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Join Me in Welcoming Billie Cohen to

by Wendy Perrin | July 29, 2014

The team is growing! I’m thrilled to announce that Billie Cohen is now our Digital Strategy Director. I worked with Billie at Condé Nast Traveler for the past three years as she launched that magazine’s website and developed a vision, a voice, and great daily content for the magazine’s online presence.

Prior to becoming Editor of, Billie was with the Time Out magazine group, serving as Deputy Editor of Time Out New York, where she worked on relaunching that brand’s website and online content, and as launch editor of Time Out Singapore. She has written for The New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, National Geographic,, and more.

Billie left Condé Nast Traveler shortly after I did this past spring, to move into digital consulting and editing. I’m thrilled we get to collaborate again so soon in the name of travel truth. It’s a good thing she’s lived through so many launches: She’s helping me launch a big new feature of to surprise and delight you come September.

More fun facts about Billie: She has lived in Singapore, where in addition to launching Time Out Singapore she became slightly addicted to mangosteens. She has chosen China for her honeymoon and hopes to take that trip soon, as she got married two years ago (they’ve been busy). She conquered her fear of boats by sailing around Halong Bay, Vietnam. She never travels without her compass and a few granola bars (she’s vegetarian, and I’ve heard you don’t want to be around her when she’s hungry and grumpy). One of her favorite travel experiences is to go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art on a Saturday night—when the museum stays open and is not crowded at all—and wander through the Luce Center of visible storage. Last but hardly least, you can always count on her to bring back candy bars from around the world to share with her friends.

You can follow Billie on Twitter @billietravels and on Instagram @billietravels. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to the WP team.


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  1. Brook Wilkinson

    I’m delighted to be working with Billie–Wendy has put together a wonderful team!

  2. Stuart Rigg

    Exciting news! What a terrific team…. Billie is always a delight to work with. Congratulations both!

  3. Toni Neubauer

    Billie, what a delight to hear that the Perrin-Cohen team is flourishing. Between your smile and Wendy’s, the “brilliance” of this team will shine brightly.

  4. Peg Walsh

    Dear Wendy and Billie,

    Congratulations to both of you for creating this extraordinary team. Billie was always so patient with those of us who are a bit digitally challenged and of course Wendy has helped and mentored us in so very many ways. I am sure that your new project will be very successful. I am excited to learn more about it.

  5. Geraldine Murtagh

    Dear Wendy,

    Congratulations to you and Billie. Your email has increased my curiosity and I look forward to hearing more.
    Whatever you do will command respect and I wish you and Billie every success.

  6. Earl Starkey

    Congratulations to you Wendy and Billie. What an extraordinary team you are putting together. I am so excited to see what you will unleash on the world of travel and social media.
    How really terrific!

  7. Mara Solomon

    Wonderful news! Congratulations Billie and Wendy. You two make an exceptional team. Looking forward to watching and hopefully contributing as you continue to lead and transform the way we travel.

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