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Lindsey did a great job getting our $9K deposit back
David Nethero | July 16, 2020

We started out over a year ago to plan and subsequently book a week at the Amanjara resort in Turks and Caicos but then COVID hit. Lindsey did a great job getting our $9K deposit back and cancel the trip for us. After things settled down we called Lindsey to see if there were some attractive driving trips we could take on the SE Coast. With in literally 72 hours we explored several option and they booked us at the Ritz at Amelia Is. Lindsey’s team was amazing!

Great job with our very last-minute planning process for a summer trip amid COVID-19
Jane Kasey | July 13, 2020

Lindsey’s colleagues Becca and Olivia both did a great job with our very last-minute planning process for a summer trip amid COVID-19. We knew nothing about Rhode Island’s beautiful beaches and had never even heard of the Ocean House before they recommended it! It suited our needs for this trip perfectly–close by, on a gorgeous beach, and with a high level of service, despite COVID restrictions. We enjoyed the croquet clinics, the beautiful views from our porch, and, of course, the beautiful beach. Most of all, we enjoyed the change of scene and indulgence of staying at a luxury resort after 3.5 months on lockdown at home! We approached Becca with some overall parameters to find something on water with some available services within a few hours’ drive. She returned with multiple options. We quickly narrowed in on Ocean House as our top choice for type of room, dates, short drive from our home in New York, and safety of the state in terms of low transmission rates. We enjoyed our trip! Thank you!

We asked Lindsey to find an island vacation for us…
Stephen Risen | March 13, 2020

We asked Lindsey to find an island vacation for us in the $8,000 range for around 5 days in February. The three properties that her team recommended were not to our liking. We asked about Malliouhana in Anguilla, and they told us there were no beachfront rooms available unless we spent close to $12,000. I called the resort personally and was able to get a beachfront room on the second floor, which we desired, for a price of $8,600. I booked the resort myself when I heard the price and the accommodation. I informed Epperly Travel, and they replied that the resort had not informed them of the special price. They did agree to give us the price of a free dinner at Malliouhana, which we were glad to make use of. Epperly Travel charged $250 for their services, and the cost of the dinner was around $200. They did ask us our preferences for snacks and drinks, so we were offered margaritas when we arrived instead of rum punch. Epperly tried hard with several emails to be helpful; however, I can only give them a “fair” grade for their overall

Response from Wendy:
Stephen’s feedback about Lindsey’s services was so unusual that we asked her if she could shed light on what happened. The answer may be helpful to other travelers: According to Jeremy on Lindsey’s team, Auberge Resorts Collection, the hotel group that Malliouhana belongs to, had accidentally failed to load into its booking engine for travel agents the lower promotional rate that Stephen found.  Jeremy says that it’s because of Epperly Travel’s relationship with Malliouhana that Stephen received “all amenities and customized preferences,” as well as his choice of a free dinner, boat transfer, or spa treatment. Jeremy adds that Epperly’s service fee “is not a direct reflection of what perks the client can get on premise” but, rather, covers “the customized research and work back and forth that our team does to curate a great trip and experience for the traveler. It covers all of the small details that make or break a great client experience, as well as comfort that if anything were to go wrong, the traveler has someone there fighting for them.”  To my mind, the lesson here for travelers is this: If you find a lower price on your own for a five-star property, go back to Lindsey and let her know because she may well be able to get you the lower rate plus extras, and you’ll also have a safety blanket, all of which may make her fee well worth paying.

I benefited enormously from the expert assistance of this agency
Nancy Polikoff | February 28, 2020

Lindsey’s colleague Becca Clark was attentive to all my requests. This was a last minute trip, but she was able to come up with excellent choices. She also relayed all my needs to the resort and received prompt answers from them. Although I am excellent at planning my own travel, under these circumstances I benefited enormously from the expert assistance of this agency.

The place, the view and the service were phenomenal!
Kristina Bass | February 18, 2020

In planning my 50th birthday I wanted to go somewhere special so I picked Turks and Caicos, but I didn’t have the time to plan the details of the trip and that’s exactly what Olivia on Lindsey’s team did for me. I told her what I wanted and what I expected and she delivered! The place, the view and the service at The Beach House we’re phenomenal! Thank you for making my birthday so special!

The location and staff are the absolute best in the Caribbean
Jodie Bishop | February 16, 2020

We were thrilled that Becca was able to get us back to Curtain Bluff on such short notice! While she was unable to get us an upgrade to a suite, the room was was clean and with an ocean view so we were pleased!

The only negative was the crowd seemed to be older than we were expecting. Many guests were in their 70’s. Perhaps due to the time frame we traveled as it was not during a school break.

However we will return as the location and staff are the absolute best in the Caribbean

They did extensive research to address our questions about privacy, room selection, beach condition and many other issues that we did not have time to investigate
Ted Shen | February 13, 2020

During Thanksgiving Week of 2019 we enjoyed yet another magical vacation that was carefully tailored and organized for us by Lindsey Epperly and her meticulously hands-on team headed by Becca Clark. The goal for this trip was to provide us with an extremely private, restorative retreat at a secluded island resort, following the finish of a theatrical production run in which we had been intensively involved during the prior six months. Lindsey and her team directed us to the Amanyara resort in the Turks and Caicos, on which they did extensive research to address our questions about privacy, room selection, beach condition and many other issues that we did not have time to investigate on our own. All this was accomplished despite our very short notice and the peak holiday timing of our vacation. For almost five years now, we have placed our total trust and reliance on Lindsey’s expert and inventive planning and advice on all our travel vacations (in Europe and Mexico as well as in the Caribbean), and on each occasion she and her team have produced a fantastic, memorable experience that has far transcended anything that we could have conceived or organized on our own. Our advice to anyone considering engaging Lindsey and her team is simply to make your personal goals clear and allow them to guide you from there.

