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Where’s Wendy This Week? In Marrakech, Morocco

by Wendy Perrin | November 10, 2015

Greetings from Marrakech!  It’s my fifth trip to the city that TripAdvisor named the best destination of 2015.  Each year I come to the Pure Life Experiences conference here to meet travel specialists from around the world whom you’d otherwise never find out about—from the guy in Cambodia who’s built the only luxury six-person boat on the Tonle Sap to the guy in Provence who can open up the normally off-limits top level of the Pont du Gard and the roof of the ancient Roman Theatre in Orange.

Each year in Marrakech I unearth a handful of potential new Trusted Travel Experts for The WOW List. Of course, before they can earn a spot, they must be road-tested. If you’d like to join my growing team of “testers”—longtime readers of mine who have taken several trips arranged by my travel specialists and thus have a good baseline for evaluating new ones—email me at Or, if it’s just a vicarious trip to Marrakech you want, follow me on Instagram. Below are photos from just my first day, when I checked into one of my favorite places to stay in the medina, La Sultana.

Post-flight palliative courtesy of @lasultanahotels. Check out the tiny chair brought for my handbag so it needn't touch the floor (after spending the past 10 hours shoved beneath an airline seat).
La Sultana is comprised of five riads, each a different style. Here's the #Moorish #riad. @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
Not your average #hotel #pool. @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
zellige tiles in #Riad Saadia, reminiscent of old Fez. @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
Senegalese-style #Riad Scheherazade @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
#lush #courtyard, eh? @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
Not your average #hotel #spa. Show of hands: Should I go back to my laptop and meet my deadlines, or should I dive in? @lasultanahotels
My room at @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
More of my room at @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
Not your average #hotel #bathroom. @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
Bedtime! @lasultanahotels #Marrakech
One of my favorite #Marrakech #hotel rooftops, looking onto the Kasbah Mosque and Saadian Tombs. @lasultanahotels
#rooftop #breakfast #Marrakech @lasultanahotels


Follow me on Instagram to see the rest of my trip. I’m @wendyperrin!

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  1. K J P

    Morocco was one of my most memorable stops on a 10 countries tour through Africa. I savoured the culture and exotic atmosphere in Casablanca and Agadir, but Marrakech was out of reach at the time and remains the subject of my fantasies, and dream tripping.

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