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Our private evening tour of the Museum of Anthropology, the day at Teotihuacan and the private time with the archeologists...
Sandra Quinn | January 27, 2023

Our group of six friends just spent two weeks in Mexico. We worked with Zach and Zaira to plan, exploring the many options and settling on quite a full itinerary for the five days in Mexico City and then the trip to Puerto Vallarta. There were a number of highlights—Joseph and the tacos and mezcal tour on our first night, our private evening tour of the Museum of Anthropology, the morning in the lovely neighborhood of Coyoacan and the Frieda and Diego residences, and the day at Teotihuacan and the private time with the archeologists. Everardo was wonderful—knowledgeable, flexible and always on time! We enjoyed our time with him. Our favorite dinner was our New Year’s Eve dinner at Filigrana. The food was excellent! Our trip to Las Alamandas was longer than we expected, and we had an initial transfer glitch at the airport that kept us waiting for 30-40 minutes. One of us had a room problem, which was resolved quickly and we were moved to a lovely room. We benefited on several occasions from easy access to Adriana, who was our contact person in country. That enabled us to handle any smaller adjustments necessary. We appreciated the detailed itinerary and preparation material for our visit. When we finished our itinerary with Zach, we went to see the monarch butterflies, so by the end of our time, we were exhausted!

We had many activities planned through our time...a few that stood out include a trip to Teotihuacan and a trip to the Xochimilco chinampas
Ryan Casey | January 13, 2023

We visited Mexcio City (CDMX) from December 26th to December 31st, 2022. Zach’s office planned our entire trip. Some of the great points of using them for this trip was they handled the transportation perfectly. Both to/from the airport and also during our time in the city. In fact, at both the arrival and departure we had an English-speaking guide helping us through the airport. The hotel selection was great, as we loved everything about the Four Seasons CDMX. We had many activities planned through our time…a few that stood out include a trip to Teotihuacan and a trip to the Xochimilco chinampas (a canal-type experience in CDMX). Many of the restaurant reservations that Zach’s team helped us organize were great. Our favorite was Quintonil, which I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to CDMX. Zach was able to get us a table for four…which is basically impossible to get on your own. I would recommend them to Mexico for your trip to CDMX, especially for groups of adults. If you plan to bring children with you, I would stress that you should be highly specific with your requests with Zach’s office.

Typically responded within moments, regardless of late hours or holidays
Robert Berman | January 6, 2023

I booked a trip through Zach’s office over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, covering Cabo and Mexico City. Without too much advance time to plan, Zach met with me a couple times to strategize on a Mexico vacation based on our interests and availability. Fast forward, we had a super great time in both places. Zach’s group made sure the details were taken care of and that we had a very balanced, diverse itinerary of activities with superb guides/drivers. Whenever there was any need for assistance, I was able to text (WhatsApp) Adriana, who typically responded within moments, regardless of late hours or holidays. I highly recommend Zach’s team and would make use of them again for any trip to Mexico.

Took us to sights and places that we never would have found on our own...
Bonnie Raskin | January 4, 2023

Thanks to Zach Rabinor, Gabriela and Amalia, my husband Kenn and I enjoyed an incredible trip to Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta over the Christmas holidays. We have been to multiple locations throughout Mexico, but knowing little about all of the available options in Mexico City and PV, we again went to Wendy’s WOW List for guidance. As always, our high expectations were surpassed at every step of our vacation. In both locations, Zach and his team put together a personalized itinerary that matched our entire wish list. The Orchid House in Mexico City had the charm and location we’d requested, and our driver and guide—Joel and Javier—took us to sights and places that we never would have found on our own with a knowledge, love and fluency that only native residents would have. The same for our five-star resort—Garza Blanca—just south of Puerto Vallarta. We utilized Zach’s referrals for all of our activities and restaurants and were never disappointed. Reservations were made and confirmed for us in Spanish, and Zach’s team greeted us at both airports to assure smooth passage during the crazy, busy holiday time. We truly would have been lost without these helpful people to guide us to the proper airline windows. Even when I requested information about a workout space in Mexico City, Gabi came through with a reservation and easy walking directions. We enjoyed a WOW Moment at a lovely restaurant in Puerto Vallarta where our table was located literally next to the ocean. Amalia actually showed up in person to make sure all elements of our wonderful surprise came to pass. We have never enjoyed that kind of personalized service! Communication with the team was immediate and nothing was left to chance. Even when we requested changes, there was never any hesitation or sense that I was “bothering” our team. The main focus and mission from Zach and every member of his team seemed to have one purpose: to ensure a WOW vacation for us, which they exceeded in every way. Zach also now covers Costa Rica, which we can’t wait to experience. Muchas gracias to his team.

Going on a taco tour, mezcal tasting (really interesting and fun) and eating lots of chapulines (crickets) that were in season
Cathy Getz | November 26, 2022

We have just returned from a spectacular trip to Mexico with one of Wendy’s WOW List planners. Joe, Jose, Adriana and all of their competent staff (guides and drivers) assured that our trip was flawless. Timing was wonderful and the weather cooperated, with temperatures in the 70s every day, even at 6,000-foot altitude in Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca. All of our accommodations were perfect for us, close to the city centers. We were particularly interested in the differences and juxtaposition of the pre-Hispanic to colonial culture, visited many of the significant Aztec and Zapotec sites, as well as the colonial churches and significant buildings. We loved the personal stories of our guides and their connections to their home towns. As we were especially interested in the food culture, and we had excellent restaurant experiences at Pujol in Mexico City, going on a taco tour, mezcal tasting (really interesting and fun) and eating lots of chapulines (crickets) that were in season. Thanks to Wendy for our lovely WOW Moment dinner at Criollo in Oaxaca.

