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The Seychelles and the Indian Ocean: Plan Your Trip!

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There’s more to the Seychelles than stunning beaches with sugary sand and crystalline waters. You can dive among extraordinary marine life, fly-fish for barracuda, hike through granite mountains to spectacular views, luxuriate at private-island resorts….Whatever your preference, you’d be smart to arrange it through the right Seychelles trip-planning specialist—someone savvy enough to save you from beaches littered with stinky seaweed and seasonal winds that blow sand into your mai tai, and someone well-connected at the top Seychellois resorts. Keep in mind that these can be pricey: A room in a charming 4-star on Mahé runs about $450 per night; a more secluded, 5-star experience starts at $1,000. Keep in mind also that if you’re adding beach time to the end of an African safari, there are closer options in the Indian Ocean, such as Zanzibar, Mozambique, and Madagascar. Wherever you have in mind, we’re happy to recommend the right Indian-Ocean expert for you.

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