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Without exaggeration, the best trip ever.
Jennifer Black | March 19, 2018

Victoria rocked it. This was, without exaggeration, the best trip ever. Full stop.

In the planning stage, she responded promptly to my many emails. As I do plenty of my own research I had many ideas/questions/requests for reservations that she gladly accommodated. I never had to wait for a response from her, which I appreciated.

She assigned one of her top guides to us, Vikram. From start to end Vikram was superb and stylistically well suited to my husband and me.

At each hotel, we received either the best room in category (best views, quietest, biggest rooms) or an upgrade. Our balcony room at Amarvilas was dead center with the best view of the Taj, our room at Raas had an unobstructed view of Mehrangarh Fort. At Udaivilas and Rambagh Palace we were upgraded. Clearly Bertie and Victoria have a deep and good relationship with these properties.

When our guide had a family emergency halfway through our trip, they seamlessly replaced him with an equally delightful guide.

I continued my trip in Mumbai without the benefit of India Beat’s guidance. While I booked and got nice rooms at the Taj, the level of guiding that I hired on a daily basis couldn’t hold a candle to Victoria’s team.

Great experience. Can’t wait to go back!

Thanks to Wendy!! She provides an invaluable service to the traveling community.

Fabulous advice and organization
Katherine Montgomery | March 4, 2018

This was my 5th trip to India and I am thrilled to have found Bertie and Victoria!  Victoria and her office manager, Diggi, were amazing to work with!!! Fabulous advice and organization!

Victoria organized a full-day shopping tour with Diggi. He made the day much more organized, fun, and efficient than if we had just had a driver on our own.

I will be using them again!!!  Highly recommend!

Extremely interesting schedule
Bonnie Thompson | February 19, 2018

I worked with Victoria for our weekend stay in Mumbai. My husband and I traveled to India for work (he was a speaker at a conference, and then had several business meetings) and much of our stay was taken up with that. But we had the weekend free in Mumbai, and I wanted to make the most of our time there. Victoria understood this, and she suggested several options, and then worked to put together an extremely interesting schedule for us. She secured a beautiful harbor view room at the historic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, arranged for a fabulous pre-dawn market tour, and booked a private speedboat for our trip to Elephanta Island. Our guides were knowledgeable, easy to understand and extremely pleasant. We were able to pack a lot into a very short amount of time, thanks to the expertise of the folks at India Beat. On Monday while my husband was working, I had a private city tour with a driver and our guide, Pan. It was really wonderful — I felt like I was sight-seeing with a favorite aunt, who chatted with me and taught me about Mumbai without ever feeling like I was getting a “lecture”. Learning about the Dabbawala lunch delivery system and watching it in process was extremely interesting, and especially when Pan explained that she has sent lunch to her husband this way for over 30 years!

"Once in a lifetime I in heaven? all of this for real?"
Nancy Pace | February 14, 2018

This is our second trip to India with Victoria and Bertie Dyer and we plan to use them again on our return to visit Southern India.

The trip was beyond extraordinary. The guide (Harsh) was beyond amazing and became a trusted and loyal friend during our 21-day adventure. The hotels were perfect (Oberoi, Raas, Imperial) and the planning fast-paced but exactly the way we like it. As we had done this trip before, perhaps the comments of the two friends that went with us would be more useful…”Once in a lifetime trip…am I in heaven?…is all of this for real?”

Everything from the arrival to the final days in the Thar desert was magical. Thank you Victoria and Bertie…you two do deserve to be on the WOW list, because you made all of us say WOW, WOW, WOW!

A perfect itinerary customized to our needs.
Adrienne Goldberg | January 10, 2018

I would only travel to India through Bertie and Victoria. We had a charmed two-week family trip with a perfect itinerary customized to our needs. To see the Taj Mahal has been a dream of ours, and it is beyond amazing. It brought tears to our eyes to see it. We went to Varanasi, saw tigers in Ranthambore, loved Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Agra. Constant eye candy. Our hotels, daily itineraries, transfers were amazing. Our guide, Vikram, was the ultimate tour guide, and our driver was always there to pick us up the second we left a site. They were with us throughout the two weeks, and they were outstanding. They made the trip.

I highly recommend going to India with Bertie and Victoria. It is an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. It is the way to see India.

