacking and having your things accessible. Very high concept that sacrificed utility. Breakfast was upstairs and had a gorgeous view. There was no menu and it was very unclear. They brought you a basket of pastries, juice, coffee, a bowl of fruit, and then we figured out you could ask for eggs but they never offered or explained what they could get you or offered a menu to scan. We found COVID protocols across our hotels very different, which leads me to believe that most of the “restrictions” were cost-cutting measures and less about safety in most cases. I however honor the fact that everyone is just trying to do their best given the circumstances.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. The itinerary and time at each place was perfect. The guides and drivers were phenomenal. We had a great mix of experiences. Southern Italy is a truly beautiful group of regions each that could have been a vacation in itself.

Our trip to Paris was such a welcome return to pre-pandemic life
Sue Hilton | July 16, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Our trip to Paris was such a welcome return to pre-pandemic life. We worked with Jennifer and her team to arrange a private half day tour of Versailles and a private tour of the Kings stables and Equestrian center. Both were fantastic. The stables tour was absolutely a once in a lifetime treat. I wasn’t even aware of the riding academy and am so grateful to Jennifer for suggesting it when I inquired about a private guide for Versailles. I have already recommended that part of our experience to all of our Francophile friends. After the stables we went to the palace where we were delighted to to be among the few who were out enjoying a beautiful day. It was so wonderful to tour the palace without the usual massive crowds. Having such a knowledgeable guide added so much to our enjoyment of that exquisite building. Gigliola’s style felt like being with a really good friend who just happens to know the answer all your questions about the art, the rooms, the history and the courts of the many kings. Thank you again for another WOW trip.

The sommelier said he was opening bottles he was never able to taste himself, as they were that rare
Tina Sarafa | January 20, 2020

Jennifer and her team are magical! Jennifer and I communicated a ton prior to the trip and she had a great feel for what kind of trip my husband and I desired. We wanted a boutique hotel that was charming, intimate and quiet. She gave us numerous ideas and helped us select the perfect hotel for our needs. We wanted a combination of expected sites in Paris and then more off the beaten path activities. Our guide to the Lourve for the Da Vinci exhibit was A plus! One of the most informative and knowledgable guides ever. Equally outstanding was our guide to Versaille. Personally I didn’t want to go back to Versaille as I was there 2 years ago, but my husband had not been. Jennifer was aware of that and chose for us with the most outstanding guide who made the day so pleasurable and ultra informative. We learned some fun facts and it felt totally new to me. We had an incredible food tour in St Germaine and a private cooking class with a chef that taught us how to prepare the most amazing duck recipes per our request He also took us food shopping prior to the class and seeing all of the little stores in Paris for bread, wine, cheese, our duck and vegetables was a treat! . All of our guides for our tours and experiences were informative, interesting, personable and really a joy to be with. In addition she was able to secure some very hard to get dinner reservations and we were able to dine every where on my wish list. Each day her team checked in with updates, and any time we needed anything at all they came through. Last minute we wanted to add a tour in Montmartre and again they came through with one of our previous guides we loved and transportation even though the strike was going on. Jennifer and her team are amazing and very deserving to be on your list!

Lastly, thank you for an incredible WOW Moment! It exceeded our imaginations. Jennifer knew how much we love food and wine and our WOW Moment was at the oldest wine shop in Paris. First the shop is beautiful! And in the most charming area. We were guided to a private room and the sommelier said he was opening bottles he was actually never able to taste himself as they were that rare. He was thrilled with our WOW Moment too! Thank you Wendy for making it possible. The wine, setting, and getting to share this on a special trip with my husband made for some wonderful memories.

We were lucky enough to have an exclusive visit to Galleria Colonna
Kevin Haney | January 14, 2020

Jennifer and her staff made our recent holiday trip to Rome extraordinary and memorable. This was the third trip Jennifer planned for us (other two to Paris) and we always think how fortunate we are to have had Jennifer enrich our experiences when we are in Europe.

Jennifer arranged the perfect balance in our itinerary between activities and relaxation. On the sightseeing side of the trip we were lucky enough to have an exclusive visit to Galleria Colonna, an early morning visit to the Vatican and an architecture of Rome tour. All of the tour guides were friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. In addition, Jennifer arranged our WOW Moment gift from Wendy Perrin which was a Rome Orientation Golf Cart Tour. This was a unique way to marvel at the beauty of Rome with Mattia, an expert local guide, in a vehicle that can easily navigate the small streets of Rome and its crowds that cannot always be easily accomplished in a regular automobile.

Jennifer also arranged for us to participate in a pizza and gelato making class which we found informative and are hoping that we can utilize the tips we learned at home. Another immersion experience we enjoyed was getting to experience a Michellin Restaurant dinner service at Per Me Giulio Terrinoni. During this experience, we first stayed in the kitchen with Chef Giuulio and his team for dinner preparation service and then we got to sit at the chef’s table as Chef Giulio prepared a delicious tasting menu.

Jennifer also helped us choose a great hotel to stay. The staff at Hotel Eden were so nice and welcoming to us and always made sure that we were enjoying our stay in Rome. In addition, Jennifer arranged a greeting service for the airports in Rome and London Heathrow so that our airport experiences and transfers were easy.

Finally, we received daily communication from Jennifer’s team as to what we will be experiencing the next day and to make sure that everything is going well. They also supply you with a 24 hour contact if you need any assistance. This is the type of 5 plus star service that you can expect from Jennifer and her team.

We are lucky that we have found Jennifer and her team to assist us with our recent travels. I highly recommend them if you are visiting any of the various European areas in which they specialize. I know we will definitely utilize their expertise for future trips and we now count them among our friends when in Europe.

One of the most impactful travel experiences I have ever had--so much so that I was brought to tears
Gina Melton | January 11, 2020

couple in Italy

Jennifer’s team provided top notch, personalized service throughout our weeklong stay in Rome. The guides that were selected for us were experts in their fields, and they added so much nuance and color to our personal tours. For example, I have a love of Baroque art and the wonderful guide that they selected for our art tours was a former art history academic who specialized in the Baroque period. Not only was Susanna able to really dig in and educate me more about art from this period, we did a specialized tour on Caravaggio that culminated in visiting an art restoration studio with restorationists who had restored some of the Caravaggios that I had just seen hours before. Being in that studio, up close and personal with the art, was one of the most impactful travel experiences I have ever had- so much so, that I was brought to tears. Jennifer’s team went above and beyond during our stay- even going as far as securing a somewhat obscure gift for a work associate to bring back to the US and having it sent to our hotel. The restaurant reservations that were made for us did not disappoint, and my husband and I had the most lovely lunch at the chic rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Eden, with unparalleled views and warm and attentive service. I especially appreciated the afternoon text each day, reminding us of our engagements for the next day. Everything went off without a hitch. I would not hesitate to use Jennifer Virgilio and her team for future visits to Rome, or to any of the other locations they specialize. I also wanted to thank Wendy and her team for the wonderful WoW moment in Rome! The food tour in Testaccio was so much fun! We loved trying the Trappizzini and I really enjoyed Mastro. Jason loved meeting the owners of Giolitti. Thank you for making our trip special.

What makes Jennifer and her team worth the investment...
Sue Ross | January 10, 2020

Absolute Perfection!

Jennifer’s level of service was perfect and she listened to the needs of our family of four for a short excursion in Paris. Due to train/metro protests in France, she was able to pull together a perfect itinerary, complete with a driver, transfers and an esteemed private guide with a very short lead time. Her staff and everyone who helped coordinate it – were always courteous and professional and we got to do everything we planned.

What makes Jennifer and her team worth the investment are the extra suggestions and ideas that were printed for us for the time slots we wanted family time for. We didn’t need every moment planned, but her efforts ensured we had a fabulous time no matter what.

For the very picky and often overlooked segment of marketing in the travel world, my teenagers ages 15 & 18 said it was the best trip we’ve taken. For that alone, I’d pick a Jennifer destination just to have her assistance again!

