Make Your Next Trip Extraordinary

As we were relatively new to Disney cruising, Michelle and her team were a tremendous help
Christie Bartram | March 22, 2023

Michelle and her team planned a 7-day Disney Fantasy cruise followed by 7 days at Disney World parks for our family of 4 in March 2023. As we were relatively new to Disney cruising, Michelle and her team were a tremendous help. They booked private transportation to and from the cruise-ship terminal, suggested onboard activities we would enjoy, and reminded us when our booking windows were. I appreciated having their help and support whenever needed. I didn’t need as much help with the Disney parks side, having done 2 trips in 2022, but loved that all dining reservations were done for me. The trip was fantastic and we particularly loved the cruise, where it felt very relaxing. We were lucky to score a complimentary upgrade to Concierge Class on the ship and found it to be great value. In the future, we would book this class from the start. Disney service is outstanding and we would do these trips in the future for sure. I would probably skip the cruise-port excursions via Disney and just wing it at the port, since there are lots of taxis at the dock in the Caribbean. The Disney excursions were pricey and just ok. Very happy with Michelle’s office and will use them for other trips. Adventures by Disney has caught my eye and we would absolutely use Michelle and her team for this booking. Highly recommend.

They gave me tons of tips and tricks and suggestions—we were armed and ready to take on Orlando!
Lauren Schor | February 28, 2023

Michelle and her team helped us plan an unforgettable trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. They helped me figure out how much time we needed to spend at each place, which hotels to stay at (explaining the benefits of staying on property for each theme park). They took care of all our dining reservations, photo passes (which I highly recommend, as team members take photos of you all over the park and all you have to do is scan your pass and they show up in your app). They gave me tons of tips and tricks and suggestions—we were armed and ready to take on Orlando! And then, we had to cancel our trip the day before we were leaving because a hurricane was hitting Orlando (November 2022). Michelle and her team quickly canceled and moved all of our reservations two months later (Presidents’ Week) without a hiccup. They were always available by phone or email to answer any last-minute questions I had in the days before our trip. I highly recommend Michelle and her team and I’d definitely use them again!

From helping us understand the new Genie+ system, to snagging hard-to-get tables at perfect times...
Sean Sandoloski | February 19, 2023

Michelle and her team made our February 2023 trip to Walt Disney World spectacular! From helping us understand the new Genie+ system, to snagging hard-to-get tables at perfect times, to recommending great experiences and add-ons that made our trip, Michele and her office were invaluable.

The VIP guide was worth it to avoid the lines, hit multiple parks in a day and hit the hottest attractions
Tracy Reller | November 30, 2022

Michelle’s office was extremely helpful in planning a quick (3 day) trip for November 17-20 to celebrate our twins’ 16th birthday. There are so many details, options and reservations to make that you almost have to use someone that knows the parks and how things work. We haven’t been to Disney since 2014 and do not visit very often and didn’t want to spend the time necessary to figure out all the ins/outs of the parks. I was overwhelmed with all the information online! That’s where Michelle’s team was indispensable! They were knowledgeable, always available and extremely helpful, enabling us maximize our time at Disney and enjoy our time together. They booked our hotel, made dining reservations, explained and arranged transportation options and booked our VIP guide. They have a great travel app which contains travel reservations and lots of park info. We had a great time but were surprised by the crowds, the lines and prices. The VIP guide, while very pricey, was worth it to avoid the lines, hit multiple parks in a day and hit the hottest attractions, making the other days more relaxing and enjoyable.

So much of the world is automated now, and so it was so nice to have a planner I could call from the actual vacation...
Cara Marcano | November 14, 2022

We had a great trip thanks to Michelle’s office! They guided me on how long to plan the trip and encouraged us to do things like see the parks on weekdays. They also showed us which hotel to book so we were able to stay at the Portofino, which is a beautiful hotel designed by Stephen Spielberg! Really great experience! They helped me know which restaurants to eat in so we were not eating park food for every meal, though we did have a lovely meal in Volcano Bay waterpark.

They showed me which passes to buy so we would not have to wait in any lines—we got on all but one ride, during a hurricane week no less. The weather was beautiful at the time of year they encouraged us to go, and there were no crowds!

I highly encourage any working person who wants to do a trip like this to hire them! They also took my calls from the vacation. So much of the world is automated now on websites and with apps, and so it was so nice to have a planner I could call from the actual vacation who could handle things. It was like having a personal assistant on vacation. I could really just focus on the vacation and we had some really great experiences, amazing food, and an amazing time!

She made wonderful recommendations that saved us time and made the trip run smoother
Christie Bartram | November 5, 2022

Michelle and her team made our trip to Disney just fantastic! She scored us the toughest dining reservations like Topolino’s Terrace, O’Hana and Space 220. She made wonderful recommendations that saved us time and made the trip run smoother. I appreciated that they took care of all the logistics, like renting a stroller for our 5yr old. I loved the Axus app and follow-up call. We’ve already booked our next trip (including a Disney Cruise!!!) with her.

I do not think I could have pulled this trip off—and certainly not as smoothly and without a nervous breakdown—without them
Lindsey Huttenbauer | November 3, 2022

Family of 4 trip to Disney World (kids ages 10 and 12), October 12 – 17, 2022.

Our children had the most amazing time at Disney! This was a trip planned for last year that we postponed due to Covid. Michelle and her team were fantastic! Disney can be a daunting task, but they helped us navigate every step of the way. We had every last detail planned last year when we decided to postpone, and they were so gracious about moving everything and even managed to get some non-refundable tickets refunded! We made some adjustments to our itinerary for this year and they seamlessly made every change we requested. We wanted to blanket the parks in 3 days, as this was to be a one-and-done trip to Disney. We needed to pack it all in! My son is an avid Star Wars fan and my daughter is an animal lover, so those 2 parks were the main draws. However, they talked us into the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween @ Magic Kingdom, and that was worth every penny. They sell a limited # of tickets for that party, so fewer people are in the park and you can easily ride EVERYTHING. We rode 14 rides in 2 hours and rode several things multiple times. It was amazing. I don’t think we could have covered as much in 2 weeks’ time under regular circumstance. Two other families planned to be there at the same time as it was our fall break. As you can imagine, it is almost impossible to get any dining reservations @ Disney and unheard of to get them for 11 people, but Michelle’s office secured one lunch and a dinner for all 11 of us—even though the other families weren’t using their services. I thought that was above and beyond. They also walked us through the painstaking process regarding the new Genie Plus and Lightning Lanes and how to secure what when. They booked our hotel and all dining reservations, told us which rides were the best in each park, and advised on other areas like airport transfers (we just Ubered) and a day trip to Legoland. I do not think I could have pulled this trip off—and certainly not as smoothly and without a nervous breakdown—without them. I was watching friends who were navigating on their own for similar experiences, and they were completely overwhelmed. There were a few places we wanted for lunch like Space 220 that we couldn’t get, but they recommended other options that were darling—and things I would have not have chosen—like Garden Grill. I thought the kids would have outgrown the characters but they LOVED seeing Mickey, Pluto, and the Chipmunks there!