Made excellent suggestions with a range of options
Linda Evasiuk | December 3, 2017

The prospect of sorting through the chaos of options for exploring India was overwhelming. Victoria and Bertie were recommended through Wendy Perrin and made excellent suggestions with a range of options. I wanted heritage or boutique mid-range hotels options, all of which were excellent. Travelling as a solo woman in Mumbai and Rajasthan meant I was an oddity. The various guides and drivers made me feel safe while exploring back streets or tourist spots. They always checked that the itinerary was tuned to my wishes each day. The Mumbai by Dawn and Dharavi Slum tours they arranged with No Footprints were the best tours I’ve ever experienced. The cooking class organized at Diggi Palace in Jaipur with the Diggi family was stellar. Meeting the family and being invited to watch their daughters’ classic dance performance was a highlight of my India trip. My Jaipur Guide, Harsh, even arranged for his family Astrologist to do a reading based on my kids birthdays. My favorite hotel was 47 Jobner Baugh in Jaipur, which I would never have found on my own. Shiva and his family offer a very classy boutique experience and John looks after guests making everyone feel special. There were delicious vegetarian meals too. I did not miss being a carnivore on this trip.

Thank you for making this trip extraordinary.

We saw and experienced so much.
Suzanne Nash | August 20, 2017

We had a wonderful experience in India. We felt like we saw and experienced so much. Our guide Vikram was excellent: He was knowledgeable, entertaining, accommodating and by the end of the trip, he felt like family. I would use Victoria and Bertie again just to have the opportunity to have Vikram as a guide. Our driver was an expert and we were continually amazed at his skill in avoiding incident!

We enjoyed seeing the lunchbox men and festival preparations in Mumbai. We loved our tuk tuk ride and seeing Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur. One of the trip highlights was getting to witness a ring ceremony at our hotel there. In Jaipur, we enjoyed Jantar Mantar and thought Amber Fort was among the more beautiful things we saw. In general, we tend to prefer doing rather than seeing so particularly enjoyed the elephant ride, having our horoscopes read and cooking at Diggi Palace. Vikram arranged a special brother-sister ceremony for our children on the festival day which was very memorable. We had an interesting experience buying jewelry in Jaipur. I got a special ring to celebrate an upcoming birthday and we were pleased to learn on our return it appraised for 20% more than we paid for it! We appreciate Victoria taking us to a reputable and reliable dealer. In Agra, Vikram advised us to arrive at the Taj Mahal early, and we were the only ones inside the mausoleum. Truly extraordinary!

Hotel highlights were the Umaid Bhagwan Palace and Amanbagh. The service at both locations was just phenomenal! We had wonderful dining throughout our trip and a fabulous last night meal at Indian Accent.

Sensitive to our needs
Lynne Barnard and Jon Erickson | April 13, 2017

Our driver, Laxman, was with us for most of the driving portion our trip and was excellent. He advised us early on that to drive in India, you need a “good horn”, “good brakes” and “good luck”! He wasn’t kidding but we felt quite safe with his driving skills and judgment. And, if you have been driven in India, you can understand that feeling secure is paramount.

For us, this trip was all about seeing the magnificent tiger, major cultural sites, cuisine, and shopping…all of which were accomplished!

Bertie and Victoria have assembled quite a travel team and Victoria personally put together our itinerary. We really liked our guides in each of the locations but felt that Vikram, in Jaipur, was a particular standout as he seemed to know nearly everything about the best places to shop, when to negotiate and when not to…and…everyone knows him! All of our guides were very well spoken, flexible with special requests for schedule changes and the need for extra time in certain locations. They were well versed in the history and quite sensitive to our needs. It was very hot so we decided to abandon a few activities to relax by our private pool at a couple of our hotels!

All of their restaurant recommendations were fantastic when we decided to venture out from the Oberoi Resorts…which wasn’t too often because the luxury and service is so extraordinary at those properties. We can’t wait to go back…

Delhi, Agra, Kanha, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Udaipur cruise

Good communication between the parties
Kathy Gordon | April 12, 2017

My name is Kathy Gordon and I traveled to India with my husband in Feb 2017. We used the services of Victoria and Bertie Dyer to assist us with travel to Kerala (Munnar, Kovalam, and overnighted in a houseboat) and Rajasthan (Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Mihir Gargh). We had used a different company to assist us the last time we traveled to India and felt there were a few things that could be improved upon, which is why used India Beat for this trip. We will definitely be using them again!