Jennifer is extremely detail-oriented
Sallie Bunn | December 12, 2019

Jennifer is extremely detail-oriented. She listened to us and amended our itinerary (as per our requests) several times before our trip. We had a difficult itinerary: 4 hotels, 3 cities in 7 days. We had been to France many times before, so we were not interested in the typical “tourist activities,” and preferred active quality time with our daughter who was studying in France. Jennifer offered hotel and restaurant suggestions in the areas we loved, and they were fantastic. The daily late-afternoon text check-ins re: the upcoming day’s activities were a nice touch.

Like having a personal assistant in your pocket through the entire trip
Robin Buchalter | December 8, 2019

Jennifer Virgilio is like having a personal assistant in your pocket through the entire trip. Aside from being available to answer questions, make dining reservations and change plans mid-adventure, she was able to procure tickets to a sold out event and offer upgrades and added amenities to our hotel stays. The transportation services are reliable, professional and safe. The guides are thorough and knowledgeable. Precise, efficient and friendly are the words I would use to describe this service. We had a wonderful vacation in Paris with Jennifer’s advice.

Our London tour guide made our day together an absolute joy for our entire family
Kate Rader | December 4, 2019

We are truly grateful for Jennifer’s help with our recent trip to Europe with our 3 children. She provided us numerous options as far as activities, repeatedly offered to help with restaurant reservations and her team texted us each evening to remind us about the following day’s activities and schedules. We cannot say enough good about our London tour guide Augusta Harris who made our day together an absolute joy for our entire family. Her warmth, humor, knowledge and people skills make her a dream guide to spend the day with!

A gorgeous boutique hotel on a quiet street in a great neighborhood
Sheila McClure | December 3, 2019

Jennifer and her team made my family’s first trip to Paris a fabulous experience. She offered great advice on where to stay, booking us in a gorgeous boutique hotel on a quiet street in a great neighborhood, and helped us arrange some wonderful experiences to introduce us to all that is Paris.

The kids' favorite was a bike tour through the Royal Parks of London
Nancy Kennedy | November 30. 2019

We just took a 9 day trip to London with our 3 children, aged 11, 10 and 7. Jennifer helped us to plan a few activities for while we were there, and they turned out great. The kids’ favorite was a bike tour through the Royal Parks of London. We saw all the great sites, had lunch at a beautiful spot and even braved the crazy English weather! Jennifer and her assistant, Paola, could not have been more helpful. We received itineraries before we arrived, and while we were there. We were in contact through text and email and they were even able to offer to help set up more activities while we were there! I would 100% recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a full service trip specialist!

The quality of the driver/guides is related to the relationships with Jennifer...
Deborah Wente | November 20, 2019

We were a group of 7 women traveling together, some family and some friends. We spent a couple of nights in Paris, then 4 nights in Bordeaux, France, then 4 nights in Lecce, Italy.

We had some issues during the planning stages with delays in communication and billing. I reached out to Wendy Perrin, then directly with Jennifer and we talked through all the issues and came to a resolution before we left on our trip.

Our trip was GREAT! We so very much enjoyed everything…although my mom was tired when we got home . We loved Boris and Angelo, our drivers. Boris (Bordeaux) did not speak English, but it was fun for me to translate. Fortunately, Angelo (Italy) did! They were incredibly accommodating. We did not use guides to explore towns in Italy, it worked out beautifully to have Angelo orient us a bit, then we wandered on our own. I believe that the quality of the driver/guides is related to the relationships with Jennifer and her group.

There was some confusion at our first hotel – breakfast was supposed to be included but we were charged. Within just a few days, Jennifer’s group worked it out with them and we were all credited for the breakfast charge.

One of our favorite things was the Grotte Pair-non-Pair – it was an incredibly special, private time with unbelievable art dating back 35,000 years.

I really could go on and on, it was a wonderful trip. Even problems were adventures (one flight cancelled, another flight booked for the wrong day, high winds/downed trees our last day), but no one was hurt, nothing stolen, all bags arrived, lots of laughs, LOTS of wine!

Favorite things – wandering Paris on Sunday, Arcachon Bay/oysters/geocaching, cooking class at Cantele Winery – wow!, 2 hr lunches, jammies and wine. It was a great trip!

Here’s a review regarding the Yndo Hotel in Bordeaux from one of our travelers:

A Perfect Vacation Made Extra Special
This is a wonderful hotel. We are traveling, seven women between the ages of 40 and 80, and spent four nights at the hotel. The staff here could not have been nicer or more accommodating. Marguerite, the manager, was here each day, from the time we came down for breakfast until the time we went up to bed. She and Inez, the owner of the hotel, helped us plan our dinner menus for the two night we decided to dine in at the hotel. Sebastian, our receptionist, helped two of us plan our three hour drive to visit family in another city. He told us to call him immediately should we run into any trouble. He put our minds at ease as travelers and also for those staying behind. Everyone at Yndohotel made our vacation perfect. We will remember this beautiful hotel and its wonderful staff for many years.

Thank you to Jennifer, Andrea and Mara for putting together a wonderful, interesting itinerary!

A “White Glove” experience...
Bob & Deborah Cannon and Phillip & Amy Gray | November 8, 2019

An Outstanding Journey was Elevated to a “Trip of a Lifetime” by Expert Guides….

It’s been 4 weeks since our Viking Mediterranean Cruise and Italian Land Adventure concluded and were still reminiscing about our incredible journey and the lifetime of memories we returned with. Our Italian land experience was planned and executed flawlessly by Jennifer Virgilio & her team! The expert local guides Jennifer arranged for us in Florence, Rome & Venice were outstanding, extremely knowledgeable and exceeded our expectations!

We want give special thanks to our talented guides who elevated our journey!
 In Florence Federica had exceptional knowledge on the history & architecture of Florence, the Medici dynasty as well as bringing the antiquities & treasures inside the Uffizi & Academia Galleries to another level. We were fortunate to have her for 6 hours, and we certainly look forward our return trip to Florence & Tuscany Region and spending more time with Federica to see the inside of Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, the Duomo and maybe seeing the inside of the Vasari Corridor when it reopens!
 We had the pleasure of having Azzurra as our guide in Rome for 2 days. Azzurra’s has outstanding knowledge of the Eternal City, it’s astonishing history and all its ancient treasures. She has to be the best guide in Rome. Azzurra has a true gift of bringing Roman history, Vatican City along with all its masterpieces & treasures to life. Truly one of the best guides we’ve ever had!!
 With the limited time we had in Venice Jennifer Virgilio arranged for Alvise to take us on a sunset wooden boat tour of Venice’s beautiful canals and historic sites. Alvise is a very personable & knowledgeable guide which we will defiantly use again for a 2-3-day tour upon our return visit to Venice.
 Thank you Rish for showing us how special and diverse Roman food can be in Testaccio area of Rome (especially trapizzino). Rish grew up in the Testaccio area and had personal local stories, along with fascinating history into Roman history and how cuisine was shaped over the centuries. I would highly recommend Rish for a Food Tour of the Testaccio area while in Rome.

If you are looking for a “White Glove” experience in Italy Jennifer Virgilio & her team will design and deliver a flawlessly executed experience and provide a journey which will give you a lifetime of memories from Italy.

Fantastic attention to detail.
Lynette Rasmussen | November 7, 2019

Great hotels we wouldn’t have found on our own. Plus upgrades on one of the rooms that was spectacular. Fantastic attention to detail. Always had next steps and phone numbers sent before all activities. Highly recommended.

A focus on culture and food…
Linda and Tom Uhler | October 27, 2019

Our flight plan for a trip to South Africa took us through Paris so we decided to stop for a short 36 hours. We wanted to make the most of this time with a focus on culture and food. Jennifer tailored an itinerary that did just that. Both of our guides were excellent. One’s art history background made the Rodin and Orangerie museums come alive. She also introduced us to hidden passages which were fascinating. With our food guide we visited several neighborhoods, tasting the specialties of each. Our hotel, the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, was charming and perfectly situated. Though our sojourn was brief, we had a wonderful stay in the City of Light thanks to Jennifer and her team.

