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We are just back home from three nights in Copenhagen and seven nights in Norway on a trip planned by Jan Sortland. What a fantastic trip! Jan did an excellent job planning an amazing self-drive itinerary in Norway—his preferred way of seeing his beautiful country. He also listened to us when we pushed back a bit to reduce the number of guided segments, as we like to have some autonomy to explore on our own when we think we can do so.

When planning your trip, make sure you know your budget before getting too deep in the details. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world…

All drivers, guides and transfers arranged by Jan were excellent. Jan also took care of our reserving the two regional flights on this trip.

Our Copenhagen itinerary organized by Jan had a nice mix of guiding with an expert native Scot who has been living in Copenhagen for over 30 years. She guided us through numerous castles over two days and our visit to the Louisiana Museum. If you are a fan of modern art and appreciate seeing art in an unusual setting such as a former residential estate, then I would allot several hours to this museum. It has a stunning collection of art in a beautiful seaside setting with a cafe and outdoor space for relaxing.

Our Norway itinerary began in Bergen where we picked up our rental car arranged by Jan. Our Lexus hybrid SUV became our main source of transportation for the next 7 days as we navigated northward in Norway on a self-driving tour with detailed and excellent driving instruction supplied by Jan. We loved the autonomy of driving ourselves. Jan also arranges trips that include a driver but the ability to explore a bit on our own, change the timing and stop spontaneously when the mood struck us was a major plus for us. We didn’t think any of the driving was too difficult, including the Eagles Road. Unfortunately, an avalanche blocked the descent from Trollstigen with its 11 hairpin turns, so Jan’s team adjusted our drive to allow us to maximize our sightseeing despite missing this portion of the drive. We are confident we could have easily done that part of the drive (we could see all the turns from the elevated viewpoint) but you do need to be confident driving on curvy roads, so factor that in when deciding whether to self-drive or use a driver.

Norway is breathtakingly and relentlessly beautiful. Driving above, around and on (via car ferry) the fjords is the perfect way to see Norway. One stunning sight after another comes into view. You have to resist the urge of stopping too many times to take pictures and enjoy the view so you can reach your next destination! Waterfalls are everywhere, mountain views, glaciers, fjords, fields in the mountains all overwhelmed us with their beauty. We could not stop saying WOW every few minutes—part of the name of this website constantly on our lips.

We had so many unique and incredible experiences on this trip but will list only a few:

RIB boat adventure—this three-hour private RIB boat trip from Gundvangen on the Narroyfjord, Aurlandsfjord, and the Sognefjord eventually docked in Solvorn at the Hotel Walaker, our home for the next two nights. Along this exhilarating fast boat ride we saw stunning beauty, cascading waterfalls and other sights that are too beautiful to adequately describe in words. You might ask what happened to our car while we were zipping along the fjords? No problem—Jan arranged for someone to drive our car the two-and-a-half hours to the hotel for us while we were having all the fun!

A day on the fjord—another highlight of our trip—perhaps the most unique and beautiful experience of the trip—was a full day with Sverre and his dog Rondor on an antique rowboat on the fjord just outside the Hotel Union Oye where we stayed. We essentially had this fjord to ourselves while we rowed and fished. We caught two small haddock and Sverre rowed us to shore where he cleaned, deboned and cooked the fish over a fire he built in minutes. This was our second day with Sverre, with whom we hiked to the Jostedal glacier two days earlier. His love of nature and his ability to share the beauty of Norway with us was truly special.

Hotels in Norway are historic—some are renovated a bit better than others. Jan always selected the best rooms for us. The hotel locations were stunning—incredible views from the bedroom, the dining and the grounds. The staff at all of them were professional, accommodating, courteous and kind. All our dinners were conveniently at the hotels, all of which had excellent dining venues, tasty meals and excellent wine selections. The floating sauna on the fjord at the Hotel Union Oye was a great plus.