With regard to our trip itinerary, there were several places we knew we wanted to visit and then we relied on Victoria to assist with suggestions for the remainder. A truly successful trip is dependent upon good communication between the parties. I needed to be able to communicate my wishes and vision for the type of trip we were looking to have, while Victoria needed to be able to hear me and understand what type of experience we wanted. I felt she really listened and did a wonderful job understanding the type of trip we were looking to experience, along with the type of accommodations we liked. We liked a couple of her suggested destinations so much that we want to return to them for a longer stay next time!

What is really apparent in working with Victoria and her team is how much they care and want to provide the best experience possible and so they worked tirelessly to accomplish this. Additionally, the guides and drivers in India were fantastic (and that is no small feat considering the chaotic driving in the country!).

I highly recommend using Bertie and Victoria to assist in all aspects of your trip to India!

Spontaneous stops that made the trip even better
Liz and Adam Blakey | March 25, 2017

India Beat trip to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, and Amanbagh

Outstanding trip – guide and driver were amazing, suggested spontaneous stops that made the trip even better. Logistics were perfect. Cannot recommend them highly enough!

India Beat was outstanding. We’ve used many different travel agents and guides over the years, and they were one of the best we’ve met. Customized tour, flexibility, responsiveness, great guide and driver, … all were excellent.

Ann Levin | February 22, 2017

Victoria’s insight regarding how to plan our time was invaluable. The guides she selected were
personable and informative and helped to add something special to each city we visited. Our drivers were exceptional. Victoria was responsive to our needs each step of the way and was able to pivot during our trip to accommodate changes to our travel itinerary. We felt safe, protected and taken care of each step of the way.

It really makes a difference
Nancy Rieger | February 4, 2017

Bertie and Victoria Dyer and their team at India Beat did a lovely job on our trip to Varanasi, from airport pick-up/drop-off, to the hotel booking, and the guide. They were also very patient when we were trying to make some decisions. Varanasi is a “sensory overload” and our hotel, Brigham Palace, was an oasis of calm (and cleanliness!). The hotel restaurant is vegetarian, and non-alcohol, and the food and service were very good.

Our guide was terrific. He gave us a great history of the city, took us along the ghats by foot and by boat, and also brought us into the alleyways behind the buildings. He struck exactly the right balance, making sure we were comfortable but also encouraging us to explore and engage. Im not sure Im using the right words here, but I received a blessing from one of the Brahmin priests on one ghat. Our guide picked the priest out for us, and asked me in advance if I wanted to do this. It was an amazing and authentic experience.

It really makes a difference to have a guide, not just because he or she will give you the real history of the place, but because you are confronted with a sea of humanity everywhere you go, and dodging the cows, motorbikes, cars and pedestrians is much easier when you have a guide. We also went to Sarnath, the archaeological museum that displays some of the findings from the Saranth sites, and some of the neighboring temples (many of these date from recent past and there are quite a few Buddhist temples too).

All around an excellent experience.
Valerie Waterfield | January 21, 2017

Bertie and the entire India Beat team were exceptional. The London-based team (Bertie mostly) was very good at coming up with an itinerary for us, and working with us being very busy and slow to respond at times. Our overall itinerary was perfect, and we loved the boutique hotels they recommended.

In India, we were thrilled with our guide Harsh and driver, who we were with in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, and with Harsh in Mumbai. It made traveling so much easier and not intimidating, and Harsh was very knowledgeable, professional, and had a nice balance of showing us around and giving us private time to explore. When we said goodbye to Harsh in Kerala, our morning guide was OK but we did feel rushed through the morning tour as he had another tour to give in the afternoon. It was also more difficult with drivers without a guide, as the drivers didn’t speak English hardly at all. But our hotels managed to communicate with them so we were fine. The team responded to our emails on our trip and arranged for staff to meet us back in Delhi and escort us to our hotel for the night before our flight home. All around an excellent experience.

Knowing what I know now
Ellen Cassidy | January 17, 2017

I have been nonstop recommending Bertie and Victoria Dyer with India Beat since I got back to America. They have converted me to never traveling without help again. Knowing what I know now, I would never travel in India without a travel specialist, even if I were traveling with friends from India. I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my previous travel budget by not knowing how to most valuably spend my time. I cannot thank India Beat enough for this trip and all the efforts that were put in to make it a success.

