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Travel Deal of the Month: Exclusive for Our Readers

by | July 9, 2019

Our mission here at is to make your travel extraordinary. Here’s how we do it.  Of course, it’s always nice when you can reap those extraordinary benefits and get a deal—and that’s why we’re introducing our new Exclusive Travel Deals column. Thanks to the clout and connections of the trip designers on The WOW List, they can often negotiate special offers for travelers, and we want to make sure you know about them. These deals are not for budget travel. They’re for the same high-caliber experiences you expect from WOW List travel specialists.

Exclusive Offer: Antarctica for the Holidays

For: December 2019

The experience: Skip what is often the roughest part of a cruise to Antarctica—the Drake Passage—by flying over it in just a few hours. Get your first glimpse of Antarctica from the air with this fly/cruise itinerary that is the fastest and most direct way to the White Continent. At King George Island, in the South Shetlands, board Quark Expeditions’ Ocean Adventurer, a 132-passenger expedition vessel that underwent an $8 million refurbishment in 2017. Activities include kayaking, day paddling, whale watching, hiking, penguin spotting, and even camping on the Continent. The ship also offers on-board lectures and educational presentations from polar specialists. Note: This itinerary aims to cross the Antarctic Circle, but all crossings are dependent on ice conditions.

The deal: On the December 18 voyage of this Antarctic Circle itinerary, travelers who book a premium cabin will receive 1/3 off the price if they use Wendy’s “Start a Trip” questionnaire to reach out to WOW List expedition-ship specialist Ashton Palmer. Premium cabins are 132 to 208 square feet and include three Owner’s Suites, three Suites, six Deluxe cabins, and ten Superior cabins. Your savings are $8,808 per person if you take a Superior cabin; $9,478 per person if you take a Deluxe cabin; $10,416 per person if you take a Suite; or $11,656 per person if you take an Owner’s Suite.

Why go in December: Summer in Antarctica is November through February. The snow and ice are at their most pristine in November and early December. For wildlife, the best time is the latter half of December; by then, thousands of penguins, including their fluffy chicks, have made their home along the coastline. The sea ice has usually broken up enough to allow great access, and December and January (the middle of the austral summer) offer the likelihood of better weather.

Travel dates: The 11-day voyage starts December 18 and ends December 28.

Book by: This special offer expires on August 14, 2019.

For a WOW trip, contact Antarctica and Arctic expert Ashton Palmer via Wendy’s trip request form. You’ll get a trip like this. Read more in our Insider’s Guide to Antarctica Cruises.

Exclusive Deal: Safari Luxury for Less

Lounge chair at Sausage Tree Safari camp in Zambia overlooking pool and watering hole and elephants on safari

Every room at Sausage Tree Camp overlooks the Zambezi River. Photo: Sausage Tree Camp

For: July through October 2019

The experience: Located on the banks of the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia, Sausage Tree Camp allows guests to explore Lower Zambezi National Park from a very private, luxurious tented camp. Views from every room and the lounge area overlook the river, where elephant and hippo abound. Leopard, buffalo, lion, and rare wild dogs frequent the area, along with zebra, bushbuck, and kudu. Nocturnal animals such as porcupine, pangolin, and aardvark are often spotted too.

The deal: Book now and receive 30% off rates for stays from July through October 2019, which is high season and peak game-viewing time. To get this deal—which is exclusive to—contact Cherri via Wendy’s trip request form. That’s how she’ll know that you’re a traveler and know to mark you as a VIP.

Why go now? July through October is prime wildlife-viewing, fishing, and bird-migration season in Zambia. Now that the rainy season is over, the leaves have fallen and the landscape is open enough to clearly see wildlife gathering in groups at water holes and streams. The closer to October, the more the water holes have dried up, and the more game is seen on the river banks and islands.

For a WOW trip, contact Africa expert Cherri Briggs via Wendy’s trip request form. You’ll get a trip like this. Read more in our Insider’s Guide to Zambia.

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