Jose was very accommodating in supplying us with names of cardiologists and hospitals at each city we visited, just for peace of mind. We have been Medjet members for many years and this adds a level of safety and security when traveling. Regarding Covid, we felt very safe, we had only one stop, where we arrived at a very small church at the same time as a tour bus. Our guide went and spoke to the guide from the bus tour and then she rerouted our itinerary to another site and came back when less crowded. A loss of 15 minutes and worth it!

We ended our trip with two days on the beach near Puerto Escondido at a lovely small resort, Casona Sforza. We had wonderful food and a lovely room overlooking the Pacific, definitely our chill time before returning home.

Zach’s office provided a great, seamless trip; timing on every event was flawless. We had great vehicles, safe drivers and guides who were willing to make changes on the fly and accommodate our every request. Wendy’s WOW List will continue to be our gold standard for international travel. Many thanks to Zach and the team at Wendy Perrin.

A good blend of history, art, culture and free time. San Miguel is a beautiful city...
Deborah Wente | November 14, 2022

A group of 7 women traveled to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico early November 2022. It was a fun time to visit, as the Day of the Dead decorations were still up. Zach and his team did a great job of planning an itinerary that was a good blend of history, art, culture and free time. San Miguel is a beautiful city, although a bit difficult to walk for my 84-year-old mother. The sidewalks are very narrow and the streets are rough cobblestones. We loved our hotel, Matilda; the staff were exceptionally accommodating and friendly. Our driver/guide Jaime was also top notch. We enjoyed his guided tour of San Miguel and Guanajuato. It is a culturally rich and very friendly destination!

Knowledgeable guides
Kay Coop | November 11, 2022

Knowledgeable guides, congenial and always on time.

We had a wonderful cooking experience with a Zapotec family
Candace Chiaruttini | October 1, 2022

We felt well taken care of by our guides, drivers and travel planners. There is so much to see and do in Oaxaca and we are glad that we hired Zach’s team to help us plan and execute this trip. We had a wonderful cooking experience with a Zapotec family and our guide Gabriel was amazingly knowledgeable, caring and funny. The history in this area of Mexico is fascinating. We spent one afternoon tasting mezcal and learning how it is made with the owner himself. Black pottery, Alebrijes, natural dyed wall hangings and rugs…. BRING AN EMPTY SUITCASE! (Or buy one in the market as we did!)

Four days in a remote whale-watching camp alongside private boat excursions to key wildlife sites
Cate Bradley | May 24, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Zach and his wonderful team – Carolina and Jose among many others behind the scenes I’m sure – planned the most outstanding mother-daughter spring break trip to Baja California Mexico for my 20 year old and me. We were interested in a nature-focused experience, spending all of our time on whale watching, sea lions, whale sharks, etc. Zach was so thoughtful, spending a series of phone calls with me figuring out what kind of travelers we were and what kind of experiences would be right. He then proposed the perfect itinerary, including four days in a remote whale-watching camp alongside time in La Paz on private boat excursions to key wildlife sites and a transfer evening in Cabo. We weren’t excited about spending time in busy Cabo, and he found us an under-the-radar boutique hotel that checked all our boxes (quiet, beautiful, excellent service).
The trip itself was flawlessly executed, thanks to his colleague Carolina’s careful detail work and real-time monitoring. She went out of her way to figure out where we could skip logistics steps and bypass lines. It couldn’t have run more smoothly during a very crowded time in Baja.
I was also so appreciative of their flexibility and help when, at the last minute, I had a medical emergency and couldn’t go with my daughter. They immediately shifted all of the reservations to a new family member who accompanied her. Hearing their glowing, joyful reports every day of the amazing time Zach and team had organized was almost as wonderful as being there myself.
We can’t recommend Zach, Carolina, Jose and team more highly.

Thank you Zach, the relationships you have formed on the ground really paid off for us!!
Emma Jacobs | April 2, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  My husband and I are very seasoned travelers having visited over 114 countries in the world. We have never experienced service as good as this before, that’s for sure.
Zach Rabinor, along with his team on the ground, were incredible.
There are always moments along the way when something goes awry, small details can and do fall by the wayside at those times. Carlos, our contact on the ground, jumped in and did an excellent job
However the REALLY BIG difference came when my husband needed a doctor.
On returning from dinner to our hotel one night in Mexico City, Patrick was experiencing chest pains that felt like very bad indigestion, so we stopped by the desk to ask for a doctor.
Within a few minutes the owner of this small boutique hotel was at our side, saying he had called an UBER and was going to go with us to the ER, by then, it was around 1030 pm.
Sam stayed with us translating and advocating for us.
I can’t imagine how we would have coped without him. No one spoke English except the doctors. We speak no Spanish really. He navigated us through the ER making sure that we were taken care of, even referring his mother’s cardiologist to us. At 230am a young man named Tim arrived. He reported directly to Zach, basically he was the head guy on his team, he had been woken up in the middle of the night and came immediately to the hospital.
When my husband was admitted for over night evaluation at around 4am and they had ruled out all heart issues,Tim took me by UBER back to the hotel.
Over the next few days Sam and Carlos checked in on us regularly and his team stayed on top of the situation until we left.
All I can say is, thank you Zach, the relationships that you clearly have formed on the ground really paid off for us!!

Colonial architecture, ancient ruins, interacting with locals to learn about their culture, visiting a contemporary artist, enjoying the fabulous cuisine...
Ann Wilkinson | February 4, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Wow! Wow! WOW! We’re just home from a glorious trip to beautiful Oaxaca. I can’t say enough about the outstanding service we received from Zach and his team. I particularly appreciated that Zach responded immediately to my initial inquiry, set up a phone visit, and from then on, each and every contact with Zach and his team was seamless.

We were able to share our goals for the trip—seeing colonial architecture, ancient ruins, interacting with locals to learn about their culture, visiting a contemporary artist, enjoying the fabulous cuisine, both indigenous and modern. As self proclaimed foodies, we particularly appreciated the balance between the choices of local color and flavor during daytime excursions and the exquisite upscale restaurants in evening.

