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This Is How We Make Your Trips Better: Our Global Travel Summit

by Billie Cohen | January 22, 2020

From Sunday through Tuesday (Jan 26 – 28), Wendy, Brook, Jill, Neil, and I will gather in New York City to host our 3rd Global Travel Summit.  The Trusted Travel Experts on The WOW List are convening from all corners of the globe, and we’re excited about it because it’s one of the most effective opportunities we get to connect with them—face-to-face—and reinforce the gold standard of quality that our readers expect from them.

As you may have seen, earlier this week we announced The 2020 WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts—Wendy’s rigorously vetted collection of the world’s best trip designers. But our oversight doesn’t stop just because the List has been published. In addition to closely monitoring reader reviews, Wendy and Brook are in frequent email and phone communication with our 100-plus WOW Listers throughout the year.  Then we all gather in one place for our Global Travel Summit to hear from the Trusted Travel Experts (TTEs) first-hand about travel trends, news, and any changes at their destinations that might affect you and your trip planning. We review how the TTEs think, how they communicate, and how their systems and processes work, so that we can help you collaborate with them better. We also share with them what we’ve learned from you: the biggest travel-planning challenges you cite, your biggest pet peeves, and the kinds of experiences that mean the most to you. That way,  they can create and deliver the unforgettable travel experiences you dream about.

When WOW List TTEs see a trip request in their inbox, they know that traveler is a VIP, and they want to do their best to exceed your expectations. Brainstorming and sharing ideas at our WOW List Summit is one of the many ways they—and we—ensure they can do that. Here are a few photos from our previous summits, and we look forward to sharing more insight with you next week.

Maria Gabriella Landers and Joe Yudin

From left: Jonathan Epstein, Maita Barrenechea, Natalie Ewing, Zachary Rabinor

Andrea Ross

Allie Almario

Meg Austin and Cranky Flier Brett Snyder



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