I turned to Lindsey for her terrific ability to get reservations when no one else could
Helen Tepper | February 4, 2020

Lindsey Epperly Sulek and her assistant Becca Clark did an excellent job of arranging a stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in St Thomas for my husband and I and my family and friends, a party of twelve people, for January 16 to January 18, 2020. When I first looked for availability at the Ritz Carlton, the hotel was still under renovation nine months in advance of my desired dates and they were not even answering the reservations telephone number. I turned to Lindsey Epperly for her terrific ability to get reservations when no one else could. Two months later, Lindsey and Becca thrilled me with the announcement that we had confirmed reservations for six ocean front luxury rooms for my guests. The announcement came complete with individual confirmations for each of the couples, confirmation of all of my food and room allergies, and arrangements for private transport from the airport for all. When I asked Lindsey and Becca to recommend restaurants both on an off the property, they had the concierge send a list of her recommended restaurants with a link to each one’s menu. Both restaurants were wonderful. I am delighted with assistance we received from Lindsey’s team and certainly would use them again.

A nice room upgrade, all because we booked through Lindsey
John Arndt | February 2, 2020

Lindsey’s team is just so easy to work with. When we decided to stay in Nashville to enjoy a “staycation”, we reached out to Lindsey and her team. They provided a great hotel recommendation, and contacted the concierge team to alert them to our stay. When we arrived, the hotel staff was already aware of our pending arrival (I know, not that unusual) but as they began going through the check in process, they proceeded to provide us with a nice room upgrade, all because we booked through Lindsey. When we arrived in our room, we found a nice assortment of local snacks, specialty water and a nice bottle of wine, along with a note from Lindsey’s team, to make our stay more enjoyable. The Epperly team is always responsive, helpful and patient as we plan trips. They continue to work on the details until I am fully satisfied and then available to address anything that arises during the trip. They really are the best and continue to be my “go to” travel experts. I’m looking forward to planning a trip soon to the Caribbean, which is Lindsey’s special expertise. I can only imagine how special she and her team will make the trip.

They had access to properties that were not publicly available
Beth Ring | January 12, 2020

Lindsey Epperly helped us plan a our “Christmas in the Caribbean”. We had waited a little too long to book on our own because of our group size, and we were open to pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean that had space for a family of 10. She provided us with a few options that all sounded amazing. We chose a fully staffed villa in Jamaica that far exceeded expectations and was the foundation of a wonderful week of family fun. I had spent hours on my own looking for options and the ones provided by Lindsey’s team were very impressive, and they had access to properties that were not publicly available.

She listened carefully and found our family a perfect accommodation
Lee Ann Jenkins | January 7, 2020

She listened carefully and found our family a perfect accommodation and most lovely staff EVER. She kept our itinerary organized and timely. She stayed in close touch with us via email and answered countless questions patiently and thoroughly. We will definitely use your travel services again.

They negotiated a rate significantly below the already “special-deal” rate advertised
Jean Loewenberg | December 11, 2019

Observations: Lindsey’s team, and Becca Clark in particular, get an A plus from me for the effort to arrange our trip to Curtain Bluff on short notice. They got us the room we wanted, complete with one of the two hammocks on the beach as requested by me. They negotiated a rate significantly below the already “special deal” rate advertised. This is my third experience with them in the Caribbean and my advice is – use them for your Caribbean travel.

Lindsey and her team excel at details and follow-up
Anne Lloyd | December 6, 2019

This was our third time using Lindsey Epperly Sulek as our planner. We had previously used her team for trips to St. Lucia and Vail. Each experience was excellent. Lindsey and her team excel at details and follow up. For this trip, we already knew the resorts we wanted to book, but the team was extremely helpful at differentiating between the room categories and inclusions. They were also excellent at sending follow up emails at the appropriate times to the resorts to secure dinner and spa reservations. Our trips at the resorts were seamless with our rooms ready early and special amenities (champagne at each resort, our favorite snacks) waiting upon our arrival. We would highly recommend Lindsey and will use her again in the future!

...did a great job of helping us travel to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.
Sheila Scarborough | October 14, 2019

Lindsey Epperly Sulek did a great job of helping us travel to The Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. We wanted to support the local economy after the storm, and they found us just the right spot on Harbour Island (Eleuthera) that fit both our budget and our preference for a locally-owned resort that wasn’t too big. We had a wonderful time and look forward to returning to the islands.

WOW and AWESOME come up short of the real splendor of this place…
William Swindoll | August 17, 2019

Becca was in contact before we left and after we arrived to make all was as expected, which it was paradise on earth. She did a great job of describing the resort but you must experience it to understand that WOW and AWESOME come up short of the real splendor of this place, they tell you welcome to paradise and trust me they are right! We had only one issue (AC went out) I contacted Becca and she responded in minutes, she called the resort to make sure we were being taken care of and we were upgraded to a home right on the beach. Trust me, you won’t get that kind of service from anyone from another travel agency. When I first contacted Lindsey Epperly’s team, Becca responded back really quick, had a few phone calls to discuss what my family liked and the things we wanted to do, she gave me 5 or 6 different choices to choose from, by the way it was extremely hard to pick just 1 mainly because they all were absolutely perfect, but I settled on SUGAR BEACH in ST LUCIA. The place is amazing like I said earlier, they treat you like royalty, everything and everyone Is there for your total comfort. I would highly recommend Lindsey and Becca to find your own personal paradise for your next adventure because they have the know how and way more resources and expertise in planning your trip, there is no way possible I could have even planned anything close to what they did for me, Becca, you are awesome as well as the others there that helped me achieve my goal of the best trip ever with my family, and I thank you all.

My wife tells me I have a tendency to ramble, but I could almost write a book of the wonderful things about this trip, but in short, the first thing I did right was contact Lindsey, after that all I had to do was show up at the airport with an itinerary from Becca with all the details of my trip.

My name is William Swindoll, I’m a farmer in the Mississippi Delta, I’m not a writer at all so I only hope this gives you a little insight of what Lindsey and her team can do for you, they are a special group that I can’t say thank you enough.