Zach came up with an itinerary that perfectly suited our tastes and preferred pace. Unfortunately Covid prevented us from enjoying some museums we wished we could have seen. On the other hand, we were able to visit artists in their studios. Our guide, Gabriel, never ceased to amaze us with his knowledge of architecture, art, culture, history, even horticulture. He is an encyclopedia of everything Oaxaca!

The Covid protocol in Oaxaca had us feeling very safe—at the hotel, in restaurants and historic sites and galleries. We loved visits to the markets, a personal cooking class, meals with their famous chocolate drink sitting with the locals. Zach’s deputy Adriana was on point each and every day, sending us reminders of tour hours, restaurant reservations, even making timing and site adjustments in the itinerary when requested. Even setting up our Covid antigen test at our hotel rooms prior to return to the U. S.

We were so very happy with our stay at the Quinta Real. We had originally requested a boutique hotel, but when our choice was not available for the week, we took Zach’s recommendation of the Quinta Real Oaxaca, a 16th century convent, now a hotel. The experience was outstanding. We were there a full week and frankly felt like ‘family’. The service was impeccable, the staff delightful, Covid protocol was exceptional, rooms comfortable, views exquisite.

Thanks to Zach, Laura, Adriana and Gabriel and all the team for a magical week which met every expectation and more!

What a gorgeous resort with a beautiful beach...
Michele and Ken Krisko | January 7, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We have just returned from a trip to Playa del Carmen and enjoyed a fabulous week at the Palmaia, House of Aia. What a gorgeous resort with a beautiful beach just 45 minutes to an hour south of the Cancun airport. Our trip was planned by Jose, one of Zach’s associates. They arranged private transportation to/from the airport and our hotel accommodations. We had 2 beautiful rooms for our family of 5 and enjoyed the ocean views from 3rd and 4th floors. This was a trip for just relaxing so we didn’t plan any excursions. We enjoyed the beach and pools – a perfect vacation. The staff all wore masks and we spent most of our time outside, which made it feel more comfortable. The hotel is an all inclusive serving top shelf drinks and the food was mostly vegan (though you could get seafood and meat at a few restaurants). The most delicious food we have eaten on vacation. We plan to return!

This was like having our own private hotel…but better
Vanessa Hulme | January 7, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL When we decided on a family vacation in Mexico for three generations, plus a pre-vacation vacation for my husband and me, we knew we needed help with logistics. Also, we wanted to make sure we navigated all the ins and outs of dealing with COVID while feeling safe and still having fun.

Zach and his colleagues came through on both counts. It took us a while to get the itinerary just right, however Zach listened carefully to how we liked to travel and what activities we like. He was also very patient as we revised days and activities several times.

The first stop for my husband and me was in San Miguel de Allende. While we had initially hesitated to stay at the Rosewood because it was not in the center of town, Zach convinced us this hotel would be excellent, and he was correct. Thanks to Zach, we were upgraded to their Tower Suite, which not only came with an enormous amount of space on two levels, but its own private elevator, three outdoor patios, and two butlers! Everything about this hotel (staff, restaurants, service) was magical, and we cannot wait to return.

The tours Zach arranged in San Miguel were excellent. There were many highlights, including a market tour and cooking class with a chef, and an in-depth tour of San Miguel and Guanajuato (Zach had difficulty convincing us to spend the time on the day tour of Guanajuato, but we are so glad he did; it is a lovely, interesting city, and we were sorry we had not allocated an extra day or two to explore there).

The remainder of our trip was spent in Puerto Vallarta with the entire family. We had mentioned to Zach that, because of COVID, we wanted to stay in a private villa. We also had very specific requirements for the villa – directly on the water, large enough so we would all have our own space, fully staffed (and the staff vaccinated), close to activities, and located an easy distance from the center of Puerto Vallarta. We also wanted private activities, just to be safe. Our villa, Casa Demae II, is in a gated complex, and was exquisite and outstanding in every way – spacious bedrooms (all ensuite, and most with balconies) with views of the pool and Banderas Bay, incredible common areas, infinity pool with a swim-up bar, jacuzzi, outdoor dining areas (from where we saw whales most days), streaming services – you name it, it was there! The staff were excellent and always helpful; what a treat to always have, without asking, coffee ready in the morning and (for the adults), margaritas ready in the evening! Our chef was fantastic – we actually cancelled two dinner reservations because the food at the villa was so wonderful. Another very nice touch was simply putting the dirty clothes in the closet basket, and having clean ones reappear that afternoon. This was like having our own private hotel…but better.

As in San Miguel, the activities planned were second to none. Everyone is still talking about the whale watching tour where we saw lots of whales during our 3 hours, and the day on the private catamaran around Banderas Bay with complete crew and a chef. Also, because we had the benefit of entry to the complex Beach Club, the staff arranged for us to jet ski, paddleboard, and snorkel only a short distance away.

Zach’s overall planning made for an fantastic trip: transfers worked everywhere, excellent drivers and guides, patient in-country contacts that went above and beyond to ensure we were happy, activities planned for the entire family and others for only specific family members, with enough downtime for all of us to just relax. Most importantly, we always felt comfortable with the COVID protocols that were in place.

There is no way we could have put together this trip on our own. From the moment my husband and I landed in Guanajuato until the entire family boarded our flight home, absolutely everything was handled efficiently and worked smoothly. When we return to Mexico, we will use Zach again. Kudos to Zach and his entire staff for ensuring we had a memorable vacation!

