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An Easy Way to Exercise on Vacation — No Gym Required

by Wendy Perrin | October 26, 2015

Making time to exercise on vacation can often seem like a chore. There are so many fascinating things to be doing, and after all, you’re probably already walking a ton each day. But it’s even more important than usual to take care of yourself when you’re traveling: You’re out of your normal routine, eating differently, sleeping differently, and are probably more tired than you realize.

One way I make it easy to stay on top of my health is to keep a couple of tiny exercise helpers in my carry-on: A resistance band and a loop band. They weigh next to nothing and fit right in the pocket of my carry-on—as opposed to bulky running sneakers, which eat up a ton of precious space (and so often go unused; am I right?).

Instead, the bands quickly turn any hotel room into a gym. I use the first band to do arm- and leg-strengthening exercises (here’s a wide array to choose from). And I place the loop band around both legs for bridges, clamshells, and lateral band walks.

I especially appreciate these items after a long flight, and when I don’t want to deal with making an appearance at the hotel fitness center.

Do you have an exercise routine when you travel?

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  1. Lucila

    When I travel, I love exploring by running, or briskly walking. A traveler can also find a pool through, or by googling for a yoga lesson. Additionally, bikes are easy to rent in many cities. Horse back riding is another option:) Have a ball:)

  2. Julie Byrd

    On vacation I try to book a place that is far enough away, but close enough to the downtown area – so that I can walk everywhere.. Early morning beach walk in a tropical destination is the BEST. I also take any opportunity to get in the ocean and swim around or just treading water. It is amazing how quickly this will increase your heart rate.

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