Created exceptionally imaginative, memorable travel experiences for us…
​Ted and Mary Jo Shen | July 10, 2019

We would like to commend with great enthusiasm Lindsey Epperly and her team for once again providing their invaluable knowledge and help in planning a vacation trip for us that was far more special than anything we could have conceived on our own. For all our major trips over the past four years, Lindsey and her colleagues have created exceptionally imaginative, memorable travel experiences for us without fail, and most recently they organized the fabulous 16-day trip we took last month that encompassed Venice, Lake Como and Switzerland (where we stayed in Grindelwald and Vitznau). They were especially helpful in planning our overall itinerary; suggesting extraordinary hotels that we hadn’t been aware of (e.g., Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Park Hotel Vitznau); partnering with excellent local Italian and Swiss tour companies to recommend and arrange the logistics for several fantastic tours as well as all our inter-hotel rail/boat/car transportation; and attending meticulously to every detail of our travels. We look forward to continuing to rely on Lindsey for our future vacation adventures.

A tour of the Hampden Rum Distillery and a “Shop and Cook” with the Jamaica Inn chef…
Karen Wilk | June 23, 2019

I went to Jamaica for 10 days in May on a trip planned by Lindsey Epperly Sulek, Becca Clark, and Kirsi McCrea. I had a fabulous time!! I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go and after asking me questions and having me fill out a questionnaire, Lindsey and team sent me a list of 5 destinations to consider. The Jamaica Inn was first on the list, and after seeing it—I had to go there! It was so beautiful, classy, and private! It evoked the feel of the 1950’s and had so much class and comfort. It was as beautiful as its pictures! I would not have found The Jamaica Inn on my own.

I had made the plans about 5 months before I was to leave and thought it was done. Luckily, Lindsey’s team was checking on my flights! American Airlines changed the times on my outbound flights such that my connections no longer connected! I never received any notification of the change from the airline. Had Becca not noticed the change I would have been either stuck in Dallas scrambling for a connection or trying to get new flights and shift hotel dates last minute! She noticed it early on which gave us plenty of time to change my itinerary. The flight change meant that I arrived in Montego Bay very late. I didn’t want my vacation to be shorter, so they suggested I stay the first night in Montego Bay at the lovely Half Moon Resort and shift my dates at Jamaica Inn so that I could fully enjoy every day. I would not have had any idea where to stay in Montego Bay. It worked out great!

My room at the Jamaica Inn was on the water and had spectacular sunset views! Lindsey and team had thoughtfully arranged for a card with a picture of my horse so that I wouldn’t miss him too much while I was away! They also set me up with a pass to Dunn’s River Falls and a boat ride to get there! The falls were so fun and I was glad I went! The boat ride was just as much fun!! I’m so glad they arranged that because I wouldn’t have thought to do a boat ride there—and that was a highlight!! I also did a tour of the Hampden Rum Distillery and a “Shop and Cook” with the Jamaica Inn chef. The beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

It was a memorable trip and I am so glad I worked with Lindsey and her associates! All of their recommendations were spot on and I would travel with them again! Thanks to Lindsey, Becca, and Kirsi for all of their effort!!

Helped my group of 10 pick a great choice for a college birthday reunion…
Kathryn Barden | June 11, 2019

Lindsey and Becca helped my group of 10 pick a great choice for a college birthday reunion. It’s hard to please so many in a group but they listened to our needs and found something that worked for our budget and style.

Every detail was taken care of by our private butler, the concierge…
Jodie Bishop | May 21, 2019

My husband and I were in need of a quick getaway and Lindsey’s team came through! With less than a weeks notice, they sent us to Anguilla’s Cap Julica which had just undergone an extensive renovation after the devastating hurricane. It was perfect, white sand beaches, warm breezes and a nightly Champagne Sabering exceeded our expectations! Every detail was taken care of by our private butler, the Concierge aptly booked us into all the right restaurants on island, the food was terrific and service friendly and relaxed! We can’t wait to return!

The only disappointment was the spa which seemed as it had not quite recovered as it was set up in a Villa and the masseuse did not seem to have the knowledge or experience as one would expect of this caliber of resort. While the location was beautiful, there was no place to hang clothing and after asking for a cup of tea, it never came.

All of our anticipated needs were met before we even set foot on the island…
Bobbi Young | May 19, 2019

Lindsey and her team did an amazing job of assisting us in getting our reservations and special niceties for our anniversary trip to Anguilla. They were incredibly organized providing us a day by day itinerary and making sure all of our anticipated needs were met before we even set foot on the island. The entire team has been very responsive to any questions or concerns we had and we will definitely use them again.

It was a wonderful feat of magic.
Helen Tepper | March 23, 2019

Lindsey Epperly did a wonderful job of helping to arrange a ten day vacation for ourselves and our friends at a lovely resort hotel on Antigua. She selected wonderful rooms overlooking the surf beach and got each of us the locations we desired. When my knee became a problem at the last minute, she was able to switch us from the upstairs location we originally selected to a downstairs room which didn’t require walking stairs. It was a wonderful feat of magic. She arranged our flights on two different airlines so that we could fly both ways non-stop. She sent lists of my allergies to the hotel so that many times the chefs knew what to avoid serving me. I must say that there were times when the kitchen staff did not pay attention and served me food that I could not eat. I should have notified Lindsay of the problem but I didn’t. I’ve learned a lesson. The WOW expert should be advised of problems that occur during the trip so that they can help to solve them, and I certainly will do that in the future. Thank you.

She listened carefully to what we were looking for in a hotel and taking our budget into account, she delivered in spades.
Bonnie Polakoff | March 15, 2019

Lindsey and her team made our 2-week trip to Barbados magical. She listened carefully to what we were looking for in a hotel and taking our budget into account, she delivered in spades. My husband and I are world travelers and good service is our middle name. Lindsey’s recommendation of The Sandpiper was nothing short of genius. It checked every single one of our boxes; the service was probably the best we’ve ever experienced, bar none. The staff and our fellow guests were elegant, warm, and friendly — we couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience. The hotel restaurant and the beach bar were extraordinarily good — unusually good, in fact. Again, the service was exemplary, from housekeeping to the tennis pro to the water sports staff and to every waitperson in the restaurant. We came home relaxed and happy. Everything ran like clockwork, Barbados is stunning, we got to swim with turtles — what more can I say? It was perfect — 2-weeks of total bliss.

