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Where In the World Am I? Follow Along on My Surprise Birthday Trip

by Wendy Perrin | July 13, 2015

Last night my husband, Tim, bundled me and the kids off to the airport for a surprise trip. I was told to pack—hard to do when you don’t know where you’re going—and the only clues Tim gave me to work with were: I needed my passport, swimsuit, Gore-Tex parka, and hiking boots.

This isn’t my first surprise trip. Ten years ago, when the boys were toddlers, Tim whisked me away on a romantic ski trip to Andorra. That was our first vacation alone together after the kids were born, and the element of not knowing our destination added to the thrill, as it did this time.

But, this time, I figured it out as soon as we got to the airport. Can you tell from this clue?


Leaving #NYC. En route to…I bet you can guess from the clue.

A photo posted by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on


I’ve been wanting to go to Iceland for years now—to explore the otherworldly volcanic landscape, soak in the renowned geothermal pools, and eat my way through Reykjavik. I’ll be snapping photos the whole time, so follow me on Instagram (I’m @wendyperrin) to see what happens next. We can all be surprised together!


#Rusty #weathered #shed #Keflavik #iceland A photo posted by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

#BlueLagoon #Iceland A photo posted by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

Where #Iceland’s president lives.

A photo posted by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

If you can pronounce it, they oughtta give it to you. #Iceland A photo posted by Wendy Perrin (@wendyperrin) on

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  1. Patrick Loughlin

    Going to Iceland for 5 days in early August.
    Do you have a WOW list person in mind?
    Where did you stay?
    Thank you,

    1. Wendy Perrin Post author

      Hi Pat, I stayed at the Icelandair Hotel Marina in Reykjavik. It’s comfortable and has got a great location. It’s easy to rent a car nearby and explore on your own in the southwestern part of the country (which is all you’ll really have time for, since you’ve got only five days). You can spend one day doing the Golden Circle, one day doing the southern coast, etc. This article should prove helpful:
      20 Reasons Why You Should Go To Iceland—And One Reason Why You Shouldn’t

      You’ll find that you can book group excursions and half-day tours on the main streets of Reykjavik or via your hotel concierge. Be warned that many such excursions and group tours are of mediocre quality. This article is about my family’s favorite:

      Would You Take the Plunge Into an Icelandic Volcano?

      Iceland is much more expensive than most people realize. It can be cheap to fly there, but once you’re there, activities, guides, vehicles, etc. are expensive. As a result, WOW List-caliber Iceland travel specialists (the only ones I’m comfortable recommending) create travel itineraries that often give travelers sticker shock. (They’re not willing to compromise quality, so their arrangements are expensive.) So most people are better off just doing Iceland on their own. But if you’re ready to splurge on the best possible trip to Iceland, using an Iceland travel specialist to make the smartest possible arrangements for you, then write to Ask Wendy and we can connect you with the right Iceland travel specialist for your specific trip goals and needs.

      Have a wonderful trip,

  2. Philippe Brown

    What a fun idea. We’ve been prescribing the idea of travel as therapy for years and surprise trips can yield the most interesting results. Well done to all of you. Do tell us how it went, what you learnt and how it might change you as a traveller in the future.

  3. Eva Ash

    How awesome is Wendy’s husband? He surprises a travel writer with a trip?! Gutsy man. He’s a keeper!

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