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This Is How We Make Your Trips Better: The Global Travel Summit

by Billie Cohen | January 10, 2017

Later this week, from January 12–14, Wendy, Jill, Brook, and I will head to Mexico to host the second annual Wendy Perrin Global Travel Summit. We’re not telling you this to brag about being on the sunny Riviera Maya at the lovely Grand Velas resort (though we will be sharing some photos soon to get you thinking about your next vacation).

The real reason we get so excited about the annual Global Travel Summit is that it’s one of the most effective opportunities we get to connect—face-to-face—with the Trusted Travel Experts on Wendy’s WOW List, in order to reinforce the high standards of quality our readers expect from them.

As you may have already seen, earlier this week we announced the 2017 WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts—Wendy’s rigorously vetted collection of the world’s best trip designers. But of course, this is Wendy Perrin we’re talking about, so the oversight doesn’t stop just because the list has been published. In addition to closely monitoring reader reviews, Wendy has frequent phone and email communication with our 80-plus WOW Listers throughout the year, and then she gathers them all in one place each January for her Global Travel Summit (you can read about the inaugural summit here). During these three days, we hear from the TTEs first-hand about travel trends and news, and any changes in the way that the travel industry works that might affect you and your trip-planning process. As you know, at we are all about making sure your next trip is extraordinary, and so we engage with the TTEs for an intense few days of talks and discussions, reviewing how they think, how they communicate, and how their systems and processes work, so that we can help you be better prepared to collaborate with them.

From her many years of reporting on the travel industry, Wendy also knows that there’s value in bringing the TTEs together so that they can learn from one another. The Wendy Perrin Global Travel Summit is a unique event where they can swap success stories and tested strategies for creating and delivering distinctive travel experiences to readers. When they see a trip request in their inbox, they know that traveler is a VIP, and they want to do their best to exceed your expectations. Brainstorming, sharing ideas, and discussing their learnings at the Global Travel Summit is one of the many ways they—and we—ensure they can do that.

Follow along here on our site, and on social media (#WPTravelSummit) to learn more as the week continues.

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