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Watch: The Best Zip-line Ever (and the Kids Agree)

by Wendy Perrin | January 26, 2016

I’ve got two boys and a husband who are obsessed with zip-lines. So I try to include a little zipping in vacations where possible. Usually I just deliver the three of them to a zip-line and sit and watch, but this time I couldn’t resist participating. Watch the video my husband, Tim, shot, and you’ll see why everyone in the family agrees this was our favorite zipping experience ever.

It’s the world’s longest zip-line over water, and it’s located at Royal Caribbean cruise line’s private playground called Labadee, on a peninsula in Haiti. It was a port on my family’s recent cruise aboard Allure of the Seas.

Tim, Charlie, and Doug have tested a lot of zip-lines—including North America’s longest, The Sasquatch, in Whistler, Canada—but three things make this one their favorite:

  1. You have a panoramic view throughout. Starting 500 feet above the water, you zip for half a mile, with an ocean vista the entire time.
  1. You can feel the sea spray on your legs. As you come in for a landing, you skim right over the crashing waves.
  1. You can zip together simultaneously as a family. A family of five can ride together. Of course, this means you need to photograph the kids (or film them) while you’re zipping. Thus Tim’s use of a GoPro. Enjoy the thrill vicariously!



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