The guide was worth her weight in gold...
Lisa and Sarah MacDonnell | October 9, 2019

I give Jennifer Virgilio excellent marks on supporting my daughter, Sarah and I in planning our 5 day trip to Paris, plus supporting us in getting train tickets to Bordeaux. The hotel Relais Christine was wonderful in every way, and we would recommend it to others and stay there again when we return. Jennifer offered us many choices and opportunities to choose from as to how to spend our time in Paris. She organized a tour of the Louvre and also a half day to Giverney to see Monet’s home and gardens, and the guide, Gigliola Alba was excellent! She was personable, prepared and so knowledgeable – worth her weight in gold, and we enjoyed her company very much. We’d also connect with her again on a future visit. Though Jennifer did some traveling during our planning, she connected us with her staff – Kenza and Julia – who were helpful and communicative in her absence. They were all instrumental in getting us reservations at restaurants of our choice. The Eiffel Tower tour guide was also tops, and the timing of our visit there overlapped with a beautiful sunset and 8 PM light show! We loved the Atelier Des Lumiers of Van Gogh, as well as our visits to Musee D’Orsay, Picasso and Rodin museums. We appreciated her advise to get an airport transfer upon our arrival. Because we arrived into different terminals, I would next time have one of us take the shuttle to the other and be picked up at 1 terminal together. Driving to the second terminal took quite a while in traffic and I don’t think our driver was expecting this. It was minor. We enjoyed seeing the countryside on our train ride south – beautiful! We took full advantage of our time and received very good support, recognizing that must return with so much more to see in a future visit. I will be contacting Jennifer soon to plan another venture in Italy in 2020. I extend gratitude for all the support we received on this very special trip to the City of Lights!

They completely understood the challenges of a multi generational trip to London.
Kathleen Margolis | October 6, 2019

I am thrilled with the attention to detail and immediate response I got from Jennifer and her fantastic team. They completely understood the challenges of a multi generational trip to London. Our drivers, tour guide and itinerary were perfect. It really took all of the stress off of me so that I could fully enjoy our trip.

I highly recommend using them for your next trip to London.

We had a fabulous time with some really interesting tours...
Kevin Haney | September 26, 2019

I cannot speak highly enough about Jennifer and her team. We used Jennifer to visit Paris in January 2018. Because it was so much fun, we had scheduled a return trip for January 2019. In December of 2018, I had a major health issue which prevented me from traveling as planned. Once I let Jennifer know, she sprung into action to cancel things so that we did not lose any of the money already paid. Jennifer’s understanding and caring meant a lot to me during my recovery as she kept in touch with me to see how I was feeling.

We finally were able to make our trip to Paris in September 2019. We had a fabulous time with some really interesting tours such as a tour of the Louvre with a curator, the hidden passages with a local guide, bread making at a local shop, an afternoon with a culinary specialist, chocolate making at a local candy store, a day at Chantilly, an after hours tour of Fontainbleau and my favorite a PSG/Real Madrid soccer match. We were impressed with the guides and how easy it was once we landed in Paris as Jennifer’s team was always available once we landed in Paris.

I consider ourselves lucky that we were able to find a tour person as great as Jennifer. We will be using her to assist us with an upcoming trip to Rome. I highly recommend Jennifer and her team.

Really cared about the success of our experience…
Patsy Ellsworth | August 31, 2019

Jennifer was very patient with us while we tried to make our final decisions. She was also very detailed and really cared about the success of our experience. Though there was some confusion about the airline and time of arrival (we didn’t have a greeter upon arrival as planned), Jennifer was quick to send us an email apologizing and sent us an immediate refund for this service. She took full responsibility for this error though we will never know where the mix up occurred. Our guide and driver were wonderful!

It was the PERFECT trip for us!
Helen Santalone | August 26, 2019

My husband and I had a wonderful three nights stay in the South of France. Jennifer helped meticulously planned this trip to ensure both my husband and my interests were considered and satisfied. From the moment we got off the plane in Nice to the moment we boarded our plan to depart Nice three days later, we received the ultimate VIP treatments throughout the trip. Jennifer and her team were responsive and the daily text reminders on our daily itinerary and the guide contact information were extremely reassuring. The local guides and drivers were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and punctual. The restaurant recommendations from Jennifer were terrific. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat. We can’t be happier with the hotel location, services, and the food.

We would highly recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone going to France. It was the PERFECT trip for us!

A wonderful experience for us and our two grandsons
Sue Hilton | August 18, 2019

Jennifer and the team put together a wonderful experience in Paris and the Dordogne for us and our two grandsons (ages 13 and 18). With just enough well planned activities to keep them engaged. The daily text reminders with contact information were wonderfully reassuring that everyone was on the same page. Absolutely no travel problems. The guides we had were delightful and really added to our experiences at the Louvre and in the Dordogne.

Her staff were on-call 24/7 to meet any of our needs
Robin Buchalter | July 11, 2019

Jennifer Virgilio offered us many options within our budget for hotels and excursions. Her staff were on-call 24/7 to meet any of our needs. Upon our initial arrival we wanted to take a detour from the airport to our destination, and her staff was available via text to get us a wonderful lunch reservation and the driver was able to take the two hour detour. Each driver, at each destination, was kind, informative and comfortable to be with.

Each hotel generously welcomed us with a gift and an upgrade if available. The rooms chosen easily accommodated three of us.

The tour guides for our excursions were all professional, English-speaking guides, passionate about their subjects. One of our guides was going on a little long for an extremely hot day, and on a moment’s notice, one of Jennifers assistants changed our lunch reservation so we could get out of the sun an hour earlier. We couldn’t have been more grateful!

Jennifer ensured that we would travel smoothly from destination to destination. She even had porters awaiting us at the train station to assist with luggage onto the trains.

Lastly, we really enjoyed meeting Jennifer in person. She happened to be available on our last night and met us for a spectacular sunset in a penthouse restaurant for a farewell aperitivo. It really made our trip.

We were able to visit areas generally not open to public…
Karol Marcin | July 7, 2019

Jennifer Virgilio and her team have arranged our trips to Rome and Paris last summer and London this summer. All three trips were meticulously planned and closely tailored to the varied interests of our traveling group where ages ranged from toddler to adult. Each day had something for each person in our group. Jennifer’s team was very responsive and accommodating and their local contacts were connected, knowledgeable and service-oriented. We stayed in new or renovated hotels in historic centers, we ate at world class restaurants and our local guides were engaging, knowledgeable and patient. We were able to visit areas generally not open to public, such as inside the Notre Dame tower, and visit popular places before they opened, such as Vatican properties. Our itinerary was packed with great experiences and everything happened as it was supposed to. We were so pleased with Jennifer that we are now considering traveling to the remaining countries that she covers because we think traveling with her is better that traveling to maybe more popular destinations but with less outstanding travel agencies.

This is one item we can take off the bucket list.
Mary Sanchez | July 7, 2019

We had a wonderful trip to Paris. Jennifer Virgilio and her team designed the perfect itinerary. We especially enjoyed our day trip to the Champagne region. The scenery and champagne tasting were pure heaven. Our tour guide took us to an excellent restaurant where we had steak with foie gras and it was delicious! We got to visit our favorite champagne houses Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon where we had a private tour. This is one item we can take off the bucket list.

The guides for our various tours were friendly and professional as was the pick up and drop off service to and from the airport. It was pure luxury as was our stay at the Plaza Athenee. The memories we experienced are priceless.

She arranged fantastic accommodations to suit our family of eight…
Claudia Christiansen | May 22, 2019

I was very pleased with Jennifer V. She was prompt in returning my emails, she arranged fantastic accommodations to suit our family of eight, and the vendors she arranged for us were top notch. Our transfer drivers were always there to meet us and were very professional. Marie was quite efficient in providing details for us and would periodically check in to make sure all was going according to plan. I couldn’t be happier with the trip Jennifer V. planned for us. I will recommend her in the most glowing terms to family and friends. It was the trip of a lifetime.