Flexibility to make changes
Jane Douglass | January 10, 2017

My husband and I traveled to Rajasthan, India in December 2016 with our two sons ( 22 and 23). Victoria Dyer put together an amazing itinerary which covered Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur and Ranthambhore National Park. Her hotel recommendations were spot-on, our local guides were extremely knowledgeable and fun to be with, and our driver ( who was with us the entire trip) was amazing. The trip went so smoothly as a result of her planning. Our guides had itineraries for us each day but we had the flexibility to make changes as needed or wanted. Victoria had built in time for us to relax between cities in 2 beautiful tented camps so that we did not feel overwhelmed by each city. We also had time built in to shop which I highly recommend; there are so many beautiful things to bring home from this area, you definitely want to build time into your trip for shopping.

I highly recommend Victoria and would not hesitate to use her again.

Hassle free
Paula Pumphrey | December 8, 2016

Bertie, Victoria and their team made sure our trip was memorable and hassle free for us on our first trip to India in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Our guide, Vikram was very knowledgeable and made sure we did what we wanted to do. The two drivers we had, first in Delhi and Lakshmi for the remainder of the trip were always on time and hard working. I had by accident left my headphones in the hotel room in Delhi and someone from the team retrieved them and made sure they were returned to me. The demonetization crisis could have been a big problem but our guide made sure we had change and what to do with the old currency we had. They had notified our hotels of our wedding anniversary and we had several cakes baked for us and beautiful flower arrangements. I cant think of any better way to celebrate our 40th anniversary and it is all thanks to Bertie, Victoria and their team at India Beat.

Above and beyond
Cindy Stein | November 15, 2016

Victoria and her team were excellent to work with. She made our trip effortless. All through our trip reservations, excursions, and sites went without a hitch. A total 5 star trip.

The only thing I would have to say (and its partly our fault) is that with the plane reservations we were not given the option to upgrade to a better class seat.

I would also like to mention that we had gotten some picture taken by a photographer in Agra while at the Taj Mahal. Upon getting home we checked the disc and they were of another family. Victoria helped us recover the correct disc of our Taj Mahal pictures. She has gone above and beyond.

I would surely use Victoria’s services again.

Tailored the trip to our specific interests
Amie Campbell | November 14, 2016

From the moment Victoria Dyer first communicated with us, she provided extraordinary personal service and wonderful recommendations. We even spoke on the phone twice. She tailored the trip to our specific interests and requests and was just amazing. At every step of the way, her team was in place and provided impeccable service. We had a very knowledgeable, personable guide with us throughout the tour, and he went way beyond the call of duty, helping with shopping and all kinds of details. The hotels Victoria suggested were amazing, as were all the stops on our trip. We felt totally taken care of and attended to from day one. I cannot recommend India Beat more highly.

We always felt safe and well looked after.
Lisa Rose | October 30, 2016

Our trip to northern India, including the cities of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur (October 12-25, 2016) wildly exceeded our expectations, largely in part to the travel planner, Bertie and Victoria Dyer. Their guides and driver (who was with us for the full 2 weeks) were always professional, punctual, interesting and pleasant to be with. As 2 women traveling together, we always felt safe and well looked after. Time allotted at temples and monuments balanced wonderfully with our desire to enjoy the gorgeous hotels, great restaurants and amazing shopping suggested by India Beat. We would have absolutely no hesitation recommending them to anyone interesting in traveling through India and would book with them again in a heartbeat.

Great service and an amazing vacation!
John Hick | March 27, 2016

Victoria and Bertie were fantastic! We are a family of 4 with two teen girls that traveled 2 weeks in Rajasthan, started with some ideas of things we wanted to be sure to see and they provided a lot more ideas, creating a custom itinerary for us, hand offs were seamless, we had exceptional guides (one a curator for the museum we toured, for example) and they were great about adjusting on the fly to accommodate a request for a yoga class and a cooking demonstration among other things… We had a safe vehicle and driver which we were grateful for given the nature of the roads in India! Great service and an amazing vacation!

