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All Our Best Secrets, Revealed During WOW Week 2019

by | January 18, 2019

Our 2nd annual WOW Week is happening now! We’ll be sharing the best travel intel for 2019—on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram—every day from Monday, January 28 through Friday, February 1: where to go, how to get there, the coolest new experiences not to miss, the smartest values, and how to accomplish it all without the travel pain points that jinx so many vacations.

We kicked it off on Jan 28 with our announcement of The 2019 WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts—Wendy’s annual list of the world’s best trip designers. They will be sharing their best tips and finds from around the globe all week too!  So will our favorite savvy travel journalists, whom we’ve invited to share the top strategies you need to know in 2019. But mostly, Wendy wants to hear from you, our community of smart travelers who not only have road-tested and reviewed these WOW List travel specialists, but who continue to help us elevate travel and travel-industry standards every day. You’re the best!

How to be part of WOW Week:

Follow the conversation around our daily topics, ask your pressing travel questions in the comments, and share your own advice by using the hashtags #WOWWeek and #WOWList. You can find us on Twitter @wendyperrin, Instagram @wendyperrin, and Facebook @WendyPerrinTravel. Here are the topics we’ll be addressing each day. Get your questions ready, and we’ll see you soon!

Monday 28: Announcing The 2019 WOW List

The WOW List is a collection of the best travel planners around the world, whom Wendy has tested and vetted based on her own experience as a traveler and journalist, and based on feedback from you—our readers. The WOW List rounds up the savviest, most well-connected, most honest, most credible trip designers out there; they’re the people Wendy entrusts her own trips to.

Remember, inclusion on The WOW List is determined by traveler feedback—a continual incoming stream of reviews from travelers who have just returned from trips arranged by WOW List travel specialists. Hundreds of these reviews are published on this site—and they are not anonymous; they are from real, named, verified people who have recently used the List. If we receive negative reviews of a Trusted Travel Expert, that person gets removed from the List. To be clear, The WOW List is based not on money but on merit—and not last year’s merit but this month’s merit.

These articles will give you inspiration for joining today’s conversation:

Other good intel to bookmark:

Tuesday 29: The Next Great Places

Today we’re revealing the world’s just-starting-to-emerge hot spots—the places that have not yet been overexposed by the media and overrun by tourists.

These articles will inspire you to dive in with your own favorite finds:

Wednesday 30: High-Value Travel

Just because a trip is low-cost doesn’t mean it’s high-value. Today we’re talking about what value really means when you travel—and how to ensure you get the most for what you spend, whatever your budget. For example, we’ll touch on how to avoid peak-season pricing and sold-out school-break conditions—and how to determine the optimal times to experience a location’s ideal activities.

These articles will help you get more value out of your trips this year:

Thursday 31: Family Travel

Fellow parents, we feel your pain. But it truly is possible to achieve vacations that are simultaneously child-friendly and adult-sophisticated. Discover and share strategies for high-minded family travel.

These articles will inspire you to jump in with your own hard-earned tips that you know will help other families:

Friday 1: WOW Moments

The world is full of eye-opening, memory-making, insider experiences that most travelers totally miss and have no idea even exist. Today we’ll reveal where and how to find them.

These articles will inspire you to jump in and share your own wow experiences you’ve had around the globe:

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Be a smarter traveler: Read real travelers’ reviews of Wendy’s WOW List and use it to plan your next trip. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter @wendyperrin, and Instagram @wendyperrin, and sign up for her weekly newsletter to stay in the know.

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