The hotel was so good that my wife wanted to move in there.
Dan Friedman | May 14, 2019

Jennifer Virgilio was terrific. We mainly used her to recommend and reserve a hotel in Normandy. She recommended the town of Bayeux and the Hotel Villa Lara. Both were fabulous recommendations. The hotel was so good that my wife wanted to move in there. Everything went as smoothly as possible and Jennifer’s service was terrific. I can’t recommend her more highly – she’s a great resource for anyone visiting this region.

How can we make everyone happy and keep the children engaged? Well, Jennifer and her team came through brilliantly.
Celia Howard | April 28, 2019

First of all, my apologies for the delay in sending this review. Jennifer Virgilio was our contact for a family trip to Paris and Rome. I had many misgivings as we started the planning because of the ages involved. My husband and I, our son and his wife plus four children ranging in age from 12 down to 18 months. How can we make everyone happy and keep the children engaged? Well, Jennifer and her team came through brilliantly. I have been singing her praises to everyone who asks about the trip. The guides were even better than I had expected, e.g., at the Vatican Sylvia kept them enraptured with stories and “assignments”. Who would think Napoleon’s tomb, Invalides, would hold their interest? It did and even I, who live part-time in Paris, hung on every word! Each evening I received a text confirming the next day’s specifics such as time and place which completely eased my logistical worries. There seemed to be many people behind the scenes taking care of us. In all, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Jennifer’s team and of course, Wendy Perrin.

I estimate that we saved 5-6 hours using guides who helped us skip lines at the airport and at busy sites.
Jay Lewis | April 23, 2019

Jennifer Virgilio helped my wife and I plan a FANTASTIC trip to Paris! It was our first time to Paris and we didn’t know what to see first. Jennifer asked good questions to determine what we really wanted out of our trip and curated a number of adventures for us. We selected the ones we liked, made sure to include downtime and the trip was planned easily. During our trip Jennifer and her team were very responsive to texts and random questions we had at all hours. She sent us a text each evening asking how the day was and reminding us what our itinerary was for the next day! She was even able to change dinner reservations at the last minute as well as change the size of the car we had due to extra luggage. The hotel she suggested was great and within walking distance to almost every attraction we wanted to see. The guides she chose were knowledgeable, easy to spend time with and spoke English perfectly. I estimate that we saved 5-6 hours using guides who helped us skip lines at the airport and at busy sites.

This was, simply stated, the best trip my family has ever taken.
Rebekah Mannix | March 27, 2019

This was, simply stated, the best trip my family has ever taken. The hotels were meticulously chosen based on my family’s preferences. The various tours/outings were staffed with knowledgeable and personable experts who left us feeling grateful for the experience. We had the PERFECT trip designed for us and we are still smiling 2 weeks later. The only questions that remains is – same time, next year?

Private access, skip the line, and permission to enter the “not for public” sites in the palace
Suryo Wibowo | January 10, 2019

Jennifer Virgillio and Sylvia Bury (we are Indonesians and she is an Indonesian as well) did excellent job for us. From the planning stage, we talked on the phone to inform them about our trip and preferences, and they listened to us well. We visited Lourdes, Lyon, and Paris in France. They provided us with excellent guides who really worked extra miles. The first guide in Lourdes, Gabrielle, she even brought us to Gavarnie, a beautiful place one hour drive from Lourdes, which was not included in the itinerary. Thumbs up! In Lyon, we did a great food tour with a young gastronomist, and being a foodie, we were happy when she brought us to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, where she brought us to taste great chocolate from the specialist, charcuterie, cheese and wine. Then Paris was memorable. It’s all about special access, skip the line, went in to the private area where are not accessible by public. Our guide to Versailles, Marie Ange, she’s one of a kind. She knows the history and the palace very well, she made us to get in to the private access, skip the line, and got permission to enter the “not for public” sites in the palace. She is another excellent guide. In Louvre, Jennifer and Sylvia managed to arrange our tour with one of the curator which was amazing. Followed by a secret food adventure (part of our Wow Moment) with a young chef, who is very passionate about food. He brought us to the best specialty shops, from meat shop, seafood, chocolate, jam, puff pastry, and macarons. We managed to taste them all in 2 hours before we go to Eiffel Tower (another skip the line service) Despite the packed itinerary in Paris, we still have a whole shopping day on our last day. One last thing. They arranged meet and greet service at the airport, which was very helpful for us. The greeter told us that our luggage was too heavy so he arranged the luggages, proceed with our VAT refund, check in, immigration, etc, with no hassle at all. We were happy with the service provided by Jennifer. All communication was easy, and they executed it perfectly.

Each hotel chosen was extremely well located.
Richard Goldin | January 9, 2019

The trip to France arranged by Jennifer Virgilio was wonderful. She had a double task of arranging the details of our visit and coordinating with my daughter’s family who came to Paris before us and who we surprised for her birthday. The surprise on a Seine river cruise was spectacular and my daughter and grandchildren were shocked, and pleased. Jennifer arranged for a rental car, all hotels and recommended events and restaurants as we drove from Paris to Strasbourg, Colmar, Dijon, Burgundy and back to Paris. Each hotel chosen was extremely well located. An occasional room was challenging regarding the bathing facilities, but in Europe that is to be expected. There wasn’t a hotel that we would not go back to. The car that I rented from the company Sixt worked out well. They included a GPS for which I was not charged, and gave me a car with an automatic transmission, again with no extra charge. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the Christmas markets especially in a small town called Kayserberg, near Colmar. I would have liked to spend a bit more time touring the Route of Alsacian Wines and/or the wine region of Burgundy. The museum and the monument four day passes in Paris worked out well. The tour of the Eiffel tower was superb, and the guide we had was terrific. The WOW moment tour of the Garnier Opera House was very special for all of us. The concert at Saint Chapelle was amazing but the venue was very chilly and the dinner at Les Antiquaires a tasty ending to our sixteen day visit. When I return to France, I will be more that happy to have Jennifer make all arrangements.

The perfect depth of historical analysis my very inquisitive kids needed
Amy Goldman | January 8, 2019

Our family of 5 including 3 teenage boys were going to be stopping in Paris for 1 day and two nights on the way home from a trip to Morocco. I contacted Jennifer to create a full day highlight tour of Paris. The guide, Marie ange, was incredible. She is a historian and provided the perfect depth of historical analysis my very inquisitive kids needed. The driver and guide team allowed us to see the highlights of Paris in an organized, efficient, and interesting way all in 8 hrs. For longer and future trips I would definitely contact Jennifer again.

She arranged all the skip-the-line ways to get into the various tourist destinations.
Bari Lichtman | January 5, 2019

Jennifer arranged for great guides to the various destinations we wanted to visit. She provided direction and reassurance during the protests in Paris. She arranged all the skip-the-line ways to get into the various tourist destinations (such as the Louvre). Guides were all fabulous, able to relate to our children and provide great historical and interesting information about the destinations. Also, she was able to send us a list of all the Christmas markets and the best tea houses in Paris for us to explore on our own.

Jennifer created a very special, private day for us…
Diana Sullivan | January 3, 2019

Jennifer and her team were very hands on during both planning and the actual trip. While we had visited Paris many times before, we wanted something a bit special to celebrate a birthday. We were there during the gilet jaunes protests and were able to navigate a remarkable and safe journey. Jennifer was personally monitoring a Plan B if we needed it before we arrived, and someone was in touch from her team every day while we were there. Jennifer created a very special, private day for us in the Champagne region as well as tickets to a sold out ballet in the Palais Garnier; something I had been trying to do myself. Not only did she garner the tickets for the night we wanted, but they were spectacular seats! All transportation and other efficiencies were also seamless and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone reach out to Jennifer and her team to make your trip just that much more special.

