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The Secret to Extraordinary Travel: Here’s Proof That The WOW List Works

Wendy Perrin | July 16, 2018

How to maximize your experience of a destination?  Know the right fixer. What will the right fixer do for you? Read on.

Here is a continually updated sampling of the reviews that your fellow readers have posted after returning from trips that were arranged by Wendy’s Trusted Travel Experts and monitored by Wendy.  These reviews illustrate how the right fixer transforms a trip from average to extraordinary.

Ireland, orchestrated by Jonathan Epstein


Our June 2018 trip to Ireland was extraordinary in every way. Each hotel was unique and complemented our surroundings in the best possible way. The activities that Jonathan Epstein recommended for our family – a moonlight kayak excursion on a seawater lake filled with bioluminescence algae that flickered when the oar touched the water and the equally unique but totally different walking tour of East London’s street art and Sunday markets- made the trip memorable and will stand alone in our family memory of travel experiences.

The value Jonathan and his talented deputy Nicole provided was the deep knowledge of Ireland and London, their innate ability to suggest areas and activities that were perfect for our specific travel situation and the connections and relationships they have with the people and places we visited. Every restaurateur treated us special and every hotel gave us personal service. I am convinced you cannot replicate the experience on your own or with another travel service that specializes in a broader geographic region.

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Tbilisi, orchestrated by Zulya Rajabova


Zulya provides something that is rare, among even top travel agents: a true partnership. Through every step of planning my family’s trip to The Republic of Georgia, she made sure that she was meeting our travel needs and goals. Georgia is not flooded with obvious tourist attractions, so we received a well-rounded itinerary that allowed us to experience its natural wonders and connect with the culture. Never did I dream that my kids would be singing karaoke with Georgian children after lunch in their Soviet-era apartment. Some other favorite activities included cooking with local families in their homes, hiking in the Caucasus mountains and visiting Gergeti church via horse. I think the main reason it was so pleasant to work with Zulya is that she truly cares that you have a wonderful experience on your trip. She is an ambassador of the countries she represents, and we look forward to working with her to travel to other Silk Road destinations.

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Hawaii, orchestrated by Jay and Dani Johnson


We enlisted the help of Dani Johnson—based out of California—to help us put together a trip to Maui and the big island of Hawaii in June. Overall it was a great trip packed with hiking adventures, a sunrise visit to the top of Mt. Haleakalā and a subsequent bike down, surfing lessons in Lahaina, and a helicopter tour of the big island, including the active volcano. Dani was in constant contact with us throughout our trip, which was greatly appreciated, as we had questions about various things while we were there. We had mentioned this trip was a celebration of our wedding anniversary and at both of our hotels, there was chilled champagne and sweet treats courtesy of Dani. She even managed to snag us an upgrade to a suite at the Four Seasons Hualalai on the big island which was a pleasant surprise. Overall we were very happy with her and the great getaway she helped organize for us.

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Hungary and Croatia, orchestrated by Gwen Kozlowski


Thank you so much! You have helped us once again plan a perfect vacation that we will remember forever. This was a trip that was planned at the very last minute once we learned that two of our children could join us. We reached out to Gwen Kozlowski to see if she could possibly help us plan a trip to Hungary and Croatia. We did not make it easy on her as our trip was last minute, involved 2 teenagers, included a side jaunt of our own that we inserted, and the fact that we wanted to drive ourselves to get a true feel for the areas that we were visiting. Nothing was a problem for Gwen. Our accommodations were absolutely stunning- the restaurant recommendations were superb, and our guides could not have been better! Every detail was considered- at one point we had a little problem with our GPS (our fault) and Gwen had it addressed immediately. It was as if she was holding our hand throughout our entire trip. The highlight of our trip was a private yacht excursion to the islands in the Adriatic that Gwen recommended- it is truly a day that we will always remember. What an amazing trip! Our thanks to you once again for your wonderful recommendation of Gwen and her team!

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Japan, orchestrated by Lorenzo Urra


For context, I have never used a travel specialist, or any professional I have not met personally and/or with a recommendation from someone, I know. I pride myself on my planning, and I usually like to have all my tickets and copies of confirmation numbers weeks to months ahead of time. Because I didn’t have any familiarity with Japan at all, and could not really understand many of the websites, I did not feel I could figure everything out online. This was the time to try a Wow specialist – Lorenzo Urra. In this instance, I spoke with Lorenzo by phone once in the beginning, and the rest of our communication was by email. I let him know what we are like, what we were looking for, how many days we were staying, what we hoped to see, etc. After you do that, he then sends a beautiful itinerary that weaves all those disconnected thoughts and ideas together. Be clear and direct about what you need so he can make the right recommendations – even and maybe especially, for the days when you choose not to have a guide. You get all your tickets, etc. at the point of contact on the trip. (This review is going to be detailed because I wished I could have read more about this specialist before we left.)

Fingers crossed, breath held we headed to Tokyo.

AMAZING! Every promise, every recommendation, every connection, every reservation, every location was exactly as represented in the itinerary and super custom tailored to our taste – plus something to enhance our experience. A “realist,” I wondered if the promises would all be kept. Not only were the promises kept, but they were kept completely and meticulously. But the real treasure, the real value were the people – the guides and drivers were delightful, and true “insiders.” What I did not fully understand is that the value of the Wow specialist is their ability to get you to the right people.

The second we stepped out of baggage claim in Narita – there was our driver (with water and treats) – a young and personable gentleman. We had a little issue with traveling between the rooms at the hotel as they were on different floors, and the security was quite tight. ONE email to Lorenzo and his Tokyo team had it fixed within MINUTES. The next day was pouring rain, but our calm, informative and lovely guide, Ms. Itsuka Takeda, navigated us through the Japanese gardens, a tea house experience, the Fish Market, Asakusa and more – all via the subway system which was in and of itself quite fun. She was actually even going to wait for us to freshen up and take us to our restaurant by cab, but we let her know we could manage. (BTW, at the restaurant of Lorenzo’s recommendation the amazing Kaiseki 5-1-1, we had the ultimate Kobe beef dinner, complete with bday wishes and GIFT for my son from the restaurant. ) The next morning, Itsuka accompanied us to Hakone and Lake Ashi. She and our driver, Mr. Ishida, brought us deep into the ancient forest – our wish list fulfilled. We finished with a bit of time so she and the driver discussed, then added an activity – the skyway at Mishima. When they brought us to the ryokan with baths, Itsuka helped us get checked in to the super authentic and traditional inn. She oriented us to new ways of sitting, through two tea servings (this was all part of the check-in) and only then – when she was sure we were OK and comfortable, did she leave. We 100% would not have found this ryokan without Lorenzo, and 100% would not have been brave enough to try all the traditional experiences without Itsukas gentle help and reassurance. Although Mount Fuji was “shy” the day before (it is common to be unable to see Mount Fuji, especially in rainy season) when our driver picked us up in the morning, he knew so many vantage points that a miracle happened, and we got a look at Mount Fuji! He did not leave us until he watched us pulling away on the train to Kyoto.

Similarly, in Kyoto, our fun, lively and knowledgeable guide, Ms. Igarashi, and our new driver were true insiders and when we got to the mountain hideaway cafe and found the wait would be quite long – off we went to a locals-only restaurant specializing in grilled conger – sea eel. YES! That is exactly what we were hoping for. The guide and driver were quite flexible and brought us to sites we missed on our independent walk-around the day before, in addition to what they originally were planning to show us. (Charmingly, our driver showed us a leaf he plucked from a nearby bush such that when you write on it the writing turns black over time- the first stationery, and had iced towels for us on this very hot day.) Lorenzo and his team also arranged two “experiences” for us – a Samurai experience and a Ninja experience – including transport and taxi transfers. These were very high quality, incredibly fun and authentic, culturally respectful and informative, and super interactive – including shuriken, ninjato, katana, meditation and more. My sons and I really enjoyed them. On our “independent” day, Lorenzo showed us, practically literally step by step, how to see Arashaiyama leaving from the Samurai experience, in the most practical and enjoyable way.

We visited many beautiful shrines—some famous, many less so—and our guides made it feel personal, spiritual, historical and fun all at once.

One last thing – our airline changed the departure to a much earlier time at the last minute – which meant all our plans for leaving Kyoto and getting to Tokyo had to be amended. One email to Lorenzo – and the Kyoto team was on it! That could really have been a BIG problem, but with all their support – a driver with an earlier pickup, an associate to change the train ticket, accompaniment from alighting from the train in Tokyo to the driver, then the dropoff at Narita – no problem.

Bottom line, WORTH IT! 100% helped me tremendously, and Lorenzo Urra and the people on the team were extremely effective, reliable, and kind.

Thank you, Wendy, for what you do. Time is precious, and the insights from the articles you have written over the years have really helped us make decisions that improved the quality of our time together.

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Scotland, orchestrated by Jane McCrum


Trip of a Lifetime.

How different our trip would have been had Wendy not introduced us to Jane McCrum and her team. With only a short conversation Jane planned a trip for us that exceeded my most hopeful expectations and one that would have been impossible without her peerless effort.

A private concert at an equally private estate in the highlands, a guided fly-fishing expedition through pristine waters, a tour of the castle built by our ancestors, and some of the very finest dining experiences we’ve had anywhere in the world. Our accommodations were exceptional, inviting, and unique, the perfect combination of five-star luxury and rural comfort.

Our guides Nicky and Les were beyond compare, we couldn’t imagine having taken the trip without them. They both know the historical and modern-day Scotland in greater detail than I know my own neighborhood. They are tremendous storytellers and warm friends, effortlessly bypassing road closings, navigating the rainy weather, and juggling our schedules such that we never missed a thing. These two are likely magic in some way.

We are already planning our return trip with our family, having left our hearts in Scotland. Our sincerest thanks to Wendy and Jane, without whom we’d never have been able to forge these lifelong memories. Cheers!

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Greece, orchestrated by Christos Stergiou


We planned this trip almost a year before. Christos called us to get to know more about our traveling style, kind of hotels, etc. The planning was excellent, they picked really great hotels to stay in Greece (we visited Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Kranidi Porto Heli), plus a few nights in Rome. The hotel choices in Santorini were perfect, as they advised us to pick Perivolas. We appreciate their advise to stay at one hotel in Mykonos, as they got a really good deal for such a beautiful room with private beach and pool, however, we picked another hotel due to the location, and they still managed to get us the room there. As for Rome, they picked the right hotel for us at Portrait Roma, right in the center of the shopping district and easy to navigate to wherever you go to Rome.

The execution during the trip was even better, the guides they provide were all excellent, the one in Mykonos was one of a kind, but the others were also great. Transfers/drivers were very professional and friendly.

They gave us one free lunch/dinner voucher in Mykonos at one of the best Greek restaurant, which was a greatly appreciated touch. Finally, we were asking them to change the airport transfer time one hour earlier on our last day, because we needed to deal with VAT refund, and they managed to arrange everything nicely.

