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A wonderful Christmas beside the world's MOST lovely lagoon
Anne Leary | January 15, 2020

Kleon went truly above and beyond….to understand our interests and desires and then craft a perfect travel experience. To begin, we spoke on the phone for 45 minutes–building confidence and trust, through great communication. My adult daughter and I are fairly seasoned international travelers. It was Kleon who suggested the Cook Islands. (…..and what a super destination. The islands were not on our radar, at all.) We had a wonderful Christmas, beside the world’s MOST lovely lagoon. We loved meeting the Cook Islands folks and learning some new crafts. We are completely hooked on using a Wendy Perrin recommended travel expert to help us plan our future trips. The most delightful and unexpected moments of a lifetime are just around the corner.

We received special treatment that can be attributed to Kleon's influence
Rich and Jamie Pearson | January 8, 2020

Kleon is extremely knowledgeable about French Polynesia and the options available to explore the islands. With his guidance, our family of 4 chose an amazing 9 night catamaran charter followed by a luxurious 5 night stay at the Intercontinental Thalasso in Bora Bora. At the Intercontinental, we received special treatment that can be attributed to Kleon’s influence.

Thanks to Kleon, each portion of our trip surpassed our expectations, and we will remember it forever.

Kleon is very easy to work with and is great about clearly sharing the rationale for his recommendations. We only made a few tweaks to his original recommendations, In retrospect, I could have been clearer with about our family’s willingness to get up early – we had one connection that required a 5:40 am wake-up – but this was a minor glitch in what was otherwise an awesome trip.

Designing this trip on our own would have been a real challenge
Rose Inger | November 15, 2019

Kleon designed our 50th Anniversary celebration trip exactly as we requested, and within our budget. We stayed in small boutique resorts on six different islands (Tahiti Iti, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora Bora, Fakarava, Rangiroa), always in a beachfront chalet, once in an over water bungalow and once on a steep mountainside with spectacular views of the lagoon, reef and ocean beyond. Each accommodation and setting was different from the previous ones, so we had a chance to experience a broad range of seashores, mountains and culture.The associated restaurants were mostly excellent, serving fresh fish and seafood. Only once we were assigned an unsuitable bungalow and Kleon immediately responded to our e-mail and arranged for a change.

In the past 30 years, we usually planned and organized our trips ourselves (including a trip to French Polynesia and Cook Islands 20 years ago). This time we were looking for a bit upscale treatment. Designing this trip on our own would have been a real challenge, choosing the right accommodation and coordinating all the flights and transfers. Kleon was always very responsive to our multiple queries and questions and we would highly recommend his services.

Kleon planned an extraordinary adventure for our 50th wedding anniversary!
Wendy Nelson | October 29, 2019

Kleon planned an extraordinary adventure for our 50th wedding anniversary!

He asked very specific questions and was meticulous about making sure that out trip to Tahiti catered to our wishes and contained everything we requested and more.

We stayed at two very different hotels (one on Bora Bora and a second on Tetiaroa). The service at each was impeccable. Everyone seemed to know our names and go out of their way to help.

There was never a “glitch”- each day was perfect!

I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate a life event.

Thank you Kleon!

Lived up to the expectations created by the first trip
Jody Kreiman | October 9, 2019

This was our second trip with Kleon Howe, and it lived up to the expectations created by the first trip. This time we were returning to Samoa, where we first visited 25 years ago. This was a little different than the first trip Kleon did for us, where we didn’t have a clue about what we wanted to do; this time we had some knowledge of the place and at least a general idea of where we did and did not want to go. Working with Kleon was just as satisfying under these circumstances. It’s easy to assume that a specialist agent won’t be as helpful when you are on a return trip than he was when you were in terra incognita, but this is absolutely not the case. Kleon steered us toward the best kind of car, hotels that weren’t under construction or where the beach was better, and helped us stay away from the flash but generic resorts we dislike, without resorting to “garden toilets.” With his help, we were able to appreciate what is new about Samoa, but also to re-experience the things that led us to return, to begin with.

Kleon listened closely to our interests...
Chris Ng | September 24, 2019

Kleon listened closely to our interests and did an excellent job planning appropriately. He matched us up to excellent whale tour operators. In fact, he helped add additional whale watching trips while we were there, during his weekend off. I was able to swim we have a whale for 2 1/2 hours, some time getting as close as 10 yards. The trip flowed smoothly . He recommended excellent accommodations on the three islands we visited, each with very good snorkeling.

