Make Your Next Trip Extraordinary

A Primer on Stress-Free Family Travel

by Billie Cohen | May 8, 2017

Thanks to years of traveling with her husband and two sons—on all kinds of trips, from affordable East Coast road trips to unconventional far-away spring breaks—Wendy has developed some worthwhile sanity-saving advice. Browse through her best tips below, along with some from her kids, and bookmark what you need for your next family vacation.

Decide on a destination

Wendy Perrin at the Eiffel Tower, france

Wendy has taken her boys all over the world.

Wendy and staff writer Brook Wilkinson, mom to a 5-year-old, wrote some of these stories after returning from specific holidays, but the ideas are applicable to many times of the year. Don’t forget that most destinations can be family-friendly if you work with the right travel planner to make it work for your specific group. So get someone to bring you a mimosa and spend some time dreaming your way through The WOW List for more ideas. If you’re torn between destinations, Ask Wendy.

How to Make Sophisticated Travel Destinations Fun for the Whole Family

Wendy’s Trip Photos from Morocco: An Unusual Spring Break Idea

Unexpected Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Unexpected Holiday Travel Ideas For Christmas and New Year’s

Rent A Villa In Italy For the Whole Family

Avoiding Crowds in National Parks—Even at the Busiest Times

Summer Vacation at a Ski Resort? Yes, and Here’s Why

This Beach Resort Figured Out How to Connect with Local Culture

Adventurous, Exotic Travel with Young Kids: It Is Possible

How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental: Tips for Your First Time, or any Time

Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Kids in Vietnam

Uzbekistan Is the Family Vacation Idea You’ve Been Missing

5 European Cities that are Surprisingly Kid-Friendly

Best Activities for Children in Costa Rica

We Had the Best Family Trip in Whistler and We Never Put on Skis

Italy Vacation Ideas for Every Age

How to Transform a Disney Trip from Average to Extraordinary

4 Great Ideas for Graduation Trips


Remove the stress factors

Flying with the kids, especially small ones, doesn’t have to be torture. Photo: Brook Wilkinson

It’s true that every family is different, but it’s also true that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you plan a family vacation. The following advice will see you through some of the most challenging travel moments.

Watch: How to Make Family Trips Fun

10 Keys to a Peaceful Family Vacation

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Travel Headaches Just by Snapping Photos

What to Know Before Booking Your Family Cruise

How to Get Your Child to Try New Foods When Traveling

How to Save Time and Tantrums in Amusement Parks

How to Keep Your Kids Happy on a Cruise

Why You Should Sleep In a Museum

How to Have a Kid-Friendly River Cruise

Why My Most Relaxing Vacation Was a Disney Cruise

8 Secrets to a Stress-Free Flight With Toddlers

How to Ace Long-Haul Flights with Young Kids

How to Get the Best Private Guide For a Trip With Kids


What if it’s a road trip?

road trip through green mountains

Nothing says summer vacation like a road trip. Photo: Unsplash/Pixabay

We’ve got a series of tips for how to minimize the backseat spats and maximize the fun:

The Keys to Planning the Perfect Road Trip

10 Apps That Will Improve Any Road Trip

Family Road Trips: How to Eliminate Stress and Bickering

Don’t Take a Road Trip Without Packing These

Three Things You Should Always Stop For


Be prepared

red case with red cross photo by peggy marco pixabay

When you prepare for a trip, it’s smart to prepare for an emergency too. Photo: Peggy Marco/Pixabay

Don’t let fear (of anything) stop you from getting the vacation you deserve. Wendy has written extensively about the importance of traveling at all ages, and how to arm yourself with the information and resources you need, whether you’re concerned about Zika, terrorism, health emergencies, or just losing your luggage. And don’t forget: the most essential tools you can have in your prep kit are a good travel planner who knows the terrain and an insurance plan. All of the Trusted Travel Experts on The WOW List have extensive networks on the ground and reliable staff watching out for you throughout your trip.

How to Buy Travel Insurance: What It Covers, When You Need It

How to Be Prepared for an Emergency When You Travel: 15 Simple Steps

The Real Things You Should Be Wary Of When Traveling Abroad (Hint: It’s Not Terrorism)

Watch: This Is How to Interpret Travel Warnings

7 Keys to Traveling Without Fear Despite Terrorist Attacks

Watch: How to Protect Yourself From Zika Virus and Mosquito Bites

How to Avoid Food Poisoning When You Travel


Be a smarter traveler: Use Wendy’s WOW List to plan your next trip. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter @wendyperrin, and Instagram @wendyperrin, and sign up for her weekly newsletter to stay in the know.

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