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Where You Can Travel If You’re Vaccinated, No Pre-Trip Testing Required

by Billie Cohen | May 3, 2021

As more and more Covid-vaccinated travelers seek a special spot for a celebratory trip post-vaccine, a new word for these post-jab trips has entered the lexicon: “vaxications.” Vaccinated travelers are asking where they can go with no quarantine or pre-trip testing required, so below is a list of such countries. Some of our readers have already been to these places post-vaccine and are sharing useful reviews of their experiences.

Note that additional forms or registrations may be necessary, and that masking, social distancing, dining, and public-space-capacity rules are likely still in place. You can check the specifics for each country via the links provided. This list does not represent all the countries that Americans are allowed to travel to; there are many more that permit entry with testing protocols and/or quarantines, regardless of vaccination status, and you can find a full list of those here.

As with everything pandemic-related, rules are subject to change at a moment’s notice. That’s one of the reasons we believe it’s more beneficial than ever to work with a plugged-in local expert, like those on our reader-tested WOW List. Need help finding the right one for your needs? Reach out to us at Ask Wendy.






Republic of Georgia

Central and South America


Costa Rica

Ecuador, not including the Galapagos Islands


The Maldives islands

North America and the Caribbean

Dominican Republic


We’re Here to Help

If you’d like to travel safely when the time is right, write to Ask Wendy. We know which trip-planning specialists have up-to-the-minute intel for your destination and can make your entire trip safe, smart, and extraordinary. Check out Real Trips Right Now to see the difference that this makes. For future (post-Covid) trips, use The WOW List to find the best destination specialist for your needs.


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