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Peru and the Amazon, orchestrated by Ashton Palmer


Planning this trip involved a series of detailed emails with Ashton Palmer and his staff, with the result that everything about the trip (to Peru) was perfectly tuned to our interests and abilities. In the Sacred Valley, we were paired with a guide who knew every stone at every site, and every corner of every town. We were able to visit a tiny village where textiles are created starting with shearing the alpaca and ending with weaving the finished product and saw how the different dyes are created, how the looms work, and how people live above 13,000 feet. We met our guides mother, who lives in an original Inca house and cooked us a snack. Talking to other travelers, it was clear how much more we saw of how people live than do most other tourists, and how much richer our experience was as a result.

From the Sacred Valley, we went to the Amazon to visit the Pacaya-Samiria reserve, something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. There are a lot of ways to see the Amazon, but Ashton pointed us to the one that gave us the immersive experience we wanted, and my unreasonable expectations were more than met. We ended in Lima, where the highlight was a tasting market tour with a chef followed by a 7-course lunch with the kind of commentary every home cook dreams of (“if only I had someone here to tell me how to make this delicious dish…” and there she was!).

Ashton Palmer is the person to work with if you want a chance to get closer to the place you’re visiting. We saw all the sights; but we did so much more than that, in exactly the way that suited us best. I can’t imagine how we would have put something together on our own. Most highly recommended!

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Disney Orlando, orchestrated by Michelle Allen


Michelle and her team rise above all other travel specialists that we have ever used. They know virtually everything about Disney and are adept at navigating the different parks so that you get the most out of your experience. They plan your entire trip – from dining reservations, to theme park tickets, to Fast Passes, Disney theme park tours and special needs. No detail is missed. And they have access to special deals and sales.

Even if you are an experienced Disney traveler, as we are, you should still trust all of the planning to Michelle and her staff. They know all the ins and outs and no matter how much you think you know, they know more. In addition to being knowledgeable, attentive to the smallest detail, and amazing planners and organizers, they are by far the best communicators in the business. This is an incredible travel organization that is at the top of their game and the travel world. Highest possible recommendation. Have used many times and will continue to use and recommend.

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American Southwest, orchestrated by Marty Behr


We recently returned from our trip of the Southwest national parks (Arches, CanyonLands,Zion, Bryce etc). Our trip was planned by Blair on Marty’s team. This is the second time I have used one of Wendy’s WOW planners and she did not disappoint. First, the reason I used a planner at all for a trip in the US (my own backyard), was that I had no idea how much time to allocate for each of the parks and how to navigate the loop so that it all would work well. On top of that, there never seems to be a huge number of choices re: lodging near national parks and I wanted help with booking comfortable, but not over-the-top, lodging. I told Blair that if there was a place to stay that became an important part of the visit, then by all means we wanted to do that. She nailed it with our stay at the Red Cliffs Lodge! Our backyard was the Colorado River and some amazing red cliffs!! All in all, Blair did a great job of setting up the logistics, planning excellent activities with a combination of shared tours and private guides… I definitely wouldn’t have been able to plan as well by myself (not to mention the time saved by NOT having to do so!). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marty and Blair if any of our friends wanted to tour US national parks.

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Spain, orchestrated by Virginia Irurita


What a fabulous Dali day. My husband and I are big fans of the artist’s work and were anxious to see the Dali house, Cadaques where he vacationed and the Dali Museum. Jordi, our guide and our driver (whose name we can unfortunately not recall) were terrific. Our driver handled hairpin curves with aplomb (there were many) and both were a joy to be with during the day. Jordi was informative without being overbearing and took care of a lot of little details. He found us a wonderful place for lunch and even gave us his mother’s recipe for Paella. Can’t wait to try it!

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Cruise orchestrated by Tom Baker


My husband and I contacted Tom to help us plan an Alaskan cruise with a long-time friend who we hadn’t seen for a few years and wanted to have a trip that gave us time to re-connect. We gave Tom extra challenges in that we had 2 different budgets. Our friend was on a tight budget, and we were looking for an upgraded experience. Additionally, our friend is a non-US citizen who lives and works overseas. I had been to Alaska before and wanted to see some different areas of the state while neither my husband nor friend had ever been to Alaska and wanted to see the highlights. In addition, our friend, who is a trauma surgeon, could only be away from work for exactly 14 days including flight time.

We reached out to Tom through the WOW list with all the details of what we were looking for in the trip, other trips we had done, what we liked, what we did not like, etc. In our initial phone conversation with Tom, he had all those details in his mind and discussed them with us.

Tom sifted through the plethora of Alaska cruise options and sent us 3 itineraries on 2 different ships that exactly matched all of our criteria. He gave us specific cabin recommendations that fit our needs to a T. We booked the trip and all was on track. Tom also helped us book pre-cruise hotels and excursions which matched our requests.

Then we hit a snag. This is where having a TTE is invaluable.

Due to a diplomatic kerfuffle, the US stopped processing tourist visas at the embassy our friend had applied. Our friend’s visa application got caught in the fray. He was assigned a visa interview date a year after he filed his application, which was 3 months after our cruise was to be complete. We all watched and waited to see if things would clear. As we neared the time the final cruise payment was due, we contacted Tom and explained the situation. We decided we had better cancel our Alaskan cruise and book a cruise where the 3 of us already had visas.

We gave Tom our parameters with the added challenge of less lead time as well as the fact our friend had already arranged coverage at his hospital with another surgeon, so he could not change his travel dates. This time the 3 of us wanted to stay before the cruise for 2 nights, and then my husband and I wanted to add on hotel nights afterward.

Low and behold we heard back from Tom within 24 hours with 3 cruise options that fit all of our very specific needs. We picked one cruise and told Tom to book it while finding us equivalent rooms from the old ship on the new ship.

Tom handled the cancellation and refund of both our hotel and cruise for Alaska, and booked us on the new cruise, in the Baltic.

We did not book too far in advance for this new destination. Tom went above and beyond in booking us a hotel in Copenhagen both before and after the cruise. The pre-cruise hotel website said they were sold out for the dates we wanted, Tom called as well as emailed them and was able to find us 2 rooms, which were perfect and in an ideal location. Next Tom connected with me on the phone while he poured over all of the post-cruise hotel options. He looked at the square footage of the room as well as if there was air-conditioning. Neither which I would have looked at in booking the room on my own. Some of the hotel rooms were incredibly small. Tom also warned me that air-conditioning is something a person might not think they would need in Denmark, but it was an important factor. We were so glad he looked at those 2 features in picking a hotel as Copenhagen experienced a heat wave while we were there. I heard other cruise passengers complaining about the room they booked, saying they could not walk around the bed and have their suitcase open at the same time as well as not having air-conditioning.

Tom was available to answer all of my many pre-cruise questions, up until the time we boarded the ship. When the pre-cruise hotel missed a perk Tom had arranged for us, we reached out to Tom from the hotel and he swung into action. We were very pleased with his availability and responsiveness while we were traveling.

We received a free upgrade onboard the ship, which I am sure had to do with Tom as we were all first-time cruisers with this line. Tom noticed my birthday was to occur while we were on the trip and arranged a complimentary birthday package for me on-board in celebration, which was a very personalized touch.

Our cabins onboard the ship were in the best location possible, at the best rates, and matched what we were looking for exactly. All of Tom’s information and advice about the ship was spot on.

I told Tom we did not want to be on any large bus shore excursions as well as we wanted to avoid the crowds from the ship at the sights in port. Tom facilitated booking us with an independent tour operator which offered small size, as well as private, tours at each port. These tours were smaller in group size as well as less expensive than what the ship offered. He went to bat for us with that operator to ensure everything was just as we wanted.

Tom sent us all of our travel documents and tour tickets in a well put together folio prior to our cruise, and he sent us an extra gift.

We enjoyed working with Tom immensely, and would not hesitate to book with him again. We encourage you to do the same.

Wendy, thank you for all you do in vetting these agents so we may all have fantastic travel worry free.

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Zion, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Sedona, orchestrated by Caroline Wood


We had an amazing adult family trip to Big Sky, Montana, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole and Caroline Wood and her team were everything we were looking for in a travel advisor. Right from the start, Caroline got on the phone with me to ask questions and find out all our wishes. She then laid out some great options on accommodations and activities – all exactly as we had discussed. We did not need to have extensive back and forth – she just got it. In our final conversation before departure, she made sure all of my questions were answered.

As for the trip itself, all was seamless. Caroline and her team laid everything out day to day, involving drives, tours, rafting, hiking, fishing and delicious meals (including a private chef at home after a long day of touring). All top notch. We did not have one snag. As the travel planner, she made me look like a hero. The tools they used and all the back-up information on all the locations seemed to anticipate all our questions (lunch, where to hike, etc..) We rented a fabulous home in Big Sky and stayed in a wonderfully, fun inn in Jackson Hole. I would not hesitate to use Caroline again.

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Fiji, orchestrated by Lynette Wilson


Lynette was wonderful. First, she was very intuitive regarding the level of accommodations which would work perfectly for me, based on the questions she asked and the answers I gave. The trip I took would not have been many travelers’ idea of a dream vacation, but it was just perfect for me.

She quickly responded during the planning stage to any questions I had and checked in with me when I got to Fiji. She slightly understated the accommodations, which meant I was pleasantly surprised at how great they were. What she did not tell me was that the places where I would be snorkeling and diving are world-class sites. National Geographic was filming at one island, and the Jacques Cousteau organization was at the next. Awesome trip.

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Monaco, orchestrated by Jennifer Virgilio


I highly recommend Jennifer Virgilio and her team! In planning a trip to Monaco for our family to see the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix, Jennifer and Andreas Eberhart put together a fabulous visit, including a hotel with upgrades, restaurants, and a fantastic day on a yacht. Even with some last minute changes on our family’s part, her team was responsive and proactive in making sure everything went smoothly. It was truly a luxury experience and completely problem-free thanks to Jennifer and Andreas.

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Morocco, orchestrated by Michael Diamond


Michael was instrumental in planning our two week trip to Marrakech and Fez. We concentrated on architecture and design as I attend design school. He listened carefully and created an itinerary that covered not only major points of interest but quirky places off the beaten path.

We spent many fun and interesting days with our loyal guide, Hassime. We began our time together in Marrakech and were delighted when he informed us that he would be joining us in Fez. It was emotional when everything came to an end, as he had become a son to us.

Sometimes, a local designer would join us to expertly explain and expose us to different aspects of the industry; I helped weave a huge, black and white Berber rug, on the loom at the medina showroom. In a lighting factory in the industrial area, I observed metal being intricately cut and filed to create breathtakingly beautiful sconces and pendants of huge proportions. I created and fired my own 8-inch square, black and white tile, in a factory outside the city. We watched men hand carve cedar with intricate, geometric, design, forming screens, doors and decorative woodwork. We visited the tannery and to watch leather being dyed.

In a tiny shop, through a cave in the medina, we observed silk, of agave, woven into fabric on the loom. Moroccan colors are the most vibrant I’ve seen. Everybody was smiley and happy to allow me to watch them work. They gave me hand-carved spindles and tassels and samples of glittering passementerie and braid. One gentleman carved a shoehorn, out of real horn for my husband. Hassime asked him to please make a small hole in the handle, and I attached a tassel.

The last factory we visited was my favorite. It is a porcelain factory where all kinds of tiles and pottery and vases and dinnerware are created and hand painted. The mosaic designs on wrought iron table tops are out of the ordinary. I am planning on ordering two.