A renewal proposal aboard a private yacht
William Harwayne | December 17, 2018

Jennifer and her team allowed us to make the most of a short trip to Paris to celebrate my wife’s birthday, along with presenting her with the diamond ring she never got when we first got together 10 years ago. Through continuous communication, Jennifer was able to suggest different things to do as well as suggestions regarding my wives surprise gift presentation. The highlight was giving her the ring in a renewal proposal aboard a private yacht. I originally requested a Venetian boat which at the last minute had mechanical problems rendering it unavailable. Jennifer quickly replaced it with what was Sophia Loren’s private yacht and assured me furnishings and seating would be altered to be more intimate and romantic. The result was spot on resulting in the highlight of our trip.

Jennifer and her team were always accessible
Susan Ketchum | December 8, 2018

This was the second time Jennifer helped us plan a trip. Our travel itinerary started in Amsterdam and although she does not cover that city, she arranged our train travel to Paris from Amsterdam. This included a person to meet us at the station in Paris and take us to our driver then on to our hotel. This was a great service and very time-saving!

Jennifer arranged several tours for us, including a guide for a tour of the Marais neighborhood.

To our surprise, the guide was the same one we had during a previous stay that Jennifer arranged.

Once again he was terrific. The weather that day was much colder than anticipated and he immediately found a wonderful shop so I could purchase a sweater! He knew the history and personality of the Marais so well and now it is a favorite for future trips to Paris.

All of the guides Jennifer has recommended, including in London, have been exceptional.

She also secured museum tickets and gave great restaurant recommendations.

Jennifer and her team were always accessible and continued to check in with us during our trip.

Able to secure tickets to the already sold-out event
Julie Warman | October 26, 2018

Jennifer Virgilio and her team were exceptional. From the early planning stages to the very last hour of the trip, each member of the team performed with the highest standards. During the planning phase, Jennifer reached out personally to ask about my goals for the 3-week trip. She suggested events such as the Ryder Cup and then was able to secure tickets to the already sold-out event. They were also able to secure Moulin Rouge tickets on days that were already fully booked and unavailable to the general public. Each driver or driver/guide that I was assigned was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Perhaps my favorite service was the departing airport greeter. We went through the ticketing line, customs, and security with great ease….in about 10 minutes. In all my travels, I have never encountered service like that. Working with Jennifer and her colleagues truly was a pleasure and helped to create many memories of a lifetime!

We were able to see a side of Paris we otherwise would not have
Matt Hengehold | October 10, 2018

Jennifer helped us plan two nights in Paris and it was fantastic. We opted for a greeter at the airport who sped us through customs – well worth it – and a transfer to our hotel.

She gave us a number of hotel options and we settled on a great hotel in Le Marais neighborhood. Beautiful hotel and a great neighborhood – not too touristy.

Jennifer also arranged a private tour guide for the day. He was friendly and knowledgeable and we were able to see a side of Paris we otherwise would not have.

I should also note the communication during the trip was great. We received text messages with contact info for the airport greeter, driver and tour guide.

Overall, we had a great time and have Jennifer to thank for it. I would definitely work with her again.

Jennifer and Fiamma were enormously helpful and responsive
Lawrence Chamberlain | August 29, 2018

Jennifer & Fiamma were friendly, helpful and did an excellent job for us in Italy.  We had little flexibility, but having said this Jennifer and Fiamma were enormously helpful and responsive. Would give both a 5 out of 5.

The service did not stop with the booking process
Anne Lloyd | August 21, 2018

Jennifer and her team were masters of details, efficient and very supportive throughout the entirety of the trip. We started the planning process for our trip in January. We worked up an entire itinerary for Labor Day which we then put on hold because I was going through an interview process where I didn’t know what my schedule with a new job would look like. That process went on for a really long time, and Jennifer kept checking in with me to let me know she was still holding everything, but not pushing. Finally, around July 15th I finalized my acceptance of a new position and knew that I would have 3 weeks off. This did not include the period of our original trip. I contacted Jennifer and she immediately reworked our entire trip including rebooking the hotel, remaking our reservation at Arpege, and rejiggering some elements since we were now traveling during August when many things were closed. The service did not stop with the booking process. Each night I received a text from Jennifer’s teams on call agent with our schedule for the next day including the phone numbers of our drivers or guides. This made it very easy for us to get in contact with people, something that proved very helpful when our train to Reims was 1.5 hours late. It was also extremely useful for when we bought two cases of champagne thinking we would just check them with our luggage and forgetting that we had to get them home on the train to Paris. Some quick texts to the agent on call solved the issue. They arranged for someone to come and pick them up from our driver and then ship them to us in the US. Jennifer was also very good about helping us with selecting a hotel. I had just stayed at the George V and (though I looooove it there) was looking to try something different. She was excellent at letting us know what rooms had the best Eiffel views and broke down the cost of two rooms versus suites in an extremely clear fashion. We ended up staying in the Eiffel terrace suite and the Shangri-La and it was worth every penny. I slept on the pull out but had my own closet and shower. And we had a huge terrace (only one at the hotel!) that had a full view of the Eiffel. (NB FYI the food at the Shangri-La is terrible! Don’t go there if that matters to you!) One other thing to note is that everything Jennifer suggested, all tours, hotels, guides, etc, was extremely expensive. I would plan on spending at least $3000/day if you book with her.

She also secured hands down the BEST table at the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower
Mary Laronge | August 19, 2018

I used Jennifer to book some hotels and add some special experiences for my recent trip to the Loire Valley in France.

She provided two wonderful hotels where we were given excellent rooms at well-located properties for our touring by rental car. Our special full day tour to Chambord and Chenonceau was a highlight, and when questionable weather canceled our evening balloon ride, she arranged a one-hour private Helicopter tour the following day. She also secured hands down the BEST table at the Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel tower, thanks to her relationship with the management!!

Jennifer really delivered some pinnacle experiences that greatly enhanced our trip, which was booked less than 6 weeks out. She also alerted us to the fact that the French Open was going on in Paris, which would impact crowds at the various sites.

The perfect balance of guided adventures and free time
Matt Assiff | July 26, 2018

From the moment we stepped off the plane to moment we left, we felt like our trip was coordinated with care and the perfect balance of guided adventures and free time. Our dinners were fantastic and the logistics were letter-perfect. Our guides were knowledgeable, engaging and fun. The hotel was ideal in both its location and its accommodations. The staff made us feel at home. The team made sure that our days’ plans were clearly communicated, and when there was a change (due to the World Cup Final), our plans were rescheduled to accommodate our hopes. All we can say is thank you! Sincerely, Matt, Lisa, and Charlie

This outstanding service freed us from travel worries
Bernadette Williams | July 17, 2018

Jennifer Virgilio and her team were terrific. All were helpful, accessible, organized, knowledgeable, reliable, thorough, responsive … making the pieces of our trip run smoothly. This outstanding service freed us from travel worries. For example, in the morning we needed to get from the hotel to Gare de Lyon, there was heavy rain. It was rush hour and finding a taxi would have been impossible. Instead, we had a reliable limo, right on time, and a greeter at the station waiting to assist. So glad to know of this excellent service. Never would have known without Wendy Perrin website and WOW list.

Extremely organized and detail-oriented
Christa Sullivan | July 17, 2018

Jennifer assisted us during the planning stages and Marie, on her team, assisted us during the trip itself, checking in with me each day and reminding me of the next day’s events and where to meet our guide. We spent 4 days in each of Normandy, Brittany, and Paris. We are a family of 5 (3 kids, aged 9, 15 and 17), so we needed a variety of activities to engage the youngest to the oldest of our kids, and Jennifer and Marie did just that. All of our guides and trips were fabulous. Our favorite guide was Isabelle in Paris, who took us to Versailles and to our WOW moment on a private boat ride down a canal in Paris, complete with a skipper, picnic, and wine. It was amazing!! We love boats and being on the water, so it was perfect! Isabelle was warm, funny, engaging and extremely organized. She was also able to maneuver us to avoid several long lines at Versailles on an incredibly hot, crowded day. She has a passion for France and Paris, and it shows. She was very knowledgeable about French history, Paris itself and Versailles. I studied in Paris in college, and I know more than the average traveler about France and its history, and I learned so much from her. She was an absolute delight. Another highlight was our day trip with our historian to D-Day sites. Jennifer planned several day trips that were specifically designed for our kids, where they were able to see some important places in a way that made them fun, from a treasure hunt in the Louvre, a bike ride around Paris, and a crossing of the Bay of Mont St. Michel. We loved all of the places we stayed as well, which were all first-rate and all recommended by Jennifer. Jennifer and her team were extremely organized and detailed-oriented. We didn’t have one issue or mistake during our stay, which is amazing considering we changed hotels 3 times with multiple guides and tours. I knew that if we did have an issue that it would be taken care of, as we were in constant contact with Marie and her team (which was a tremendous relief). We will return to explore another part of France, and will definitely contact Jennifer and Marie again.