Private boat charters, 2 in-villa chef meals and a privately guided hike of Gros Piton…
David Lusignan | February 28, 2019

Lindsey Epperly and her team were first rate. They guided us to St Lucia and a villa that was large and luxurious with great views (and a cook and housekeeper!). St Lucia was truly beautiful and its people generous and caring. The Epperly team coordinated seamlessly with the villa concierges stateside and in St Lucia (who were both excellent as well) to meet our every planning request including a meal waiting for us upon arrival, private boat charters, 2 in-villa chef meals and a privately guided hike of Gros Piton. Everything went off without a hitch and every service provider was top notch! Up front, Lindsey and her staff helped clarify our travel insurance options and kept in close touch with us as the trip approached to ensure everything was in order and emphasize that they remained on call for us through out the duration of the trip. A very personable, pleasant and helpful Epperly group that I will not hesitate to use again for future travel to the Caribbean (or elsewhere).

Quick, responsive, and gives us exactly what we want
Anne Lloyd | February 4, 2019

Lindsey is fantastic at offering options and, beyond that, giving her advice about which one to choose. We’ve used her for three trips now, and each time she always is quick, responsive, and gives us exactly what we want. We highly recommend her and will use her again in the future!

My wife and I were seeking a special, fun venue for hosting five close friends
Ted Shen | January 20, 2019

We recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Mexico, thanks to Lindsey Epperly and her colleagues, whom we have been using as our “go-to” travel planning resource over the past several years. My wife and I were seeking a special, fun venue for hosting five close friends with whom we are able to get together only about once a year. Lindsey recommended Banyan Tree Mayakoba, which we hadn’t heard of but which proved to be absolutely ideal for the occasion. Despite our peak holiday dates, Dec. 26-Jan. 2, she and her colleague, Becca Clark, were able to secure four adjacent Bliss Pool Villa suites in the best possible location within the resort grounds, while arranging all the other details of our itinerary, including everyone’s flights, ground transportation, spa bookings, restaurant reservations and a fantastic day trip to Tulum. We couldn’t have had a better time at a more perfect place and would certainly recommend Lindsey most enthusiastically to anyone seeking a travel advisor.

Advising us on room selection and researching questions we had about the beach, food, spa, transportation, etc.
Ted Shen | January 20, 2019

Antigua – My wife and I are extremely grateful to Lindsey Epperly and her associates for planning a fantastic getaway trip for the two of us. We were having an intensively busy fall, culminating in a one-woman show written and performed by my wife at the NY Public Theater on Nov. 19, and needed a beautiful, serene retreat were we could escape and restore ourselves over the five days immediately after. Lindsey recommended Hermitage Bay in Antigua, which turned out to be perfect for our needs and exceeded our expectations with its intimate beach setting; its low-key ambience and exceptionally friendly staff; our hillside suite with private pool and spectacular views; and an outstanding restaurant that changed its menu each day with amazing versatility. As with our past trips she has arranged, Lindsey made the special effort to understand our particular needs and preferences for this occasion and organized every detail of our trip from bringing Hermitage Bay to our attention in the first place (we hadn’t heard of it) to advising us on room selection and researching questions we had about the beach, food, spa, transportation, etc. That is why we continue to use Lindsey as our “go-to” resource for travel planning and would recommend her highly without reservation.

She recommended great restaurants and excursions and just made everything so easy for us.
Beth Bressler | January 14, 2019

Lindsay was fabulous! She helped us plan the perfect week in Turks and Caicos. She recommended the Somerset over other properties we were considering and she was spot on! Beautiful beach, excellent service — simply perfect. She recommended great restaurants and excursions and just made everything so easy for us. And my daughter loved the “birthday” fruit platter that was in our room upon arrival — such a special, personal touch. I will be calling Lindsay again for our future trips!

A solid recommendation
Chris Stier | November 25, 2018

Lindsey and her team were great throughout our entire vacation at the Kimpton Seafire Resort in Grand Cayman. They were attentive and very responsive before the trip which was greatly appreciated. They even allowed me to still receive points for the hotel since I am a member of their loyalty program. In addition, upon arrival, we had an upgrade from the North Shore View to a Family Suite. There was a bottle of champagne and chocolate dessert waiting for us upon entering the room as well. I am not sure if I received the upgrade because of my loyalty status or because I booked through Lindsey, but I have a feeling it was a combination of the two. Lindsey also arranged a free buffet breakfast for the duration of our stay and a $100 hotel credit. I would recommend Lindsey and her team and will be using her again for more Caribbean trips in the future. Also, the hotel was great and was a solid recommendation. We have not had better service since our honeymoon in the Maldives. We traveled with our one and a half-year-old son and the entire staff treated him like royalty. Great place for families.

Our time in Jamaica was perfect
Renee Tillery | August 17, 2018

My friend and I knew we wanted to spend a week on a beach within a 6-hour flight of home with little else to worry about. Because of our work schedules, we were planning on fairly short notice. Without Lindsey’s help, I’m not sure how long it would’ve taken us to make progress narrowing down the many options for all-inclusive resorts. She was able to give us the pros and cons of each place and found exactly what we were looking for, while also helping us manage our expectations for the budget we had available. When we discovered that seaweed was an issue in the Caribbean during the time we were planning to travel, she helped us identify which option was likely to have beaches that were not as affected. She and Becca were extremely communicative and patient, answering all of our e-mails and questions during the planning and booking process. Our time in Jamaica was perfect and we’re already discussing which island we want to visit next year, and plan to use Lindsey’s services again.

Hit every "must have" item on our list
Barbra Lashbrook | August 15, 2018

Lindsey Epperly Sulek and her team did a fantastic job meeting our needs. They were able to put together a trip that hit every “must have” item on our list and then went above and beyond that to ensure our trip won’t ever be forgotten. It was my first time with a Travel Agent but clearly will not be my last. I would recommend Lindsey Epperly Sulek to anyone looking for an agent who takes your trip as personally as she would her own.