In addition to ALL of this, Michael ensured that we saw every museum, garden, palace, spice market, and minaret. He helped me with restaurant reservations when my hotel was letting things slide. He arranged all transportation, and there was a lot. Always with a clean, shiny Mercedes SUV, that was on time, even at 2 am.

He arranged a day trip to the Agafay for lunch in a private tent (wonderful) and camel rides (hilarious ). Our young host, Hamead, was so humored by my fascination with his elaborate (really) turban, that he promptly unraveled all 20 meters of it and recreated his
“Lawrence of Arabia” vibe so I could see how it’s done.

Honestly, I could go on, but I am sure you get the gist.

I asked Michael if he did any other countries, say India? and his response?
“No Sandra, I don’t. I’m a Moroccan kind of guy”.

What more could you possibly want?

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Botswana and Zimbabwe, orchestrated by Cherri Briggs


As someone who had never been to Africa, I needed the help of a travel specialist just to decide in which country to go. The possibilities are confusing and endless and I was overwhelmed. When I spoke to Katie McDonough, on Cherri Briggs team, I gave her some vague directions about my preferences. She came up with the perfect safari experience. The trip she planned was very well balanced: a few days of safari camps, followed by a couple of relaxing days on the Zambia side of Victoria Falls and finishing in another safari camp. The two safaris were in different countries (Botswana, Zimbabwe), different environments and landscapes. We saw the big fives many times over and more wildlife than we expected in very close encounters. Only someone with a deep knowledge of the areas could plan this for us. The logistics( four small planes, three borders crossing …) were organized without any glitches: there was always the right person and vehicle waiting for us at the right time. The camps she chose were extremely comfortable, sumptuous and also very well run. The company that owns them operates with a very high standard of ethics when it comes to conservation and community. The two safari guides were outstanding in their knowledge of the area and the wildlife and we always felt very safe with them. All this luxurious experience was within the budget I had outlined which surprised me. (I had contacted two other travel agencies specializing in African safaris not part of Wendy ‘ s WOW list and their proposals were not only more expensive but also had not the same level of exclusivity).

We have now got the Africa bug and will call her again very soon for another amazing safari experience.

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The Galapagos, orchestrated by Allie Almario


Allie was Fantastic from beginning to end! She listened carefully to what we wanted and helped us plan an amazing trip. She walked us through points of interest in Peru and Ecuador. Introduced us to places we would not have known to visit, recommended excellent, beautiful hotels and ships and even advised me on the best places to shop for local artisan wares. The guides she chose for us were Exceptional! They were able to convey a lot of information and history in a way that made it feel very alive and never dry or boring. They were passionate about their countries and excited to share what they knew. They came well prepared —-one guide had his backpack filled with snacks, extra suntan lotion, a first aid kit, maps, and anything else you might need. The drivers were wonderful. We always felt we were in good hands and never worried about our safety. We have traveled extensively with guides and these were among the best we have had. Allie and her people on the ground in both countries were available when we had a problem with flights from Cusco to Guayaquil. Because of weather – all flights were canceled that morning. She had wisely advised us to allow for an extra day in Guayaquil before our flight to the Galapagos to meet our ship. Instead of arriving at 3:00 we did not get there until 11:00 PM. They had a friendly face waiting for us at the airport to escort us to our hotel and make sure all was well. It was quite reassuring to know people were looking out for us.

That was the only glitch during the entire trip and it was due to weather which none of us can control!

I highly recommend Allie and her team!! They are exceptional.

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Sicily, orchestrated by Marcello Baglioni


Marcello gave us ten unbelievable days in Sicily, the country he loves so much, and he was there checking in on us each day making certain we were experiencing what we wanted to find in Sicily. We knew that we wanted to see antiquities and beautiful countryside, but we didn’t know hidden treasures like Morgantina, the archeological site where Marcello sent us with a charming archeologist whose published articles on Greek artifacts and enthusiasm for the site excited us on a flower-filled spring morning. Nor did we know of a tiny village tucked into the hills where his fabulous guide introduced us to cheese makers and bread bakers (with whom we baked pizza for an outdoor luncheon.) Nor would we have ever found the young olive grower whose mother prepared a sumptuous luncheon served on their veranda, surrounded by olive groves. The list of delightful Sicilians Marcello sent us to stretches from a volcanologist on Mt. Etna to a family whose Mt. Etna winery was recently noted in the New York Times. This was not a “cookie-cutter” vacation!

Marcello listened carefully and gave us an itinerary that matched our dream experience in Sicily. We couldn’t do all that he suggested–sailing the coastline, for example) due to our limited days, but he knew how to keep us enthralled with the things we hoped to see and to help us unwind in luxury in beautiful Taormina on our last two days. I’ve encouraged all my friends to visit the sites of Sicily with the extraordinary guides Marcello knows whether they drive themselves or use a private driver. We ate well, saw and learned so much about Greek and Roman sites, interacted with talented people–bakers, chefs, history experts, and loved the rolling hills of Sicily which we saw with the skill of Marcello’s planning and judgment. We couldn’t have found anyone who knew and loved the famous as well as the seldom-discovered places on this itinerary, customized to the things we love.

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Rome walking tour, orchestrated by Paul Bennett


Livia Galante on Paul Bennett’s team did our tour of the Vatican. We truly skipped the lines and she took us to parts of the museum that are not standard tour stops. She was knowledgeable, efficient and so nice! If you are visiting the Vatican, it is the only way to go.

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Cape Town and Botswana, orchestrated by Julian Harrison


We just returned from a trip to Cape Town and Botswana, May 19 – 31, planned for us by Julian Harrison. It was truly one of the great and most fulfilling experiences of our lives! We had several in-depth phone conversations with Julian in the initial planning stages, and he gave us expert advice on all aspects of a trip for which we had many expectations but extremely little knowledge. We received excellent advice for our specific needs (i.e. my husband has a problematic back and photography was a priority – so locations and camp choices were tailored with this in mind, as well as the critical advice of hiring private game drive vehicles). Our budget was also well-respected throughout the process. We are not sure, but we suspect that having Julian as our travel planner had something to do with the absolutely top-notch guides and accommodation locations we received throughout the trip. We were well taken care of from the moment we landed in Cape Town through our final flight out of Botswana by representatives arranged by Julian, He also took care of arranging all of the inter-country flights to and from Johannesburg, Cape Town and 3 different camp locations within Botswana. It was a very complex trip, and yet everything unfolded quite seamlessly and easily throughout. Also, our trip included a WOW experience from Wendy Perrin: an exciting helicopter ride over Cape Town!! We would not hesitate to contact Julian for any future travel to Africa.

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Portugal, orchestrated by Gonçalo Correia


Several things distinguished this trip from all others I have undertaken using one of Wendy’s trip specialists. We traveled with a 1-year-old. I knew this meant a lot of consideration had to be given to where we stayed, how we traveled and what we did. Goncalo scored on all aspects. Goncalo has a child close in age to our Oliver and knew how to plan a trip that would include a small child. First, he selected a family-friendly hotel in Lisbon — Martinhal Chiado Family Suites — in the trendy and convenient Chiado area. We opted for a 2 bedroom apartment with full kitchen and washer/dryer. What a perfect choice this was. The apartment was great–comfortable and spacious with amenities we were grateful for in staying 4 nights there. It also had great breakfasts and a kids’ playroom. Second, when we did a full-day trip to Sintra, though my daughter wanted to see Pena Palace (I’d been to it on a previous trip), he suggested instead that we go to Quinta da Regaleira and Convento dos Cupuchos, which were both interesting and much easier to navigate with a small child than Pena Palace would have been. The weather cancelled our planned lunch picnic but no matter; the restaurant he and our personable and knowledgeable guide selected were just right. Goncalo had lots of nice upgrades for us. He personally conducted our walking food tour on our first day in Lisbon educating us about Portuguese foods (and drink) taking us to great places I’d missed entirely on my earlier trip to Portugal. When we departed Lisbon for Coimbra on our way to the Douro Valley, our car was delivered to the hotel and turned out to be a major upgrade from what we’d rented (and lots more comfortable). I was particularly grateful since I was in the backseat next to Oliver in his car seat. Our hotel in the Douro Valley was wonderfully located, our rooms were very spacious, and the private boat for our morning cruise on the Douro River was spectacular. So much nicer than I’d expected. The wine tour he’d chosen for us was the best I’ve ever done. We learned so much about the port wine industry and tasted the best (and most expensive) port wines I’ve ever had. His suggested stop on our way to Porto at Guimaraes, which I’d never visited, was spot-on and we had a great time with Oliver clambering all over it. When we had trouble getting to our hotel in Porto due to road closures, a call to Goncalo got us navigated right to it while he stayed on the phone and then got us to the luggage drop off and parking. Our guide in Porto was terrific. Suggesting we take the train back to Lisbon instead of driving also proved to be the right call, as did a last night back at the same hotel in the same 2 bedroom apartment.

In short, I can’t speak highly enough of Goncalo. This is not the trip I would have taken (or had him design) if it had just been my husband and me but it was perfectly designed and executed for travel with Oliver who not only turned 1 in Lisbon but learned to walk during our time in Portugal. Trip specialists who really listen and craft trips to meet clients’ desires — and sometimes needs not even recognized by themselves ahead of time but anticipated by the specialist — is why Goncalo is the 13th of Wendy’s specialists I’d used.

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Peru orchestrated by Marisol Mosquera


We had an amazing, outstanding trip from start to finish! We did Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Hiram Bingham Luxury train, Lake Titicaca, Colca Valley and Arequipa.

All of our questions were answered and all of our requests organized promptly. The suggestions, organized tours and hotels were the best! Our guides were terrific and enjoyable to spend time with.

EVERYTHING ran smoothly and nothing was overlooked….no small feat for a 16 day tour for 4 people!

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Italy, orchestrated by Maria Landers and Brian Dore


My wife and I just returned from a spectacular, custom made trip to Italy that was orchestrated and arranged under the guidance of Maria Gabriella. Thanks to Maria’s expertise and attention to detail, every aspect of our trip was as enjoyable and as comfortable as we had hoped it would be.

Our tour guides were terrific, all of them: Elvira in Florence; Stella in Siena; Alessandro, Gina and Claudia in Rome; and Francesco in Pompei/Naples. It is impossible to quantify how much each of our private tour guides added to our understanding and appreciation of the art, artists, history and culture in each of the museums, cities, and sites we visited. Our drivers, all of whom arrived ahead of time for our scheduled pick ups, were great, too.

And Maria’s hotel recommendations, the Palazzo Vecchietti in Florence, and the Portrait Rome, were perfect and perfectly located. The staff at both hotels were exceptional.

It’s obvious that Maria has worked very hard to identify and partner with the guides, drivers and support staff who took such great care of us. They were all stellar.

My wife and I have been thinking about this trip for several years. Thanks to Maria and Concierge in Umbria, our dream trip to Italy was everything we imagined, everything we wanted, and more. Also, Grazie mille, to you, Wendy.

Thanks so much for connecting us with Maria. We would not have found her without you. Another thoroughly happy Wendy Perrin fan.