The accommodations were spectacular, the beach itself was beyond imagination, and our excursions were marvelous
Jessica Tolmach | December 5, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We just returned from an extraordinary WOW trip to Tulum, Mexico (Nov 23 – 28, 2021). Our trip planner was Zach. His assistant planner, Patricia, was truly helpful and incredibly responsive throughout. We had a challenge: A blended family with 5 grown kids from all corners of the country and with different backgrounds, interests and styles. It was a 60th birthday celebration for Jessica and a pre-wedding, postponed 3x, gathering. We wanted exquisite beaches, Mayan history, a private villa with chef for Covid reasons and planned, safe activities as well as private beach. Zach found it! Casa Ixchel took our breath away and exceeded all our expectations. The accommodations were spectacular, everyone had a gorgeous, well appointed, beautiful designed room, the Casa had marvelous open common rooms with views of the gardens, pool and beach, the beach itself was beyond imagination, and our excursions were marvelous. We spent one half day biking at the Coba ruins and another day snorkeling off Cozumel island. The other two days, we had free to ride bikes, walk on the beach, lounge at the pool and just be together. The meals were beyond delicious—and accommodated a variety of dietary restrictions! The villa staff was professional, kind, helpful and responsive. Zach’s team arranged for a doctor to come to the villa to perform Covid testing a day before departure and all airport transfers, cars, trip drives felt very Covid safe. Mostly we had a beautiful, breathtaking week. It was a trip we will cherish and remember always. Thank you Wendy! Once again, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We went to celebrations in small indigenous villages, went to larger town celebrations, hiked waterfalls, ziplined, boated down rivers to Mayan cities and felt like Indiana Jones!
Lynne Willett | November 22, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL After having vacations cancelled for 3 years, we wanted an authentic Day of the Dead experience and to see Mayan archeological sites. We only had 2 months’ lead time, and Zach and his team knocked it out of the park! In 15 days, we had so many unique experiences in Chiapas where we spent 10 days with a guide and driver who felt like family by the end. We went to celebrations in small indigenous villages, went to larger town celebrations, hiked waterfalls, ziplined, boated down rivers to Mayan cities and felt like Indiana Jones! We stayed at boutique hotels I never would have found. One was an authentic 16th century hacienda where they were shooting a movie and we watched from our patio while I sat with the director! Travelling through this gorgeous state was incredible.
We finished in Mexico City with a sunrise balloon ride in our own balloon over Teotihuacan, visited museums and went to Saturday markets. The highlight, though, was a private tour at the National Anthropology Museum after hours. Having the museum to ourselves with a guide who was incredible was truly magical!

We packed so much in and it all went without a hitch! I never could have planned this on my own and would never have considered many of the options we did and loved. It was a perfect mix of learning, adventure and relaxation. I noted both guides were extremely well versed in history and archeology and I appreciated it. Bravo and thank you SO MUCH!!

They made recommendations to experience places we wouldn't have thought of on our own
Diane Buck | November 16, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL This was our third trip using The WOW List, and just like the others, it didn’t disappoint!

We contacted Zach initially to help us set up some excursions for our planned trip to the Yucatan to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. After a thorough and informative discussion with Zach, we scrapped our entire plan for a custom itinerary that started in San Miguel de Allende for an intro to Colonial Mexico, through Teotihuacan for amazing ancient history (a hallmark of all of our WOW trips!!), and a relaxing finish at the luxurious St. Regis in Punta de Mita.

Zach’s team made our trip seamless and worry free–exactly what we wanted for our anniversary celebration. They were endlessly patient with our questions about COVID mitigations, reservations, excursion timing, and other trip details. They made recommendations to experience places we wouldn’t have thought of on our own, and the hotel options were exemplary. Jaime, our guide in San Miguel, was informative and fun, and all of the hotels were aware of our special celebration and treated us like royalty throughout our stays.

Just like our past adventures, we had a flawless trip, and we owe it all to The WOW List!

Due to Covid I felt more comfortable using a travel planner who was on the ground in Mexico
Christine Daudelin | May 26, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We recently used Zach Rabinor and his staff for a wonderful trip to The Four Seasons Punta Mita. This was a pretty straightforward trip, but due to covid concerns I felt more comfortable using a travel planner who was on the ground in Mexico. After chatting with Zach, and determining our main goal was time on a beautiful beach, he recommended the Four Seasons and it was the perfect resort. Trip was very low financial risk – as if the trip needed to be canceled due to covid it would be completely refundable. Four Seasons was taking alot of health precautions, and we felt completely comfortable (turned out we were fully vaccinated before traveling so perhaps not as much of an issue when we traveled but still was great to see).

This was a trip to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from her master’s program, and while Zach offered up a slew of wonderful ideas for tours, surf classes, etc., in the end we decided to do one tour of the Marietta Islands and swim to the hidden beach, and the rest staying at resort. The boat tour was alot of fun and we were glad we did it. Carlos from Zach’s team was in touch with us on the ground in Mexico which was so sweet and great to have in case we had any issues (which we had none). A nice touch was a piece of congratulatory cake in the room when we arrived – so thoughtful! We had a great room and location, and everything including their restaurant recommendations were excellent! (Definitely worth staying oceanfront at this resort – views to die for!). We loved our stay and was as close to perfection as one could get!

Traveling with 3 kids is tricky but we use Wendy Perrin's list to make it easy
Mary Ko | January 12, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We went to the Fairmont Mayakoba Dec 28-Jan 3rd. We saw Tulum and swam in a cenote and enjoyed the resort. It was the perfect family friendly resort. The service was great. My 2 year old is particularly difficult and she loved seeing the turtles at the grand cenote and my older girls loved swimming and seeing the bats above our heads. In Tulum they loved running around exploring. Franc was so helpful and kind he picked a delicious restaurant for us to eat at for lunch and helped us skip the wait. He totally didn’t mind having kids around. The resort was the perfect way to relax but escaping to see some of the beauty and history of Mexico was great. Traveling with 3 kids is always tricky but we use Wendy Perrin’s list to make it easy.

A wonderful trip to Mexico during this very challenging moment
Charlie Myers | July 30, 2020

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  My family enjoyed a wonderful trip to Mexico during this very challenging moment. Zach was extremely helpful in recommending and securing the perfect accommodation and experiences for my family.

