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Wendy’s Trip Photos from Morocco: An Unusual Spring Break Idea

by Wendy Perrin | April 18, 2017

You’ll see a familiar country through new eyes when you show it to kids. Last week I was in Morocco for the sixth time, but this time I brought Tim and the boys for spring break, and our experience was completely different from the designer shopping and helicopter commutes of my past Morocco trips. This time a local family taught us how to make bread the ancient Moroccan way—in their home and neighborhood stone oven; we made traditional drums out of goat skin in a drum maker’s shop in the souk; we played hide-and-seek inside the maze of 16th-century rooms that make up the oldest university in Marrakech …. you get the idea. We even slept in tents in the Sahara—and rode camels and went sandboarding on the dunes. See below for photos of our adventures, and be sure to follow me on Instagram to follow my future travels. (And if you’re interested in a Morocco adventure for yourself minus the array of pitfalls that can easily spoil trips to this country, just write to me at Ask Wendy.)

#Lanterns in the medina in #Marrakech

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Colorful ladies in the souk. #Marrakech

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The Atlas Mountains are surprisingly lush this time of year. And April is perfect for hiking. #Morocco A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Post-hike lunch at Kasbah Bab Ourika #Morocco

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My three boys @lamaisonarabe, #Marrakech A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Come along on a camel ride! #Morocco #Sahara @merzouga_luxury_desert_camps__ A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on


#sandboarding in the #Sahara @merzouga_luxury_desert_camps__


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Rooftops of Fes as viewed from @palaisamani #Morocco A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

#Breakfast in #Morocco: D’Chicha soup with figs and Moroccan crepes. @palaisamani   A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Fes has much narrower streets than Marrakech–and many more mules filling them. #Morocco A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Our friendly neighborhood dried-fruit stand. #Fes #Morocco   A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Another lovely #hotel in the #medina: Riad Fes, a Relais & Chateaux property. #Fes #Morocco   A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Family Christmas card? @merzouga_luxury_desert_camps__ A post shared by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

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  1. Lee Callaham

    Now I really can’t wait to go to Morocco in October! Your photos reminded me that we did some great trips when our two boys were about the age of yours now. Wish we had done even more traveling with them.

  2. Kris Ikejiri

    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos of Morocco. I was there in October 2016 via one of your Trusted Travel Experts. The photos brought back wonderful memories of the people and places. Hope you did not have problems with having to pack your camera and other electronic equipment in checked bags.

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