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Wow Experiences Around the World: Did You Know These Were Possible?

by | February 1, 2019

Most travelers have no inkling of the extraordinary experiences they can get around the globe, if they only knew to ask…and knew the right fixer to arrange them. That’s why we invited our 2019 WOW Listers to reveal their favorite insider experiences that nobody is asking for but should be.

Uncovering these types of encounters and adventures is part of Wendy’s “WOW Moments” project—her mission, on behalf of sophisticated travelers, to make their travels more rewarding than they thought possible.  See Wendy Wants To Amp Up Your Trip! to find out how you can unlock a WOW Moment too.

What dream do you want to make happen this year?  Which of these is calling to you?

Remember, if you want an extraordinary trip, use Wendy’s trip request form so you are marked as a VIP traveler, so you get Wendy’s trip monitoring, and so your trip counts toward a WOW Moment.  For more details, see The WOW List: How To Benefit Most



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