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A New Solution to a Big Travel Problem

by Wendy Perrin | September 15, 2014

For years now I’ve seen a growing problem in need of a solution: Too many people are booking their travel the wrong way—and ending up with a trip that was just okay when it could have been extraordinary.

It’s partly because of the sheer number of travel booking sites that pop up when you do an Internet search; it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the options—many of the worst ones in ads near the top—and make poor choices. It’s partly because some people think that the site they use to book their airline ticket is also the one they should be using to book their hotel room or their cruise—and that’s a big mistake. It’s partly because some people with a complicated trip decide to use a travel agent and end up with the wrong one.

The best way to book a trip depends on the type of trip as well as the destination. Even if it’s the same type of trip—say, a vacation package—the best way to book one to the Caribbean is different than the best way to book one to Hawaii, London, or Morocco. And sometimes you’re better off not booking through a site at all; sometimes you need the right human being with the right connections.

Say you’re planning a luxury hotel stay. You’ll usually get a better rate or added benefits (or both) if you book through a travel agent who belongs to that hotel brand’s elite subset of preferred travel agents. Same if you’re in need of a cruise: You want to book through one of that cruise line’s “top producers”—the travel agents who drive the greatest volume of business to that cruise line—because that translates into better rates and perks. If you want a custom-tailored luxury itinerary for two in Asia, sometimes you need a well-connected Asia-based travel firm, but sometimes you’re better off just booking hotels and using their concierges for touring arrangements. As for African safaris…don’t even get me started.

So I’ve decided to use to connect travelers with the right resources. Sometimes you need the right digital tool, sometimes the right human being. I’ll point you to the best tools (click on Travel Tips and, in the drop-down menu, choose Best Sites and Apps) and connect you with the best human beings (click on The WOW List). Let’s transform your travels from just okay to extraordinary!


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