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Wow Experiences Around the World: Did You Know These Were Possible?

by Billie Cohen | February 1, 2019

Most travelers have no inkling of the extraordinary experiences they can get around the globe, if they only knew to ask…and knew the right fixer to arrange them. That’s why we invited our 2019 WOW Listers to reveal their favorite insider experiences that nobody is asking for but should be.

Uncovering these types of encounters and adventures is part of Wendy’s “WOW Moments” project—her mission, on behalf of sophisticated travelers, to make their travels more rewarding than they thought possible.  See Wendy Wants To Amp Up Your Trip! to find out how you can unlock a WOW Moment too.

What dream do you want to make happen this year?  Which of these is calling to you?

Remember, if you want an extraordinary trip, use Wendy’s trip request form so you are marked as a VIP traveler, so you get Wendy’s trip monitoring, and so your trip counts toward a WOW Moment.  For more details, see The WOW List: How To Benefit Most


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Each travel activity that we create for our Sicily guests must have some level of “WOW-ness,” in them, or they wouldn’t be part of our repertoire. That being said, each WOW Moment that we develop for Wendy’s special guests is a particular event, where we take things up a notch. We don’t like to give too much information away, since these are meant to be “secret,” and who doesn’t love a surprise? So we’ll just tantalize with a few ideas here: End your day with a Sicilian aperitivo aboard a fabulous sailboat enjoying the local flavors and magic of a Mediterranean sunset. Explore a beautifully restored and privately owned baroque palazzo where, you can enjoy exquisite views of an ancient city center. Have your Sicily adventure accompanied by our “embedded photographer” to capture the experience, leaving you with some fantastically framed WOW Moments to both remember and share your travel adventure once back home. #WOWList #WOWWeek #WOWTravel #WOWMoment #infinite_sicily #luxurytravel @wendyperrin

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ExpeditionTrips provides ExTraordinary WOW experiences! Be among the first to Glamp in Galapagos! This sunset-to-sunrise experience is one-of-a-kind aboard the Celebrity Flora. Enjoy private access to two lavishly comfortable cabanas—one is the setting for your exclusive and delectable dinner featuring culinary delights and cocktails; the second transforms into a comfortable sleeping area beneath the stars. Stargaze with your very own private naturalist-guide and view the constellations of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres as you sail along the equator. Rise and shine with a private breakfast before heading out on your island adventures for the day. Or perhaps you'd prefer a polar WOW moment. Let us arrange a table for you at one of the most sought after dining experiences in Antarctica—La Dame's Relais & Chateaux restaurant aboard the Silver Cloud pairs sophisticated cuisine with immaculate wines. Featuring a bespoke menu by top chefs, it is the highest expression of excellence of French dining. Named after “La Dame de Paris” aka the Eiffel Tower, it echoes the traditions and cultures embedded in the French gastronomic past, while respecting its bright culinary future. Quintessentially Parisian, extremely elegant and very refined, meals at La Dame are a fusion of tradition and modernity—Bon Appetit! #WOWWeek #WOWList @Wendy Perrin #expeditiontrip #silvercloud #silversea #celebrityflora #luxurycruise #luxurytravel #travelprotip #galapagos #antarctica #glamping #wheretonext #instacruise #instatravel

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High value travel means a wise use of time and space and the opportunity to explore untapped territories. For those looking to immerse themselves in the landscape and have it all for them, Aracari created The Ancascocha Trek, a full three-day, two-night camping trek exploring a new route that could be an alternative route to the Inca Trail. The meeting point is the Qamicancha community by the Silke River, not far from Ollantaytambo north of Cusco. The destination: some the beautiful Andean lakes and mountains with altitudes as high as 4650m/15255ft above sea level. The route is filled with bromeliads, wild orchids and native flora and water, water everywhere coming from very high in the mountains. Camping is super comfortable and food is on pair with the best of Peruvian cuisine. Beautiful plants, flowers, alpacas and sheep are the only companions to the otherwise magnificent silent landscape. For Aracari high value means unlimited space, clean air, the closeness of the mountains and the beauty of nature untouched, raw and real. @wendyperrin #WOWWeek #WOWList #adventure #trekking #trekkings #trekkingday #andestrekking #trekkingtheandes #trekkingandes #luxurytravel #luxurytravels #luxurytraveller #luxurytraveldaily #luxurytraveler #luxurytraveladvisor #luxurytravelexpert #luxurytravelagent #luxurytravelblogger #luxurytravelguide #luxurytravelblog #luxurytravelling #luxurytravelexperts #luxurytravelagency #luxurytravelstyle #ancientcultures #incastonework #incaarchitecture #precolumbian #precolumbianart #precolumbianculture

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