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These Are Places Where We’d Rather Be Social Distancing Right Now

by Billie Cohen | March 13, 2020

The leading epidemiologists studying the coronavirus pandemic are emphasizing the critical need for “social distancing” as the only immediate way of slowing down community spread of the virus. So we on the team are all working from home, staying off mass transit, and limiting ourselves to only essential outdoor activities. With schools closing and moving classes online, museums and churches shutting their doors, Broadway theaters going dark, Disney parks closing, and large gatherings and parties being cancelled everywhere, we imagine many of you are spending a lot of time at home too. We can’t help but feel a little cabin fever already so, as an antidote to the anxiety and claustrophobia that’s going around, we’re sharing gorgeous spots around the globe where you can imagine yourself in blissful isolation, with little human contact and plenty of healthy fresh air. The best news? These places will be waiting for you in real life when it’s time to travel again. If there’s a relaxing place you’re dreaming about to help you get through this difficult time, please let us know in the comments below.

Fakarava island in french polynesia with canoe on turquoise blue water

Fakarava atoll, French Polynesia. Photo: Julius Silver/Pixabay

Northern Lights, Norway.

Norcia, Perugia, Italy

Islas de Rosario, Colombia

Islas de Rosario, Colombia, near Cartagena. Photo: Shutterstock

cracked salt landscape of Uyuni salt flats Bolivia

The Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia. Photo: Aracari

Matera, Basilicata, Italy: landscape at sunrise of the old town (sassi di Matera), with the ancient cave houses carved into the tufa rock over the deep ravine

Matera’s sassi, ancient cave dwellings, are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Photo: Shutterstock

View to Lugano city, Lugano lake and Monte San Salvatore from Monte Bre, Ticino, Switzerland - Image

Lake Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland. Photo: Shutterstock

boy jumping in to ocean from a high dock in Belize

Belize. Photo: Tim Baker

red couch in clear turquoise water at Rojo Beach Bar in Belize

Rojo Beach Bar. Photo: Absolute Belize

Neist Point, Isle of Sky, Scotland

Neist Point, Isle of Sky, Scotland. Photo: Pixabay

puffins on green hillside on Westmand Island Iceland

The puffins of Westman Islands, Iceland. Photo: Shutterstock

Yoho National Park British Columbia Canada shutterstock_175148531

Yoho National Park British Columbia. Photo: Shutterstock

dunes of Rub' Al Khali desert or Empty Quarter of Oman

The Empty Quarter, or Rub’ Al Khali desert, of Oman. Photo: Wild Frontiers

The Columbia River in Oregon

The Columbia River creates beautiful road-trip scenery in Oregon. Photo: Pixabay

aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef from an airplane

The Great Barrier Reef, seen from above. Photo: Tourism Whitsundays

the red sand of Chile's Atacama desert with tall mountains in the distance

The Atacama Desert of Chile has an otherwordly and beautiful landscape. Photo: Awasi

Giant's Causeway in a beautiful summer day, Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland. Photo: Shutterstock

Namib Desert, Namibia

Namibia’s Namib Desert, on the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Shutterstock

Newfoundland scenery

Newfoundland scenery. Photo credit: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

overwater bungalows in French Polynesia at the Conrad Hilton Bora Bora

French Polynesia. Photo: Conrad Hilton Bora Bora

The Reinefjord in Lofoten. Photo: Andrea Giubelli -

The Reinefjord in Lofoten. Photo: Andrea Giubelli –

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  1. Elane Zelcer

    Hi Wendy – just a brief email to let you know what a great job Elizabeth Rand and Cherri Briggs are doing to “re-establish” our long planned journey to Africa.
    Like so many other travelers, with 8 weeks to go before leaving Australia, we had to abandon our plans earlier this week. We thought we’d have to cancel, however Elizabeth was quick to point out that we could change all of this to 2021. We’ve now confirmed the dates for next year, and she is beavering away to bring it all together.
    This is not an easy task, and it’s wonderful to know that we have such dedicated, knowledgeable people working with us to make it all happen.
    Thank you for your WOW professionals!

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