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overwater bungalows in French Polynesia at the Conrad Hilton Bora Bora

Romantic Vacation Ideas, No Valentine’s Day Required

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time of year when travelers think about taking a romantic vacation (and pro tip: it shouldn’t be!). Nor does everyone picture a beach when they hear the word romance. To help all you dreamers out there plan for your next getaway, we’ve brainstormed some romantic destinations to explore with your loved ones.

The quintessential city getaway

paris vacation rental with view of eiffel tower France

There’s nothing more romantic than a view of the Eiffel Tower. Photo: Paris Perfect

Paris is a no-brainer and a wonderful city for l’amour. Share a private “wine tour” through the Louvre with a curator who’ll show you the most interesting wine-related works of art, followed by a tasting and dinner in the museum after hours, when it’s closed (see the “Bragging Rights” section of Paris with Perks). When you’re tipsy on romance, bundle back to your very own pied-a-terre for a nightcap overlooking the rooftops from your balcony (see Paris Apartment Rentals: Insider’s Guide to Getting It Right).

Your perfect beach

If you do love a beach getaway (and we’re not knocking it), the Caribbean is full of easy-to-get-to gems. The key to the whole thing, though, is the beach——so if you’re picturing a weekend spent lying on gorgeous stretches of sand, avoid Dominica, Saba, and Montserrat, which have plenty of charms of their own but are not known for their beaches. Here’s how to find your perfect Caribbean island resort.

Island escape

Veela Private Island

The terrace of the Ocean Pool House at Veela. Photo: Veela Private Island

The Maldives are a synonym for romance. Honeymooners flock here for stunning overwater villas, clear blue ocean, and private-island resorts, but the archipelago isn’t just for young couples. Whether you’re newlyweds or old hands at the whole marriage thing—heck, even if you want to bring the kids—you can find a magical way to spend a vacation in the Maldives. (See our Insider’s Guide to the Maldives.)

Exotic and unusual

private yacht floating in Tahiti French Polynesia

Charter your own private yacht in French Polynesia. Photo: Tahiti Yacht Charters

If you need an excuse for “forgetting” to arrange a Valentine’s Day getaway for you and your honey, how’s this one: French Polynesia is better in the late spring. In February, the weather is still rainy there, but come June, the “Trade Wind” season arrives and the weather is mild and dry. Choose from an overwater bungalow or charter your own yacht, with a staff devoted entirely to you. That’s something to look forward to, right? (See our Insider’s Guide to Bora Bora, Tahiti, and French Polynesia and How to Island-Hop Around French Polynesia.)

Home away from home

Villa Maria Serena, Lake Como, Italy villa rental

Villa Maria Serena, Lake Como, Italy. Photo: Home Base Abroad

One way to make a fantasy come true (we’re talking PG, people!) is to move into a mansion for the week. Sweep your spouse off to a villa on Lake Como, or a rambling stone farmhouse in a charming Italian village. Or maybe Spain’s mix of vibrant cities and lush countryside is calling to you. In France, choose among charming coastal towns. In England, you can even live like royalty and overnight at some castles and manor houses.

For adventure lovers

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana. Photo: NPS/Tim Rains

If an adrenaline rush gets your heart racing in more ways than one, pack your partner off on an active adventure. Hardcore junkies may find their thrill hiking in Patagonia, or on an Antarctic cruise; while more mild-mannered nature lovers can get their fix from Costa Rica’s natural wonders, a guest ranch out West, skiing the Rockies, or visiting one of America’s 400-plus national parks. After all, there’s no bond quite like the bond that happens when you’re trying something new (just ask Wendy, who learned this first-hand in British Columbia .)

What do you think are the most romantic vacations? Share ideas with your fellow travelers in the comments.

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Triple Creek Ranch

6 Ways to Make a Valentine’s Day Weekend Magical

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day—and the Monday after is Presidents’ Day. Many of us may be thinking about a last-minute long-weekend escape. As TripAdvisor’s Travel Advocate, I’ve been sharing a lot of getaway ideas and strategies over on TripAdvisor’s blog and in its Wendy’s Travel Tips newsletter. Here’s an assortment of these tips, to help you maximize a mid-winter getaway.

Consider a Cozy Winter-Wonderland Retreat
Some lodges and ranches that you think of only for summer are awesome in winter, especially when you get to do activities you’ve never tried before. Think dogsledding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, or even skijoring (which is like waterskiing, only on snow, with a horse rather than a boat pulling you). Here are six things to look for in a cozy winter retreat.

Choose a Hotel with an Incredible Indoor Pool
In wintertime, sometimes the smartest hotel feature to splurge on is a fabulous heated indoor pool with a panoramic view. Here’s how to find them.

Achieve Your Ideal Notion of Seclusion
Secluded doesn’t have to mean remote. One of my most romantic trips ever was when my husband surprised me with a night in a lighthouse on a tiny island in San Francisco Bay that barely anyone knows is there. Here’s how to pinpoint your perfect secluded getaway.

Find a Special Suite That’s Worth the Splurge
Certain jaw-dropping suites I’ve opted to splurge on—such as at Matakauri Lodge in New Zealand on my honeymoon—are sealed in my memory forever. Here’s how to know when a suite is worth the splurge.

Get Into an Impossible-to-Get-Into Restaurant
What to do when the restaurant you want for Valentine’s Day is fully booked? Here are tips for scoring a hot table on any Saturday night, wherever in the world you may be.

Make a Fairytale Place Even More Transportive
My first date with my husband (long before the aforementioned honeymoon) was in a medieval German castle. It was one of those heady travel moments that transport you to another place and time. Here’s how to create such moments.

I’d love to hear: How do you make romantic weekend getaways magical?


Be a smarter traveler: Use Wendy’s WOW List to plan your next trip. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter @wendyperrin, and sign up for her weekly newsletter to stay in the know.