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Multiple bucket-list moments, including Angkor Wat at sunrise (get there early!) and Ha Long Bay
David Wertheimer | February 18, 2023
Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Photo: David Wertheimer

Our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam from January 21st to February 6th was spectacular. We started in Phnom Penh, and traveled from there to Siem Reap, the Angkor Wat temple complex, Saigon, Cu Chi, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. Sopisith Oun, from Andy’s team, prepared our itinerary and arranged for personal guides at each of our stops. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and provided both historical information and personal stories that placed the horrors of the eras of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the U.S. military activities in Vietnam within the context of our visit and our understanding of current life in both nations. Our guides also provided us with street food tours that allowed us to sample some of the most unusual dishes we’ve ever eaten. (The sand worm pancakes were delicious!) We had postponed our trip for three years because of COVID, and felt safe and comfortable traveling, especially because the tourist crowds are still minimal. There were multiple “wow,” bucket-list moments, including Angkor Wat at sunrise (get there early!) and Ha Long Bay, to name just two of them.

A private recital of traditional Vietnamese music followed by dinner in the stunning riverside home of a classically trained vocalist...
Davis Bergmann and Ron Pederson | January 10, 2020

We have recently returned from our first trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. Travelling as a small group of friends (one celebrating a milestone birthday), having never been to either country, we knew we needed assistance in planning and executing a great trip. We worked with Josh (Clayton) on Andy’s team for several months in advance of our trip as he carefully listened and guided us through the planning stages (not always an easy task getting consensus from a group of seasoned travelers). Josh was extremely patient and informative throughout and ultimately came up with an itinerary that suited us perfectly.

These countries are amazing on their own, but we soon realized that many of the excursions on our itinerary included experiences we simply would have never known about or been able to arrange on our own: a Hanoi food tour that got us behind the storefront and into the “real” local experience, a sunset cycling tour in HoiAn through rice paddies and organic farms featuring a visit with a local family who prepared the most beautiful, fresh food, a private recital of traditional Vietnamese music followed by dinner in the stunning riverside home of a classically trained vocalist and her husband in Hue, a sunset boat ride on the moat of Angkor Thom in Siem Reap where we were serenaded by gondoliers (?) with the most brilliant red sunset as our backdrop, and a very memorable ride on the back of an oxcart through the beautiful Cambodian countryside to the private villa owned by Andy’s company, where we were treated to an amazing evening with local food accompanied by local musicians. I honestly believe we would never have had these enriching additions without the help of Josh and his colleagues.

The level of service and expertise of our guides and drivers who met us at every point were beyond compare. They made every transfer, pickup, excursion, so effortless and easy and were very open to our special requests or last-minute changes we might have made. All of our guides were not only extremely knowledgeable, but also funny, engaging and people you actually WANT to spend the day with. Every one of them went above and beyond the standard explanations of “tourism” and were open to sharing insight into the local culture and contemporary lives of the people.

Finally, every accommodation was perfectly suited to what we were looking for. I attribute much of this to Josh’s intuition and in guiding us towards the best places where he knew we would be comfortable hanging out either after a full day of touring or a day off. We truly appreciated that.
I would highly recommend Josh Clayton for anyone planning a trip to this part of the world. A trip we will forever remember.

A market tour & cooking class in Hoi An; hiking in Bach Ma National Park; terrific street food tours in Saigon & Hanoi; and a private boat trip...
Rhoda Schulzinger | November 8, 2019

Without hesitation, we recommend Andy Booth and his team for a SE Asia exploration. We worked with Joshua Clayton to plan a 3-week adventure to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for mid-October/early Nov 2019. From our first contact, Joshua was always responsive to questions and requests and clearly he listened as our itinerary and the outstanding guides matched our historical, cultural, culinary and hiking interests. Since this was our first trip to Asia, we wanted to see a number of places (we had 7 stops) and Joshua provided excellent advice – his recommendation to add a few days at a slower pace in Luang Prabang was much appreciated and his hotel selections were terrific. Joshua arranged many memorable moments that would have taken us a lot of time and research to arrange, assuming we could even match the quality of what they provided. Among them were a Mekong Delta tour from Saigon; a market tour & cooking class in Hoi An; hiking in Bach Ma National Park; terrific street food tours in Saigon & Hanoi; and a private boat trip for a very different view of the Mekong River in Laos. Our final five days in Siem Reap were filled with special experiences that we will always treasure, capped by an enchanting afternoon in the countryside and an evening at Villa Chandara. The team’s expertise and their engaging, knowledgeable guides provided a magical adventure that we will long remember.