My concerns were: Will my family be safe? Are we taking unnecessary risks by traveling? Will we be in certain situations that will be beyond our control? In terms of meeting those concerns, the recommendations that the travel specialists made helped—especially the first resort, Chablé, because it’s such a large property and the accommodations were stand-alone villas. It felt 100% safe. The safety protocols at both resorts and both airports, and even with the car rental, made me feel like they were taking it very seriously.

During the trip, Zach’s staff were on-top of every detail and stayed in contact via SMS, which was just the right level of touch. They even sent someone to assist at the airport on our outbound journey, which was above and beyond. We were thrilled with the level of care and attention they gave us.

Editor’s note: You can read an interview about the Myers’ trip to Mexico here.

Other highlights were the tour with Artouro - I could spend a week learning from him!
Kathryn Barden | March 3, 2020

We had a wonderful trip to San Miguel de Allende. After much debate, Sally gave us very good advice to stay at the Rosewood hotel. It was hotter than usual and we were very happy to spend time at the beautiful pool, especially when our hot springs excursion did not work out. Other highlights were the tour with Artouro – I could spend a week learning from him! The private cooking class was also a hit. We laughed and learned through a wonderful afternoon.

The guides, hotel staff and locals were all wonderful and I look forward to returning again one day.

We loved San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca and each offered a different experience
Linda Green | February 3, 2020

This trip exceeded the expectations of me and my husband. We had only traveled to Mexico’s resort areas previously and so I didn’t know much about where to go and how to handle the logistics in thinking about planning a trip to the interior of Mexico. Zach’s team was extremely helpful in matching our interests to specific cities and activities and planning how long to spend in each location. We loved San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca and each offered a different experience. The hotels we stayed in were generally fantastic. Our tour guides were all first-rate and we came home feeling that we had a much deeper appreciation for the history, culture , people and arts of the country. My only negative comment is that our original itinerary did not include the fabulous anthropology museum in Mexico City. I’m rather surprised that it wasn’t suggested to me or included given its reputation. However, once I realized that I wanted to spend time there, Sally Wells, who handled the trip details, was very accommodating in modifying our itinerary so that we had ample time there. Sally was also always very responsive to my emails and the entire team was very solicitous of our desires, making small changes during our trip that made things easier for us. All in all, I would highly recommend everyone who we interacted with. As for specific recommendations for other travelers, I would highly recommend the anthropology museum for anyone at all interested in the history of the country. And in Oaxaca, I would recommend visiting the workshops of individual artisans in the surrounding area including that of Jacobo and Maria Angeles – the masters of making alebrijes who have also created a thriving economy in their town based on this beautiful art form.

Excellent planning and good flexibility
Lynette Rasmussen | February 3, 2020

Great guides helped us see this historic city in an efficient and complete manner. Excellent planning and good flexibility. Our plane was 6 hours late due to a mid-air turn around with smoke in the cabin. That was on American Airlines but the travel professionals went the extra mile by canceling dinner reservations and staying around to take us to the hotel. The rest of the trip was smooth!

They opened the museum just for us!
Kristen MacLeod | January 15, 2020

Our family just returned from a magical, eye-opening Christmas trip to Central Mexico, orchestrated by Zachary Rabinor and his experts, such as Gerardo Tovar. My husband and I traveled with our 18 year old daughter and 16 year old twin boys for 10 days over Christmas. There was no shortage of challenges to planning a last minute trip at one of the busiest times of the year. The beaches were expensive and jam-packed. We emailed several times trying to come up with an itinerary that worked. Zach’s team was very patient and transparent about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The result was fantastic! Together we outlined a trip to Mexico City and two truly magical colonial cites, Puebla and San Miguel de Allende. Zach and his staff handled all of the logistical details. Truly, we didn’t have to worry about a single thing from travel, to accommodations, to activities to personal comfort. and safety. They did it all, and they did it beautifully. Our guides and our driver were absolutely top-notch. We put our trust in them completely and by the end of the trip, they were like family to us. Our accommodations were beautiful and were outstanding in location and customer service. There was a small issue with the apartment in Mexico City but due to our 24 hr access to assistance from Zach and his contacts, the problem was fixed immediately. We are a very active family and always want to be doing and learning. Zach and his team really understood this and designed a wonderful itinerary that opened our eyes to this complex, beautiful, sophisticated and culturally rich country. From our private cooking class with a renown chef in Puebla to our historical and cultural bike tour down Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma and through the Bosque de Chapultepec to our completely private guided tour through the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City – they opened the museum just for us! -we were always learning, exploring and connecting with such knowledgable and fascinating local people. The result was a trip that left us with great respect and affection for our southern neighbor and helped us see the history of our continent from a completely different perspective. This is truly the best of travel.
We will be WOW listers for life!

We enjoyed the trip to Mayan cities more because of the excellent interpretations provided by our guide
Phillip Coop | January 10, 2020

We enjoyed the trip to Mayan cities more because of the excellent interpretations provided by our guide. Hotel recommended for the beach portion of the trip was perfect for us.

The hotel and the specific room we got was absolutely perfect…
Annie Wang | November 4, 2019

Zach did a great job listening to my thoughts and made spot-on suggestions. He and his team checked in multiple times and helped make the trip extremely smooth. The hotel and the specific room we got was absolutely perfect, and I had such an incredible stay. Would 100% trust and work with Zach and his team again.

Very responsive…
Beth Sawi | August 17, 2019

Zach’s team was great. They listened to what we were looking for and delivered. And they were very responsive to last minute tweaks in the schedule. This is the second time we have used them and will definitely call on them again the next time we visit Mexico.