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Japan, orchestrated by Scott Gilman


Scott did a superb job of understanding who we are and what we wanted to see and do. We had a lot of unique experiences. To mention just a few: intimate sumo experience, time with Buddhist leaders, overnight in the monastery, etc were all terrific. The whole trip was well paced and always the option to do something else if the going became too strenuous. Our guide Narumi was amazing. Every time we expressed a new interest, she found a way to meet it in the near future. We would highly recommend her, and Scott and his team, for any trip.

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New Zealand, orchestrated by Donna Thomas

JANE DELLSY | MAY 12, 2018

Our trip to New Zealand exceeded our expectations. Although we usually plan trips on our own, this one was more than we could handle. During our first conversation with Donna, my husband and I agreed, “she gets us”. The initial itinerary that was created included so many opportunities to exploit our interests and accommodations that were perfect, many of which I doubt we would have found on our own. Despite Donnas assurance to the contrary, we feared the itinerary was too ambitious; but Donna was absolutely correct. We were not over-scheduled, but our days were full.

We were amazed when we received our package of travel documents. It was organized and every detail was covered. We also rented a GPS through New Zealand Travel, which they preprogrammed and it proved to be invaluable. Between these items, we never had any difficulties along the way, and potential stress was eliminated.

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Italy, orchestrated by Jill Taylor


Our Italy trip to see our daughter studying abroad started by contacting Wendy. After we answered a few of Wendy’s questions, she then directed us to Jill to guide us on our journey. This was the best decision we could have made! Jill was a delight to work with and, having lived in Italy for a while, was so helpful in planning an itinerary with our budget in mind. I would have been overwhelmed and wasted precious time and money trying to figure out where to go and what to do for a 10-day trip. She booked all the hotel accommodations and transfers to the different cities we visited. This took the stress completely out of our trip and probably saved my husband and me from a few arguments! :)

On top of that she created a great itinerary with private tours to see top sites in Venice, Florence, and Rome with her connections. We felt like royalty at times! Jill was available and professional in every aspect. We will definitely use her again for a future trip!

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Jerusalem, Petra and Egypt, orchestrated by Jim Berkeley


Our trip to Jerusalem, Petra and Egypt was one of the best trips in a lifetime of travel. Jim Berkeley zeroed in on our interests, addressed our security concerns and worked with his extensive local contacts to organize an amazing 18-day itinerary. Thanks to Jim, the three of us had the freedom to avoid the crowds and travel comfortably with a series of personal guides who were knowledgeable, friendly and confident talking about their countries from ancient to current times. We especially enjoyed exploring The Valley of the Nobles and Deir el-Medina outside Luxor. These tombs were in excellent condition, incredibly beautiful AND there was virtually no one else there! Secondly, while all the hotels were excellent, the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan is an experience in itself!

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Kenya, orchestrated by Nina Wennersten and Dan Saperstein

FRANK OTT | APRIL 30, 2018

You really learn the value of a seasoned travel planner when there is a hiccup during your trip, in this case, weather-related.

We have been to Africa on safari a couple of times during the dry seasons, this time we opted to see Kenya in East Africa when it was Green.

This is our second trip arranged by Nina and Dan and they frankly nailed it – from the moment we landed – when the door of our Airbus 330 opened in Nairobi there was someone from the ground handler to meet us – not in the terminal but at the top of the airplane’s steps! Who does that!

The three lodges we stayed in were all excellent, each unique, each providing a different experience and matched our desires of comfort and activities perfectly. The hosts/managers in each were long in experience, provided excellent to over-the-top notch facilities, impossibly courteous and knowledgeable staff, seriously good and locally sourced food, fantastic views and plenty of game activities.

Highlights in each included: Three leopards in 3 days at Saruni Samburu; at Sirikoi, seeing dozens of Rhinos and sharing a few meals with the owner whose family goes back several generations in Kenya as safari leaders and conservationists; the staff, the Cheetahs and unreal views at Angama Mara

But there were weather-related hiccups and this is when Hippo shined.

The first occurred one month before we left when we learned from Nina that our final and top lodge was literally washed away in a flash flood. When she called she had already arranged for a replacement lodge, one that is now considered the best in the Mara, and for the same price! This one was above our budget and proved to be extraordinary.

The second weather-related hiccup occurred mid-trip when fog delayed our flight from taking off in time to get to the next lodge, forcing us to spend an unplanned night back in Nairobi. By the time we landed in Nairobi, The team, was not only aware but had already arranged with the local airline for ground handlers to meet us, provided an excellent hotel plus dinner, arranged for next day flight, all at no cost to us.

This fast and nearly seamless fix to the situation could not have happened unless you have a travel planner with dozens of years in East Africa, has relationships with the air transporters and one that has stayed at every lodge they recommend.

I highly recommend Nina and Dan.

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Oregon and the San Juan Islands, orchestrated by Sheri Doyle


Highlights: She snagged a 7 pm dinner reservation with a view at a restaurant that was booked solid 3 months out; she got us up close to Orcas in the wild; ferry reservations & very detailed instructions on our way to the San Juan Islands ; getting us into the cellar of a family-owned winery in the Willamette Valley where the owner popped off the cork of the barrel and asked us to listen to the crackling sound of wine fermenting (double Wow moment); tide pooling at the Haystack on Cannon Beach.

Her customer service was superlative throughout the trip. She made contact regularly to make sure everything was going as planned.

All of the resorts were spot on and her restaurant suggestions for dinner were culinary delights. The Castagna chefs food and wine tasting menu was truly a culinary adventure.

I will hire her again without hesitation!

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The French Riviera and Provence, orchestrated by Philip Haslett


It was my husbands 80th birthday. We are active New York people. Having stressed this on the phone with Philip Haslett our travel agent for Provence and beyond we had long (starting at 9:30 daily, our choice) exciting days and evenings. We focused on history and art and Philip filled the itinerary and hooked us up with extraordinary guides who were delightful to be with as well as smart. From the private tour in the Popes Palace in Avignon to the Matisse Chapel in Vence , the new Frank Gehry building in Arles, and the Chateau La Coste- we were happy visitors! Philip hand picked each hotel, made sure our accommodations were special and even joined us for a few days when we visited Albi. Great journey.

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The Caribbean, orchestrated by Lindsey Epperly


We have two college-age sons and a daughter who is 24, and the boys’ spring breaks were back-to-back weeks, so we wanted a place in the Caribbean somewhere where everyone could come and go easily and we could be together as a family. Lindsey helped us pick an island and villa that met our needs: She found us an extraordinary villa in Jamaica that had a staff and the most amazing view. We are not a beach kind of family—this was the first beach vacation we have taken in more than 10 years—so we wanted to make sure there were lots of other activities available. Lindsey’s recommendation was perfect, since there were so many activities nearby. We went zip-lining, river tubing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and more! It was an excellent trip that certainly exceeded our expectations.

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Vietnam, orchestrated by Sandy Ferguson


Sandy Ferguson organized our first ever trip to Vietnam (3 weeks) in March 2018. Wow!! It was simply fabulous! Every detail was flawlessly arranged. Our hotels, guides, drivers, locations we visited just superb. Having Sandys guides at each location made all the difference. They were local, took us to interesting places, were fun to be with and had incredible knowledge to share. Because of our guides, we were able to have two very interesting interactions with local families who invited us into their homes. Without interpreters, it simply would not have been possible. It was one of the MANY highlights of our trip. I cant recommend Sandy highly enough. We would use him again in a heartbeat!

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Cabo, orchestrated by Julie Byrd


Julie Byrd and her team set up a lovely trip to the Los Cabos area for our extended family. Because of the age range involved – five adults and two children, 8 to 70 – it was not necessarily a given that everyone was going to be happy. But the final verdict: everyone was delighted!

Julie asked all the right questions, then listened carefully to what I told her were our wants and needs. She then steered me to the perfect villa. It was a huge hit! Additionally, she gave her suggestions for the best restaurants for our whole gang, and we were all blissfully happy. I kind of hate to admit it, but a couple of times we went off on our own and made random restaurant choices from one of the “review sites” was when we got in trouble and were less than pleased. Our mantra became: we should have listened to Julie!

Julie and her team also guided us to choose the best companies for our expeditions, and everyone agreed that the treks were extraordinary. We wanted memorable adventures, and that is exactly what we got!

A couple of times I had questions about the trip along the way, and she and her team could not have been more responsive. The same can be said for her local contacts: they responded promptly to questions and seemed to truly care that we were happy with everything.

I have set up many trips on my own, and it’s easy to do if you’re simply booking a nice hotel and relying on the concierge to steer you to great restaurants, etc. But for a trip like this, an experienced planner with insider knowledge of the area is the only way to go. I would use Julie again, in a heartbeat!

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Israel and Jordan, orchestrated by Joe Yudin


Our family just returned from an outstanding private tour to Israel and Jordan arranged by your specialist Joe Yudin. As we had requested, Joe provided us with unique opportunities to become acquainted with the current issues facing the state of Israel. We especially appreciated our breakfast with a respected Arab Israeli reporter for his informed insights, as well as our meeting with a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the IDF where we discussed the security challenges on Israel’s northern border.

The special cultural experiences were also fabulous. How we wish we could shop every day in Mahane Yehudi market and cook our meals with a local Chef. Or dine outdoors on a feast prepared by just for us overlooking the fields of a kibbutz! A special thanks to Rivka on Joe’s team for pre-trip planning and even tracking down lost eyeglasses during the trip!

The highlight of our trip, however, was being led by our extraordinary guide, Amir. As we traveled Israel, Amir vividly brought to life ancient cities, religious and archaeological sites, monuments and museums. He shared with infectious enthusiasm his vast knowledge of Israel, its people and its history. He is a master storyteller and his insights were invaluable and enriching. As we traveled the country, he proved to be flexible, patient and a pleasure to be with.

I would recommend Joe and his team without hesitation to anyone who desires a luxury tour of Israel and wants to feel a true connection to this beautiful and amazing country.

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Morocco, orchestrated by Mike Korn


I am very happy I worked with Mike Korn and his team to plan our family trip to Morocco. Mike prepared a detailed itinerary that matched our wishes and stayed within our budget. The hotels were great choices. We spent the right amount of time in each destination. We had a terrific, knowledgeable guide and an excellent driver. Mike booked all our restaurant reservations and was able to add 4 friends a few days before to one reservation at what turned out to be a fully booked restaurant. For me, it makes sense to book a trip to Morocco with Mike. He saved me time, recommended hotels based on our likes, knows the guides and drivers, knows the sights and restaurants. I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone planning to go to Morocco and would use him again for Morocco or Spain.

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Ecuador, orchestrated by Tom Damon


Our trip was excellent. Tom Damon was very knowledgeable: He had recently been to the Galapagos and traveled aboard the same vessel he recommended for me and my two family members who were also on this trip. The Santa Cruz II is the sister ship to the National Geographic Explorer which I had already checked out. We got better rooms on the Santa Cruz II and it cost less than the alternative. Some of the naturalists are freelancers, so we got a naturalist we might otherwise have had on an alternative ship.

In Quito we were treated to what might be called a Wendy Perrin Special Moment. We (just the three of us plus our guide) were taken to the roof of Santo Domingo Church for a tour and heavy appetizers after dark. Two lovely local ladies hosted us (one was the caterer and the other was dressed in local garb). It was very special and exclusive. I don’t know if it was Tom Damon or the local tour guide who made it happen, but it was very memorable. Thanks. We had a wonderful time in Quito and in the Galapagos. Blessed by great weather and very friendly fellow travelers aboard the ship.