This proved to us that it definitely helps to have a company who are based close to where we're traveling…
Grace Leone | June 26, 2019

I usually do extensive research and plan our trips. Using Josh from Andy’s team was such a great decision! Not only were they extremely accommodating at the planning stage, but the hotels he recommended ended up being our absolute favorite (Phum Baiting in Siem Reap). In addition, he went over and above in helping us when we had some issues with one of our visas for Vietnam on the day of the trip. He had his local people work with the visa office to get us an expedited visa – otherwise, we would not have been able to get on the plane to Saigon from Hong Kong. In addition, my husband only had 1 Visa page left when we were leaving for Siem Reap from Saigon. The airline at Saigon said by law, he couldn’t go to Cambodia because you need 2 free pages for the Visa. Again, Josh came through, then contacted the airline, we boarded, then were met at the airport by immigration officer to help us. This proved to us that it definitely helps to have a company who are based close to where we’re traveling.

The tour guides were amazing and we hope to keep in touch with especially Mr. Thai and the organizations he helps in Cambodia. Despite the oppressive heat, the driver always had icy cold towels for us and cold drinks, and we rarely mingled with other tourists at even the most crowded sites! My 3 kids (22, 20 and 17) were all so impressed with how informative and interesting Mr. Thai and our tour guide in Saigon were with not only the sites we visited but also local life, politics, etc.

This trip was very special and so well planned and smooth- we have already recommended Andy and his associates to our friends! We got to meet Josh for a drink at their private villa where our family had a special dinner. Great night and great trip!

We had a better itinerary than others we met along the way…
Michelle Hamilton | June 25, 2019

I did not work directly with Andy Booth, but Kristiaan on his team was responsive and helpful. This three weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong was our first trip to Asia and I rated it just good because despite careful eating, water filtering and top rate hotels, my husband and I had a lot of food-illness. Our guide in Hoi An was fair, in Hanoi quite good, and in Cambodia outstanding. We had a better itinerary than others we met along the way to avoid crowds and to gradually build an appreciation of the Angkor Temples. The guides shared personal stories that gave us a deeper understanding. When I lost my phone, Andy’s 24 hour office found it and put it on a bus to arrive in Siem Reap the next day! They had little knowledge of Hong Kong, but ended up finding us a guide for a day who was excellent too. Especially for Cambodia, we really think they were way better than two other groups we had contacted first. They were a good value as well. Their work with Cambodian schools is outstanding; we would recommend them again.

It wasn’t just a vacation; it was an incredible journey into the lives of ordinary people while experiencing the culture and traditions of the places we visited.
Amelia Browne | May 13, 2019

Working with Andy’s team, first Holly and then Edward, both of whom were very professional, patient (with the numerous changes) and efficient in responding and exceeding our expectations was a total joy and fun! It was a pleasure to work with them, relying on their professional judgement to plan what turned out to be an extraordinary trip. When Holly left the company, Edward came in and totally rocked! He understood what we were looking to get out of the trip and delivered above and beyond.

It wasn’t just a vacation; it was an incredible journey into the lives of ordinary people while experiencing the culture and traditions of the places we visited. Andy’s team curated a fascinating encounter that summed up “a day in the life of” the people at every destination. Two of our tour guides were former Buddhist monks. They were incredibly insightful, knowledgeable, with great humor to boot. In fact, all of the guides were top notch. We got a different perspective from each guide that made the trip feel truly custom rather than mundane. We saw and experienced each city through the eyes of the individual guides as we learned of the history and people- invaluable knowledge we did not discover during our pre-trip research.