We learned so much history, ate amazing food, cooked amazing food, and saw incredible architecture and art.
Amy Evers | May 9, 2019

I wanted to plan a trip to Mexico City for my mom, my sister and I that we could all enjoy. I wanted us to learn, experience and spend quality time together. I think all of these objectives were met. The planning process was a bit slow initially but then went smoothly. Our transfers and day trips were seamless, everyone always on time. We felt very safe the entire time and this was a big concern of my mom. Our guide was very good at noticing when my mom needed to slow down a bit or take a break and she was very knowledgeable. Our driver, Alfonso, was lovely, looking out for us, showing patience and even concern at times. There were a few miscommunications between my expectations given what was written in our itinerary/discussions and the on the ground team but generally these were worked out. Our hotel was very nice and we enjoyed the location. We even had the “fortune” to experience Labor Day on our departure day. This made things hectic but we were able to figure out another meeting point with our driver, as all the roads were closed and this was not anticipated. Someone from the hotel walked with us to meet him. We learned so much history, ate amazing food, cooked amazing food, and saw incredible architecture and art. My mom even cried when I said good-bye to her at the airport because she was so happy we were able to have this special time together.

Warm, funny, and a good listener…
Amanda Mandel | March 30, 2019

Zach responded to my initial email right away with a personal phone call, and was warm, funny, and a good listener. He quickly narrowed in on the right trip plan for our family, suggesting that we stay at The Fairmont Mayakoba and take day trips to explore ruins and nature. While the Fairmont is part of a very large resort complex, the service was excellent and it didn’t feel overcrowded. Our kids loved the beach, pool and activities and everything was easy. We went out to dinner and restaurants in Playa Del Carmen recommended by Zach’s group, and the food was very good, even if the town is extremely touristy. We took day trips to the ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza, accompanied both times by very nice and knowledgeable guides. We also had a beautiful boat ride and “float” in a nature preserve, which was a special and usual experience. Many thanks to Zach and his crew for an excellent trip, and we will be back.

We had a knowledgeable and genial guide…
Beth Sawi | February 28, 2019

Everything went very smoothly. We had a knowledgeable and genial guide, a beautiful hotel room, and safe and comfortable car transportation. We made a few minor changes mid-trip and those were handled very efficiently.

We will definitely use Zach’s team for our next trip to Mexico.

I can’t say enough how having Arturo by our side made these places come to life.
Theresa Harris | February 6, 2019

Our trip to San Miguel de Allende was perfect. Zach’s team planned an amazing trip for us.

Our guide, Arturo, was so knowledgeable and known to everyone! It was such a pleasure to walk down the street with him and feel like a local, not a tourist. Arturo is a walking encyclopedia of history and culture. We toured the Botanical Gardens, archeological sights, and chapels. I can’t say enough how having Arturo by our side made these places come to life.

Zach’s team also planned a cooking class with a wonderful chef in a beautiful home with a garden.

At Cuna de Tierra Vineyard, Paco and Ricardo were so welcoming and the chef prepared a delicious lunch with wine pairings. Arturo also took us to Guanajuato and Queretero, where he again dazzled us with his knowledge. This is the second time we have used Wendy’s travel experts and have been thoroughly impressed by all the guides and drivers we have met. In fact, we are trusting Wendy to help us plan our trip to Greece in fall!

One of the highlights was a cooking class at Casa Jacaranda that we would highly recommend.
Stephen and Julie Lerner | January 31, 2019

We found Zach and his team to be very knowledgeable and helpful in planning our first trip to Mexico City. We were provided with many options of activities over 6 days which we were able to refine based on our particular interests. One of the highlights was a cooking class at Casa Jacaranda that we would highly recommend. Another highlight was the hot air balloon ride over the Teotihuacan pyramids. We were offered a private balloon ride but opted for the group ride which was fine and saved a lot of money. Same ride, just a few more people in a larger basket. We also were really pleased with the private guide (Alfredo) that Zach arranged for us. Great trip and kudos to the entire team.

Zachary’s resources and persistence made it possible for our family to enjoy a wonderful holiday trip.
Barbara Schoenfeld | January 18, 2019

Just before giving up my trip planning as impossible, I turned to Zachary Rabinor to see if he could help with the logistics. Although we had been to Mexico about 20 times, the planning of this particular itinerary stumped us. Our family of four wanted to spend 3 nights in Oaxaca at Christmas for the Radish Festival and the colonial and prehistoric attractions in the area. And then, we wanted to travel to Huatulco for 3 nights at the beach. Minimum stay requirements of 5 or 7 nights presented obstacles. Plus, traveling from Oaxaca to Huatulco by mountain road would be long and treacherous. We could fly, but would have to go through Mexico City, wasting a day. Zach drew on his relationships, avoided minimum stays and secured outstanding hotels: Quinta Real Oaxaca (an exquisite former convent) and Camino Real Huatulco (a low-key beautifully designed seaside resort), both with well-located rooms. To make it all work, he identified non-stop flights that were not readily accessible to us online. And the best of all, he provided Gabriel, an outstanding guide in Oaxaca. Gabriel is the alpha educator of choice for universities and Smithsonian visitors. We benefited from the depth of Gabriel’s knowledge of history, nature, art and architecture. Zachary’s resources and persistence made it possible for our family to enjoy a wonderful holiday trip.

Every request was immediately attended to day and night
Kathryn Barden | January 4, 2019

We had a very special week in Tulum with family from across the country and Australia. We booked 10 months in advance and it’s hard to believe it’s over. Jessica and others on Zach’s team were terrific and helped us choose a wonderful villa.

The villa was perfect for our needs – spacious for everyone to spread out and beautifully located. The staff, especially the concierges, the on-site caretaker, and our hired waiter (an excellent addition both for serving drinks and for after-dinner clean-up when the chefs went home) were terrific and every request was immediately attended to day and night. We felt pampered. My niece said her favorite part of the trip was “living like a princess for 8 days”.

The number of people wanting to help us was almost laughably silly. First there’s Zach’s on-the-ground staff ready for any request. Then, upon arrival we met another team who welcomed us – I think they were from the company who manages the booking of the villa, then arrived another concierge (part of a pair) who came by once or twice a day to again see if we needed anything.