I highly recommend having dining reservations for EVERY meal. It removes the stress about where to eat and every place is so busy that most weren’t even accepting walk-ins. And, even with a res, we still often had to wait 15 – 20 minutes. The only dining snafu was the night of the Halloween party. We were @ Star Wars so long that we only had time to run back to the hotel and change to go to the Magic Kingdom. We didn’t have dinner beforehand and there were no restaurants open—only candy and desserts everywhere!! We needed some real food. We finally found a hut selling chicken fingers and fries, but that was literally the only non-sweet option in the park—and we needed protein fuel at that point. I wish we had been advised to be sure to eat before arriving.

I also do not recommend going back-to-back to parks like we did on that first day. Star Wars was our big, most important visit. We were there before 8am to get in the park early so we could snag the Rise of the Resistance ride (which we did!!). I missed it at the 7AM Lightning Lane sign-up because the app crashed (which happens often) and booted me out. By the time I was back in, it was sold out for the day. Going that early was the only way we had a chance at that ride, which was a MUST. And this was the only day that we had Hollywood Studios as the first park, so we just had to do it, but we were there ALL day, returning to change for the Halloween Party @ 5:30pm, running back out to the Magic Kingdom, and not returning to our hotel until 1am. 17 hours and 15 miles later, we were DEAD the next day and had my daughter’s favorite park, Animal Kingdom, that day, so we had to rally. But we were exhausted and fairly miserable. I wish we had not done any park that first day until the Magic Kingdom. It would have been much more civilized. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that none of the food is that good. Even the higher-end restaurants like Il Mulino or STK are watered down versions of the NYC landmarks. We were not impressed with the food or wine lists anywhere. Even in the nicer locations at Epcot, like the French restaurants. I also wasn’t that impressed with the food & wine festival in Epcot. I heard many raves about this, but every hut offering small samples or food and drink had giant lines and nothing was really worth the wait—I would still default to booking reservations instead.

One of the things to watch for are these flash opportunities to purchase the Lightning Lane for certain rides. They aren’t always available and, when they are, it’s for a short time. My daughter opted to Lightning Lane for the Safari at Animal Kingdom at that first 7am sign-up, which we got. But then we knew there would be no way to ride the Avatar ride without waiting 120+ minutes, because it fills up immediately. However, we happened to notice right after the Safari when we were looking to book our next Lightning Lane that you could purchase the Lightning Lane for the Avatar, so we were able to get it that way! It really was a stellar ride! So glad the kids didn’t miss that one!

Final comments: We never waited more than 30 mins for a ride. Weather was great (although a tad hot). I am not sure you need to park-hop every day. There is hardly time if you are going to really experience a park (without completely exhausting yourself). But it is nice to have the option if, for example, you want to go to Epcot for dinner—and you can often ride a few rides in the evenings that are super-crowded during the day.

I very strongly recommend Michelle’s team and would never go to Disney without them. I will suggest them to anyone that I know that is planning a trip there. They are gems!! I do think it is worth noting that you often talk to different people when you call. You don’t have the same point person. At first I didn’t like this at all because I felt like I always had to start over when I got a new person but, after working with them for over a year on this trip, I realized they are all up to speed on everything each time I spoke to someone. I never had to repeat myself. It was amazing. I don’t know how they keep everyone straight, but it was as if I was talking to the same person every time. The level of service, attention, and genuine care for my experience was always consistent no matter who answered the phone. Thank you, Wendy, for the stellar recommendation! I am certain it saved hours of my life.

We had a great time and I couldn’t have done it without this team!
Lovleen Sharma | October 29, 2022

Our first trip to Disney was absolutely perfect. Working with Michelle and crew was a breeze. They made sure all details were covered and did a great job explaining why I should plan a certain way. They also did a great job of walking me through the Disney app and giving me tips. We had a great time and I couldn’t have done it without this team! Thank you!

She made sure our hotel room faced the fireworks, so we could see them but didn’t have to stay late in the park
Anne Lloyd | October 20, 2022

Michelle planned an absolutely seamless trip to Disney World for me and my 5-year-old son. Everything was absolutely perfect. She made sure our hotel room faced the fireworks, so we could see them but didn’t have to stay late in the park. She picked restaurant experiences we both enjoyed. And she was unbelievably flexible and responsive, when I decided during our layover on the way there that I’d rather have a car service then use Uber. I recommend Michelle without reservation. You should not do Disney without her help!

Going to Disneyland with adult children and no kids is an entirely different experience
Sheri Hardin | October 7, 2022

I had a fabulous time at Disneyland celebrating a milestone birthday with my husband and two adult children in their early 20s. Going to Disneyland with adult children and no kids is an entirely different experience. We were able to eat at nicer restaurants and enjoy adult beverages. We focused mainly on Star Wars and Avenger Areas at Disneyland and California Adventure.

Michelle informing us about the concierge level at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel made all the difference. We enjoyed wonderful breakfast, snacks, desserts and beverages. The service was great and it was nice to be out of the chaos in the hotel lobby. We hung out in the concierge lounge area and enjoyed good conversation. We shared a room with 2 beds and a couch that made into a bed so that worked well for the 4 of us, as we were rarely in our room.

