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Next Great Places for 2019: Under-the-Radar Travel Ideas

by Billie Cohen | January 29, 2019

When we announced The 2019 WOW List, we asked the expert trip designers who earned a spot to think about the next great places to travel—places that are under the radar for most of the traveling public but that sophisticated travelers would appreciate knowing about. Often these locales are at that perfect moment when there’s just enough infrastructure that you get the creature comforts you want, but not too much infrastructure that the tourist masses have arrived.

Here are a few of their recommendations for the next great places to travel. For even more ideas, take a look at our Where to Travel in 2019, Before Everyone Else Gets There.

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Today’s #WOWWeek theme is The Next Great Places. Here’s my advice: when you really want to unplug, stay at hidden boutique lodges and hotels on private islands. One of my favorites is Isla Palenque, Panama. With private beaches, lush trails, delicious menus and an array of chill activities, you may just have the trip of a lifetime. It’s such a beautiful way to explore the Panama wilderness while taking the comforts of home up a notch. • #TravelBetter #WOW #WOWList #ecotourism #ecoluxe #nature #beachviews #visitpanama #sunsets #travelexperts #panamaexperts #slowtravel #rainforest #beach #ocean #wowmoments #iamatraveler #panama #panamazing #panama🇵🇦 #panamatravel #sustainabletravel #greentravel #BeInTheMoment #FindYourGreenSpot

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In 2019, venture to the south-east of the island to hidden away Gal Oya National Park, before newcomers and their crowds catch on to its abundant beauty and wild nature. For the chance to witness a rare sighting of swimming elephants, visit between August and December, whilst birdwatchers may most enjoy the months from January to May. Embark on a boat safari from Gal Oya Lodge, a beautifully-designed eco-hotel and the “gateway” to this lesser-explored part of Sri Lanka. #WOWWeek #WOWList @wendyperrin #srilanka #travel #wanderlust #wanderlustsrilanka #galoya #galoyanationalpark #sosrilanka #visitsrilanka #srilankatrip #srilankatravel #holiday #exploresrilanka #wildlife #nature #animals #luxurytravel #luxurytraveller #srilankainstyle

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The lighthouse at #JoseIgnacio no doubt built to warn folk away from this rocky peninsula, now a most welcoming sight to the lucky few who every year long for the summer season on Uruguay’s wonderful Riviera. Forget about Punta del Este it’s Jose Ignacio that is the next great place! #WOWWeek #WOWList @wendyperrin

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Today’s dispatch from our #WowList experts is all about getting off the beaten path. For the next great places in India & Mongolia look no further than their frontier regions. India sees thousands of traveler a year, all headed to see the iconic Taj, bustling Mumbai, and the chill Goa. In 2019, Sanjay encourages travelers to explore beyond the Golden Triangle and head further east to the other side of Bangladesh. On the Brahmaputra River in Assam, river cruising is immensely rewarding. Where else can one see the snow caps Himalaya peaks, meet tribal villagers, see the royal Bengal tiger pace the banks of the river? At the confluence of China, Russia, and Mongolia (with Kazakhstan just 23 miles away) lies the Altai region. The area is characterized by dramatic mountain scenery perfect for trekkers, millennia-old petroglyphs, and unique Kazakh culture. This year Nomadic Expeditions will be setting up a temporary expedition camp for our travelers to explore the region in comfort and style. And with the 20th anniversary of the Golden Eagle Festival (co-founded by Jalsa himself) 2019 is a great time to explore this region. Check back in for more #WOWWeek insights.

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It’s the second day of @wendyperrin’s #WOWWeek and today we’d love to share one of our favorite under-the-radar destinations in China: Dunhuang in northwestern Gansu Province. This city bordering the harsh Gobi Desert is a literal oasis and was once a main stop on the Great Silk Road, a crossroads between the northern and southern routes. Today, with the traces of ancient Han Dynasty-era Great Wall, towering Mingsha sand dunes, and grand Buddhist carvings of the Mogao Caves within easy reach, and a remoteness that keeps the town relatively off the beaten path, 2019 is the perfect time to visit before the rest of the world catches on. Plus, booking with us will get you behind-the-scenes access to painstaking research and restoration that is happening now at the Mogao Caves, with a WildChina expert to guide the way. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #wildchina #WOWList #WOWNextGreatPlaces #gansu #dunhuang #china #travelasia #travelchina #traveltheworld #bucketlist #wanderlust #explorechina #experiencechinap

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