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New Zealand, orchestrated by Jean-Michel Jefferson


My two-week family trip to New Zealand was excellent. Deirdre on Jean-Michel’s team planned a “best of” type itinerary since this was our first trip to NZ and we wanted to see as much as possible. But she also made sure to include unique cultural experiences that only Jean-MIchel has access to, like a day spent with Tom Laughlin, a Maori elder, on his tribal land where we prepared a “hangi,” the traditional Maori feast. She was also able to accommodate a last minute excursion to Milford Sound, which was one of the highlights of the trip. Everything ran smoothly from start to finish, there was not one single loose end — or if there was, I never saw it. And we had good communication via e-mail and phone as necessary throughout the trip. It was a very pleasant working experience that made for an unforgettable trip.

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Chile and Argentina, orchestrated by Jordan Harvey


My wife and I are back from our first trip to South America, visiting Chile and Argentina. We worked with Jordan to put together a trip that mixed hiking, wine tasting and big city tours. He and his team did a flawless job organizing the somewhat complex itinerary and provided outstanding guides and drivers in every venue (which is always critical on these trips). As expected, the high-end hotels were excellent, but the “boutique” hotels they selected also were great and interesting to visit. For sure, anyone visiting this area should stay at Awasi, even though pricey. The wine tastings that were arranged in Mendoza were well done and our boutique hotel at a vineyard there (Finca Adalgisa) was fun with good wine and a great cooking class. All around a great trip with a good mix of outdoor adventure and luxury touches.

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Portugal, orchestrated by Mike Korn


We had a wonderful trip to Portugal planned by Mike Korn. Basically it boils down to deep knowledge of the places, hotels, guides,etc. On every score, Mike was excellent. The guides and drivers were all seasoned and friendly professionals and gave us a lot of insight into the culture and sights we were seeing. The itinerary was well planned. Having MIke and his team organize everything let us truly enjoy our vacation. We’d definitely recommend using them again and plan to do so.

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India, orchestrated by Bertie and Victoria Dyer


Victoria rocked it. This was, without exaggeration, the best trip ever. Full stop.

In the planning stage, she responded promptly to my many emails. As I do plenty of my own research I had many ideas/questions/requests for reservations that she gladly accommodated. I never had to wait for a response from her, which I appreciated.

She assigned one of her top guides to us, Vikram. From start to end Vikram was superb and stylistically well suited to my husband and me.

At each hotel, we received either the best room in category (best views, quietest, biggest rooms) or an upgrade. Our balcony room at Amarvilas was dead center with the best view of the Taj Mahal, our room at Raas had an unobstructed view of Mehrangarh Fort. At Udaivilas and Rambagh Palace we were upgraded. Clearly Bertie and Victoria have a deep and good relationship with these properties.

When our guide had a family emergency halfway through our trip, they seamlessly replaced him with an equally delightful guide.

I continued my trip in Mumbai without the benefit of India Beat’s guidance. While I booked and got nice rooms at the Taj, the level of guiding that I hired on a daily basis couldn’t hold a candle to Victoria’s team.

Great experience. Can’t wait to go back!

Thanks to Wendy!! She provides an invaluable service to the traveling community.

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India, orchestrated by Sanjay Saxena


Sanjay Saxena made my trip to India the trip of a lifetime! I went from February 6 to March 3, 2018. As part of his planning, Sanjay had us end the trip in Jodhpur where there was a very special celebration of a Hindu festival on March 2. He made it possible for our trip to include a few off-the-beaten-path places in which I was interested and where few organized trips go. He also suggested places and activities which were marvelous. All the hotels he picked were perfect and we often got upgrades because of his contacts. On the ground, our arrangements were handled by an excellent local company and we were completely taken care of, even pampered, from beginning to end. It was clear that Sanjay stayed on top of them throughout and he contacted us regularly as well. This amazing trip would not have been possible without Sanjay!

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Costa Rica, orchestrated by Irene Edwards


Our family traveled to Costa Rica in December 2017 on a trip that Irene Edwards planned for us. It was my third trip to Costa Rica, my husband’s second trip, and our children’s first. Irene put together a perfect itinerary that allowed us to explore destinations that none of us had been to before, and that was not overrun with holiday travelers. On Irene’s recommendation, we traveled to the Osa Peninsula and to Nosara. The trip was the perfect mix for us of jungle and beach time. The wildlife viewing in Osa was amazing, and we all had a blast learning to surf in Nosara. Irene arranged for stays in great eco-lodges, advised us on tours, checked in with us during our trip, and was very responsive to our questions prior to and during our travels. All of our air and land transfers went very smoothly. We would gladly work with her to plan another trip.

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Mexico, orchestrated by Zach Rabinor


From start to finish, Zach Rabinor and his team was absolutely fantastic. They listened to all our ideas and concerns for our family vacation, and then tailored an incredible itinerary that satisfied all five of us (parents and three boys ages 16, 13, and 8). In fact, it was perhaps a little too incredible. So I was really impressed when they were able to suggest ways to bring the trip within our budget and still have some great experiences. Once we decided on the itinerary and moved into the planning details, our travel specialist was always accessible, timely with her communication, and clear on what was needed to finalize the trip. On the trip, everything went according to plan. But we wanted some last minute changes, like making dinner reservations at certain restaurants we had just heard about, or–much more complex–taking a day trip to a couple of towns a few hours away. Our travel specialist was able to work quickly to set things up and accommodate us. Here are the things we did on the Yucatán Penninsula (Mexico): hiked and swam through a cave with an underground river, visited two important Mayan ruin sites, floated down a beautifully clear Mayan canal, took a short jungle walk through a nature preserve, stayed in a family-friendly resort with beach access & a range of activities for the kids & GREAT food, spent a day exploring two beautiful colonial towns where we hunted for traditional textiles and folk art. We did all of this in just a week. There is no way we would have been able to do all that without Zach and his team’s help. They arranged transportation and a guide (when appropriate), knew just how to time our activities to avoid traffic and lines, and picked things that would suit all of us. I would highly recommend them to anyone traveling to Mexico, and I plan on using them in the future.

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Norway, orchestrated by Jan Sortland


We just returned from a trip we planned with Jan Sortland to see the Northern Lights in Alta, Norway and wanted to tell you that he is fantastic! What a pro. Everything was perfect. I highly recommend Jan, and thank you so much for what you do as you made it very easy for us to find him! We saw the Northern Lights 4 nights in a row (unbelievable experience), we dined with one of the world’s great chefs, went dog sledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, cruising the fjord sand more, and loved every minute of it. Jan was great to work with from start to finish.

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Argentina and Uruguay, orchestrated by Maita Barrenechea


Maita Barrenechea and her team made our trip to Argentina and Uruguay outstanding! Superb guides and recommendations in Buenos Aires hit the mark on all counts. We had wanted to go to the Salta region but given weather/time of year, the suggestion that we go to Uruguay was made and our stay at Finca Narbon was one of the highlights of our trip! A private cooking class for our daughter and I at Malman’s restaurant at The Vines was a fantastic experience. Each step of the way Maita and her team were in touch with any changes or available to immediately deal with a few small glitches. Over the years, 7 trips taken and two more are currently planned with WOW experts. Always easily planned by staff who listen well to our goals.

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African safari, orchestrated by Linda Friedman


Linda Friedman is perfection. She planned a 10 day trip for my wife and I with nothing left to chance. Her people on the ground were excellent including David, our guide in Amboseli, and Wilson, our guide in Kichwa Tembo. Lodging was perfect. Time in each camp was perfect. Interim arrangements in Karen and the Boma in Nairobi were perfect! In fact, both my wife and I had the best massages ever at the Bomas spa when we had a few hours to kill. Linda even thought to give us a free cell phone to use. I told her we would never need it but we had an issue at home and it sure came in handy. I would have zero reservation recommending Linda to plan a safari to Kenya.

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Cuba, orchestrated by David Lee


I did a lot a research on Cuba travel specialists before selecting David Lee through Wendy Perrin. I never thought that in my lifetime I would have the opportunity to travel to Cuba and with the relatively new opportunity to do so, I wanted to be very careful in my choice. This was a trip that I wanted planned vs just winging it on my own. I felt I had made a wise choice before we left for our trip and it was absolutely confirmed after. Every day was planned to encompass a variety of Cuba cultural, food and entertainment. We would not have seen or done half of what we did if we had “winged” it. We would have missed so much. A side benefit was how close we became to our guide and driver who were married. We became family. Since we were on a private tour with just my daughter and myself, the four of us got to know each very well. We truly got to experience the Cuba culture with intimate conversations and experiences. I know this could not have been experienced if we had been with a large or larger group. With David Lee’s tours, they are a maximum of 14. This allows you to have access to the paladares which are private, smaller restaurants. With large groups, you would be eating at government-run restaurants. David took the time to call me on two occasions prior to booking. I was able to ask as many questions as I had and he was a wealth of information to set my mind at ease to book with his company. David Lee’s Cuba tour was the best decision I made for our trip. Outstanding communication, follow-up, accommodations, guides, tour experiences and restaurant choices. If you are thinking about a trip to Cuba, you will be in good hands with David and his team.

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The United Arab Emirates and Oman, orchestrated by Lindsey Wallace


This has been the 10th trip my wife and I have been on, using Wendy Perrin recommended experts, and it was SUPERB. We went to the United Arab Emirates and Oman in early-mid Dec 2017. It was a relatively last-minute decision and Lindsey Wallace did a masterful job quickly putting together a perfect itinerary. Hotels, transfers, guides, restaurants etc were all pre-planned by him. We questioned a few suggestions but we allowed him to make the final choices and we were not disappointed with anything. He alternated stays at magnificent resorts (beach, desert, and mountaintop) with city touring (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat). Each person we interacted with and every hotel and resort was superb. We have nothing but the highest praise for him and recommend him and his services without reservation!

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Southeast Asia, orchestrated by Andrea Ross


It was wonderful working with Andrea to plan this trip! She was amazingly responsive and truly understood my needs and desires as we planned the trip. She was completely flexible in reworking the itinerary when some obstacles forced a change in plans. As for the trip itself – it was excellent!!! Our guides were the most important “make or break” part of the trip, and they were superb. As we flew to different locations we had new guides, but all of them were full of knowledge, kind, warm, open and their insights and warmth provided for a stellar trip. We felt like we were leaving friends as we moved on through the country. Every guide took great care of us ensuring we were checked into our flights and making sure that we were carefully handed from one location to another. I couldn’t have asked for more and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with Andrea and her team again.