Our WOW moment in Cairns was a wonderful gift...
Jody Kreiman | September 23, 2019

When recently planning a long trip to Australia, we contacted Kleon Howe when it became clear that we did not have a good way of sorting out and coordinating the many, many possible destinations, activities, hotel choices, and options so that they would fit into the allotted time, flow reasonably from one to the next, allow enough time (but not too much) at each destination so that we could really get to know it without getting bored, and satisfy our desire for detailed, flexibly-paced encounters with nature and culture and our wish to avoid groups and crowds. The trip Kleon put together for us was practically perfect in every way. He found us great hotels, wonderful guides who seemingly knew everything (including the names of the koalas and who had a new joey), and created a pace that suited us exactly. We were not overscheduled or rushed, we were never bored, and we saw and learned so much more than we expected! As an example, it would never have occurred to us to book three days with a guide at Uluru—as far as we could tell, it was a big rock, right? Instead of a superficial glance, we had long excursions over terrain that varied culturally as well as geologically, and learned about the many factors that have shaped this region. We saw vistas and differences in the texture of the rock from place to place, and we learned how the land is managed. By the end, we saw the outback with completely different eyes than we had coming in. The same thing happened everywhere we went—thanks to Kleon, we spent our time with guides who had deep knowledge of and affection for the places they showed us. Our WOW moment in Cairns was a wonderful gift—dinner under ancient trees, with stories and lessons on didgeridoo technique from our indigenous hosts. This kind of trip planning takes time and team work, but the end in our case was OUR trip, and not anyone else’s. We had a wonderful, wonderful time.

The highlight of the vacation was the catamaran sail…
Patricia Ilisiu | June 3, 2019

Hi my name is Patricia Ilisu, on your recommendation I have used the services of Kleon Howe to assist us with the organization of a once in a lifetime trip to French Polynesia. This was very short notice and Kleon was wonderful in lining up a lovely trip in a very short period of time. I told him our style of travel, no crowds, no touristy stuff just experience nature, culture, food and photography. His recommendations were perfect. Had I organized this I would have never picked Huahine as an island to visit and it was beautiful and the hotel, although rustic, had the best food we had on the entire trip. The highlight of the vacation was the catamaran sail from Huahine to Taha, Rangiroa and Bora. A boat picked us up from the hotel dock in Huahine and dropped us at the hotel dock in Bora. The crew was fantastic Tamatoa the skipper took us to amazing snorkeling sites and Virginie our hostess cooked most amazing meals and made sure we had a memorable experience. Bora Bora is a must do the first time around but I would not go back if we decide to go back to French Polynesia, and that is just because it is so darn expensive and touristy. The only thing Keon could not fix was the weather :))), we had an unusual amount of rain for the period.

The perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve
Lisa Weeks | January 22, 2019
South Pacific Photo: Lisa Weeks

South Pacific Photo: Lisa Weeks

Kleon was an excellent resource during the planning, scheduling and actual trip we took during the holidays. We knew we wanted to go to the South Pacific but had no idea where to start. Kleon “interviewed” our wants and budget and put together the perfect package. During our almost 3 week adventure, we enjoyed both the Cook and Tahiti Islands (5 islands total) with virtually NO issues. Our favorites were Aitutaki and of course, Bora Bora. Each resort stay was perfect with extra touches like flowers on the bed and complimentary champagne/wine. My birthday is New Year’s Day, so Kleon arranged for us to stay at the perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve on Rangiroa where the buffet and fireworks were AMAZING!!! If you are considering traveling to this area, I HIGHLY recommend Kleon.

One big item he suggested, that we never would have thought of ourselves…
Kim Boyer | January 7, 2019

Kleon listened to our desires for the details on how we like to vacation, such as quiet locations, no cities or crowds, and to have a relaxing schedule. Not having been to French Polynesia, we had no idea where to go, or even if our timeframe made sense. He explained all those specifics to us, to help in our date planning. He even suggested airlines and routes. The trip was planned end to end, so we didn’t have to figure out the maze of airport to hotel to ferry, etc, which made for a very stress free trip. He documented the specifics of our trip in our itinerary so that we knew what to expect every step of the way, including phone numbers if something went awry – it didn’t! He provided restaurant and activity suggestions that were included with our package. Made it very nice to not have to remember all the details, we could always refer to the package.

One big item he suggested, that we never would have thought of ourselves, was to charter a catamaran. What a wonderful suggestion! Our captain and cook were so nice and knowledgeable. We were on the boat for 5 nights, and our only regret is that we didn’t have the catamaran booked for longer! What was truly wonderful is they took us to many coral gardens that we never would have made it to ourselves, and we were typically the only people there. We also got to see sharks, and feed the sting rays. The crew was very excited to share the spots with us, and to provide us with an amazing trip.

We highly recommend Kleon!

He added extra touches
Patricia Murais | November 6, 2018

Kleon helped us plan a superb trip to French Polynesia. He listened carefully to our requests and arranged things seamlessly. He offered suggestions that we hadn’t considered— several days on a catamaran were a highlight.