Michelle’s team purchased our tickets and our Genie+ and park hopper passes. They made all our dining and our Oga’s Cantina reservations. They even went beyond to get the cantina reserved for two different days so we could pick the time and date most convenient for us. Also when one of our dining options opened up they phoned to see if we wanted to change to that location and we did. It was so nice for someone else to be watching and booking and not having to set my alarm to get up and worry with it or having to keep checking back if things changed

When Disney announced their Oogie Boogie Halloween Bash dates, again Michelle’s team was on top of things. They called to see if my family would want to go before the tickets went on sale, since we would be there for this special ticketed event. They then secured the ticket the day they went on sale. If I had not been using Michelle, I may have missed this was even an option before the tickets sold out. They were great to email reminders of things, answer questions, and the app they have is very helpful.

Some of my friends thought it was strange that I selected Disney for my birthday, but it was a perfect trip for us to interact, laugh, work together on certain rides, and talk without being on our phones. I highly recommend using Michelle and her team to assist to reduce the stress of planning, and the Genie+ allowed us to ride all the adult rides and a few kiddie ones too.

If you do ever decide to visit Disney in October, it is very festive with the Halloween decorations, and the special ticketed event was fun with so many wearing costumes. I have grandkids from my stepchildren and definitely will use Michelle when my grandchildren are old enough to enjoy Disney. Thanks to Michelle and her team for helping me to have a special birthday.

Michelle's office has the ability to get reservations that would be otherwise tough to get
Conrad Ehrich | October 6, 2022

Michelle Allen and her team did another great job of planning a Disney World trip for us from 9/30/2022 – 10/3/2022. This was a father-daughter weekend; much shorter than the two-week Disney World and Disney Cruise she crafted earlier this year. Nevertheless, her team put in just as much effort and paid just as much attention to detail as for the longer trip. While you could in theory try to arrange everything yourself, it would be a mistake, not simply because of the complexity, but because Michelle’s office has the ability to get reservations that would be otherwise tough to get. On this short trip we wanted to book the new Space 220 restaurant at EPCOT, which is a highly themed space experience where you board a special space elevator that “ascends” to a platform in geosynchronous orbit. Because the restaurant has a room-sized panoramic view of Earth which changes in real-time, we wanted to get reservations that allowed us to be seated during sunset, when the view of Earth transitions from day to night. We also wanted specific seating at the edge of the upper level, which we felt had a better view. While reservations are notoriously difficult to get, Michelle was able to secure them when we wanted and where we wanted. They really do put the magic in travel.

Michelle provided excellent guidance, handled all the details, and made our trip an unforgettable experience
Cynthia Dixey | August 24, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Our trip planner, Michelle (the Disney travel specialist), is an angel sent from heaven. From our initial booking, things were constantly changing and not just due to the pandemic.
Michelle provided excellent guidance, handled all the details, and made our trip an unforgettable experience that our kids and grandchildren will never forget.
Michelle is extremely knowledgeable about all things Disney, very professional as well as personable. Hopefully we will have another Disney adventure in the future. We will not hesitate to use her services and definitely will continue to highly recommend her to our friends.

One recommendation Michelle made that I wish I had chosen was the VIP tour of the park
Magda Kuhn | July 9, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Michelle Allen and her staff were amazing in helping plan a trip to Walt Disney World for 4 adults and 5 kids (3-7 yrs old). It had been over 30 years since I was last in Disney World and a lot has changed. Michelle covered all my options and was very forthcoming with the pros and cons. Our trip went without a hitch! Michelle was able to book all the restaurants we wanted for in-park sit-down lunches and dinners. She arranged our airport transfers too. I received a wonderful packet with great info, especially the top rides in each park. We stayed at Bay Lake tower, which is part of the Contemporary, in a 2-bedroom suite with full kitchen. We were a 5 minute waIk from Magic Kingdom and avoided the big security lines. The hotel had in-room washer and dryer that was indispensable when visiting the park in June, it was hot and humid. One recommendation Michelle made that I wish I had chosen was the VIP tour of the park, it would have allowed us to sleep in and still get to all the rides. We managed to get to all but 2 rides in the parks, but it meant early riding to get to rope drop and using Genie + and Individual lightning lanes. The kids really rallied but by the end of the week, we were all tired. I will definitely use Michelle again, we all want to go back! Do not hesitate to call Michelle.

We scored amazing rooms at the resorts from her requests directly with Disney
Christie Bartram | July 4, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We are so grateful for Michelle’s help in planning our Disney vacation. We had to move out our trip 4x due to COVID and she was patient, understanding and accommodating.
She was so well organized in the planning and offering suggestions for hotels, activities and dining. We scored amazing rooms at the resorts from her requests directly with Disney.
I really appreciated the call a couple days after we returned home asking how our trip went.
I would definitely use Michelle and her team for future Disney travel.

Their organizational skills and punctuality allowed them to snap up the many difficult-to-obtain reservations now required by Disney
Conrad Ehrlich | June 29, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  ABOVE AND BEYOND. Michelle Allen and her associates are not simply booking agents. They have an in-depth knowledge that only comes from years of firsthand personal travel experience. They are filled with many helpful suggestions and reminders that greatly improve the experience. They are responsive by phone and email in a way that shows they really care and raises the bar for all businesses. They are quick thinking and acting under the pressures caused by rapidly changing circumstances, as evidenced by their ability to handle the inevitable chaos caused by the Covid pandemic. We were originally scheduled for a June 4-11 Disney Fantasy Cruise to be followed by a June 11-15 stay at Disney World with our daughter’s family, including her two 7-year-old boys. Time and space do not allow for a full description of how detailed and timely their preparatory steps were, but suffice it to say that their organizational skills and punctuality allowed them to snap up the many difficult-to-obtain reservations now required by Disney. When there was a problem, they didn’t tell us to call Disney; they took on that responsibility themselves and strived to solve the problem if it had any possible solution.

Just days before our June 4th cruise, my daughter’s entire family, who were to travel from California to Florida, came down with Covid and everything had to be rearranged. There was still enough time for my daughter’s family to recover and travel to Disney World on June 11th, but Michelle had to immediately scramble to cancel the June 4-11 cruise and see if there were any cabins left on the June 18-25 Disney Fantasy Cruise. She did it. She quickly found and secured the last two cabins on the ship and salvaged our vacation. She then had to see if there were any rooms left at any Disney resorts to fill in the days between June 15th (which was to be the last day of our vacation) and June 18th. She quickly found and secured fantastic rooms at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. All these last-minute changes made our trip even better than originally planned. One could try to book a Disney World vacation and Disney Cruise by themselves but that would be a mistake. Michelle Allen and her associates are the way to go.