There is no way we could have arranged any of this by ourselves
Peggy Kriegel | July 11, 2018

We traveled with two teenaged grandchildren to Normandy, Brittany, and Paris. Jennifer did a wonderful job. All the guides she arranged for us were excellent. Everyone was on time and full of information as well as helpful and pleasant. One outstanding guide was Francois in Normandy, at whose chateau we had lunch and met his family.

The only caveats I have were some difficulty in the planning stages— i.e. two separate days visiting Mont St. Michel, which I had to catch and correct. There were also errors in the final print out regarding the days allocated, which were corrected by my grandchildren. Had I not been with them I would have been confused. That having been said, we enjoyed all of her choices for activities and the hotel choices were generally excellent with the exception of The Hotel Des Thermes in San Malo. We had a sea facing room, which was nice, but it was extremely tiny for the 3 of us, and we had to remove furniture in order to live in the room. Also, it was a very commercial hotel, and our guide told us there was a better one to be had. I cannot blame Jennifer for not correcting the situation, because we did not reach out to her to assist. We were unable to change our room, and they were not very pleasant at that hotel. Two of the hotels were outstanding, The Saint in Paris and Chateau La Cheneviere in Port en Bessin. We appreciated them and thank her for finding them for us. The first hotel, Chateau La Chaumieres, was beautifully located and lots of fun. I would say all the activities were very well planned as well. There is no way we could have arranged any of this by ourselves, so kudos to you, Jennifer

Truly a luxury experience, and completely problem-free
Alison Cocotis | June 14, 2018

I highly recommend Jennifer Virgilio and her team! In planning a trip to Monaco for our family to see the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix, Jennifer and Andreas Eberhart put together a fabulous visit, including a hotel with upgrades, restaurants, and a fantastic day on a yacht. Even with some last minute changes on our family’s part, her team was responsive and proactive in making sure everything went smoothly. It was truly a luxury experience and completely problem-free thanks to Jennifer and Andreas.

A true professional
Robert Brotman | June 9, 2018

Jennifer Virgilio is a true professional and a very lovely person. She understood our needs and catered to them. We would gladly hire her again.

Nothing short of amazing
Andrea Reed | May 31, 2018

I cannot say enough about how wonderfully responsive Jennifer and her crew were for me. Contact throughout planning was always prompt and thorough. During the trip, I had a couple of questions or uncertainties that were responded to with desired results and with lightning speed.

It was such a comfort to know that this team was available when I needed them.

Aside from the reliability provided, the quality of the transport and guide services were superb. Our drivers were all prompt, friendly and eager to please ( even when we were complete jet-lagged duds). Had a small group tour to Mont St Michel that was wonderful and a highlight of our trip. We also had a day with a driver and Historian guide that was nothing short of amazing. Not sure where they found this gentleman but he was so knowledgeable, thoughtful, funny and like a magician with all of the added touches he provided. Truly outstanding and was probably our favorite day.

I would rely more on the WOW specialist next time
Caroline Andrus | May 23, 2018

Jennifer Virgilio was prepared to do anything I expressed an interest in and was happy to work around my existing plans. Everything she arranged (private tours and hotel) was A+. She followed up constantly during our trip to make sure everything was going well. Next time I will book more hotels recommended by Jennifer—or, by Wendy Perrin’s tour planner for the country I’m headed to—because the hotel she booked for us was the best! I would rely more on the WOW specialist next time. Thank you!

Our entire trip was so smooth and easy
Taylor Thompson | May 19, 2018

Jennifer and Mara on her team were excellent and so easy to work with, our entire trip was so smooth and easy, everything was perfect. While on vacation we would get an evening text update for our following day’s schedule, who our driver/guides were going to be and times of events scheduled.

The hotel they recommended was great, not too high up in Positano and not too close to town, just the perfect mix, and the views!

They booked lunch reservations for us on Capri and provided a wonderful list of dinner option for us to select from while in Positano. Our driver to and from Naples to Positano was the best, he was knowledgeable about the region and his lunch recommendations were excellent. Our guide on Capri was so fun. If we had attempted Capri on our own we would have tried to squeeze in too much without being able to enjoy it, even though we didn’t get to see everything we wanted the day was wonderful.

Our private guided tour of Pompeii was excellent, the time flew by, it was so interesting. Yet again if we had attempted Pompeii on our own we would have wandered around looking at things and waiting in line but our guide was able to smoothly guide us to the highlights all while telling us the wonderful history of Pompeii.

We got way, way more out of the trip.
Mike Offner | May 16, 2018

We just had a wonderful trip to Paris, with much help from Jennifer Virgilio and her team.

I highly, highly recommend them and would absolutely use them again.

They were thoughtful, well coordinated, frequently in touch, and helped us to put together the best possible trip we could manage given just three days in Paris… They were regularly and easily in touch for on-the-fly questions and modifications, as well…

We got way, way more out of the trip than we possibly could have on our own.

Jennifer stepped up with fantastic suggestions
Steven Willing | May 9, 2018

We had the skeleton of a trip with a flight schedule, free hotel accommodations in Paris (Hyatt points) and a week at Le Chevrefuille in the Dordogne, but that left us with some significant blanks to fill in and no knowledge of how to best use our time or get around.

Jennifer stepped up with fantastic suggestions, booking us for two nights in Tours and a cruise on the Loire River, two nights in Bayeux with time to see the D-day beaches and Tapestry, and a behind the scenes tour of the Opera Garnier. She arranged a rental car for us upon leaving Paris and the agency was right across the street from the hotel!

Emmanuelle, our guide in the Dordogne, was an absolute delight. I have had tour guides who carefully watched the clock to make sure they did not go beyond their paid shift. Emmanuelle went hours past 5 pm. At first I felt like we were imposing upon her, until I realized this is a guide who genuinely LOVES what she does.

I understand not all planners will work with travelers who have partially booked their own trips, so I thank Jennifer for that as well.

It was a glorious trip with memories that will last a lifetime.

She chose the right guides
Barbara Palter | April 20, 2018

Jennifer was great at listening to our needs and planned a great itinerary She chose the right guides who knew how to gauge their tour to teenagers. Everyone was extremely flexible and provided a fabulous experience for our family.

She chose wonderful guides who gauged their chats to our family’s (teenagers) needs. We visited Notre Dame, The Louvre and Versailles and the kids were engaged throughout. The guides were extremely flexible and interesting resulting in a terrific experience in Paris.

Able to access the museum before it opened
JoEllen Shelden | April 8, 2018

Jennifer was amazing. We wanted to have private time without the crowds at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. As huge art lovers who appreciate the Impressionists, this would be the pinnacle of our short trip to Paris. We were able to access the Museum before it opened to the general public. and we had the entire fifth-floor Impressionist galleries to ourselves. Jennifer’s team offered us opportunities to have insider guided tours of Paris’s museums, including the Louvre, but due to our short trip we didn’t book those this time. We would absolutely call Jennifer for our next trip to Paris. Thank you for giving us such a memorable moment as we celebrated our sixth-year anniversary.

