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Our trip to Iceland was a post-graduation trip with my twin daughters. Iceland was a destination that we all wanted to visit, and the summer solstice set up perfectly with our schedules. Overall, we had a great time, and the topography of Iceland evokes a shaken, not stirred, blend of Point Reyes, CA and Yellowstone National Park.

The itinerary set by Chris was primarily self-directed, interspersed with private guides for specific activities. Getting around is easy, but June crowds are ubiquitous and unavoidable at most attractions in southeast Iceland, so the guides arranged by Chris for specific activities were excellent and able to create space from the larger tourist groups. Highlights of our trip include a remote outdoor soak in a thermal stream followed by a salmon lunch prepared over a nearby steam vent, riding ATVs along the expansive black-sand beaches, glacier hiking through an ice cave, and snorkeling near the tectonic plates.

Our planned kayaking among icebergs was unfortunately, but wisely, canceled, due to high winds. Regardless, we were able to capture beautiful pictures of the glacial lagoon and bergs, so we didn’t miss the kayaking experience.

The in-water massages at the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon before our return flight were a treat, although our time at the spa was a bit rushed.

Chris’ lodging and restaurant recommendations were universally good, but we also went “rogue” on several occasions and were not disappointed with our selections. Our favorite lunch was at the Friðheimar restaurant near the Geysir. It is all things tomato, and we dined in the Wine Tasting building, which we thought had a better vibe than the main restaurant building, which required a reservation.

Chris was readily accessible throughout our trip and certainly delivered the best product available given Iceland’s inherent resource limitations and growing popularity as a tourist destination.

Chris did a great job putting together a curated itinerary to meet our needs. He was very knowledgeable on Iceland and the details of traveling there. He was also reachable and quickly responded during our trip for any questions or help.

We loved almost all the activities. Our favorite activity was probably the Katla ice caves. So beautiful and otherworldly. We climbed up into the cave with a private guide that picked us up at our hotel.

Our 2nd favorite activity was hiking in a volcanic area with a private guide that made us a hot spring from the arctic water stream combined with volcanic steam. It was magical and so relaxing. The guide also cooked us salmon from the hot volcanic steam coming out of the ground.

I asked for private horseback riding where I could tolt and Chris set up a great excursion. We also loved the ATVs on the beach, the zodiac tour of the iceberg lagoon and all the beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails.

We were underwhelmed by the Hella caves. Tour guide wasn’t great, not much to see. But it was on our way so not a big deal.

The hotels outside of Reykjavik varied. There was not much choice in some of these small towns. We liked all the hotels but one that had an extremely small room & bathroom. Chris upgraded us to beautiful suites in 2 of the hotels. Chris pre-booked dinner reservations for every bite of our trip. We moved hotels a lot because Chris suggested a 10-day trip and we cut it down to 8 days. Because we toured the Ring Road and the peninsula, there was no escaping moving hotels often, which made it a fast-paced trip. Chris had activities and stops organized along our routes from one hotel to the next.

The final day was at the Blue Lagoon reserve area, which was fantastic. So luxurious. He kept in touch with us on volcano updates in case the Blue Lagoon closed.

Chris did a great job and I would recommend him for booking a great Iceland trip. We loved this trip.

Travelers kayaking among icebergs in a glacial lagoon in Iceland.

Kayaking among icebergs in a glacial lagoon. Photo: Traveler Roger Remark

Trip Planner Chris Gordon composed a beautiful flow to our 5/24/24 to 6/1/24 tour of Iceland. He listened to our answers after he detailed potential activity options. His custom-made trip kit gets you where you need to go. The wifi hot spot was a game changer for navigating in difficult areas for cellular coverage. Each of the activities were unique, often privately guided, and were led by local experts. All were super friendly and knowledgeable. Each boutique hotel we stayed in exceeded our expectations. All 3 of us (traveled with my spouse and our 24-year-old daughter) came prepared for wind, rain, and 50-degree temps. Sometimes all 3. We rolled with it and followed Chris’ plan every day.

Chris planned an absolutely wonderful Icelandic trip for our family for Spring Break (my sons are ages 11 and 9). He listened when I said we wanted to be active and see as much as we could in 8 days but needed to balance some self-guided days, as well as downtime. The result was a trip we will never forget. The relationships Chris has with his outfitters made us feel taken care of and we had the best time with Andres, who guided us to a river that is warmed by a nearby geyser, that he dammed up with rocks and moss so we could have our own private hot tub while he made us lunch. We will never forget our hike in the Katla Ice caves in the heart of a glacier, our ATV ride on Black Beach, horseback riding to waterfalls, the glacier lagoon and the cool local restaurants Chris suggested. It almost felt like Chris personally planned the rainbows on our waterfall days!

The self-guided days went off without a hitch thanks to the meticulous details Chris provides. We never got lost, knew exactly where to park and knew what to avoid and when to leave—even at the most touristy areas. We saw everything we wanted and never once felt rushed. Chris was available 24-7 by text and when there was one hiccup that occurred, I texted him, he made a call, and everything was fixed within 10 minutes. I cannot recommend Chris more!

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