Not many people say they had an "easy going" time figuring out Disney, but Michelle made that possible
Kayla Wagner | June 27, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  I just returned from a part Disney, part beach vacation and am SO HAPPY we used Michelle and team to book it. We reached out to her only about 2 months out from our trip, which was in hot June on a Saturday to Weds. After deciding we wanted to tack on Disney before our beach rental at the end of the week, I quickly discovered it is WAY too much information to navigate alone so found Michelle on Wendy’s WOW List. Michelle and her team got to work right away – listened to our needs for our only 1.5 and 3.5 year olds and booked us an easy going few days at Disney. They suggested the perfect restaurant recommendations but didn’t “over schedule” us which is helpful with little guys also. Our kids were through the moon at all their choices. They even booked us a stroller rental, car transfer from airport and rental car to round out our trip. AND because we booked on points at the Swan and for our flights – Michelle worked with us for a fee which I soooo appreciated still being able to use her and being able to book on points. Money well spent. To round things out, they checked in right before our trip, during and after. I felt so well taken care of and highly recommend! Not many people I talk to say they had an “easy going” time figuring out Disney, but Michelle and team made that possible :)

Saved lots of time waiting on lines
Lois Feinstein | April 12, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  As Disney neophytes, we did not know where to begin. Michelle and her team asked all the right questions and really listened to our input. Our daughter wanted to spend 2 days in Animal Kingdom and 1 in Epcot. Michelle’s team made suggestions and took care of all the details. They booked us on a semi-private Wild Animal Trek which was amazing and told us about Genie Plus which saved lots of time waiting on lines. Our suite in Kidani Village overlooked the savannah where we could see animals roaming freely from our balcony. All in all, they planned a great trip and I would definitely recommend them for anyone trying to navigate Walt Disney World.

Even with pandemic restrictions, Michelle was able to craft an amazing itinerary filled with stand-out experiences
Ann Marie Bell | December 31, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL I recently returned from a trip to Disney World planned by Michelle Allen (12/22/2021-12/27/2021) with my husband and two children (19 & 21). We visited WDW several times when the kids were smaller, but knew the trip would be different now that they were older. Michelle did a thorough intake call to understand what was important to us–taking in the new Star Wars land and enjoying the fireworks. She was able to secure great reservations for us (including drinks at Oga’s Cantina, dinner at the new Space 220 restaurant in Epcot, and two different reservations that allowed for great views of the fireworks). She suggested moving from our historical go-to hotel (the Contemporary) to one that was walkable to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We never would have made that choice on our own and it worked out perfectly. We had hoped to do some “behind the scenes” tours, but those were unavailable due to Covid. Even with pandemic restrictions, Michelle was able to craft an amazing itinerary filled with stand-out experiences. She reached out during our trip to check in and on our last day rearranged our car service to pick us up earlier given the delays that were being reported at airports due to the pandemic. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to plan our trip. Thank you, Michelle and her entire team!

Her recommendation to get villas for the families was right on
Cynthia Dixey | October 19, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We used Michelle Allen, a Disney expert for our 10/2-10/8/2021 trip. We have used her before. She handed all the arrangements for our family 6 adults, 4 children vacation at the Aulani Disney resort on Oahu. Her recommendation to get villas for the families was right on and met their needs. Her selection of restaurants outside the resort for our dinners were excellent. And she set up wonderful activities/sites for us to experience eg. luau, Pearl Harbor tour. She kept us up to date on the islands’ and resort’s ever-changing regulations that needed to be observed due to the pandemic. Very professional, knowledgeable and customer service oriented. In fact she is handling our 2022 family vacation on a Disney cruise to Alaska. Aloha.

This truly is a trip that our whole family will never forget and the credit goes to Michelle
Latifa Algurg | September 10, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Michelle helped us with our very short notice vacation to Disney World and Orlando in August. She truly was exceptional. She put together an itinerary within 2 days and we basically had it all planned out and booked within 4 days of thinking of taking the trip. She was able to secure the difficult to get VIP tours that we requested, and gave us multiple options for dining. She also found unique experiences outside of the theme parks for us to enjoy. We loved the air boating experience that she suggested, as well as, the Dali museum. The car rental service that she arranged was also exceptional. The car being dropped off usually ahead of time, with no disruption to our schedule and returned easily to the valet. She checked in regularly with us to see that everything was to our liking, and arranged a special Star Wars treat for my son’s birthday, including gifts that he was so ecstatic about. This truly is a trip that our whole family will never forget and the credit goes to Michelle.

Michelle quickly determined what would best suit us
Claire Strouse | May 9, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL Michelle Allen assisted me to put together a trip to Disney World for my son, grandson, my husband and myself with just a couple of months’ notice. Since we are not big fans of Disney World, I knew there were just too many insider tips I would just not have time to figure out and Michelle quickly determined what would best suit us. Michelle suggested the Beach Club Villas and our unit was perfect for this stay including that I think we had the biggest deck in our building. Our grandson loved it! Michelle also suggested two evening workshops and they were perfect for us and my son and grandson have some wonderful Star Wars workshop products! Michelle kept us up to date on the covid regulations in the event we needed to cancel. I certainly would not have known where to stay to allow us to go to the parks we wanted to without having to wait in long transportation lines. My family walked back from Hollywood Studios twice and it took just 15 minutes and a beautiful walk. Very good decision for hotel location. Because we had a condo with kitchen, we did not require dining reservations, but Michelle did suggest a couple of things for our stay in addition to providing a motorized cart for me, which I was really thankful for. They were long days of walking. I would definitely choose to use Michelle Allen again and would highly recommend her for Disney World.

She scheduled a VIP tour that allowed us to experience much more from the Parks than we could have on our own
Gina Melton | May 2, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We had the best Disney trip for 3 days in April 2021 thanks to Michelle’s advice and counsel. She scheduled a VIP tour for us that allowed us to experience much more from the Parks than we could have on our own. She was also able to guide us on where to get the best bang for our buck since not all of Disney is fully functioning during the pandemic. For example, for our family’s needs it didn’t make sense to stay on property and Michelle didn’t hesitate to tell us this even if it was in her interest to book on property for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Michelle to assist with any Disney related travel. We had the best trip yet to Orlando!