Could not have been more perfect
Joe Davis | April 5, 2018

We used Jennifer for our trip in Europe last October, she helped us coordinate our hotels and itinerary in Burgundy and Paris. Jennifer was user-friendly, easy to communicate with and the trip was flawless, could not have been more perfect. I would highly recommend using Jennifer for future travel in Europe as our experience was outstanding.

Listened to what we were seeking and then offered us various options
Kevin and Nancy Haney | January 9, 2018

Nancy and I just returned from a one week trip to Paris that Jennifer and her team arranged. The planning stage of the trip with Jennifer was enjoyable and easy. Jennifer listened to what we were seeking and then offered us various options from which to choose. This ensured that we experienced the Paris we wanted. Jennifer suggested 5 hotels for our stay. We ultimately chose Le Burgundy which was a small boutique hotel offering a great location, plenty of services and a very helpful and caring staff. Jennifer also matched us with our tour guide, Tatiana. This was a great match as we spent 4 days with Tatiana where we learned a lot, saw a lot and spent time conversing with Tatiana about the culture of Paris. Jennifer also arranged a fun day of going to a market with a chef and then going back to a cooking school to make lunch with the ingredients we bought at the market. I would also recommend seeking dinner suggestions from Jennifer before leaving for Paris. We ate well when in Paris and we did this and various types of restaurants from a bistro to a couple of Michelin starred venues. Finally, Jennifer and her team were constantly in contact while we were in Paris in order to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and if there was anything else we needed. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking a special vacation in Paris. Jennifer is great. We will definitely use Jennifer and her team when we return to France.

Came up with a treasure
Cheryl & David Crowdis | November 13, 2017

Jennifer Virgilio was an outstanding resource in planning our much-needed jaunt to Paris. We hadn’t been back to Paris in over 20 years and couldn’t wait for this trip. We traveled from August 31 to September 9, 2017, my husband and myself. We request one hotel to stay in for half the trip and were up for a recommendation for the second half. Jennifer came up with a treasure that we would not have known about without her input. She organized our flight arrival, from reception at the gate, gathering luggage and then handing us off to our driver – seamless!

We didn’t require a lot of hand holding as we are “seasoned” travelers, but do appreciate insider knowledge at our destinations. Jennifer coordinated a day trip to Giverney with a wonderful guide/driver – a truly marvelous day. She also reserved a fabulous lunch for us at the Jules Verne Restaurant within the Eiffel Tower – an experience we had always wanted!

The hotels gave us wonderful upgrades, welcoming treats and we felt like we were very important guests and the hotels. Each were a true delight.

I absolutely would recommend Jennifer and her team – even though we were late in the planning stages to contact Jennifer – she and her team came through for us – we would certainly contact Jennifer should our travels take us back to Paris, Rome or Monaco.

Thank you, Jennifer!

A last minute 4 day stay in Rome.
Diane Lukac | November 9, 2017

Jennifer Virgilio and her team, particularly Alfonso, helped me plan a last minute 4 day stay in Rome. It was flawless. First, I had found a hotel that I wanted to stay in and they confirmed that it was a good choice –which was a huge help given the number of hotels in Rome. Jennifer then helped me put together an itinerary that involved a very private viewing of the Sistine Chapel, a fabulous tour of the Forum and Pantheon, and a trip out of Rome to Tivoli that was outstanding–all with incredibly educated guides–archeologists who were both truly wonderful to spend the time with and incredibly knowledgable. I cannot say enough what a difference it made using Jennifer. And my husband and I usually eschew using tour companies and guides. She is such a lovely, helpful person with a wealth of knowledge because she lives in Rome. When I called at the last minute she was obviously extremely busy with other things but never once did I feel like I was not her number one client. She and her team helped with wonderful dinner reservations, many of them last minute. The whole experience was first rate.

Attentive to our desires and were always available to answer questions
Tom and Bonnie Noll | September 20, 2017

Bayeux, Normandy, and Paris.Jennifer and her team provided a smooth transfer from the airport in Paris to Bayeux. The hotel, Villa Lara, was a wonderful choice for our stay; it was in the middle of this charming town; and though built to blend with the older architecture, it was relatively new. Our guide for a day-long tour of the Normandy beaches and the American cemetery was excellent. Jennifer also provided good restaurant suggestions, as well as suggesting sites we could see on our own in Bayeux.

Jennifer and her team provided a smooth transfer from the airport in Paris to Bayeux. The hotel, Villa Lara, was a wonderful choice for our stay; it was in the middle of this charming town; and though built to blend with the older architecture, it was relatively new. Our guide for a day-long tour of the Normandy beaches and the American cemetery was excellent. Jennifer also provided good restaurant suggestions, as well as suggesting sites we could see on our own in Bayeux.

Even though we were meeting friends in Paris and did not need Jennifer to set up tours for us there, she helped us find a hotel close to our friends and to public transportation.

She was also very attentive during our stay and checked in on us regularly to be sure that all was well. Throughout our planning for this trip, she and her staff were attentive to our desires and were always available to answer questions. We would definitely use her services in the future.

Arranged for some great experiences
Frank Richards | September 19, 2017

Jennifer Virgilio and her team, arranged for some great experiences including a private cooking class with a top chef, a cheese (Camembert) and apple (Calvados) tour with a an agronomist who was truly fantastic that included a picnic lunch he had prepared, and a very informative D-Day tour with an English gentleman who was extremely knowledgeable. All the guides were personable and very knowledgeable. In all cases, they had arranged for a lunch and we asked that they join us – talking with them and hearing their stories, for us, is important.

Also, we would highly concur with her recommendation to stay at the Villa Lara in Bayeux (where we were upgraded to a suite) and her restaurant reservations.

We hope to go back and would use her again.

Our private River Cruise on the Seine was wonderful.
Robyn Parry | July 19, 2017

Jennifer and Queen of Clubs arranged wonderful tickets for us to the Women’s Final at Wimbledon and arranged restaurant reservations there, where we enjoyed lovely meals. Transfers were all efficient and comfortable in wonderful automobiles. Two hotels (The Regina in Paris and The Milestone) gave us upgrades when we checked in and provided excellent service as well. And our private River Cruise on the Seine was wonderful. My only wish would be better seating at the Globe Theater (partially obscured view) and at the Opera Carmen in Paris.

Jennifer is candid, smart, charming, and incredibly responsive.
Laura Morse | June 20, 2017

Jennifer is candid, smart, charming and incredibly responsive. She made some excellent overall trip proposals and was very clear about which ones were new to her.

We are experienced travelers and speak French so we preferred to drive ourselves and we also made some bookings directly. This was fine with Jennifer who worked around our plans. She organized several terrific private tours (Montesquieu’s chateau, also vineyards) and dinner reservations which were great choices. We called for some help with a wifi issue and a last minute reservation and her team was right on it.

We spoke upon our return and she was very interested in hearing details to add to her knowledge of the Bordeaux region.

Excellent recommendations and thoughtful attention to details
Lynette Rasmussen | May 30, 2017

Jennifer was most attentive. Quick to respond and to offer excellent recommendations and thoughtful attention to details.

London, Bruges, Normandy, and Paris
Jan Heininger | May 30, 2017

Jennifer Virgilio made the logistical arrangements for much of our March 2017 trip to London, Bruges, Normandy and Paris. She went above and beyond just making reservations for us. She had our Eurostar tickets delivered to our hotel in London and our train tickets from Caen to Paris to our hotel in Bayeux. She made all our dinner reservations in Paris at Michelin star restaurants. She was an absolute delight to deal with, “got” us immediately and her advice was not merely useful but spot on. She knows London as well as Paris and guided us to a wonderful meal at a top Indian restaurant in London. I would use her again for any trip to Paris and highly recommend her to anyone thinking of going there. She’s terrific.

An excellent overview of Paris
Meg Abraham | April 10, 2017

Our tour guide gave us an excellent overview of Paris. It was perfect to have a tour scheduled early during our trip so we had a great footprint of the history and architecture of the city as we wandered around throughout the rest of our stay in Paris.

