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Live Answers to Your Travel Questions: Join Us on Zoom for WOW Week 2021 May 3–7 at 6pm EDT

by Wendy Perrin | May 7, 2021

UPDATE:  WOW Week is now over. We will continue to host live travel talks on specific destinations as they open, and will announce the dates in our newsletter, so sign up to get the latest announcements. Thank you all for a great week!


As we start to emerge from the pandemic, travel is rebounding—and, with it, a ton of questions about where it’s safe to go, the smartest timing, and how to minimize your risk and maximize your experience from start to finish.

That’s why we’re gathering plugged-in experts for WOW Week 2021, our annual virtual get-together, which, this year, will focus on intel for pandemic-era travel.

At 6:00 p.m. EDT each evening, May 3–7, we’ll host a live Zoom happy hour with insiders from different parts of the travel world—including airline, vaccine, and insurance experts—who will share what you need to know, and answer your burning questions, on the timely topics below. These chats are open to all, so tell your friends!

All the events are free, and registration is open now by clicking the link for each happy hour that interests you.

We can’t wait to see you there!

—Wendy and the team


Where to Travel in 2021:
What’s open, what’s worth it

Monday May 3 at 6pm EDT

Every week, more countries are reopening to U.S. travelers, but which will deliver a Covid-era experience you’ll be happy with? Wendy, Brook, Billie, and Trusted Travel Experts from Wendy’s WOW List will detail your smartest options and whether you’re better off going soon, or later this year, or next year instead.

Vaccines and Variants: Your travel health questions answered

Tuesday May 4 at 6 pm EDT

Dr. Timothy Triche, a professor of pathology at USC, is a passionate traveler who has been working on coronavirus solutions throughout the pandemic. He was responsible for developing the DNA-sequencing-based Covid-testing program at Children’s Hospital/USC Keck School of Medicine. He is also actively engaged in vaccine development efforts designed for use in places like Africa that lack ready access to health care. He will share the latest information on vaccines and transmission, from which places to avoid because of the variants to why vaccinated travelers are unlikely to spread the virus to local people. His answers may surprise you!

Smarter Airline Travel in 2021: Best flights, seats, and fares

Wednesday May 5 at 6 pm EDT

Air travel watchdogs Brett Snyder, founder of Cranky Concierge, and Gary Leff , founder of View From the Wing and Book Your Award, reveal what you can expect from airlines and airfares this year, when to buy your tickets, how to choose the safest flights, where to find business-class bargains, how to get the most value for your miles, and much more. We can’t wait!

Understanding Travel Insurance in the Covid Era: What you need and where to get it

Thursday May 6 at 6 pm EDT

The pandemic has caused so many changes to the travel insurance landscape that even if you understood it before, you probably don’t now. We’ll discuss what coverage travelers need for which types of trips, the ins and outs of “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage and “Medical Evacuation” coverage and other types of emergency help, and the pitfalls to avoid with these policies. Find out what’s worth the money and what’s not!

Winter Holidays 2021-22: Smart planning strategies

Friday May 7 at 6 pm EDT

It’s going to be a busy holiday season this year! Here are the places that are already packed and tips for how to navigate that, plus under-the-radar gems to consider. You deserve an end-of-year break after all this, so don’t get shut out! We’ll also be making predictions for January and February 2022.


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A big thank-you to our WOW Week sponsor, Medjet.

Medjet is a global air medical transport and travel security membership program that can give travelers greater peace of mind, especially during Covid. Their sponsorship enables me, Billie, Brook, Kristine, and the rest of our growing team to spend time answering your travel questions and finding the smartest trip-planning specialists for you.

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