My biggest issue/feedback was that somehow our noted dietary requests were not communicated to the chefs. Finally by the last 2 days all was in order. Overall quality of food was fine to very good depending on the meal and no one left the table hungry. The number of avocados we went through was astounding!

The excursions offered by Zach’s team are quite expensive, though I know from previous experience are excellent. This time we booked our own tours at a fraction of the price and were very pleased.

Airport arrival and departure arrangements were great. On the way out, our hands were held all the way through to security.

I would not hesitate to call on Zach and his team for future travel.

The trip was unique
Matt Assiff | December 31, 2018

I thought that the trip was unique. Mexico City is so close, but the culture is far different from our own. In the short time we were there we saw art and historical locations that provide insight into a vast and complex culture. I appreciate the planning of the trip as the logistics are complicated by the number of people and the number of cars. We enjoyed our time and thank you for introducing us to such a skilled planner and guide.

A boutique hotel we would not have known about
Matt Barron | November 17, 2018

Our specialist sent us to a boutique hotel we would not have known about and arranged the Chichen Itza, swimming in the Cenote day, which was wonderful. The guide and driver were great. The trip was seamless.

Invaluable to our family
Jean Charles Soria | August 30, 2018

I have a son with a cardiac condition. Zach Rabinor helped me identify the top cardiologists in Cancun and finally the only expert in arrhythmia. With that info, we selected a great hotel not too far from the relevant hospital in Cancun, yet in a super family oriented resort (Fairmont Mayakoba).

This was invaluable to our family of 6. Thank you, Zach. Thank you, Wendy.

We did all of this in just a week.
Sarina Vetterli | February 26, 2018

From start to finish, Zach Rabinor and his team were absolutely fantastic. They listened to all our ideas and concerns for our family vacation, and then tailored an incredible itinerary that satisfied all five of us (parents and three boys ages 16, 13, and 8). In fact, it was perhaps a little too incredible. So I was really impressed when they were able to suggest ways to bring the trip within our budget and still have some great experiences. Once we decided on the itinerary and moved into the planning details, our travel specialist was always accessible, timely with her communication, and clear on what was needed to finalize the trip. On the trip, everything went according to plan. But we wanted some last minute changes, like making dinner reservations at certain restaurants we had just heard about, or–much more complex–taking a day trip to a couple of towns a few hours away. Our travel specialist was able to work quickly to set things up and accommodate us. Here are the things we did on the Yucatán Penninsula (Mexico): hiked and swam through a cave with an underground river, visited two important Mayan ruin sites, floated down a beautifully clear Mayan canal, took a short jungle walk through a nature preserve, stayed in a family-friendly resort with beach access & a range of activities for the kids & GREAT food, spent a day exploring two beautiful colonial towns where we hunted for traditional textiles and folk art. We did all of this in just a week. There is no way we would have been able to do all that without Zach and his team’s help. They arranged transportation and a guide (when appropriate), knew just how to time our activities to avoid traffic and lines, and picked things that would suit all of us. I would highly recommend them to anyone traveling to Mexico, and I plan on using them in the future.

Highest level of service
Bill Melamed | February 16, 2018

Zach and his entire team were a pleasure to work with. They went out of their way to be in touch with the hotel and to ensure that we received the highest level of service. I’d work with him again in a minute.

Not on the regular tourist route
Jeffrey Bauman | February 8, 2018

This review is more than a little late. We traveled with Zach in December 2014. We could not have been more pleased. His drivers and guides were outstanding, making sure that we saw a lot off the beaten path. A good part of the trip was not on the regular tourist route, which was particularly interesting. And he checked in regularly, making sure that the logistical details were working. We particularly appreciated that when the room in our hotel did not have hot water on our first night, he made sure that it was promptly fixed. I would use him again and highly recommend his services.

Extremely responsive, generous, and concerned.
Leanna Smith | June 7, 2017

We traveled to Mexico this past week and Zach and his team were fantastic. We were greeted by warm and friendly people and the transportation was always in first class vehicles, and always right on time. I had unfortunate experiences with one of the tours while I was on vacation and I can say that Zach and his team were extremely responsive, generous, and concerned. This is what you need when you are in a foreign country. Every single person I dealt with was terrific. The selection of where to go in Mexico, and which hotel was flawless. I would highly recommend him.

I should have realized it
Ginny Simmons | May 4, 2017

Zach and Jose on his team were extremely efficient and helpful in making our plans, and our tour guide and driver for our day trip were really wonderful–very knowledgeable and professional. Our lunch at Coqui Coqui was exceptional–truly delicious (and we are “foodies” from San Francisco!). The waiter there was very very sweet and really tried hard to provide top service. The only big disappointment was that I thought Coqui Coqui Coba was on the beach; I think I either received a photo of the old Tulum Coqui Coqui, or found one online when researching, and mistakenly thought that was Tulum Coba. Of course, I should have realized it when I saw the map that it was inland, but I think I got enamored with the photo of the beachside restaurant and just assumed that would be our venue for our romantic anniversary lunch. Also, I feel like I need to share that I do think the excursion was quite expensive. I believe, however, it was probably consistent with the higher prices overall on the East Coast of Mexico; we have more experience traveling to Puerto Vallarta, where I think the prices are generally lower for comparable experiences.

We will definitely work with your team again. We have had absolutely wonderful experiences with your recommended planners when you were writing for CN Traveller, so your colleagues have become proven, trusted sources. Thank you so much.

The more specific you can be in your requests, the more satisfied you will be with the result!
Katherine Barden | April 21, 2017

We had a fantastic vacation planned by Zachary Rabinor and his team in April 2017. After spinning my wheels for several weeks searching for the perfect Mexican villa to celebrate a 50th birthday, I called in the expert Zach and his team. In very short order, they found us the perfect villa – one which was not listed on the other public sites. It had all the amenities we had asked for and was available during a busy holiday week. As always, the more specific you can be in your requests, the more satisfied you will be with the result!

