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The Wachau Valley, Austria

How to Do Europe Travel Now: Q&As with WOW Listers

We recently held two live Q&As about what it’s like to travel in Europe right now, and the overwhelming takeaway? It’s safer than you think, easier than you think, and more special than even we’ve been saying. The key is having a well-informed, well-connected trip planner in your corner—someone who is plugged into local life and knows the right people and on-the-ground strategies to optimize every step.

We’re focusing on Europe right now for a couple of reasons. For one thing, its countries are seeing high vaccination rates (in Portugal and Malta, for instance, 84% of the population has received two shots, compared with 56% in the U.S.). For another, there are rare opportunities available to travelers to Europe this fall and winter. We want to help you take advantage of them smartly and safely—and we know the trip planners who can do that, based on the trip reviews you’re sending us. It is absolutely possible to have extraordinary travel experiences this fall. Use the WOW List to find the smartest, most plugged-in trip planners and to get all the perks and benefits of being a WendyPerrin.com VIP.

In our first Q&A, we talked about Italy, France, Portugal, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland.

In our second Q&A, we checked in on Mediterranean islands (Sicily, Malta, Greece, etc.) and Austria and Eastern Europe, as well as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland again.

Get in touch!

Contact any of our featured WOW List experts below using Wendy’s introduction form—you’ll be designated as a VIP traveler and you’ll get all the other benefits of using Wendy’s WOW approach to securing an extraordinary, safe trip.

Austria and Eastern Europe  – Gwen Kozlowski
Read reviews of Gwen’s trips, and contact her through The WOW List

England, Scotland, and Ireland – Jonathan Epstein
Read reviews of Jonathan’s trips, and contact him through The WOW List

France (including Provence) – Philip Haslett 
Read reviews of Philip’s trips, and contact him through The WOW List

France, Italy, and England – Jennifer Virgilio
Read reviews of Jennifer’s trips, and contact her through The WOW List

Greece – Mina Agnos
Read reviews of Mina’s trips, and contact her through The WOW List

Italy – Andrea Grisdale
Read reviews of Andrea’s trips, and contact her through The WOW List

Italy and Switzerland – Maria Landers and Brian Dore 
Read reviews of Maria and Brian’s trips, and contact them through The WOW List

Malta – Jason Camilleri Allan
Read reviews of Jason’s trips, and contact him through The WOW List

Portugal and Spain – Goncalo Correia
Read reviews of Goncalo’s trips, and contact him through The WOW List

Sicily – Marcello Baglioni
Read reviews of Marcello’s trips, and contact him through The WOW List

Spain and Portugal – Virginia Irurita
Read reviews of Virginia’s trips, and contact her through The WOW List

Switzerland – Nina Muller
Read reviews of Nina’s trips, and contact her through The WOW List


Useful Articles

Many of you asked excellent questions. You can find answers in the following articles, as well as in our special Covid-19 section of WendyPerrin.​com where all this intel is collected.

The 2017 WOW List Is Here: The Best Travel Planners in the World

We’re thrilled to announce the 2017 WOW List of Wendy Perrin’s Trusted Travel Experts. This list of the world’s top trip designers, compiled annually by Wendy based on real travelers’ experiences and her own stringent review process, is the pinnacle—and the original. You may find similar designations in other magazines, but it was Wendy who created the first list of this kind 17 years ago, and it’s still used as the source of those other directories. The list is informed by Wendy’s long career as a travel journalist, and no one can schmooze or pay their way onto it—in fact, the running joke is that it’s easier to get into Harvard than onto Wendy’s WOW List.

More important, her roundup of the best travel agents, tour operators, and travel-planning firms is the first stop for thousands of sophisticated travelers. And based on reviews they submit after their trips, we know that they’re satisfied:

“Joe Yudin was excellent. He and his team tailor-made our itinerary going back and forth to meet our specific needs.”

“China is a fabulous destination on its own, but we have little doubt our trip was greatly enhanced by the detailed, personal service rendered by Mei and her team.”

“Cherri Briggs was fantastic. We would use her again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her to anyone (and we have, to our friends) considering such a trip.”

Not only does Wendy recommend these Trusted Travel Experts, she stands by her recommendations—through a unique Trip Support System. That means that when travelers contact one of her Trusted Travel Experts through WendyPerrin.com, she stays in touch with both the traveler and the TTE to make sure the process, and the results, live up to everyone’s expectations. She also organizes the annual Wendy Perrin Global Travel Summit so that she can connect—face-to-face—with the Trusted Travel Experts on her WOW List, in order to reinforce the high standards of quality our readers expect from them.

This year’s list is bigger and better than ever, featuring 86 trip designers whose areas of expertise range from safaris to sun-soaked islands, from expedition sailings to family cruises, and from once-in-a-lifetime splurges to affordable family vacations.

Before you start planning your next big trip, browse Wendy’s WOW List and reach out to the appropriate Trusted Travel Expert. If you can’t find the person you need on the list, contact Wendy directly at Ask Wendy. She’s continually testing new candidates for up-and-coming destinations as well as those who have niche insight on a classic. So stay tuned and stay in touch.

Wendy Perrin Global Travel Summit

Wendy revealed travel trends and predictions, along with her WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts, at the first Wendy Perrin Global Travel Summit, held at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York, in 2016. Photo: Tim Baker

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