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Attention to detail was evident at every stop.
Jeanne Lee | September 15, 2017

Jill’s attention to detail was evident at every stop. Her suggested accommodations in Woody Point were excellent and she made sure we had one of the nicest rooms at the Seaside Suites. Her narratives were always appreciated, quite helpful and very specific. Every stop was very detailed and accurate.

In talking with other travelers, they would say: “Oh, that is really the nicest place to stay in the area”. The Inn at Fogo Island was the perfect ending to a perfect trip. Jill was so wonderful to work with and we will be using her again next year to plan our trip to Nova Scotia and PEI.

Hit all the highlights
Carol and Jon Shanser | August 9, 2017

My wife & I planned a July 2017 trip to the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland with Jill Curran. She hit all the highlights of travel there and recommended great hotels, restaurants, & sights not to mention seeing the terrific and pertinent Broadway show, Come From Away, when we happened to be in NYC prior to our trip. We flew to Halifax, NS, St.Andrews NB, Shediac NB(lobster capital), Charlottetown & Dalvay by the Sea, PEI and finally St.Johns NL as well as Fogo Island. She also included stops at Trout Point Lodge NS, and Fishers Loft in Port Rexton as well as several great whale, bird & iceberg watching trips.

Couldn't have accomplished without her
Lori Ryerson | June 7, 2017

Jill Curran of Maxxim Vacations helped me plan a marvelous trip to Newfoundland in mid-May, 2017. I’m a fine art photographer, traveling with my adult cinematographer son, who gave me only 11 days of his time to accomplish a bucket list trip for both of us. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Jill made extensive notes of our wants, likes and dislikes at the get-go, and every step of the trip was planned with those criteria as the filters. She managed to pull a few rabbits out of hats and made some arrangements for us that we simply couldn’t have accomplished without her broad on-the-ground network in Newfoundland. She also monitored us all along the way, including changing our travel plans over a national holiday weekend while she was away with her family when our transportation was canceled due to high winds. She contacted the places we were to be, rearranged the bookings, and continued to stay in touch with us right up to the end of our trip. Since Jill lives there, she is more acclimatized to the weather quirks of Newfoundland, and won’t notice the cold as much as those from away. We would suggest that even as late as May, winter coats should go in the luggage (we wore ours every day of the trip, and we ARE Canadian, but it is still cold at that time of year!) The kindness and generosity of Newfoundlanders are legendary, and Jill is definitely a standard-bearer for Newfoundlands reputation.

A special program
Bob Eaton | October 15, 2016

Jill was terrific. We had never been to Newfoundland and knew only that we wanted to stay at the Fogo Island Inn. She designed a 10-day trip through the province and made the great suggestion that we modify our original dates to be at the Inn for Canadian Thanksgiving when they do a special program. Her suggestions about places to stay and eat were spot on and her communication before and during the trip were very helpful. We had a wonderful time — our only disappointment was that we had not allowed more time in several of the places we visited — but isn’t that the mark of a well-planned trip. We would clearly use Jill again and would recommend her to anyone.

Truly Truly WOW!!
Taffy and Dave Lock | September 15, 2016

Truly Truly WOW!!

We have just returned from a 3 week driving tour of Newfoundland (August-September 2016) which was arranged by Jill Curran and her team at Maxxim Vacations. Jill was intuitive to our needs right from the start and through phone calls and emails we fine tuned the itinerary to encompass the places we wanted to see and Jill added her magic to create a vacation full of lasting memories and amazing experiences. We were very fortunate to actually meet Jill at Ferryland lighthouse picnics where we enjoyed a stunningly beautiful day while relaxing on a picnic blanket with a gourmet feast. Jill knew and understood how much we valued our accommodation and that it was an integral part to the enjoyment of the trip – she hit the nail on the head here as well! We had a lovely mix of higher end Inns and bed and breakfasts where we got to interact with local Newfoundlanders who went out of their way to provide exceptional hospitality. Our tour took in lots of hiking and 4 different boat trips with each providing something different and added so much value for us – never could have arranged such an awesome trip without Jill. We became so engaged in the history of the province and fell in love with all the outports and harbours and came away feeling we had touched the heart and soul of Newfoundland. I really believe what Wendy says about a TTE making a trip extraordinary and Jill Curran at Maxxim certainly did that for us! It was very special.

Explored fascinating towns and villages
Ellen Fried | August 22, 2016

Jill planned the perfect trip to Newfoundland, Canada! She was responsive to all our requests and questions and provided us with a spectacular itinerary. We stayed in gorgeous inns with warm, friendly hosts, explored fascinating towns and villages where we met interesting locals and learned about Newfoundlands amazing history, experienced exciting boat tours where we saw whales, puffins and icebergs, and saw wonderful local theater. We couldn’t have asked for more. Jill answered all our questions by email and phone before our trip and was fully available during our trip. We give Jill our highest recommendation.

We would highly recommend
Milton and Jean Cross | July 28, 2016

We are so grateful for the travel expertise of Jill Curran and Maxxim Vacations. We returned from Eastern Canada with wonderful memories and pure awe at all that we saw in the Atlantic Maritimes. Touchdown to take-off went very smoothly, the few glitches in no way were the responsibility of Jill and her team! Everything they planned and organized for us was as described in the planning documents. They were wonderful to work with and we really appreciated all of the insider tips and background information.  Jill kept in close contact during the planning process fine-tuning our itinerary and activities, inserting personal tidbits and recommendations. She sent maps and a detailed itinerary with our final documents. After the trip, Jill took care of any minor glitches we experienced. The attention to detail and her ability to “read” us were awesome and appreciated!  We would highly recommend this team of professionals and would contact them again for future travels to this beautiful part of our world.

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