Trip of a lifetime
Daryl Rosenbaum and Les Franz | March 3, 2016

A year ago we did a 3 week trip of a lifetime to India. I used your list of recommended travel specialists for different countries and regions and decided to go with India Beat. I cannot tell you what a fantastic trip we had, planned by Victoria Dyer and her team. Everything from the outstanding guides in each area, to our lovely driver with very comfortable vehicle, the hotels (Taj all the way) and a special trip to a bird sanctuary with tented (luxurious) lodgings. It was all nothing less than perfect. Victoria was fabulous to deal with — she really got a feel for what we wanted and tailored a perfect itinerary for us. AND she really negotiated an amazing rate with the Taj hotel chain. So — we owe Wendy a huge thanks for that — I never would have found India Beat were it not for Wendy!

I recommend this travel planner!
Barbara Olsen | February 16, 2016

We did the Golden Triangle, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, in India arranged by India Beat. We generally travel on our own, but felt we needed some help for this trip. India Beat arranged a dedicated driver for the whole week, plus guides in each location. All staff were pleasant, professional and punctual. They worked with us on hotels and when it was worth an upgrade or not. They also recommended restaurants which we used and had a great experience at each, no Delhi belly on this trip! We were able to see a lot yet have time at the end of the day to relax a bit before dinner. I would not hesitate to recommend this travel planner!

I wouldn't do India any other way.
Cristy Clarke | February 16, 2016

India Beat was great to work with while planning our trip, and I definitely recommend their level of service on the ground in India. We had all of our hotels, guides and drivers booked through them, and their main office in Jaipur was in contact with us at several points during the trip. It was SO nice having our own guide and driver – I wouldn’t do India any other way. It’s one place I would pay the extra money and make sure you have a team behind you, ready to reschedule or reroute you if necessary. Drivers were very good, and the guides were knowledgeable and great about adapting to what we wanted each day. All in all a great experience!

We had a stress free trip
Dennis Laabs | February 9, 2016

India Beat organized a great tour of Rajasthan. Having excellent drivers in India is critical, and our driver was safe, reliable and personable. All the guides were good and a couple were excellent. The hotels were fabulous, truly the best we have ever stayed at. Communication with the local team was frequent and follow-up was very good. We had a stress free trip and everything was on time and well organized.

Provided flawless, personal service
Mitchell Lipkin | February 3, 2016

My wife and I found India Beat provided flawless, personal service,
assuring that our trip would be a memorable experience. From pre-trip discussions of our preferences, to the selection of places to visit, hotels, drivers, guides, and in-country transfers, India Beat anticipated our every need.
Our trip may have been somewhat unusual since we included a safari and a couple of days of pure relaxation in Goa in addition to the Golden Triangle, but no matter, at each juncture India Beat’s recommended places and activities were of the highest quality.

Taken care of from start to finish.
Precia (Julianna) Barrett | January 26, 2016

My friend let me plan our entire trip to India. And planning our trip with India Beat made me look like a total genius!! We felt totally taken care of from start to finish. The hotels were incredible. Everyone seemed to know our names, whether we were at a hotel for 1 night or 3 nights. The guides were great and would easily change our plans based on our interests and wants as we went along. The drivers were great too, as long as you get used to the horn honking and crazy driving rules, or lack there of. We started in Delhi, then visited Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. Victoria helped us come up with those cities based on our timeline and what we thought we wanted to see. Sometimes my brain hurt from learning so much history (which we enjoyed) so the guides would take us to do something different or fun to give my mind a break. Victoria listened well to our desires and cautions. I was opposed to contributing to the tourist elephant rides, and they did a great job of taking that out of the itinerary and being sensitive to our opinions on it. When she emailed me the final itinerary, we still changed and tweaked a few minor things, and they were happy to do it. I didn’t feel like we got a white washed tourist version of India, which is what I imagine a big bus tour would be. One of our favorite things was a private cooking class in an Indian home in Udaipur. We were always given enough downtime at the marvelous hotels to rest, relax and enjoy their grounds. I would recommend India Beat for friends and family for sure.

I was nervous about booking a trip to India, since it was a country I didn’t know a whole lot about. I was also nervous about booking a trip with a company that was not based in the USA, since that is where I live. Victoria was nice enough to speak with me over the phone a couple of times so that we could brainstorm aloud and I could ask as many stupid and crazy questions as I wanted. Those calls made me feel much more at ease. I always felt that I had a number to call in each city in India if something were to go wrong. I liked that there were so many people looking after us. Having a city manager that met us upon arrival in each town, was great too. It made us feel like the guide and driver had a boss to answer to in each town. It was a great trip thanks to India Beat.

