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This Cyber Monday Sale Will Give You Peace of Mind in 2023

by Wendy Perrin | November 10, 2022

Wherever I go, it gives me great peace of mind to know my family and I will be covered in a crisis.  Even before the pandemic, travelers would often ask us about how to protect themselves. First I point them to our article How To Buy Travel Insurance: What It Covers, When You Need It.  Then I tell them that if they really want peace of mind, they should consider this emergency assistance membership program that goes beyond what regular travel insurance provides:

If you should end up in a hospital far from home—with a Covid diagnosis, a complicated bone fracture, or any other reason—Medjet will get you back home to the doctor you trust and the hospital near your family and friends, saving you many tens of thousands of dollars. (Not every assistance program will transport Covid-positive members, but Medjet will.)  Medjet offers crisis protection too: If during your trip you feel that your safety and security may be threatened—because of a political incident, terror attack, or other crisis—they will come to the rescue.

So I thought you’d want to know that on Monday, November 28—for one day only—Medjet is putting its annual memberships on sale again. Memberships bought during the sale can be activated later, which means that you can take advantage of the deal now even if you’re not traveling until later in 2023.


If you have any issues accessing the sale pricing,
you may call Medjet at 1-800-527-7478
and reference “Wendy Perrin Cyber Monday”


Not sure which membership is right for you?  Personally, mine is a MedjetHorizon family membership, so that my children are protected too—even when they travel without me—and so that we’re covered in a crisis such as a terrorist incident or natural disaster.

This sale is for new memberships only, so if you’ve already got one for yourself, consider gifting one. After all, it’s a gift you’d want to get.  I plan to give some as holiday gifts. In fact, I’ve already collected this enrollment info from the giftees. (And I plan to have their enrollment packages sent to my address, so I can give them as a physical gift, rather than spoil the surprise!)

Want to speak with a real live human being?  While it’s a cyber sale in theory, human beings at Medjet will be happy to answer your questions—not only on Cyber Monday but every day of Thanksgiving week except Thanksgiving Day and Sunday.

Full disclosure: Medjet is a sponsor of But that’s because I use their services myself and believe in them. And their sponsorship is another thing for us all to be thankful for: It enables me, Brook, and the rest of our team to spend time answering your many travel questions and finding the savviest trip-planning specialists for you.

Wherever we end up—such as Wadi Rum in Jordan—it gives me peace of mind to know my family is covered.

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