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Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, orchestrated by Pierre Gédéon


Pierre was totally instrumental in helping us plan our 15-day Holiday trip which began in Nicaragua, then a few days in Costa Rica and finally a few days in Panama. We Skyped with him early in the planning stage and he listened carefully and then expertly matched the activities to our interests. He is a true professional and even met us in Nicaragua after several days into our trip to check on how the trip was progressing. In Nicaragua we took the ferry to Ometepe and stayed at a nice eco-lodge there; our guide Eric there was fantastic, spoke English well and showed us “his island”. Back in Granada, our guide Gustavo and his driver Roberto were both excellent and a highlight of the trip was a day we spent on a private island near Granada in Lake Nicaragua. In Costa Rica, we first went to Villa Blanca (a hotel that was the former home of the president) in the Los Angeles cloud forest where we stayed in a lovely private casita; after that, we traveled further north to La Fortuna and stayed at the fantastic thermal spring & spa resort, Tabacón. We had a 2-bedroom suite that we shared with our son and his new wife and that was incredible…huge with a canopy bed for the newlyweds, jacuzzi, etc. The pools and food there were excellent as was our day rafting the Rio Balsa with our private guide Jonathan Morales(he really made the trip special for us) of the Desafio company there. After a few days at Tabacón, we flew to Panama City and our guide introduced us to the Panama Canal…another highlight. We did not do a boat trip thru the canal at Pierre’s recommendation (so as not to inappropriately waste time in a boat) and that was definitely a great idea. For the final few days (including New Years Eve & Day) we were at Boquete in the mountains in the west of Panama; a beautiful town with nice hiking, cooler days, and a wonderful hotel, Panamonte. All in all a GREAT trip with terrific guides and superb planning; we would consider going back to Nicaragua using Pierre to plan a trip further north to the cigar tobacco region (Estelí) as well as Leon and Volcan Momotombo. Prices are very reasonable in Nicaragua, and the people, while poor, are very nice and accommodating, and there is plenty to see and do.

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Australia, orchestrated by Stuart Rigg


New Years Eve in Sydney. A bucket list item! Despite us being late In being able to make arrangements Stuart and his colleague Jane helped guide us to the perfect choice -on the water, in the middle of the action. And we had the best table right at the bow of the boat.
What a night to remember. The fireworks were everything I hoped for and more. A huge tick on that bucket list!

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South Pacific cruise, orchestrated by Meg Austin


I have worked with travel agents and travel specialists throughout my adult life on trips spanning several continents and complicated itineraries. In short, Meg Austin is THE best in every aspect of planning a trip from start to finish. I’m not sure if I’d be classified as “high maintenance”—you’d have to ask Meg that—but I ask a lot of questions and require a lot of information and guidance in every step of planning a BIG trip like the one my husband, daughter and myself planned through Meg. It was our first cruise and Meg guided me through every aspect patiently and expertly. Meg knew exactly which cabins to book for us, which flights to put us on, when and how to reserve our excursions and dining options so there would be no FOMO. Meg is incredibly well connected with insiders, so she was able to pull strings to get us everything SHE wanted us to have in our tour package—items I didn’t even know to ask for, but thank goodness Meg did. She handled me with humor, grace, zip-quick responses, and was always one step ahead of me.

It will take a long time to fully process and digest the breathtaking beauty of Tahiti, the graciousness of its people—including every crew member on the Paul Gauguin—and how perfectly Meg took care of my family through every step. This was a trip of a lifetime, and it’s going to take a lot to top this week.

No hitches or hiccups at all, anytime, period. Once onboard the ship, I followed Meg’s guidelines to a tee and booked our dinner, diving, and excursion reservations—which were all about timing, as the ship was fully booked. No problem for us—we had Meg Austin as our travel guru.

Meg could not have picked out a better cabin for us and our daughter. It was everything she said it would be—fantastic location for viewing breathtaking scenery, and the cabin amenities were wonderful. Cabin service twice daily! Fresh towels and stocked refrigerator throughout the day!

The food throughout the cruise was only exceeded by the professionalism and warmth of the Paul Gauguin staff. We made fast friends with the ship’s captain, so we were treated to tours of the bridge and engine room, and of the galley with the executive chef. The only way I didn’t roll home was due to all of the activities and excursions I went on that were so well organized and staffed. The snorkeling was excellent, as were the guides. My husband and daughter enjoyed terrific dives—four divers to a divemaster, unheard of on a non-liveaboard diving trip. Nothing was lacking. Everything exceeded all of our expectations. We met lovely guests from around the world. Yes, the ship was fully booked, and there were a lot of kids and family reunions, but we did our thing and they did theirs. Maybe next cruise I’d opt for adults only, but that’s just me. Even my previously Cruise-Averse Husband was completely won over by this Paul Gauguin cruise experience. You’d have to be insane not to have felt this way. It was luxurious beyond words.

We are Meg Austin lifers—if she’ll continue to have us. I actually helped some of the guests with information that Meg gave me that they didn’t know! I guess that makes me a Meg Austin protegee!

I tell everyone about the Wendy Perrin website and WOW List… and I suppose I also have to now share Meg Austin as well. I have not had one iota of disappointment with either.

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The Galapagos Islands, orchestrated by Eric Sheets


Our family trip to the Galapagos Islands was fantastic. We decided to take this trip with little time to plan. Eric and his colleague Nils did a nice job of planning a diverse trip for our family of 5 (teenage boys ages 18, 16, and 13). The naturalists that were on our daily trips with us were fantastic. We loved the Galapagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz. The food was unbelievable and staff very helpful. The Iguana Crossing on Isabella was a nice change of pace to be right on the beach. We enjoyed time to walk on the beach as well as into town. It is hard to pick our favorite day-trip. We were surprised with a last-minute surf lesson, which was such a treat! I highly recommend this trip.

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France, orchestrated by Jack Dancy


Jack’s colleague Simon put together a fabulous French trip for my husband’s 70th birthday. We wanted to attend the annual Christie’s wine auction benefiting Hospices de Beaune, and knew we would need expert help as we’d tried, with no success, to get in on our own. Simon took care of everything for us.

We were in a beautiful hotel (his pick), he got us lunch/dinner reservations in the most fabulous restaurants, and best of all he got us tickets to the wine auction and tickets to the incredible Dinner of the Dukes at Drouhin Cellars. And if that wasn’t enough, Simon set us up with a private guide to go to the Montrachet villages and have private tastings. Sublime!

We ended our trip in Paris, and although we had told Simon the hotel and restaurants we wanted to visit, he set everything up and made sure the hotel knew it was a birthday trip. Everything was fabulous.

We had great drivers picking us up and transporting us from airport to train station to hotel, and back. We had phone numbers at our fingertips in case anything was not right. All in all, we were taken care of beautifully and loved every minute of the trip.

Thank you, Wendy Perrin, for introducing us to Jack and Simon.

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Brazil, orchestrated by Martin Frankenberg


Martin and his staff (we worked with Tamaris and Charline) were very responsive throughout the planning process and during our visit to Brazil, which was in November 2017. The itinerary they put together was the perfect combination – 3 nights at a luxury jungle lodge to explore the Amazon, then 4 nights in Rio, where we got to enjoy both the old and new aspects of the city. They recommended a day trip to the charming coastal town of Paraty, where we enjoyed a few hours exploring the shoreline on a boat. The highlight of our trip was a sunrise visit to Corcovado Mountain, to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. They were able to arrange for our visit to be private – just the 4 of us, watching as the first rays of sunlight hit the statue, and the city of Rio awakened below. Yes, it was as spectacular as it sounds!

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France villa vacation, orchestrated by Annie Flogaus


St. Remy de Provence.

We’d highly recommend renting your pied a terre in Provence through Annie Flogaus. She has access to so many wonderful properties and was extremely helpful in finding the exact right fit. She knew every facet of each property we were looking at and answered every query we had in detail. When our first villa canceled our reservation 5 months ahead of time because the owner decided to sell, she quickly rebooked us into an even more fabulous home and secured compensation from the initial owner to more than cover the difference in cost. We will definitely use her services again!

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South Pacific cruise, orchestrated by Leslie Fambrini


Leslie Fambrini is fantastic. We are very experienced travelers – over 130 countries visited — and seldom use travel agents, usually arranging our own trips or traveling with affinity groups. But since we were doing an expedition cruise that wasn’t sponsored by an affinity group, we decided that to deal with Silversea we should use an agent. For this Micronesia-Melanesia Silversea trip, Leslie got us a discount on the great cabin she recommended, found out the group pre-cruise hotel early enough to avoid the high Silversea price with an internet price, and got all our information to us early since we were leaving 13 days before the cruise. Silverseas transfer prices are ridiculously high but in expedition ports, there are often no taxis available. Leslie went out of her way to find a transfer agent in Port Vila, Vanuatu, (not a place she would normally deal with) and arranged our ship to hotel transfer for “free”. Two issues arose on our trip. One: I had to supply a copy of our flight ticket leaving Vanuatu to the ships financial officer for the Vanuatu visa. Somehow in transferring all my documentation from my home computer to my traveling laptop, the flight out of Port Vila did not transfer. An e-mail to Leslie got a copy of the flight info in less than an hour. Not a big thing unless it is the night before the immigration officers are due on board. Secondly, we were traveling without our i-phones. We discovered the morning we were to disembark that our ship was not arriving at the usually port but at an out of the way one and we had no way to contact the transfer agent (the ships reception people being busy with other duties). We e-mailed Leslie again and she contacted the transfer agent. They were there waiting for us when we arrived. Perhaps they had already checked without her input but it was so reassuring that we would not be standing in the pouring rain with no taxis available wondering what to do. These may be minor things but as people who usually seldom use travel agents, not having a moments worry (well the 20-30 minutes between e-mails) is worth a great deal to us (I might add that on a previous trip that we booked through Leslie, much went wrong due to the expedition staff. I complained to Leslie and received a generous credit from Silversea due to efforts.)

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Italy, orchestrated by Andrea Grisdale


We made changes during our trip, which were taken care of quickly and with a smile. We also had to return a few days early from our pre-paid trip, due to a medical emergency. Andrea was able to secure some of our pre-paid money back, although it was not technically due us.

Also, the rooms at the hotels chosen were magnificent. That is what we like: not just detail in picking the right hotel; but the very special room at the special hotel. We could not ask for more.

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Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, orchestrated by Greg Tepper


Before we contacted Greg and Natasha, we did research on sites, restaurants, and experiences we did and didn’t want. Our son is very knowledged in WWII history, tanks, and aircraft, so we wanted extensive coverage of these topics. Besides the tank museum at Kublinka the largest in the world and aircraft museum at Monino, Greg and Natasha suggested other sites— Stalin’s bunker, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, and a Cold War nuclear bunker in which we turned the keys to launch ICBMs. Our guide, Tatianna, met us daily and took us and translated for our private guides at each site. One of our favorites was a night at the circus. We had reserved restaurants beforehand so our stay in Moscow was wonderful. We took the Sandan bullet train to St. Petersburg which was the only disappointment as we thought we were booked in 1st and instead were in a cramped car without foot room and roaming children. Ted, our guide in St. Petersburg, was like Tatianna, a gem. Like in Moscow we dispensed with the churches and visited Peterhof, Catherines Palace where the famous Amber Room is with a special appointment in the amber workshop, the Cruiser Aurora, the Naval Museum, and the Artillery Museum, where my son took apart an AK-74 and put it back together. Ted and I wandered the Hermitage and the annex for Impressionist paintings. All of our needs were carefully thought out with Greg and Natasha before our plane left the ground, and now I wouldn’t do it any other way. Impressive!

Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Grand Canyon river rafting trip, orchestrated by Mindy Gleason


Recently we took a 15 day raft trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon arranged by Mindy. Being in the Grand Canyon day and night for two weeks was a magical experience. We were enveloped in beauty and majesty. The crew members, led by Billie Prosser, were all strong, competent, knowledgeable, and dedicated people, who were also extremely nice human beings. They took good care of us. And they take good care of the Grand Canyon. On the coffee cup that each passenger got at the start of the trip was inscribed “Leave no trace.” And our crew made sure that we did not leave a trace. Each night when we arrived to set up camp the site was in pristine condition, and it was just as pristine when we left the next morning. Thus, the crew gave us the gift of experiencing this great natural wonder, and they did everything they could to make sure that the Grand Canyon would remain beautiful, clean, and natural.

Grand Canyon Raft Trip, from Lees Ferry (Mile 0) to Diamond Creek (mile 225)
September 18 to October 2, 2017

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Sri Lanka, orchestrated by Miguel Cunat


Miguel and his team (specifically our consultant, Shalini) did an amazing job planning our honeymoon to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We provided them a rough idea of what we were looking for (combination of relaxation, adventure, culture, food, and luxury) and they put together an outstanding trip. Neither of us had used a travel planner before, so we did not know what to expect. We both were extremely pleased with the level of organization and thought that went into planning a perfect trip. Not having to think about the itinerary, timing, schedule, etc is a luxury in itself! We simply were told when to show up and where and then went along for the ride! Miguel and his team were also extremely helpful in arranging our accommodation in the Maldives- even negotiating an upgrade to half-board. I highly recommend working with Miguel and his team! I am not sure if reviewing a country is appropriate here, but I cannot resist! Sri Lanka, for those that are considering, is a special country that blew us away. It is amazing how so much history, culture, and diverse scenery fit into one tiny island. The people and food (food!!) were also a delight. We traveled the end of September through the first week of October which was considered “shoulder season.” We had AMAZING weather that was not too hot/humid and only experienced a spot shower or two. The crowds were light, so we never felt like cattle call through the sites. I cannot recommend visiting this nation enough… especially before more catch on to its charm!

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Alaska, orchestrated by Judith Root


Judith listened to the type of Alaska experience we wanted to have. She and I had a couple of long conversations about an active holiday and an overview of Alaska. She planned an amazing, unforgettable trip for us. She was always available. I would recommend Judith to friends and anyone wanting an awesome, flawless holiday. Carol Wilson also was a partner to Judith in making our holiday to Alaska absolutely memorable. We already want to plan another adventure to Alaska. We are hooked. It was FABULOUS!!!  And due to the professional aspects your company we will be using your professionals for a trip to eastern Canada.

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Bali, orchestrated by Diane Embree


Diane Embree was excellent in all stages of the planning process. She knows Bali inside and out and is a wealth of information. Even with a time difference, she was prompt to respond to my emails, answer questions, and have numerous phone conversations with me. We spoke so many times and she never hesitated in answering any of my questions. She even sent us a packet of helpful information to help prepare us for our trip. It’s obvious that Diane loves Bali and is eager to share her love of Bali with others. She has many contacts in Bali and is an expert at what she does.

I am so happy that I found your website because without Diane Embree there would have been no way that I could have planned a trip to Bali on my own. Thanks, Wendy!

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Tahiti and Bora Bora, orchestrated by Kleon Howe


Kleon Howe planned our trip perfectly. The first part of the trip was a no-brainer. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora as this was the one request my 12- year-old daughter made. However, our family is more adventurous than that and the trip only got better from then on. For the next portion of our trip, Kleon persuaded us to charter a catamaran. I was skeptical about this as I was concerned we would not have enough to do or that we would be bored. Kleon assured me otherwise. He advised me that we would experience the culture and geography much differently by doing this. He was right. We loved this portion of our trip. The final part of our stay at a high-end eco resort was extraordinary. Kleon was always informative, collaborative and cheerful in my dealings with him. He knows the area extremely well. He had many suggestions but carefully listened to what each family member wanted from our trip and then came up with an itinerary that suited us well.

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Italy villa vacation, orchestrated by Mara Solomon


I started working with Mara Solomon, a year prior to our trip. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. Mara and her team are consummate professionals – highly skilled, super knowledgeable, fun and warm. They think of everything and do so with finesse and flair. Mara very quickly figured out our hopes, taste, and interests, beyond what I was articulating, and steered us toward several excellent villa options. In planning our excursions and villa experience, she offered unerringly sage advice and suggestions and listened intelligently to my responses. She also has a great sense of humor, for me a huge plus. It was clear I’d landed with the A-team. As a result, I relaxed and confidently put myself in their hands. Working with Mara was an effortless pleasure and the result was spectacular. We spent a week in Tuscany with a blended extended family of twenty-five and to a person, we had a joyful, exciting and refreshing time together exploring the countryside and savoring the many treasures of the villa, while reconnecting with loved ones and deepening our ties to each other. Mara anticipated potential pitfalls and prepared me for them while planning to prevent them. It worked. She suggested ways to add small joys to our days together. Those also worked. Our trip was for us just the right balance of art and architectural history, nature, exercise and of course, great food and wine along with lounging by the pool, playing cards and sharing stories. Whats remarkable in my view is that the planning itself was such a pleasure. That is entirely owing to Mara and her staff. I want to plan another villa stay in Italy if only to have the opportunity to work with them again.

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Paris apartment rental, orchestrated by Madelyn Willems


Madelyn and her team made everything so easy! All of their apartments looked fabulous and the one we chose—the Clairette—certainly was. I thought it would be nice to have a view of the Eiffel Tower, as suggested by an article by Wendy that I read, and in reality, it was so delightful to wake up and see each morning and say goodnight to each evening. Our apartment also had a really nice, spacious shower, A/C, and a washer and dryer, all of which made the 98 degree heat wave we experienced in Paris much more bearable. The location couldn’t be beat—within two blocks were at least two each of boucheries, patisseries, boulangeries, and chocolatiers—and thanks to Maddy’s neighborhood guide we had suggestions in where to hit for what. We could walk to the Metro, the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine.

We also highly recommend making your life easy and clicking through her menu of choices. With four of us it made sense to have a wifi hotspot and why hunt it down at the airport when for a discounted price your greeter can hand it to you at your apartment when you arrive. Same with your museum pass, Seine boat ride tickets, and Metro cards. We also booked a Versailles bike tour through Maddy — for the same price as Viator and others — and she set us up with a company walking distance from the apt on the day of the special food markets in Versailles and we got the veteran guide Frazor who was the best tour guide we’ve ever had. My family is still doing Frazor impressions. We also booked a photo shoot through Maddy’s staff and now have gorgeous photos of all four of us and our girls at ages 13 and 16 for the same price as a photographer in SF. That package promised a little tour guiding Ali G with the photos, but our photographer wasn’t super at history or Paris facts.

All in all I can’t recommend Maddy’s staff highly enough. We never waited more than an hour for a response while planning. They make Paris EASY and delightful. Their apts were comparable in price to Airbnb but I think much better, as they are set up for vacationers – even full of Paris DVDs and 20+ Paris and France guidebooks. Plus you’ve got a staff in Paris you can call about anything – free landline calls to them and to the US. Maddy and her staff gave thought of everything you need to be perfectly set up just to enjoy your vacation!

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Newfoundland, orchestrated by Jill Curran


Jill Curran helped me plan a marvelous trip to Newfoundland in mid-May 2017. I’m a fine art photographer, traveling with my adult cinematographer son, who gave me only 11 days of his time to accomplish a bucket list trip for both of us. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Jill made extensive notes of our wants, likes and dislikes at the get-go, and every step of the trip was planned with those criteria as the filters. She managed to pull a few rabbits out of hats and made some arrangements for us that we simply couldn’t have accomplished without her broad on-the-ground network in Newfoundland. She also monitored us all along the way, including changing our travel plans over a national holiday weekend while she was away with her family when our transportation was canceled due to high winds. She contacted the places we were to be, rearranged the bookings, and continued to stay in touch with us right up to the end of our trip. Since Jill lives there, she is more acclimatized to the weather quirks of Newfoundland, and won’t notice the cold as much as those from away. We would suggest that even as late as May, winter coats should go in the luggage (we wore ours every day of the trip, and we ARE Canadian, but it is still cold at that time of year!) The kindness and generosity of Newfoundlanders are legendary, and Jill is definitely a standard-bearer for Newfoundlands reputation.

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Southeast Asia orchestrated by Antonia Neubauer


Response time was immediate.

There was an ease and smoothness of every connection during a 5 week trip through three countries in Southeast Asia.

Always going above and beyond.

Finding us unique situations and people to meet.

Having a true understanding and care for the local people.

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China, orchestrated by Mei Zhang


Mei and Jenny on her team far exceeded expectations (which were already pretty high). They had terrific advice during the planning phase of the trip, had creative and novel travel ideas, and we felt like they were following our daily progress throughout the trip. The hotels, guides, and activities were at the highest level and were great fits for our tastes, style, etc. And they surprised us with a WOW Moment that definitely met the “WOW” standard. In short, we were extremely pleased, and we’d recommend them highly.

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Asia cruise, orchestrated by Mary Jean Tully


Mary Jean Tully exemplifies everything luxury—or, shall I say, over the top.  The level of service and the experience we had with her company were exceptional. Cruise and land experiences were simply over the top. Note that this firm is not for the couple traveling in coach but, rather, a six-star team that goes over and above to ensure your holiday expectations are exceeded. As an example: She flew into Beijing, met our ship (Crystal Cruises’ Serenity), and invited the 44 guests they’d booked on the Serenity to join her at the #1 restaurant as a thank-you for our business.  PLUS, if that wasn’t enough, they created a separate itinerary for those same 44 guests the next day to travel with her privately to the GREAT WALL, to a more secluded and spectacular spot—and, once at the top of the wall, we got a catered lunch complete with white tablecloths and great wines. How does one do that??  Then after two days of ensuring her clients were happy, she flew back to North America. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

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Siem Reap and Hanoi, orchestrated by Andy Booth


We traveled last summer with Andy Booth from AboutAsia to Siem Reap and Hanoi. Our trip was phenomenal. With the exception of Angkor Wat Temple we almost never felt the crowds. We saw and did more than we ever could have imagined. We traveled in August and while it was hot, we had a steady stream of cold towels and cold water. We loved our hotels in both cities with my favorite be the Raffles Hotel in Siem Reap. This hotel was a great location and a quick $3 ride from downtown. The grounds of the hotel were amazing and the staff welcoming. Andy’s team listened to all our concerns, wishes, and requirements and curated a perfect trip. The price was extremely reasonable for what we received. We shopped for art & antiques, crafts, ate amazing local cuisine, learned about the local life and customs and visited more temples that we had planned. I cannot say enough about Andy’s team. We hope to use them again to return to the area.

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Turkey, orchestrated by Earl Starkey


This is the 2nd time I have used Earl Starkey and his team to plan our vacation in Turkey with my Turkish husband and in-laws. Earl and his team exceeded our expectations in planning and executing our itinerary. Earl is gracious, quick to respond when contacted, knowledgeable, and well connected. We switched some of the itinerary around at the last minute which Earl and his team handled seamlessly.