The trip Michelle planned was very Covid-appropriate and fun!
Beth Nelson | Mach 21, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  We, the Nelson family, went to Disney World in March 2021 for spring break. While normally we would have taken an international trip, we decided it would be easier to stay in the U.S. and skip the unknowns with covid and covid testing. The trip Michelle planned for us was very covid-appropriate and fun! Disney does a great job with covid management. They take masks, social distancing and hotel housekeeping very seriously. We never felt at high risk of covid exposure.

Michelle is very knowledgeable about everything Disney and took the time to get to know what we wanted out of our trip. She then recommended a resort and theme park activities that best suited us. She found some deals and then re-looked at prices near the departure date. She gave us insider tips to help us have the best experience possible. Using her tips I was able to get on the Rise of Resistance twice!

I highly recommend using Michelle and her team for a great Disney World trip!

When it comes to Disney cruising, little things like this can make a big difference
Andrea Reed | February 19, 2020

We used Michelle and her team to plan a family Disney Cruise trip to the Bahamas. I really appreciated the reminders along the way of deadlines we had to make and when each of our group’s different excursion booking windows opened. When it comes to Disney cruising, little things like this can make a big difference. I felt that the team was available at any point if we needed assist before and during the trip ( we did not luckily) and that afforded piece of mind. Once we got “back in range” after the ship docked, we were promptly contacted to make sure that all was well. I would for sure use Michelle again when planning our next Disney adventure.

I've never had an easier or more enjoyable travel planning process
Robyn Smyers | December 1, 2019

At the last minute, I decided that I didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving at home and wanted to try out Disney World with three, somewhat jaded teenagers. With a referral from Wendy Perrin’s Wow list, I was put in touch with Michelle Allen and her team. Michelle contacted me the same day and we mapped out the basics of the trip. The very next day, another member of her team spent 1.5 hours with me planning out all of the trip details. So, within 48 hours of deciding to go to Disney World, we had flights, accommodations, FastPasses to great rides, reservations to build Star Wars droids and dinner reservations. I’ve never had an easier or more enjoyable traveling planning process. And then everything went as planned. I couldn’t ask for more!

...allowed us to visit a practically empty and childless Park (real Disney Magic!)...
Barbara Sheridan | October 9, 2019

Michelle Allen & her team were wonderful in helping us plan a great 20th Anniversary trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. Disney really can be an overwhelming destination as, in order to maximize your time there, you need to carefully plan out your schedule for each day and manage restaurant reservations, showtimes, and Fast Passes. Michelle’s advice was invaluable in this regard. The team took into consideration that this was an adults only couples vacation, and made great suggestions for us, like experiencing the Magic Kingdom with an after dark ticket, which allowed us to visit a practically empty and childless Park (real Disney Magic!). Their restaurant recommendations were great all around – the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios was a really fun lunch choice and probably not one I’d have made on my own. Wine Bar Georges in Disney Springs was amazing, and Cowfish at Universal City Walk was another different and deliciously fun choice that probably would’ve passed under my radar. They also managed to fit in a coveted reservation for Be Our Guest and their recommendations and guidance for the Epcot Food & Wine festival helped us navigate that fun event. Michelle and her team walked us through the anxiety producing Fast Pass Process, and ensured that we were able to snag fast passes for all the rides we wanted. I’ve been joking that while we take fairly involved adventure vacations (safaris, dog sledding expedition, scuba diving, rafting and trekking trips) none have involved the degree of planning as this Disney trip! Michelle’s crew was just exceptional in that regard – I think we spent over 4 hours on the phone with them in addition to exchanging dozens of emails. Their hard work enabled us the have a wonderful anniversary trip (and everyone knew it was our anniversary b/c Michelle told them!). I’m highly recommending them to anyone I know going to any Disney destination or cruise and look forward to using them again in the future.

She and her crew were on top of every aspect of the experience from start to finish.
Anita Kreitman | June 19, 2019

Michelle was excellent to deal with in the planning of our family Disney cruise. She and her crew were on top of every aspect of the experience from start to finish. They left no stone unturned. From selection of our stateroom and location to final followups and all in between we couldn’t have been more pleased.

They were always available to answer the endless multitude of questions from myself and other family members be it emails or by phone. They were in touch with the Disney cruise personnel on our behalf during our attempts to book and/or change some of the excursions and activities we were initially closed out of. At the end we did get all that we had originally desired. In addition they took care of all the bookings, fastPasses and details of our visit to Animal Kingdom prior to our cruise. Michelle and crew are truly thorough and professional. A true treasure in the Travel Industry without question!

Although I had been to Disney World before, Michelle knew lots of inside tips to tailor the trip…
Laura Hanyok | June 7, 2019

Michelle Allen and her team provided invaluable help to me as we planned a trip to Disney World. She responded promptly to my request, reviewed all the important planning dates (for hotel packages, dining, Fastpasses). Our planning call to lay out our daily schedule prior to booking dinner reservations made the process stress free and included me and my Mom – as this was a multi-generation trip. Although I had been to Disney World before, Michelle knew lots of inside tips to tailor the trip for our young daughter and for us.

We requested a specific room at the Polynesian and they were able to get that room for us. It was worth spending the extra for the theme park view to watch the fireworks at night.

Their team checked in right before we left and right after we arrived. We didn’t need any assistance as everything went smoothly, but it was nice to know they were there. AND they called me after we returned home, something I was very impressed with.

I will definitely work with them again the next time we visit the parks or take a Disney Adventure trip!

Made things so much easier for us!
Julie Adam | June 3, 2019

Michelle and her team did a great job for us. They advised us on the questions we had (fewer this time as we have done Disney before) and told us about new developments. They did an incredible job of booking our hotels (and yes, we got a super-awesome Castle view club level room at Disney – at the Contemporary Resort these are a bit of the luck of the draw as they cannot be reserved in advance, so I credit Michelle with having some clout) and tickets, but they also came through on the tedious-to-book-and worse-to-rearrange dining and fast pass reservations. Made things so much easier for us! For example, we weren’t sure which night would be best for a California Grill dinner, so they booked two nights for us and we just canceled the one we didn’t want a couple of days ahead of time. When I had last minute (and during the trip) queries, my emails were answered rapidly, cheerfully, and with reliable information. Couldn’t ask for more. Could I have done this on my own? Probably 80% of it – – but the hassle and time would have weighed on me and the addition 20% made a big difference in the quality of our trip. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know!