I quickly realized that it was hard to discern what made one resort better than another, and so I turned to Lindsey.
Sandra Quinn | August 6, 2018

We have been regular users of Wendy’s WOW agents, but when I started thinking about a resort vacation in the Caribbean, I thought I could handle that myself. I quickly realized that it was hard to discern what made one resort better than another, and so I turned to Lindsey Epperly for her expertise. After a discussion with her about our goals for our trip, which included our 21st anniversary, our budget, and our interests, she prepared several options. She had visited a new property on St. Kitts in February and raved about it. We said yes to that choice and Lindsey and her colleague, Becca, took care of everything. They did our flights, transfers, and all arrangements with the hotel.

We got home last night after a fabulous stay at the Park Hyatt on St. Kitts. We could not have been more pleased. Stephen was so excited to find the welcome note from Lindsey with our photos along with one framed photo of us and one with our son. Lindsey and Becca arranged a wonderful welcome. We enjoyed the chilled Prosecco and tropical fruit plate while we sat out on our balcony (a favorite napping spot). All of the staff knew it was our anniversary so we received many good wishes throughout the week. Our room was lovely, with a beautiful open feel, a lounge for napping, a great shower and free-standing tub.

The transfers all worked just fine. What was such a pleasure about the hotel was its staff. They were so pleasant and helpful with genuine smiles. We had some favorites, for sure (Amelia who brought me mangoes from Nevis, Juliet in the Great House, Manish, the engaging and knowledgeable bartender and Kendra at the Pool bar. I did a ginger healing treatment (massage and more) with Reginald, and he was excellent. Breakfast was amazing every morning, and we were always pleased with our meals. Our last two nights we ate at the Stone Barn, and the meals were outstanding. The fitness center is well equipped and the upper pool (adults only) was my favorite spot. In the late afternoon, it was deserted and I could just swim laps for as long as I wanted.

We did a half-day tour on St Kitts, which was just the perfect time frame, and took the water taxi to Nevis for a 5-hour tour there, including a lovely lunch at the Golden Rock Hotel.

Our goal was rest, relaxation, and some introduction to the islands. Lindsey and Becca helped create a perfect vacation. We would recommend the Park Hyatt with great enthusiasm. And finally, we will go back to Lindsey in the future for another trip!

Made everything extra special
John Isenhower | June 11, 2018

We used Lindsey Epperly and her team to arrange our trip to Nassau, Bahamas, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary at the same hotel where we spent our honeymoon – The British Colonial – and then to The Cove at The Atlantis Resort for a more adventurous vacation. They also arranged excellent flights, excursions and restaurant reservations which made our only responsibility to enjoy ourselves. We had a basic idea of what we wanted to do but their recommendations and ideas made everything extra special.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Lindsey again
Mary Santiago | May 12, 2018

This is the second time that I’ve used Lindsey for our trip to the Caribbean and she didn’t disappoint. She provided options that were exactly what we were looking for in our price range and overall was pleased with her and her staff’s feedback, response time and willingness to help!

We had a couple of issues at the resort, which is in no way Lindseys or her team’s fault. Lindsey and her team immediately stepped in when I explained the issues that happened and made me feel at ease.

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lindsey again for her guidance!!

Lindsey's recommendation was perfect
Karen Baesman | April 22, 2018

This trip exceeded our expectations! We have two college-age sons and a daughter who is 24. The boys spring breaks were back to back weeks so we wanted a place in the Caribbean somewhere where everyone could come and go easily and we could be together as a family. Lindsey and her staff found us an extraordinary villa in Jamaica that had a staff and the most amazing view. We are not a beach kind of family (this is the first beach vacation we have taken in over 10 years), so we wanted to make sure there were lots of other activities available. Lindsey’s recommendation was perfect since there were so many activities nearby. We went zip-lining, river tubing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and more! One thing that was different than some of the other travel specialists I have used from the WOW list is that Lindsey does not plan the excursions. Lindsey and her staff helped us pick an island and villa that met our needs and then we used our staff at the villa to help us chose our daily activities. This worked out fine for this type of vacation.

Excellent attention to detail
Bonnie Polakoff | April 8, 2018

Lindsay Epperly and her par excellence team (Kelsey Hendrix & Becca Clark), made my trip to St. Lucia about as special as special can be. From Lindsay’s thoughtful consideration when recommending a resort, to Kelsey & Becca’s excellent attention to detail, every minute of this special birthday trip went off like clockwork. When my husband and I couldn’t find an available chaise on the beach for 2-days in a row, a quick email to Lindsay’s team in the afternoon had the problem solved by evening (2 chaises on the beach were reserved for us for the remainder of our stay). From making reservations at terrific restaurants off premises to making sure my birthday was acknowledged by the resort (with Happy Birthday spelled out in rose petals in our room!), nothing got past these uber travel professionals. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Go for it — you won’t be sorry.

Kind and professional attention
Lori Popkowski | April 5, 2018

Thank you for recommending the Cambridge Beaches Resort in Bermuda. The property is beautiful, and my time there was the complete refreshment that I was seeking. Your hotel match was thoughtful and responsive to my desires. The chocolates were a warm and welcoming touch.

The staff at Cambridge Beaches was subtle, appropriately attentive, and respectful of my desired quiet time. The General Manager, Clarence Hofheins, was especially kind and thoughtful. I took a glass bottom boat tour that the staff was helpful in arranging, and I rented a bike one day. The Railway Trail (that I rode for 18 miles) was a bit uncomfortable in areas and probably should have been described in a little more detail. But, that was totally my risk and adventure!

Due to being offseason, just the bar and one restaurant were open. Tamarisk was peaceful, lovely, and my meals were delicious!

I will definitely visit Cambridge Beaches again, and I look forward to working with you on another adventure in the Caribbean! I appreciate your kind and professional attention.

