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Amazing Last-Minute WOW Trips: Ideas and Essential Info

by | May 24, 2021

As many of us get vaccinated and recognize the unique moment that exists right now for seeing some of the world’s most iconic places—without the crowds but with a warm welcome from the locals—we’re realizing we want to go. Now. So we talked to WOW List destination experts whose countries are open to U.S. travelers and who have been orchestrating last-minute trips that are easy, safe, and fun, even amid an ever-changing situation. Watch the video (an outline of our conversation can be found below), and read reviews from travelers who’ve recently returned from trips abroad.

You can talk to any of the travel specialists featured in our talk by using Wendy’s WOW List of road-tested trip planners around the world. If you contact them this way, they’ll know you’re a VIP sent by Wendy, you’ll get all the benefits that come with that, and you can start your way to earning a WOW Moment from Wendy (a complimentary, exclusive, insider travel experience). If you’re not sure who will be the right planner for your trip, write to us at Ask Wendy.  As journalists, it’s our job to review and road-test trip designers—that’s how we curate The WOW List, and it’s how we make recommendations to you.

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Featured WOW List–recommended travel specialists

U.S. and the Caribbean — Meg Austin
Read reviews of Meg, and contact her through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

Alaska and small-ship cruises — Ashton Palmer
Read reviews of Ashton, and contact him through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

Belize — Patricia Johnson
Read reviews of Patricia, and contact her through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands — Allie Almario
Read reviews of Allie, and contact her through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

Central Europe  — Gwen Kozlowski
Read reviews of Gwen, and contact her through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

Greece — Mina Agnos
Read reviews of Mina, and contact her through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

Morocco — Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui
Read reviews of Hicham, and contact him through The WOW List to be recognized as a VIP

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Video guide: last-minute ideas and essential traveler info

How easy is a trip to the Caribbean now?  14:00

How safe is a small-ship cruise in Alaska or Iceland now?  19:33

What makes Belize a great choice now?  23:17

What is it like in the Galapagos Islands now?  27:18

What makes Croatia a great choice now?  33:43

What should we know about going to Greece now?  37:18

What is it like in Morocco now?  40:33

Do you have suggestions for a nice beachy place to go from the West Coast with a nonstop flight?  46:57

How easy is it to get testing in Croatia before coming back to the US?  48:07

What are the requirements between Greece and Italy?  48:55

Is it too late to plan a last-minute trip to Morocco?  49:55

What are the logistics for planning a trip to Africa?  50:17

What about going to Albania?  55:17 and 59:50

What have you heard about the high cost of rental cars in Hawaii?  56:15

Is Capri safe?  57:07 (See also our video on Italy’s reopening and what travelers can expect)

How safe is Crete?  58:41

What are you thoughts about the UK?  59:22

Are there any requirements to g from Greece to Italy?  1:01:28

Any expectations about when Australia and New Zealand might open again?  1:01:58

What is the latest on when Austria might open?  1:03:03

We’re Here to Help

Right now is a remarkable opportunity for global travelers who are vaccinated. When your friends say that travel is problematic as a result of the pandemic—rental cars aren’t available, service even at 5-star hotels is shoddy—the problem is they’re not planning their trips right! Travel can be spectacular now if you choose the right destination, know the savviest local fixers, and approach them the optimal way. Check out these recent trip reviews to see the difference that Wendy’s WOW approach to trip planning makes. And if you’re looking for a similarly carefree travel experience, contact us at Ask Wendy.

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