The planning process went very well. Zach’s staff took care to get all the needs and preferences of all attendees prior to the trip. The villa was stocked with our favorites. Excursions were planned and enjoyed – catamaran snorkel and a multi-stop day tour along in and around Tulum, golf, massages etc… The highlight was a float on the sian kaan biosphere. One note, we use private guides on almost all our trips and they are often a highlight. However, while our guide that day was pleasant she did not really connect very well with the group.

The villa was perfection – location, beauty, and most importantly the incredible staff that took care of us. Also, Journey Mexico always had a local representative available to us for any changes/requests once we departed. They were all exceptionally courteous and helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend Zach and his team and would use them again for future vacations.

Ran smoothly
Liz Charal | February 28, 2017

This was a very simple trip. Basically we booked a hotel and transport to and from the airport. The journey ran smoothly.

Everything we wanted
Gary Zieve | January 8, 2017

Exceeded expectations. Great guide, excellent drivers, everything we wanted. Well worth it.

Attentive to our needs.
Fred Clark | May 8, 2016

Our experience with Zach Rabinor and his team were excellent. We had many communications before the trip and they met our expectations. We were met at the airport by someone who introduced us to our driver and tour guide. Both our driver, Rodolfo Raya and especially Ariuska Herrera did an excellent job in their roles. Ariuska was one of the best guides we have ever had and we strongly recommend her for any Mexico City tour. Periodically the company would check in to see how everything was going. I found the people to be very professional and attentive to our needs.

Top notch operation
JoEllen Shelden | April 29, 2016

Zach Rabinor and his team are a top notch operation who will go the extra mile to be sure you have a flawless trip. At each stage from planning, to arriving , touring, and departing someone is there. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and flexible. We saw and learned so much. Muchas gracias to Alejandro, Francisco, Jose Luis, and Olivier who showed us how magical Mexico City can be.

A great experience
Karen Baesman | April 13, 2016

We had a great experience traveling through the Yucatan. We enjoyed the private tours, especially the early morning tour of Chichen Itza. We would recommend Zach Rabinor.

Adjusted it perfectly
Liz Charal | February 7, 2016

Zach and his team organized a very good trip for us. They suggested a more comprehensive visit to Mexico than we were in the mood for and adjusted it perfectly to suit our needs. Either next year or the year after we will book with them again in order to see more of the country and to go back to the incredible Rosewood Mayakoba.

Got us access to the best tours.
Dan Weaver | January 25, 2016

Zach planned two full day excursions for us in Mexico. Both went quite well, with a knowledgeable and professional guide, although there were a few hiccups here and there; I don’t expect perfection. The best thing about Zach is that he was able to put this together on short notice, and got us access to the best tours. I rarely use travel agents, but experiences like this make me think I should do it more often.

A great experience
Patrick Kirkendall | October 10, 2015

Zach and his team, especially Mabel Gutierrez, did an amazing job helping us plan our honeymoon to Mexico. We stayed at the Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta at the end of September to early October 2015.

Zach and Mabel were incredibly easy to work with, providing us many options to choose from in different areas of Mexico, with great tips on places to go and stay, and things to do in each place. It was through their vigilance finding us the best options that we found our eventual resort, Hotel Mousai. This particular resort was not even on our radar until they brought it to our attention. But it completely blew us away with how amazingly beautiful the resort was, especially with its views of the coast surrounding the Puerto Vallarta area. Mabel arranged for our stay, as well as our transportation to and from the airport, including transportation to and from the maritime terminal.

Overall, we had a great experience on our trip, in large part because of Zach and Mabel’s excellent service through Journey Mexico.

We had a great time
Kathy Kaplan | October 8, 2015

Thank you so much for your help with our vacation to Mexico. We had a great time. The Hotel Esencia will become one of our favorite hotels of all time, the staff was great.

The airport pickup was nice, but the airport departure was fantastic. Your staff helped us navigate the check-in and was there to see us off. So, so nice.  If we had more time, I would have preplanned a lot more adventures ahead of time. The concierge was great at booking trips last minute, so it worked out. We are thinking of doing Mexico next year again instead of Hawaii!

We just got back from a fabulous week in Puerto Vallarta
Sandra and Art Collins | December 30, 2014

We just got back from a fabulous week in Puerto Vallarta that was arranged by Journey Mexico. Zach had upgraded our room at the Garza Blanca and it is a stunning property. The list of to do’s and restaurants off the property were fantastic ! We did not realize that PV is a foodie’s destination. If we go back to PV we will take Zach’s first recommendation on the property of Hacienda San Angel. The boutique hotel was quiet, beautiful, in the heart of PV overlooking the city and the food is gourmet. Next time we will listen to Zach when he suggests where to stay, rather than thinking we know better! We are planning our next winter getaway on the east coast of Mexico on the Caribbean and we cannot wait to see what hideaways they will find for us!

Used Journey Mexico twice.
Renee Rousselot | July 22, 2015

I have used your recommendations for about seven years to plan trips to Greece, SE Asia, Africa, and Israel. All of the travel agents were excellent. I contacted Zachary Rabinor last spring and have since used Journey Mexico twice. Both times, Zach quickly passed me off to one of his associates. Perhaps my trips were not that complicated, not sure the reason he passed me off. Although I did think their service was good, it was a more typical kind of travel experience. The first trip I took was last minute and very specific. However, the second trip I took was much more wide open and I wanted help in deciding where to go—with the exception of knowing that I wanted to visit San Miguel de Allende. After that, I was open to going to other places in Mexico but had difficulty in getting them to express a real opinion. We ended up in Punta Mita which was really not my cup of tea—too isolated and not much cultural experience. I will say that when we left San Miguel, I left something in the hotel room. Ileana, in the Journey Mexico office, did an outstanding job assisting me in retrieving my item. I would book with Journey Mexico again but I can’t quite put my finger on why I would not rate them quite at the same level as the other experts of yours that I have used in the past. For several years I have wanted to write to thank you for your valuable information and guidance.

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