So helpful and knowledgeable…
Megan Martin | May 2, 2019

Everyone on the team was so helpful and knowledgeable. Really guided us through every step from hotel, to ins/ outs of parks and restaurants. Was very pleased with the experience and would definitely use them again

Accepted and succeeded in the ultimate challenge: finding the exact spot my husband and I became engaged 39 years ago!
Jacqueline (Jackie) & Bart Cox | April 23, 2019

Once again, you all knocked it out of the park! The highlight of our trip was the 7 hr Van excursion Michelle and her team booked with Martín, our driver. His recommendations were spot on beginning with the very isolated beach where the little ones could play safely in tidal pools, I sat under the palapa reading sipping on ice cold Diet Coke he provided, and the adults took turns snorkeling. We had a great, casual beachside lunch, and the Van was cooled down with ice cold waters for all before we even had walked back!

Martín then accepted and succeeded in the ultimate challenge: finding the exact spot my husband and I became engaged 39 years ago! Once there, Bart presented me another diamond ring and ask me to do it again! Then he took us to a locals only paleteria and on to a very local market. At two other times, he stayed, kept the AC running, and stood guard over me and the baby while we napped. Have I said enough? Please pass on my compliments and thanks to his boss.

The ship, Disney Magic, is still a bit worn and run down even with the renovation. However, Michelle’s room selections were perfect. The steward opened the verandas as soon as we boarded. Speaking of boarding, in spite of the 30 minute head start my daughter had, we were in out stateroom way ahead of them due to the efforts of Marva, a wheelchair attendant extraordinarie! She took us from the cab drop off, upgraded us to silver Castaway Cay lanyards, and moved us through all paperwork, security, etc. Instantaneously.

Opportunities for improvement: the electric scooter was conveniently fully charged and parked in the proper deck 6 Bay Area where it remained for all but one important time. The ship’s elevators are too small to accommodate them with more than one other adult. So crowded, I would wait for 10 or more elevators to get on. There was no possibility of maneuvering one in any of the dining rooms. However, I waited late to disembark on Castaway Cay, and the crew was kind enough to let me use it all the way to the tram pick up point and leave it there. The family very much enjoyed their Castaway Cay experience.

I used the spa twice. They had two separate incidents of overcharging my account which required me to walk back down there both times to resolve. Very unusual for Disney.
Please know Michelle Allen is my number 1 choice of agency for anything Disney! They are five star service at its finest.

Michelle and her team definitely added value to my family’s Orlando vacation…
Melissa Pollack | April 18, 2019

Michelle and her team definitely added value to my family’s Orlando vacation. They helped us take advantage of a deal for extra free days at Universal that allowed us to see the parks in a much more relaxed fashion. They also wisely steered us towards a concierge floor at Disney. At first, I didn’t think this was a big deal, but after long days in the park, it was great to have the option of grabbing food in the lounge instead of going out again to get dinner. I would certainly use Michelle again if we return to Orlando.

Responsive, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable…
Cynthia Lee | April 5, 2019

Michelle and her team were very responsive, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about Disney World. It was my family’s first time and we planned it very quickly and with not much notice. Michelle and her team made it so easy and answered every single of my crazy questions with patience and sage advice.

They took on all the reservation hassles and FastPass planning, leaving us to just enjoy the time we had together without the bother.
Robin and Warren Levy | February 19, 2019

We just returned from and wonderful vacation to the Magic Kingdom with our family of 10, which included our children and grandchildren. Michelle and her staff took on the monumental task of coordinating all the attractions, kingdoms, FastPasses, dinner reservations, pirate and princess makeovers, and more. The conference calls were fun and they answered all our questions each time we needed them. The trip far exceeded my expectations and EVERYONE had a blast from my husband (grandpa got to hug Mickey) to the youngest (4 year old who became Tinker Bell and met Peter Pan). During the trip we needed to cancel some activities and reschedule some dinners and Michelle’s team answered our email within 30 minutes and fixed all the reservations immediately! Their recommendations were great and we would recommend them highly for your trip to the Magic Kingdom. They took on all the reservation hassles and FastPass planning, leaving us to just enjoy the time we had together without the bother. It was truly magical!!

Second to none
Jeffrey and Gwen Bernfield | November 15, 2018

Recently returned from a Disney trip to China. This was booked through Michelle Allen’s team. As always, and whenever using Michelle for anything Disney, it was a seamless process from beginning to end. Her team is knowledgeable about the various itineraries to recommend what is best for each traveler. Special concerns were communicated to Disney and adhered to. Communication with her staff is really second to none. There is always someone to answer a question or find out relevant information. We were well prepared and ready to go on our next adventure. And, most importantly, we would never consider anyone else other than Michelle.

Amazing, magical trip!
Jackie Cox | October 18, 2018

1. Amazing, magical trip! I especially thank each of her staff for being so flexible with our seemingly unending changes. The response time was instantaneous, and expertise was invaluable. (Especially insurance advice.)
2. Excellent service: most helpful were the suggestions and making dining and Fast Pass reservations. Keeping all meals and rides in close proximity made a huge difference with two little ones and me in an electric wheelchair. Advice on the “extra” events was greatly appreciated, too.
3. The move from the Polynesian Bungalows to the Grand Floridian Villas (due to our midcourse date change) was heaven sent. My son had wonderful memories staying at the Grand Floridian when he was in 3rd grade (celebrated his 36th birthday here this time!) Even my daughter-in-law liked the atmosphere. And how do I say “Thanks” to our Fairy Godmother for the upgrade to the Coral Suite on Suga Cay (#5141)? The Magic Kingdom fireworks alone from our deck with a glass of wine was the best part of our trip to my husband and me!
4. Best experiences for our family: Lunch at Cinderella’s Castle after the Bippity Boppity Do makeover and our dinner at O’hana’s! Delicious! All of the food and beverages (thinking Piña Coladas here) exceeded our expectations at every meal; all of the bus and monorail attendants were beyond kind and patient, and we spent much more time at the GF swimming pools than we ever intended. And as fate would have it, the anticipated hurricane missed us, and the weather was perfect!
5. Least favorite experience: Lunch at Tony’s with parade reserved seating. They charged us for 6 adults, waited for >30” for 5/6 meals and my DIL’s meal came 20 minutes after the rest of us. The seating was standing in the hot sun only and poor access with my electric scooter (curb cuts were roped off.) The waiter did give us a Fast Pass for the inconvenience.
6. Wheelchair users (plus others like my husband who had a knee replacement 4 months ago and families with very young children who are not picking up strollers until reaching their resort) need to use a transportation option other than the Magic Express. It is the furthest walk in the airport from Southwest Airlines gates. The wheelchair attendant abandoned me at the arrival gate restroom and would not take me there, and upon departure, the lady in charge said no attendants nor wheelchairs were available to help any passengers from the Magic Express.
7. Overall, it was a very magical trip, perhaps my best of 7 total visits. I am so glad we are using Michelle and her team again in April on our Disney Magic cruise to Cozumel.

