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How to Find the Best Way to Get from One Place to Another

by Wendy Perrin | August 15, 2014

The travel problem: How to find the most efficient transportation option between two places, or among multiple destinations

The tool that solves it: Rome2Rio is a website that helps you determine all your transportation options from Point A to Point B—and to Points C, D, E, and F if that’s what your travel plans call for. Just type in your starting location and your next destination(s) and Rome2Rio returns air, train, bus, ferry, mass transit, and driving options. The company, based in Melbourne, Australia, pulls info from thousands of transportation companies all over the world (including more than 670 airlines). It’s not a booking site, so you can’t purchase any of the flights or train trips it spits back. Instead, it smartly provides times and approximate fares so you can weigh your options all in one place; and it includes a link to the transport company so that you can complete the purchase there. Rome2Rio (which is also available for iOS and Android) offers hotel and rental car searches, but I find it most useful for its original purpose: mapping out the best way to get from here to there.



  1. Donna Martinez

    I love Rome2Rio! I’ve used it and recommended it for our guests in figuring out the best way to arrive at our vacation rental- >a href=””> Sea Ranch-Abalone Bay. While you are correct in noting that it does not serve as a direct booking agent, when you click on any of the options for completing any of the legs of your trip it will pop up a listing of the various agencies for that selected mode of transportation (e.g. airline companies that fly to the destination). That leads you to their partnering booking sites, in this case of flights- If you are looking for other modes of transportation and/or hotel bookings in a particular area they also provide that information. But you must click through beyond the mapping of your trip.

    They also have a very interesting blog-which is announcing job opportunities for their team.

  2. KathyK

    Another terrific find! I mock searched for a route from Boston to Argentina I’ll need for an Antarctic cruise and very quickly found what I’d need to proceed with booking. The last flight like this I researched took me a whole afternoon to find the same information, I got overwhelmed and ended up spending 100 bucks for an air specialist who found me the exact flight I would have booked had I not hired him! Now I won’t have to spend that, and can find flights that meet my needs without the extra fees! Thanks for sharing this, hope it “takes off”.

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