We would be happy to use their services again
Helen Tepper | April 4, 2018

Lindsey Epperly and her assistant Kelsey Hendrix planned a lovely trip to Sugar Beach Resort in St Lucia for my husband Jerry and me and our friends Jean Loewenberg and her husband Larry. Our cottage #18 was spacious and extremely comfortable, a beautiful place to sleep at night and to read and nap in the daytime. Our patio was a great place for room service breakfast and our covered private beach was terrific even when it rained, which it did often. The service at Sugar Beach Resort was excellent. The room maids were good; the butlers and the restaurant servers were excellent, and all service was wonderful. We had three butlers. Karin was was most friendly and helpful and she made sure that all our needs were met instantly. She personally stocked the mini-bar and called cars for us and changed dinner reservations when required.

The restaurants Lindsey and Kelsey recommended were wonderful. Dasheene was beautifully located, with a spectacular view down the mountain that included the Pitons, Sugar Beach, and the sea. The food at Dasheene could not have been better. We considered going back again but we didn’t because the food at Sugar Beach, especially the Great Room, and even Bayside and the beach Bar-B-Q was also excellent. Humming Bird too was a great restaurant. All-in-all, every dinner we had exceeded our expectations in both quality and service.

However, as to the hotel itself, there were items that did not live up to our expectations. The property is very hilly with uneven terrain, hard to traverse, especially at night, and there are many steps. Unfortunately, there were no railings, not even on stairs, which should be installed for safety. The tennis courts which were important to us were in poor condition and their location up on the mountain rendered them very windy and difficult to play on. Sugar Beach should not be recommended as a good place for tennis.

Nor should it be recommended as a locale in which guests can snorkel along the reef from the beach. The general hotel beach is lined with rocks, pebbles, and broken shells and is not a very pretty or inviting beach. Nor is it easy to make your way over the rocks and shells into the water. The reef is on the far side of the beach, at the foot of the Gros Piton, and is in shadow from the mountain most of the day. Snorkeling is not fun without sunlight since shadow hampers underwater vision. Jerry and Larry and I did try to access the reef late one afternoon when there seemed to be a bit of sun in the reef location, but when we got there, we discovered that it was not possible to get into the water on that far side of the beach because of all the large rocks blocking access. We considered entering the water from the middle of the beach (in spite of the debris) and swimming around the jetty to the reef area but we were forbidden to swim from mid-beach to the reef due to all the speedboat traffic around the jetty and along the reef. We wouldn’t have been able to snorkel anyway because, although I had my snorkel gear with me, Larry and Jerry, did not, and they were not able to acquire masks and fins from the dive ship without signing away their lives and fortunes for liability for everything you can imagine. Of course, they did not sign and did not get equipment. I wish we had kept a copy to show you of this Machiavellian document that, we were told, most people sign, but Jean and I, both lawyers, refused to touch it. In my opinion, however much a resort wants to insulate itself from liability, even for its own wrongdoing, I do not think it should pressure its guests to sign unreasonable documents on pain of not being able to participate in activities. I’m sure Lindsey did not know of this practice and I think people should know. Although we were pleased by a good deal of the hotel, we would not go back.

We do, however, think that Lindsey and Kelsey did a wonderful job for us and we would be happy to use their services again.

Followed up promptly with every one of my emails
Mary Hardy | April 1, 2018

Lindsey, Kelsey, and Becca followed up promptly with every one of my emails and there were many. They got us the best rate and even included a 5th for breakfast. They gave us many ideas for what to do but were never pushy. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with where to stay and what to do in the Caribbean.

A fabulous trip.
Bill McNeill | March 26, 2018

We initially booked a villa in St. Thomas with Lindsey Epperly for a March 2018 trip. After the hurricanes, Lindsey and her team helped us find an alternative in Puerta Vallarta. Turned out to be a fabulous trip.

Villa Ventana in Puerta Vallarta was fabulous. Staff at the villa was terrific. Villa Concierge supplies by Villas of Distinction made planning details very easy and recommended terrific restaurants. All arrangements worked very smoothly, especially transportation. Lindsey’s team was very helpful in moving our vacation from St. Thomas to PV after hurricanes, especially working through insurance issues. Lovely trip.

Would go back and would use Lindsey and her team again.

True and honest opinion.
Jodie Bishop | March 19, 2018

My husband and I were looking for a true getaway…escape from cold and snow in New England. Realizing that the Caribbean had been hit hard by storms last fall we needed a true and honest opinion of where to go. Lindsey and her staff came to the rescue! She totally got everything we were looking for and sent us to the Curtain Bluff in Antigua which was the perfect fit! We loved it so much we ended up extending our stay! Lindsey and her staff were clear communicators, returned emails promptly and assured us the resort would be a good fit. We would absolutely use them again for our next Caribbean vacation and we will definitely be back to Curtain Bluff…we can’t wait! BTW, we also received an amazing room upgrade upon check-in which I’m certain she had something to do with!

Knows every luxury resort in the Caribbean.
Anne Lloyd | March 4, 2018

St. Lucia – Sugar Beach Resort – February 2018

If you are looking for someone who knows every luxury resort in the Caribbean and is unbelievably responsive to emails, then Lindsey is your agent! We gave her a month-and-a-half-long range of dates we could travel and she was very proactive about finding the right time when it would be a lull in travel and prices would be lowest. She answered every detailed question we had about resorts, amenities, ambiance, and travel. She widened our inquiry from any island besides Jamaica and Antigua where its guaranteed to be warm, to Sugar Beach in St. Lucia by seeking out our preferences and offering detailed information on her suggested resorts. We will be using her again for our next Caribbean vacation!

Perfect resort and designed the perfect itinerary
Ted & Mary Jo Shen | February 16, 2018

Lindsey Epperly and her outstanding staff recently planned two very special trips for us that met our needs in every way and would not have been possible without their guidance. We recommend the services of Lindsey with unqualified enthusiasm and look forward to continuing to rely on them to organize our trips in the future.