He added extra touches. Our overwater bungalow in Bora Bora was at the end of a row of several bungalows, looking out at what seemed to be our own private lagoon—we could watch colorful fish pass by right from the deck—and we found several surprise amenities upon check-in (including champagne). He got us a perfect table at Villa Mahana, on the third level of a Mediterranean-style villa—very private, overlooking a reflecting pool and the candlelit tables of the other diners below. And our beach bungalow on Vahine Island (one of only nine bungalows on the island) was ideal—and spacious, with multiple areas to lounge in, including a front and back lanai and several seating areas inside. We wouldn’t have been able to know of these fine points without Kleon’s expertise.

He was supremely accessible both before and during the trip. When our flight was delayed he arranged for updated arrangements such that everything continued to go smoothly, greatly soothing my anxieties. On the return home, we decided to spend an extra night in Papeete in order to guarantee timely travel home – he handled this without a hitch. I would highly recommend Kleon and look forward to traveling again using Wendy’s recommended agents.

He knew the right questions to ask
Erica Feiste | August 20, 2018

Kleon did an amazing job coordinating my trip to Tikehau, French Polynesia. He considered my strict timeline and added value by coordinating all transfers and choosing the perfect resort. Because he’s a diver himself he knew the right questions to ask to help me pick the right scuba club, and the capstone of my trip was two interactions with a wild dolphin on my second day of diving. I wouldn’t hesitate to book with Kleon again and recommended him highly.

Across-the-board excellence
Alice Parker | April 3, 2018

There were so many specifics that warranted the across-the-board excellence of planning our trip to Tahiti with Kleon. Overall, he really got to know myself and my husband, our travel style, and what we were looking for out of our trip. Because we were planning this with short notice, just over two weeks, he was able to apply his expertise in finding new activities and locations when our first choices were already booked. Beyond the planning aspect of our trip, he also taught us a lot about the local culture so that we were able to enjoy it more. To give you an example of how well he got to know us and apply that knowledge to our trip, he was even able to give me a list of unique local oils produced only in the Islands that I should bring home after mentioning that I hated generic souvenirs.

Very experienced and knowledgeable about this part of the world.
Jim and Robyn Malach | November 8, 2017

Just returned from a month in the South Pacific planned for us by Kleon Howe. After a conversation between the two of us where he asked about our travel style, he made many suggestions as to where to go, what to see, where to stay, etc. After we chose our itinerary he sent a list of what to do at each stop and even made restaurant recommendations. It’s clear that Kleon is very experienced and knowledgeable about this part of the world. We divided our time between French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. We stayed in several different places and with all those different flights, ferries, transfers etc. everything went off without a hitch. I highly recommend Kleon to anyone thinking of visiting his neck of the woods.

Informative, collaborative and cheerful
Renee Rousselot | August 12, 2017

Kleon Howe planned our trip perfectly. The first part of the trip was a no-brainer. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora as this was the one request my 12- year-old daughter made. However, our family is more adventurous than that and the trip only got better from then on. For the next portion of our trip, Kleon persuaded us to charter a catamaran. I was skeptical about this as I was concerned we would not have enough to do or that we would be bored. Kleon assured me otherwise. He advised me that we would experience the culture and geography much differently by doing this. He was right. We loved this portion of our trip. The final part of our stay at a high-end eco resort was extraordinary. Kleon was always informative, collaborative and cheerful in my dealings with him. He knows the area extremely well. He had many suggestions but carefully listened to what each family member wanted from our trip and then came up with an itinerary that suited us well.

Every detail was exactly as planned
Lois Chess | June 28, 2017

Highly recommend Kleon. Every detail was exactly as planned, his recommendations were spot on, the people he referred us to were exactly what we needed. Kleon has clout! Upon arriving at a restaurant that he reserved, we were escorted to the very best table. Not sure how he could have done better!

Grateful for the extra effort
Marylou Stevens | February 14, 2017

Kleon Howe took our thoughts and ideas about traveling to Tahiti and made it a reality…and he didn’t have much notice considering we wanted to travel over Christmas and New Years! We are a family group of 5 who travel frequently together but rarely use the services and support of a Travel Agent/Planner so the ease we all experienced on this trip made it all that more enjoyable. Kleon listened to what we were looking for, considered our style of travel and budget then worked his magic with the destination, flights, room configurations and availability. We so appreciated his creativity and willingness to rework and revise the details until we were satisfied. We all were especially grateful for the extra effort Kleon took to ensure that my oldest nephew who has autism, would have certain needs met. Rangiroa and Le Sauvage hold some very special memories for all of us. Thank You Kleon!

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