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Winter Travel: Where to Go for the Holidays and Beyond in 2022–23

by | May 19, 2022

Did you get shut out of France and Italy this summer? Consider those countries’ festive holiday spots for Thanksgiving or Christmas instead. In this Zoom travel talk, we shared smart and unexpected winter options—from tropical beaches to European Christmas markets to Antarctica cruises to seeing the northern lights—for this year’s winter holidays, from Thanksgiving all the way through to spring break 2023.

As this year’s travel landscape continues to shift, we want to make sure you’re as informed and prepared as ever. That’s why Wendy has continued to rigorously test local fixers for The WOW List throughout the pandemic, with the indispensable help of your trip reviews and feedback. The WOW Listers featured in this Q&A show just how valuable the right local intel can be.

To reach any of the destination experts to start planning a trip, use the black CONTACT buttons on The WOW List or the links below. Those links take you to Wendy’s questionnaire. Using that questionnaire lets the trip planner know that you’re a VIP sent by Wendy and also gives you Wendy’s exclusive benefits.

Italy, Switzerland – Brian Dore and Maria Gabriella Landers (3:50)
England, Scotland, Ireland – Jonathan Epstein (8:40)
France and the Alps – Philip Haslett (13:01)
Spain, Portugal – Virginia Irurita (17:55)
Panama, Colombia – Eric Sheets (21:28)
Argentina, Chile, Uruguay – Maita Barrenechea (25:34)
Antarctica cruises – Ashton Palmer (28:18)
Australia, New Zealand – Stuart Rigg (31:00)
Safaris – Julian Harrison (35:00)
Canada – Marc Telio (39:15)
Wendy takes reader questions (45:53)

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