Two fabulous days in Brittany
Cindy Eichenholz | December 14, 2016

Jennifer was very attentive and responsive and planned two fabulous days for us in Brittany. She got us one of the best guides I have ever had and I have had a lot of guides. She has now lined up guides for my daughter in Rome. I highly recommend Jennifer!

The guides and tours they provided were stellar.
Jessie Roberts | December 13, 2016

Jennifer Virgilio was thorough and very flexible. She worked with our plans and interests and provided excellent guides – always courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable.

The tour guide for the Meuse/Argonne full day tour had trouble finding one of the sites and, as a result we almost ran out of gas. It was pretty tense for a while. However, the tour planner reacted to that promptly and promised to take this up with the guide. She also picked up any fees we had for the art gallery tour in Paris. We were very pleased with the way she handled this issue. Even with that problem, the guide for that tour was charming and gave us so much information about the battlefields that my husband’s grandfather fought at. The rest of the guides and the tours they provided were stellar.

Rome with day trips to Florence, Umbria, Pompeii, Naples
Katherine Clermont | November 30, 2016

My husband, 16 month old son, mother, brother-in-law and I went to Rome in November of 2016 with Jennifer Virgilio. To begin with, Jennifer took us on with very short notice. With less than a month before my planned trip, Wendy helped connect me with Jennifer. Jennifer called me during her vacation and determined exactly what kind of trip my family and I wanted.

Within a few days, Jennifer had sent a detailed preliminary itinerary along with various options to either increase the comfort level or adventure of the trip and to either squeeze in a few more sights or to slow down the pace of the trip. My family and I reviewed the suggested itinerary and responded with a few questions. Jennifer answered all of them easily and quickly. She also managed to get us a special access option to the 3rd Ring and Underground at the Colosseum (we loved this!) and suggested two special access options at the Vatican to have a Popes Audience or an after-hours tour (we didn’t do these, but they were amazing options to have). These were just a few of the special options available to us.

As this was a vacation that took place over my husbands birthday, I had asked Jennifer if she knew of anything we could do to celebrate his birthday or to make it special for him. When she came back with the suggestion of a Ferrari day trip through Umbria for him and his brother or a day trip out to the Ferrari plant and racetrack, I was amazed! What perfect suggestions! My husband is still raving about the Ferrari day trip through Umbria.

Jennifer kept in contact almost every day until the day of our flights with suggestions for dinners or ways to make this an even more special trip. She even suggested a children’s museum and a few playgroups I could take my son to on a scheduled down day and included all the needed contact info to arrange for it if I chose to do it; as well as suggesting a personal shopper that my mom and I could work with if we so desired.

During our trip, Jennifer and her colleague, Fabrizio, contacted us every night to be sure we knew the schedule for the day ahead and that there were no changes needed, and to ask how that day’s planned events went. Everything ran smoothly and to plan, with a couple of small snafus that were quickly remedied.

This was an amazing trip that included a Vespa tour, a good food tour, a great cooking class, excellent and informed guides, courteous and timely drivers, two great day trips to Florence and Pompeii/Naples, behind the scenes look at the Colosseum and a fantastic Ferrari tour of Umbria.

Jennifer is a wonderful and insightful person to have arrange your trip to Italy (I understand she also does the UK, France, Ibiza, and Monaco and I will be using her services again when I travel to those areas). Please be clear in your expectations for your trip, let her know if you are not sure of an activity and tell her of any special occasions you may have or may want to celebrate on your trip. She will figure out a way to accomplish all you hope to do and will suggest some amazing options that you haven’t even considered. You won’t go wrong if you choose to work with Jennifer.

We were treated like royalty the entire time.
Mari Vasan | August 22, 2016

I highly recommend Jennifer Virgilio. She and her company are outstanding. If you are looking to go to Paris, look no further than this treasure trove of knowledge and epitome of service.

From our first conversation Jennifer was attentive, enthusiastic, and resourceful and this standard was continually carried out by her staff and her contacts.

Our requests were not so easy. We were to be in Paris with our two teenagers for 4 days in August. Because our teens had never been to Paris we wanted to show them some important highlights. And also have fun. AND my husband and I wanted to also find some large pieces of art to ship home (not an easy task in August when so many galleries are closed)…and we wanted to spend just a half day on art.

I am a researcher by nature, so when I called Jennifer I had already looked into suites in several top hotels and I knew all the numbers. Jennifer gave me invaluable input about the pros and cons of different properties, and also told me where she had the strongest connections (which could lead to perks for us). I was very pleasantly surprised when Jennifer sent me quotes for stays at several hotels and they were significantly less expensive than what I had found. In addition, she said she would make the reservation using my credit card. So, I dis not have to pay her up front for the hotels, I could still cancel up to a day or two in advance, and the pricing was totally transparent. Many options were great, and we ended up choosing a newly renovated property where Jennifer said she knew we would have a great experience, and she had a close relationship with them.

We were thrilled with the hotel, where we were upgraded to a super luxurious suite (granted, in August, the hotel was quite empty…but it was an amazing accommodation). We were treated like royalty the entire time.

Jennifer arranged tours for us that were exactly what we had wished for. She even arranged for an incredibly knowledgable art advisor who asked us very detailed and comprehensive questions in advance related to what we were interested in, what we like and dislike, price range, and much more. The art advisor went to galleries in advance for us and sent us images of what he thought we might like. Bottom line: we purchases 3 large pieces we were very excited about during our half day with him. To top it off, we had asked Jennifer if the kids could have a separate tour while we were looking for art and she had arranged a tour of their choice which they greatly enjoyed.

Jennifers staff was extremely efficient from when we landed to when we departed, always texting us the contact info for our drivers and guides and checking back to make sure we were happy with everything. They were on top of restaurant reservations and handled all itinerary changes with ease and grace.

I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough if you are looking for a special trip to Paris. Her contacts are deep and her service is excellent. And, she offers a la carte pricing instead of the typical “one price for the whole trip.”

Thank you Jennifer Virgilio and Queen of Clubs staff for making our short stay in Paris as perfect as it could have been.

Absolutely fantastic!
Lisa Dettmer | July 29, 2016

Just returned from a 30th anniversary trip to France for my husband and I, that Jennifer helped plan, and it was absolutely fantastic!  We travel frequently and thought the 3 hotels that she selected were all exceptional, all with great locations, terrific service and at an excellent value. Jennifer made all of our arrangements for us: rental cars, tickets to top of the Eiffel Tower, train tickets, private transfers, tour guides, dinner reservations, etc.. and they were all terrific. She must have a good relationship with many of the companies because everyone did something “special” for us in honor of our anniversary—champagne, special deserts, room upgrades, etc. I started planning the trip about 12 months in advance, and Jennifer was always very responsive, even with a 9 hour time difference, she always got back to me very quickly. I appreciated her understanding about the types of activities that I had told her we were and were not interested in, but there was one thing that I initially said “no” to, and she encouraged me to reconsider. It was a luxury river dinner cruise in Paris and we initially thought it sounded too “touristy”. Based on past experience, Jennifer encouraged us to take it the night of our anniversary. It was absolutely magical, I can’t imagine a more perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. I will definitely recommend Jennifer to my friends who are traveling to France and look forward to working with her again on our future trips to France.

Made planning a trip a breeze
Juliette Perry | July 28, 2016

Jennifer did a fantastic job. Not only did she plan the entire trip to France with guides and drivers but all the restaurants. I had in mind places to go and a few restaurants in Paris but she supplied the rest. She even reconfirmed our restaurant reservations. All said it was a great experience which made planning a trip a breeze.

An ad hoc tour while my wife and I were in Paris
John Zerr | April 6, 2016

We contacted Jennifer for an ad hoc tour while my wife and I were in Paris. She did a very good job of suggesting some interesting tours in keeping with our statements that we have been to Paris numerous times before and had visited most of the principal tourist sites and museums. For example, the Aligre market tour that she arranged for us was excellent (providing an insider’s view of the market itself and the best purveyors) and her guide was very personable, knowledgeable and very engaging.

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