Another fantastic vacation
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | October 5, 2018

Disney Orlando, September 2018

Just returned from another fantastic vacation planned by Michelle and her team. Although we consider ourselves seasoned Disney travelers, we prefer to leave all the planning to the Michelle and her team. They plan everything — Fast Passes, dining reservations, park tickets, special excursions — with no hassle. Everyone on their team is friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to work with. They can get you into hard to secure attractions and restaurants.

They are incredible listeners and will customize every detail to your wishes. Regardless of whether you are a first-timer or a repeat Disney customer, it is well worth it to have Michelle plan your Disney excursion.

We have used many WOW List experts over the years and Michelle and her team are at the top of the list — special people with a level of caring for their travelers, which is second to none. We give them our highest possible recommendation and would never consider a Disney adventure without using their services.

I could see the wisdom of all her choices as we went through the week
Christine Stoll | August 26, 2018

My husband, two grandsons and I just returned from Disney World where we had a fabulous trip, largely due to Michelle’s planning and support. She began the process with a planning call where she found out all about us, our likes and dislikes, and hopes for this trip. In that conversation, she suggested that we stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort because she said it had the best pool for our grandsons. With its pirate ship, slides and other water park features, she was absolutely right. There wasn’t a day that didn’t include pool time, sometimes late at night. Michelle also worked with me on a detailed itinerary, carefully planning the order of parks we would visit to make best use of open hours and Disney Magic Hours (which we took full advantage of). In later conversations, Michelle suggested and got reservations for a fun sit-down dinner each day giving us a chance to take a breather and eat some interesting and healthy food. Each restaurant was convenient to where we were spending the day; I could see the wisdom of all her choices as we went through the week. One dinner even included VIP seating at Hollywood Studios excellent light show, Fantastic. On the day we qualified to sign up for our Fast Pass choices, Michelle selected the attractions that were most popular and geared to our grandsons’ age and interests. She also ordered our Disney wristbands that were linked to our hotel room, parks, Photo Pass, and credit card. I didn’t even have to carry a purse when we when out for the day. Any e-mails I sent her with questions were answered promptly, either with a return e-mail or by arranging a phone conversation. Michelle and her staff made it possible for us to focus on memories instead of logistics. That’s a big reason why our grandsons announced to their parents when we returned that it was the most fun trip they had ever been on.

They made it easy and seamless
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | July 13, 2018

Disney Orlando, June 2018

Decided to plan a trip to Disney on short notice (5 days in advance) and as usual, Michelle and her team made it easy and seamless. They arranged everything from park tickets to Fast Passes to dining reservations. They even found a villa in the new Wilderness Lodge which was outstanding — on very short notice. They are diligent, relentless in their efforts to make sure you get everything you need. Regardless, if you are a first-timer or a repeat obsessed Disney fanatic like us, I would highly recommend them. This is a group of travel experts that are always on top of their game. In a very competitive industry, they clearly stand out above the rest.

No matter how much you think you know, they know more
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | June 26, 2018

Disney Orlando

Michelle and her team rise above all other travel specialists that we have ever used. They know virtually everything about Disney and are adept at navigating the different parks so that you get the most out of your experience. They plan your entire trip – from dining reservations, to theme park tickets, to Fast Passes, Disney theme park tours and special needs. No detail is missed. And they have access to special deals and sales.

Even if you are an experienced Disney traveler, as we are, you should still trust all of the planning to Michelle and her staff. They know all the ins and outs and no matter how much you think you know, they know more. In addition to being knowledgeable, attentive to the smallest detail, and amazing planners and organizers, they are by far the best communicators in the business. This is an incredible travel organization that is at the top of their game and the travel world. Highest possible recommendation. Have used many times and will continue to use and recommend.

Michelle performed the impossible
Donna Battye | April 11, 2018

Michelle performed the impossible. She arranged a trip to Disneyland for 4 people in 1 week over Easter holiday. The trip was during the extremely busy week after Easter. She found accommodation on sight, changed venues as better properties became available, organized tickets and restaurant reservations. She found spaces in the incredibly booked venues. Her many general tips for navigating the 2 Disney Parks were invaluable. Knowing my physical limitations she organized a scooter which was fantastic.

Got full value out of each day at each park.
Anil John | March 17, 2018

Our family trip to Disney and Universal were very enjoyable and trouble free due to the help that Michelle and team provided.

Because the information and guidance on choosing the right hotels, to pre-arranging the hard to get into rides via FastPass reservations, to helping to ensure that we got full value out of each day at each park by providing local information and update recommendations was so very helpful, we would never go back to Disney or Universal without working with them in the future.

In addition, with a family member who has multiple food allergies, the restaurant recommendations, pre-notification of the hotels and restaurants that matched to where we were spending time each day, not to mention helping to re-arrange a last minute dining situation while we were on-site smoothly and efficiently made our trip so much more relaxing and stress free!

We would highly recommend Michelle!

One of the smartest decisions I ever made.
Robert Bianco | March 12, 2018

I’m an experienced traveler, but I’d never cruised on Disney before or stayed on property at Disney World, so I thought it might be wise to get some advice from experts. That was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made, at least when it comes to travel. Michelle and her team at Travel Magic were responsive to every question and helpful every step of the way, from advising us to split our time in Disney World between two resorts (something I would not have considered and that worked perfectly) to getting a set of Fast Passes for us that were the envy of everyone we encountered. I’m used to doing all the planning, and it was a joy to be able to put those plans into someone else’s hands and know everything would turn out wonderfully – as it did. Plus, they could not have been nicer to deal with. I know at some point we’ll return to Disney World, and I know when we do, we’ll use Michelle and the team at Travel Magic. Oh, and in case this matters – I spent 31 years as a professional critic, with a reputation for being fairly tough. I didn’t hand out 4 Stars often, but were I awarding them now for travel agents, Travel Magic would get them.