We have planned many international trips ourselves and have used this website numerous times to plan through a Trusted Travel Expert. To see Norway in an unforgettable way, I highly recommend using Jan. He brings value by making the experience special. I’m sure we could have found the hotels he chose, but arranging a car transfer while we sailed, getting last-minute updated driving directions when one of the roads was closed (and then partially opened) and finding a unique local guide like Sverre I suspect would be difficult if not impossible!

Traveler Julie Silbermann feeding reindeer in Norway.

Julie Silbermann spent a day with Sami people and got to help feed their reindeer.

WOW! What a trip we had to Finnmark in Northern Norway! We can’t thank Wendy Perrin enough for connecting us with Jan Sortland and Miriam Paige-Sortland for our trip March 7-15, 2024. They crafted an exciting trip of 1 adventure after another. We flew to Oslo and then flew directly onto Trondheim. It was white-glove service all the way (and our driver actually wore white gloves, too!)! We had wonderful tour guides in Trondheim and took a day trip to Roros, a UNESCO World Heritage site. From there, we flew to Alta, which is 400 miles inside the Arctic Circle, and stayed at the Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge. It is remote and incredibly beautiful. We stayed in a room overlooking the river and mountains with floor-to-ceiling windows. Jan’s office worked with a local expedition company, Glød, to create 4 adventure-packed days for us. We went dog sledding, snow shoeing, and ice fishing. We even caught arctic char which our guide, Kalle, expertly cooked for us inside our warming tent for lunch! Each night we were taken out on a Northern Lights Safari! We were very lucky to see the Northern Lights on 3 out of 4 nights and Helle knew just where to bring us to see the spectacular light show. One of our most special expeditions was spending the day with the Sami people helping them herd and feed their reindeer! We were in the middle of a herd of hundreds of reindeer watching them and admiring their beauty inside an Arctic wonderland. Just an amazing experience. Big thanks to Glød owner Trygve Nygard, Kalle, Helle, and Emilie for their special care on our expeditions. Everything was taken care of for us—there wasn’t a detail left to chance. I highly recommend Jan’s team for a Wendy Perrin WOW trip to Norway!

We had a fabulous time at Alta in Arctic Norway thanks to Jan Sortland and his team. We planned a 6-night stay, with nightly northern lights tours both public and private. We were fortunate enough to see spectacular displays 3 of the 6 nights. Jan’s office arranged for us to stay at the Sorrasniva, a wonderful modern lodge with spectacular food and very attentive service. We also had a very memorable all-day snowmobiling adventure with one of the sons of the owners. The trip was made even more special by his recollections of his family, and growing up on this spectacular property.

Jan’s team also arranged a private day-long dogsledding adventure from Trasti and Trine, as well as an unbelievably wonderful 5-course meal at the restaurant there. Jonny, the owner and chef, provided color on the meal as it came from the kitchen and his delightful and dry sense of humor and his remarkable humility all very much impressed us.

Jan’s team arranged a private lunch and reindeer ride with a Sami family. This was wonderful in many ways. We were culturally enriched and had a lot of fun.

Jan Sortland worked very closely with us to make sure we had exactly what we wanted and needed to have a fabulous time. Highly recommend!!!!

We had a very short break of 4 days in February and an old dream of seeing the northern lights. Over a decade ago we did a trip to Norway, above the Arctic Circle, and got a very faint glimpse of it.

This time we decided to rely on Jan Sortland’s expertise—he promised that if we spent at least 3 nights in Alta, the chances of seeing it would be quite high.

That’s what we did: We spent 4 nights at a beautiful hotel in a very quiet area and got to see the lights twice! Also, taking advantage of the beautiful sunny days, we went husky sledding and snowshoeing. But the most amazing experience—which Jan strongly recommended—was reindeer herding with a Sami family, learning more about their culture and meeting one of the very few female herders.

Feeding the reindeers with the Arctic sunset as our background was magical!

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