The hotel we stayed at was a perfect match for our likes. We had the best room location in the hotel.

The driver, Ali, did small extra touches for us without us asking. The guide, Burju, was excellent. She is well versed in ancient history, modern history, as well as open and willing to talk about any question we asked. She shared with us local cultural highlights. When we went to a restaurant that did not have the menu items we were looking for, Burju and Ali were able to quickly take us to another that was exactly what we were looking for. In addition, I asked Burju to simultaneously translate for me stories being told by a native Turk at one of the sights we were visiting which she did flawlessly. This enabled me to participate in the conversation as if I was a native speaker and part of the group. I felt like a local. This was a priceless experience that can only be done with a top-tier guide.

Traveling in Turkey with native Turks provides an extra challenge for any travel expert as Turks are very discerning clients. As they are native speakers as well as familiar with the country and culture, a travel expert, driver, guide, or hotelier will be quickly spotted if anything less than top-notch service is provided. My Turkish family raved about all facets of our trip. We will be contacting Earl again for our next family vacation in Turkey.

If you want to have a wonderful trip to Turkey, feel well cared for with all your desires met, then without a moments hesitation contact Earl Starkey to plan your trip.

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Barge cruise, orchestrated by Ellen Sack


My wife and I were quite pleased with our interactions with Ellen Sack and her team. Because we were new to barge cruising (having only done ocean and river cruising before), Ellen helped us narrow down options and select what we consider an ideal barge cruise for us. We selected the Savoir Vivre. It carries 8 passengers. What we especially liked is that we got to dine at a different place, in a new town, each night.

The cruise surpassed our expectations. The ship captain Richard, the hostess Marie, and the guide Laura (“the crew”) were awesome. We felt pampered. We were impressed with Marie fixing a delicious breakfast and lunch for us, while still tidying up our cabins. We wanted to take her home with us. Laura was vivacious and engaging, and made history come alive for us on our tours. Richard was friendly, helpful, and low-key. He served as our driver to and from the train station and the restaurants at night. On our trips off the barge, we drove around in a spacious minivan. Richard and Laura arranged to have the van at the location where the barge docked each night, so that it was close by when needed.

We liked the casual atmosphere of barge cruising. It was more low-key than river cruising. We did one excursion a day for only a few hours. That gave us time to relax on the barge, chat with our new friends, walk along the Burgundy canals, or bike along the canal and into the towns. We also got to help open and close the gates at the numerous locks along the canal. Before or after an excursion, we would hang out in the common area at the front of the ship.

Before the cruise, I worried a little about the bikes. They are fold-up bikes, and I was concerned that they would be uncomfortable. I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall with long legs. My worries were misplaced. I didn’t have a problem. I could comfortably pedal for the several miles we traveled.
We would consider doing another barge cruise in a different area. Barge cruising is a great way to chill out—and make new friends—after doing lots of (hectic) sightseeing in another part of the country. We were a little sad to depart our new little family at the end of the cruise.

Contact Ellen and her staff if you’re interested in trying out a barge cruise. They will help you find something that fits your needs and travel style.

Southern Burgundy, Escommes to Fleurey-sur-Ouche

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British Columbia, orchestrated by Marc Telio


Marc Telio and his friendly/knowledgeable staff planned and executed a very memorable trip to beautiful British Columbia for my family of four this summer. Since we have two very active teenage children, like Marc, he understood our need to balance adventure with a little relaxation. Several of our favorite activities that Marc and his team orchestrated included a family cooking lesson with a pastry chef, a private foodie tour of Granville Island Market with a personal chef, and a very memorable trip to Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort.

Marc recommended for us to experience a private heli-fishing tour during our stay at Nimmo Bay, a very remote luxury resort in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. We were first a little hesitant due to the cost, but now we can honestly say that this was by far the highlight of our trip to BC! Our heli-adventure with our pilot/guide, Trevor, began with a very scenic ride out to an isolated stream where we fished for pink salmon under the watchful eyes of bald eagles that were nesting in the trees above. The looks on our daughter’s faces were priceless as a mama black bear and her cub ventured to the other side of the stream for a drink. Next we flew past majestic waterfalls to a glacier where we ate a delicious, gourmet picnic lunch followed by a short hike around the fields of flowers and streams. Our adventure continued as the helicopter landed on a very small sandbar on the side of a rushing river to fish for coho salmon followed by another scenic ride back to the resort. Thanks, Marc, for helping to give us memories that will last a lifetime!

It’s these little touches from Marc and his relationships with his service providers that made our vacation to Canada go from good to GREAT…hotel room upgrades, restaurant recommendations and reservations, a personalized foodie tour of Granville Island Market with a personal chef, a candy bar and birthday celebrations for our girls, and a delicious cheese/fruit tray for my husband and I.

In the past, I have typically researched, planned, and executed our own trips, but for the last five vacations we have taken, I have utilized the services of the travel experts recommended by Wendy Perrin’s WOW List (which have included Judith Root, Michael Kaye, Andrea Grisdale, Pierre Gedeon, and most recently Marc). I HIGHLY recommend the personalized services of Marc Telio and these other travel experts to anyone looking for a unique, customized travel experience. I’m looking forward to working with another expert from Wendy’s WOW List to begin planning my daughter’s high school graduation trip along the California coast this summer! Safe travels.

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Mongolia, orchestrated by Jalsa Urubshurow

SALLY LEE | JULY 25, 2016

I traveled with a friend to Mongolia for 8 days in June 2016 and used Jalsa and his team to help plan my trip. I highly recommend both Mongolia as a destination and Nomadic Expeditions as an excellent travel company. We spent most of our time in the Gobi Desert, although everyone should spend at least a day in the capital, Ulaan Bataar, as well. UB as it’s known, has great museums, the Choijin Lama Temple, the Gandan monastery complex, shopping, as well as some nice restaurants. It can also be used as a base for the nearby national parks. The Gobi Desert is spectacular, with varied landscapes and national parks, and provides an opportunity to learn about the nomadic lifestyle. We also attended the Nadaam Festival in the Gobi and it was a special experience. The trip was WONDERFUL!!! So much fun and it exceeded my expectations.

After deciding to travel to Mongolia and, more specifically, the Gobi Desert, I spoke w/ Jalsa about what to see and do. He had wonderful ideas and suggestions – his enthusiasm is contagious! After learning more about what our interests were, he created an itinerary for us. It was perfect – felt like we saw so many things, each different. Highlights included camping at the foot of the Hongoryn Els, the massive and beautiful sand dune range at the base of the Altai Mountains, the local Nadaam Festival, and stopping in to visit w/ nomadic families we saw along the way. All of the logistics went off flawlessly – we were very well taken care of. Our guide, Amraa, was excellent. I learned a lot from him and appreciated his kindness, thoughtfulness, patience, and even gently pushing us from time to time to make sure we got the most out of each experience.

Our home away from home in the Gobi, the Three Camel Lodge, is – amazing. So beautiful, so unique, so comfortable. The level of service we received was very high – and the staff was so kind and interesting and interested in us as well. The dinner at sunset at the Flaming Cliffs, musical and dance performances by local children, and watching night fall/stargazing while sitting in the swings on the front porch of the lodge in the evenings, all were so appreciated.
The logistics were executed flawlessly. We traveled with a guide and also had a driver in each location. All were excellent. In particular, our guide was very thoughtful, altering our itinerary to add the Fine Arts Museum in UB after noticing how much we enjoyed the historic Choijin Lama Temple (also a museum). Or inviting the on-site biologist in Hustai National Park to join us and help us track the reclusive Takhi horses. The biologist knew where to look for the horses and also taught us much about them and how they differ from other horses. We actually saw multiple herds with both adults and foals grazing or racing across the landscape. At the Nadaam festival, the guests of the Three Camel Lodge had a special tent w/ water reserved for them so one could take a break and escape the sun when needed. One of the Nomadic Expedition guides who was with a family from Houston, made sure that their teenage son had his picture taken with the winning wrestler, quite the photo op! I don’t know if he would have done that on his own, and you could tell he was having a great time.

Call Jalsa – go to Mongolia!

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Costa Rica, orchestrated by Michael Kaye & Natalie Ewing


WOW truly sums up our experience with Michael Kaye and Natalie Ewing of Costa Rica Expeditions in planning and enjoying our recent two-week trip to Costa Rica. They not only met the very high standards required to get a spot on Wendy’s list (and we know how high those standards are having planned wonderful trips with several of her experts)—they managed to exceed them. (As they may well attest, I am not an easy client, so this is really very high praise!) At the planning stage, Natalie did a masterful job in putting together an itinerary in which my husband and I were able to see the vast variety of wildlife and nature Costa Rica offers and experience the very special lodges she suggested—all specifically tailored to our interests and requests. Two things were particularly noteworthy about the planning process. First, I asked about an accommodation I had read about that CRE had not used before. Before booking us into it, Natalie travelled there herself to check it out and make sure it was a place that CRE could stand behind. I have never had a travel agent do that before! Second, Natalie took the time to have detailed discussions with me and was able to communicate to me exactly what the nature of the accommodations and the activities were in each place so I could make knowledgeable choices. All expectations were perfectly managed.

Once we arrived, the trip was flawless. CRE’s special touches and relationships were apparent everywhere we went—from insuring that we were assigned to rooms with wonderful views, to surprising us with meals planned especially for us in beautiful locations, to stocking our room with food and wine. In fact, every lodge knew our food preferences before we even arrived! The guides and drivers CRE provided were superb and truly taught us to see and appreciate nature and wildlife in new ways. One thing that was very special was the opportunity to participate in a program sponsored by CRE in a local village assisting the children there with English language skills. The kids were incredible! From the beginning to the end, CRE was instantly available to answer any questions, provide for any needs, or just check in to make sure everything was OK. By the end of the trip, we viewed Michael and Natalie as friends and we have continued to keep in touch. We recommend them highly.

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St. Barts, orchestrated by Peg Walsh


I have rented from Peg many times and have never been disappointed. Our last trip was this past year during the Christmas/New Year holidays. Her staff, both in the U.S. and in Gustavia, answered all of my questions and were very helpful. I especially like that St. Barts is the only island where they rent villas. They know the owners and all of the areas of the island. They constantly update their helpful hints. I have recommended St Barth Properties to friends with no qualms. I will continue to rent a villa from them in the future.

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  1. George Anifantis and Jill Gapper

    We really didn’t know what to expect when we booked a safari this year. Our must haves were game viewing, Victoria Falls, visit Cape Town, and enjoy good food and service. Dan planned our trip for us and he more than met whatever our expectations were. Leopard Hills accommodation and service were remarkable. When we left, it felt as if we were leaving family, even after 3 days. The guides were knowledgeable and made sure that we saw as much as we possibly could in our time there. It truly was one of our favorite trips and we travel quite a bit. Dan did a fine job with all our accommodations and activities; coordinating and planning with very little back and forth. The service everywhere, from housekeeping, to guides, transit buddies, to hotels was noteworthy. We took plenty of pictures of our villa on the Zambezi as it was indescribably gorgeous and our deck was right on the river. For 2 weeks, we had an experience that will be forever in our hearts and memories. We felt like we had the best of the best thanks to Dan’s efforts.

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