Got me "out of the weeds"
Robin Rosenberg | February 26, 2018

Michelle and her folks were very responsive and got me “out of the weeds”. These cruises have a bunch of choices and she was helpful in choosing a room and honing in on a cruise that would work. Honestly, I am not sure its that complicated once you get to a few items. Might have liked a little more info on parking (since the kids drove) and a couple of other small things, but it was all fine. I imagine she would REALLY be helpful if we go to Disney World, and I certainly would call her for that.

A relatively complicated trip as it was happening during a very busy season
Vanessa Hulme | January 11, 2018

This is our second time utilizing the services of Michelle Allen and her team and, just like before, they excelled. This was a relatively complicated trip as it was happening during a very busy season at Disney World, three family generations were involved, and we had some very specific criteria. From the beginning, Michelle’s team was informative, professional and responsive to our questions and concerns. Of equal importance were their suggestions as to how to make the most of our time, whether regarding dining, transport, FastPasses, etc.

From our arrival at Orlando airport through collecting our luggage in Houston, the entire vacation went without any problems. I was especially impressed that they took the time, during the middle of our trip, to contact us to make sure everything was going according to plan.

I would have absolutely no hesitancy in using Michelle Allen and her team for anything Disney.

Patience, professionalism and kindness
Lisa Glickman | December 28, 2017

Wow, wow, wow! One of the best adjectives to describe the Michelle and her team. This was my family’s first trip to Walt Disney World, and I am so appreciative of the magical trip they planned for us. The team really took the team to get to know the particulars of our family and customized the trip accordingly. Every interaction was handled with patience, professionalism and kindness. I have already recommended them to friends, and they are equally enjoying their experience with the team.

A mobile app which is really a game changer
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | December 25, 2017

Just back from Disney World, Orlando, Florida. We had a very nice getaway planned by Michelle Allen and her team. The trip was perfectly planned in every way. Their level of communication is off the charts. They manufacture custom trips to satisfy every interest or need. They know everything and every inch of the parks and their recommendations for dining or how to organize time is so valuable.

In fact, they have now added a mobile app which is really a game changer. It reflects your itinerary, special documents, transportation, hotel info, dinner reservations, a messaging system etc…. really just about everything in a portable fashion. The few times we had to message them we had a response almost immediately – even on evenings or weekends. We have been exposed to this travel app only a few times in all our travels but I think it just gives a high service travel company like Michelle’s even an additional leg up on the competition. They were already at the top of the service game but if its possible now has really upped their game.

If you have special physical needs or limitations – they accommodate. If you have special dietary restrictions – they accommodate.

We have used Michelle and her team many times and will continue to recommend without hesitation and think anyone who goes to a Disney property should use Michelle and her team. They have highly personalized service, customized itineraries, intelligent well thought our recommendations and just nice people.

We basically needed only advice
Robyn Malach | December 24, 2017

Our family group of 6 were looking forward to taking the baby to Disneyland for his 5th birthday. I decided to give one of Wendy’s Trusted Travel Experts a call. I have used an Expert for three big adventures (Africa, Australia & Tahiti) and the trips were flawless. This time we basically needed only advice. Is it better to go the week before Thanksgiving or the week after? What are the least busy days of the week? etc. Our funds were very limited so we couldn’t stay in a Disney hotel. After helping us pick our dates, Michelle found us a very nice hotel within walking distance of Disneyland and it included breakfast. She arranged for transportation from/to the airport. She also got us reservations at the perfect dinner spot with a reserved place to watch the World of Color, which is a fabulous show. She ordered us a birthday cake but the restaurant changed it so many times that we finally just canceled it. Then I got a call from Michelle who, because the cake issue was such a mess, offered to pay for the cake for us. Very nice of them and so unexpected. We had a bit of a problem with our ride back to the airport. Shortly after arriving home I sent an email to Michelle telling her of the problem. I thought she would want to check it out before using them again. I hope she did as this was kind of a big deal. We were a bit frazzled upon arrival to the airport so we ended up leaving a bag with Disney souvenirs in the van. We were unable to retrieve these items but Michelle contacted the company and at least tried. The effort was very much appreciated. We wouldn’t hesitate to call Michelle and her team again. Hopefully, for our next trip to the Magic Kingdom, we’ll be able to afford more options. Thanks!

On top of the Disney deals
Eva Stark | September 6, 2017

In planning, she gave fabulous recommendations and helped in every aspect of the timetable. She made all the reservations and Fast Pass deals. She was on top of the Disney deals and was able to get our meal plans comped. Could not have done it without this travel group. Definitely WOW-worthy.

The whole trip was amazing
Pam Timmermans | June 20, 2017

Michelle planned an amazing trip for us to Disney World with very little lead time. The itinerary was perfect and fast passes and reservations were great. My special needs grandson had a marvelous time and the whole trip was amazing.

A magical experience, perfect in every way.
Cheryl Stanley | December 15, 2016

My husband and I took our first trip to Walt Disney World Dec 30, 1971. Over the years we visited 4 more times, the last visit occurring in 1996. So in 2016 when we decided to visit again, this time with our son, our daughter in law and our 2 grandsons, I immediately looked at Wendy’s WOW list to chose a travel expert to help plan as I knew the park had changed dramatically in those 20 years! I worked with Lisa and Michelle to find the perfect place to stay “on campus.” We absolutely LOVED our accommodations!! They also gave us advice on where and when to eat as well as the best times to go to different events. They helped us plan the most efficient way to visit each park. They made all our dining reservations and worked tirelessly to try to snag a reservation for us in a particular time slot. They conferenced with our daughter in law to line up fast passes and kept us up to date on the correct timing for it all. They also informed us of stroller rentals, great parade spots, etc.-the little things that made everything go smoother. It was indeed a magical experience, perfect in every way. And they did all this with less than six months notice. We highly recommend them.

As an addendum, I must remark that the reason I knew to go to Wendy’s WOW list is because we have used 3 other travel experts from her list in the past and have been extremely pleased with all of them. The only mistake you can make when planning to travel is to NOT use the WOW list:)
Thank you, Wendy and Michelle.


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