For the one-week trip they organized for the two of us last October (2017) we sought a restful, restorative retreat at an intimate, luxurious beach resort to recuperate from several months of immersion in a very intense project. In the face of extraordinary complications and uncertainties arising from the rapid succession of three major Caribbean hurricanes in the weeks immediately preceding our planned departure date, Lindsey and her team steered us to book at One&Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas, which fortuitously ended up undamaged and exceeded our expectations in every way. Thanks to astute itinerary planning, we greatly enjoyed our spacious room (Beach Front Suite), the outstanding food at the Dune Restaurant which precluded any need to dine off-premises, the warmth and friendliness of the staff, the beautiful beach that permitted the long beach walks that we had specified as one of our top criteria, and the privacy, serenity and elegance of the Versailles Pool with its view of the spectacular Versailles Gardens. We are most grateful for our revitalizing experience at One&Only Ocean Club and the critically important role of Lindsey and her team in organizing this trip.

For the one-week celebratory trip they organized for our party of seven (five guest friends plus ourselves) in December (2017) we expressed an interest in staying on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico and sought a combination of luxury beach resort activities and cultural exposure. We had no knowledge, however, about any of the resorts in that area. Lindsey and her team directed us to NIZUC Resort & Spa, which we had never heard of, and organized two outstanding tours for us, including a fantastic all-day trip to Chichen Itza with a highly knowledgeable guide. We cannot say enough about the exceptional beauty of NIZUCs facilities and the quality of its food, service and amenities. The four Garden Pool Villas we booked were incredibly spacious (2,750 sq. ft. each) and offered complete privacy and quiet in addition to exquisite architectural design. The staff, beach, pools, spa, etc. were all also quite extraordinary. The main point we would like to make is that with five active guests and a special occasion to celebrate, Lindsey found the perfect resort and designed the perfect itinerary to suit our aspirations and to provide the very memorable experience that we had hoped for.

Not an easy task for a multi-generational trip
Shawna Cohen | January 14, 2018

We traveled to Turks and Caicos in December 2017 to celebrate my moms 70th birthday. In total, there were 16 family members ranging in age from 3 to 74! Lindsey and her team did a wonderful job of finding a property that suited all of our needs (not an easy task for a multi-generational trip such as this one).

The Somerset is small and intimate and we all appreciated having privacy when required (each of our units came with two bedrooms, full kitchen, and so on – with more space than we could have imagined). Our only disappointment is that the rooms looked tired (they could definitely use an update). The outdoor areas, however, were absolutely beautiful, including an infinity pool and white-sand beach). The staff was super friendly and helpful, and our kids appreciated the nightly outdoor movie screenings, replete with pizza and popcorn.

Lindsey was amazing with answering my many questions over email, always in a speedy manner and with lots of detail. She had lots of recommendations for dinners and excursions, all of which were spot on. Lindsey was also available throughout our trip to answer any questions and offer suggestions. Id highly recommend her!

Great personal touches
Grant Theron | December 27, 2017

Constant updates and a real interest in making it a better experience for the family. Great personal touches from all members of the team. Highly recommended from someone who was really skeptical of using a travel agent. Will definitely use again.

Traveled in December 2017.

It was great
Christa Sullivan | December 25, 2017

Lindsey was great. She recommended the Kimpton in Grand Cayman and it was great!

Responded promptly to any questions
Allison Mann | October 24, 2017

I was very happy with Lindsey. I thought she listened to what I wanted for our anniversary trip. Lindsey and her assistants helped plan our initial trip to Turks and Caicos and then the hurricane hit so we changed islands to St. Lucia because Lindsey highly recommended the resort, Sugar Beach Viceroy. Everyone in Lindsey’s office responded promptly to any questions. Our trip was amazing as the resort was everything it was described to us. There was champagne and fruit in our room when we arrived. We spent the first night at one of the cottages with a private plunge pool. The next day the resort upgraded us to a beach bungalow which was so great as we could walk to dinner and walk right out to the beach. I would say that the upgraded room was my husbands favorite part of our trip. Our butler was so wonderful as was all of the people at the resort. Our butler arranged a boat tour for just us that brought us to Marigot Bay for lunch and then snorkeling at two different places on our return back to the resort. The restaurants and food were very good. It was a great getaway.

Trip was shortly after the hurricanes hit Florida
John Arndt | September 27, 2017

Lindsey Epperly and her team are really great to work with. They are always prompt in responding to questions or a need for information, which is really refreshing in the busy world we all live in. As this trip was shortly after the hurricanes hit Florida, they stayed in continual communication with us as to the status of our resort, our restaurants and the expected quality of our trip. It gave us a great deal of comfort knowing they taken the time to ensure all would be as expected for our trip. I have already booked another trip with her firm and referred her to friends. She absolutely belongs on the WOW list.

Paid incredible attention to all the details
David Nethero | September 13, 2017

Lindsey paid incredible attention to all the details and did an especially detailed job pre-booking our meals and activities. We stayed in two different resorts, and at each one she had a bottle of our favorite Sauvignon Blanc wine. In addition she told the Four Seasons that it was our anniversary and the hotel prepared a special anniversary dessert treat for us. Overall Lindsey delivered an over-the-top anniversary trip for my wife and I !!

Very experienced, knowledgeable, approachable and most importantly, are good listeners
Andy Robinson | May 25, 2017

Lindsey and her right hand, Kelsey, were able to match our preferences regarding an appropriate May 2017 beach destination (Turks) and resort (Gansevoort). They are very experienced, knowledgeable, approachable and most importantly, are good listeners. Our week in Turks was that much better as a result. When we had questions, they were very responsive. Will be using them again for sure. Our experience went so smoothly that we have recommended them to friends and family and are in the middle of planning a Danube River Cruise with another of your Trusted Travel Experts.

Couldn't have done it without her
Mary Santiago | May 8, 2017

From start to finish, our experience with Lindsey was fantastic! I had constant communication from her and her assistant along the way. They selected three locations for our choosing related to our preferences and hit the nail on the head. We had an AMAZING time and couldn’t have done it without her guidance. Wed definitely use her again in the future.