I highly recommend India Beat
Gayda Hanna | January 7, 2016

What an a great trip we recently had in India, all arranged by Victoria of India Beats. The hotel selections were spot on, the guides provided just the right information we wanted, the driver was amazing , something truly needed in the chaotic streets of every stop we made on our trip (he made us feel like family). Victoria was extremely responsive to my e-mails and our discussions on the phone were very helpful. She cared about everything that we wanted to see, do and experience. Her people on the ground were caring, professional and truly enthusiastic. The entire 17 days went without an hitch. I highly recommend India Beat and will go back to Victoria for the next visit.

We'd definitely use them again!
Cathy Kaplansky-Gold | December 20, 2015

Victoria Dyer of India Beat was an excellent tour planner and organizer for our private, 3 week tour of northern India. The planning process was smooth and efficient and our input was included and appreciated. Her hotel and touring recommendations were excellent. All of her people along the way from our personal driver throughout the trip to the various tour guides in each city were all first class. They stayed in touch with us throughout our stay and whenever an issue was encountered they dealt with it immediately and satisfactorily. We recommend India Beat without any reservation! We’d definitely use them again!

Made our trip a huge success.
E Nolan | December 10, 2015

India Beat did an excellent job. We thought they were very helpful and thorough and made our trip a huge success. Victoria and her team were wonderful.

You will be in paradise
Frances Sloan | February 19, 2015

I stayed in Jaipur in March. If you are rather shy and not a “natural” traveler and explorer, but you know you’re missing out, then India Beat is for you! Victoria Dyer’s sensitive and sensible advice and planning, and the continuous support of her lovely staff will ensure you are able to get the utmost from your holiday. If you love traditional crafts like me you will be in paradise! Victoria helped me acquire a gorgeous Aquamarine ring in Jaipur and by the end of my holiday I was bargaining with the best of them for beautiful bedspreads and homeware in the bazaar.

Delighted with the experience
David Henderson | February 19, 2015

My wife and I have traveled to the Indian Subcontinent with India Beat three times in recent years and have always been delighted with the experience. Bertie and Victoria Dyer and their team of dedicated locals provide a service that is second to none. They use their extensive knowledge of India and network of contacts to create an experience that is tailored to individual preferences and budget, whether it be bird-watching, visiting ancient sights, shopping, sampling the local cuisine or collecting craftwork. Hotels chosen have been exemplary and their drivers reassuringly reliable, safe, friendly and knowledgeable. We will use India Beat for our next trip.

Looking forward to my next trip
Jim Mills | February 18, 2015

I have traveled to India with India Beat a number of times and I am looking forward to my next trip. Victoria and Bertie Dyer run a tremendous organization. Their itinerary planning is thoughtful and thorough and I am always extremely well looked after when I am there. Victoria understands the hotels that suit me and what I am most interested in when I travel-food! My drivers have always been excellent, and the guides charming and interesting. I now feel I know Jaipur well and am looking forward to exploring South India with their guidance.

Fabulous trips to India
Rachel Padfield | February 18, 2015

My mother and I have both experienced fabulous trips to India thanks to Vicky and Bertie! As well as the sights and shops of the city we rode elephants in the surrounding countryside and visited a local village where we saw the school, hospital, community projects and sipped chai tea with the locals. We also took some side trips including Aurangabad to visit the mind-blowing Ellora Caves, and (probably the highlight for me) to Ranthambore National Park where we came face to face with a tiger!

I had such a brilliant time
Olivia Hicks | February 5, 2015

One day in India in 2007, when I hadn’t been there long and wasn’t yet quite sure how to take this fascinating, vibrant, chaotic and sometimes rather crazy place, I met Victoria and Bertie. They took me under their wing and showed me the country they love, and that was when my Indian Adventure really began. I had such a brilliant time, I couldn’t help going back again and again! Through them I have had so many amazing experiences over the last few years, I couldn’t even begin to list them. This lovely, friendly and kind couple know India better than anyone, and know how to tailor-make every trip so that it is perfect—whoever you are and whatever you need. Above all, they really genuinely care—which is more important than anything else. Don’t even think about going to India without talking to India Beat first!

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