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Travelers and the elephant at the Dera Amer sanctuary in India.

Michael and Lisa Riggs with new friend Rangmala at the Dera Amer sanctuary.

We had a great trip to India in February, arranged by Victoria. As with every WOW List specialist we have worked with over the past five years, we found that Victoria and her team had everything planned and arranged to perfection. Any glitches were handled and fixed immediately. Most notable, after I left a packing cube with my husband’s polo shirts in the Delhi hotel, they managed to retrieve them and get them to us, via a variety of drivers and tour guides, at a later destination. Meanwhile, our guide Vanch suggested we get some shirts made, which was fun, inexpensive, and quick. A great souvenir from India, whether or not you lose yours.

We weren’t planning to shop very much, but Vanch and our first guide, Pulkit, took us to some terrific places and we couldn’t resist. We bought two rugs, which were incredibly reasonably priced, even including shipping to the US. We received them a few days after we arrived home.

The hotels were 5-star, gorgeous, and even historic. At The Imperial in New Delhi, the site of many historic meetings, we enjoyed sitting at the same table Gandhi did!

In Agra, we were surprised on Valentine’s Day by our WOW Moment: an authentic Hindu marriage ceremony for us! We participated in the rituals, learned a lot, and enjoyed the experience of “renewing our vows” in a different culture. Now we will be together for 7 lifetimes, the priest told us. Luckily, we’re good with that.

Our WOW celebration continued with an excellent dinner of Mughal tandoor cuisine with a traditional Santoor musician, at the highly rated Esphahan restaurant in our hotel, the Oberoi.

It was wedding season in Rajasthan and it was fun to see things even more ornately decorated than usual, including horses, elephants, vehicles in the streets and our hotel, The Taj Rambagh Palace (a former Jaipur Maharaja’s place). The elaborate Mughal gardens were the site of a large and lavish wedding reception, all day and into the night. It was fun and interesting to witness. Even the staff was impressed.

One of our favorite stops was the Dera Amer camp, an animal sanctuary and home of elephant rescues. We fed and took a walk with Rangmala and her mahout, and she allowed us to pet her and pose for photos.

We saw sunset and sunrise at the Taj Mahal, and were thrilled to tour the inside of this monument and many other historic forts, temples, mosques and palaces. We learned a lot about Hinduism and the Sikh and Jain religions at major temples.

In all, it was a beautiful trip to a most interesting country. I would recommend Victoria’s team for flawless arrangements!

Mary Ko | March 11, 2024
Little girl jumping out at Eklingji Temple, near Udaipur in India.

One of Mary Ko’s daughters gets some energy out at Eklingji Temple, near Udaipur. Photo: Traveler Mary Ko

Our family has been on many trips. We usually use Wendy Perrin’s List because all the companies offer flexibility and we travel with young kids (ages 11, 9, and 5). We went to India February 28th-March 9th, and it was our best family trip to date, I know part of this was because we finally don’t have a kid under 4 with us, but the other part was the travel company, and Narji our guide. We went to Agra, Jaipur, and Udaipur. There was so much to offer for everyone.

The kids’ favorite parts of the trip were the shopping, the block printing (2 of 3 kids took very serious), feeding peacocks at Taj Rambough, and seeing elephants at the Sanctuary. They truly loved all of the trip, but those are their favorites. My husband and I loved the Oberoi hotels, the gems, the Taj Mahal, the love of western travelers we felt, the tuk tuk ride, the historic sites, and so much more. Really every day. The weather was perfect, the guides were flexible and kind, and India is truly a magical place. We have already purchased the things needed to try to make our own jalebi and we loved the tea!!!

A few details that can’t be missed. We hopped airports a bit to quickly jump cities, and our driver would drive our luggage so we only had a backpack and snacks, making flying headache-free. Narji our guide was an amazing photographer, so sweet with our kids, and he is crazy smart, and so funny. He had us laughing many times. I don’t think I would change a thing. What I love about Victoria and Bertie’s company is that we had flexibility with kids. Meaning if we cancelled something because they needed downtime, it was fine, or if we had to change things quickly, it was no big deal.

Before we went I had heard not to drink the water and bring shoe covers and hand sanitizer. Victoria and Bertie provided all of this…so pack lighter!

Amazing adventure!!

Our travels were to India for a family wedding in Agra. Working with Bertie and Victoria’s team to select the hotels, identify places to visit and to coordinate the travel arrangements for the 9 members of our family was a great choice. We especially enjoyed the Chandhi Chowk rickshaw ride and the early-morning tour of the Taj Mahal. Our guide, Ajay, was great at sharing the history of the monuments and helping us make the last-minute schedule adjustments to accommodate the wedding and family events. Also, Bertie and Victoria’s office made it look effortless to handle the complicated timing of arrivals and departures of our family members.

We went to Kolkata, India for a wedding and then arranged a 10-day tour of Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra through Victoria. Victoria arranged a great itinerary. She worked closely with us to align the activities to our priorities. We have traveled extensively and can say that our tour guide, Vikram, was one of the best tour guides we have had. He truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and teaching us about the various Indian cultures and traditions. We really appreciated that he shared his very interesting family history with us. Whenever we travel, a major priority of my amateur photographer husband is to get great photos. Vikram kept this in mind and ensured that we saw not only the interesting buildings, but also interesting people to photograph. He knew exactly where to stand to get the best photos, especially when my husband wanted a photo that showed the chaos of India traffic! Having traveled to India many years ago for work, I knew that having a tour guide with us for the whole sightseeing trip was the way to go when touring India, and I was right! Vikram took great care of us and we felt very safe with our drivers, also.

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