Within 3 days
David Nethero | March 28, 2017

We give Lindsey Epperly 5 Stars. We contacted her just two weeks in advance of a trip to Los Cabos and within 3 days she had an itinerary that looked great!! After booking the trip she stayed engaged and helped us reserve dinners, airport pick up and sports. Lindsey and her office staff even asked us for some personal information such as: ‘what will you miss the most while away?’ and we said our grandsons. She then asked for a picture of them. When we checked into our hotel we found a nicely framed picture of our grand boys on our bedside table!! We will definitely recommend Lindsey to our friends and work with her on future trips we take. March of 2017

Details to facilitate a decision
JoAnn Hofheimer | February 16, 2017

Dealing with Lindsey was a pleasure from beginning to end. She began with a thorough discussion about what we were looking for, with thoughtful questions about our tastes and experiences. Within 48 hours, Lindsey offered four possibilities, with enough details to facilitate a decision, including air schedules and costs. This alone made her services shine. But the place we selected, Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia, exceeded our expectations in every way. We would definitely seek her help again!

It was that personal dimension
Ted Shen | January 19, 2017

Lindsey Epperly and her colleague, Kelsey Hendrix, planned the most perfect and memorable vacation experience for our group of seven close friends. This trip was a very special occasion for all of us since we rarely are able to travel together due to our complicated schedules. Despite the relatively short notice we gave Lindsey to find available accommodations for a large group at the height of the Christmas-New Years peak holiday season (our trip was for six nights, Dec. 27, 2016-Jan. 2, 2016), she managed to book us into the fabulous Sugar Beach Resort on the exotically beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia. That recommendation of venue was invaluable in itself, as we had known nothing about either Sugar Beach or St. Lucia and would not have otherwise considered them as a destination, which proved to be ideal for us because of the range of available activities, including fantastic hiking. Even more miraculously, Lindsey worked us through a waiting list and managed to secure for us the resorts most spectacular 4-bedroom villa with a location directly on the beach, ample space for all of us, an optimal layout for both privacy and for mingling, a beautiful pool and enormous patio, and by far the most attentive, friendly and indispensably helpful private butler we have ever encountered at any luxury resort. In addition to Lindsey’s and Kelseys’ meticulous attention to detail in planning and organizing our activities, what particularly distinguished their services was their interest in familiarizing themselves with the personal aspects of our group — the backgrounds and specific interests of each individual, the history of our friendships, and, ultimately, the aspirations and goals we had for this particular experience. It was that personal dimension that enabled them to customize our trip to suit the occasion so wonderfully and memorably. We most enthusiastically recommend Epperly Travel for its travel services and look forward to working with them on our next trip wherever it may be.

Thorough, conscientious, and a pleasure to work with
David Mack | November 24, 2016

Lindsay did a great job for us. She was very thorough, conscientious, and a pleasure to work with. She made our special trip to Antigua in November, 2016, even more special. We are looking forward to working with her again on another trip!

A major change in our plans
John and Andrea Arndt | November 7, 2016

We had to make a major change in our plans. Originally we planned a trip to Puerto Rico, but due to the Zika virus issues on the island, we had to find another destination. First, they had lined up a great trip to Puerto Rico, including arranging our airline. When we had to make the change, Lindsey and her team jumped right on it and worked with us to find an alternate destination. We eventually selected the Ritz on Amelia Island, after multiple options were suggested. We were really very pleased with all the arrangements and planning for this trip and have already booked a spring trip to Bermuda with her.

The most special and absolutely perfect trip
Sallie Bunn | July 4, 2016

Lindsey Epperly was instrumental in creating the most special and absolutely perfect trip to Jamaica for my daughter and me, to celebrate my daughter’s graduation. Lindsey’s great knowledge of the resort and the area, combined with the many special touches she added to customize our trip, were unmatched. Upon entering our room (upgraded to a suite!) we were greeted by a 6′ long banner on the wall that read: “Congratulations, Emmy!” The banner was complete with photographs of Emmy and her college insignia. We found to our delight, a bountiful fruit and snack basket that lasted our entire 6 days, as well as a rum cake that was delivered separately. Before our departure, Lindsey had asked via email for a list of Emmy’s favorite snacks and drinks, as well as for some photos of Emmy, her high school, and college insignias. I never anticipated the banner.

Lindsey’s attention to detail and her genuine interest in our complete comfort and happiness were evident through her great efforts and communication before and during our stay.  Her partnership with the perfect resort, and the exceptional staff at Half Moon, helped to make Emmy’s graduation trip unforgettable.  Additionally, Lindsey’s suggestion to get the VIP service and “fast pass” through customs, as well as the “Club MoBay” pass helped to make our travel days so much more civilized.  I will not hesitate to use Lindsey in the future and I highly recommend her to others.

Went above and beyond for us
Lauren Klaserner | April 27, 2016

Lindsey Epperly helped us plan the perfect Caribbean honeymoon in April 2016!   She was a dream to work with.  Before reaching out to Wendy for a recommended trip adviser, I had been in contact with one other travel specialist who I just didn’t really connect with. But from the very first moment that Lindsey and I spoke on the phone I knew she would be perfect for us. She is extremely personable! Originally we were thinking of traveling to St. Lucia for our honeymoon but after listening to what we were looking for: quiet, secluded, luxury, private, all inclusive, romantic, and sexy she recommended Hermitage Bay in Antigua. We were sold! Not only was Hermitage everything we had asked for but Lindsey also went above and beyond for us – securing us an upgrade into a luxury villa with a private pool and air conditioning (a trip request). She even let the staff at Hermitage know that my husband and I love the country artist Sam Hunt so when we checked in they had a Sam Hunt play list playing for us in our room – so incredible! She had alerted the staff to all our preferences and everyone knew us by name as soon as we walked in. She handled our flights and all our excursions (helicopter ride, deep sea fishing) and everything ran smoothly. She even helped my husband plan a surprise dinner on the beach for my birthday one evening. We are so thrilled we found Lindsey because we would not have ended up at such a perfect spot for our honeymoon without her.

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