What we encountered was a journey that somehow managed to flow and connect seamlessly between cities. In between tours, we were pampered, wined, and dined in style. It was a tale of Indochina carefully orchestrated that had us harmoniously drifting from city to city. We dined on Tonle Sap Lake with locals in a boathouse; had the best darn gin and tonic cocktail while cruising the moat at Angkor Thom when the sunset was most beautiful; we fed elephants and walked with them through their natural habitat; and early one morning rose to give alms to the monks- a humbling and spiritual experience.

This was one of the most culturally enhancing vacations I’ve taken. What we saw, experienced and learned, will last us a lifetime. Thanks to Edward and the team for a moving, exhilarating and insightful sojourn through Indochina.

An extremely interesting daily flow that combined adventure, the culture of the locals, and coming home at night to world class hotels…
Elliot Laskin | May 2, 2019

This trip was our 4th big overseas vacation with our two teenage kids to a real adventure destination. We have travelled to several other touring destinations without the kids as well, so consider ourselves extremely well travelled to challenging, diverse places and have usually used a specialized travel agent. After reading Wendy’s WOW list we decided to use Andy Booth to help plan our 2 week trip to Cambodia and Laos during our kids’ spring break in April. After the initial short phone call Andy connected us to Ethan who was a pleasure to deal with to plan the trip. Ethan was very helpful in providing us with lots of different choices of what to see, where to go and what to do, listened to our preferences, our budget, and generally was extremely patient in creating an extremely interesting daily flow that combined adventure, the culture of the locals, and coming home at night to world class hotels. The temperature was extremely difficult to deal with as it was 38 degrees with humidity in the 60-80% range, so the top rated, world class hotels he helped us choose were a really nice and much needed luxurious ending to each day.

It is worthy of note that about a month before our trip started I reached out to Ethan and got a reply from Joshua that Ethan had left the company and that he would now be responsible for our trip moving forward. Joshua was also very helpful and easy to deal with.

During the trip planning stage we got good, solid, honest advice which provided us with many amazing adventures: from giving alms to the monks as they walked down the street, to being blessed by the elder monk and meditating in a monastery before sunrise, to ox cart rides through a local village, and swimming below a waterfall. We spent hours on a river boat visiting floating villages where not many tourists venture, and had a specialized cyclo-ride architectural tour in Phnom Penh which helped us understand the history and development of the capital as well as the politics of the country, and did a tuk-tuk dine out city tour. We were able to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat and toured the other main temples in the area, and for the most part the guide avoided the crowds which we very much appreciated. We took our kids to a couple night markets which was fun and far from the tourists – which is what we wanted. We visited the restaurant Villa Chandara where Andy’s company has created an oasis in the midst of cow fields and a local village for a truly memorable afternoon and evening.

We also wanted to spend 3 days relaxing in the middle of the trip and Ethan recommended Song Saa Island on the Thai peninsula. It was a spectacular private island resort with 24 villas – it was a stunning setting where we totally relaxed. We were truly able to recharge. The resort was amazing – first class and yet laid back and unpretentious, and the staff were so kind and very eager to assist with anything we needed.

During our trip we had a guide in each of Luang Prabang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh – two of them were excellent, had a very good command of English, and were really good with our kids which we really appreciated. The third guide was a little slower to warm up but after a few days was fine.

During the trip we made a couple small adjustments which Joshua helped us with quickly as well.

We had fantastic family time, were given lots of excellent advice, and on the whole the trip was really well planned and fairly executed. We loved both Laos and Cambodia – their people and their sights!!

There is absolutely no way we could have planned a trip of this caliber on our own.
Vanessa Hulme | February 27, 2019

We returned recently from a trip planned by Andy Booth and his team. From the initial contact by Andy and his associate, Kristiaan Wouters, through the departure assistance at the Siem Reap airport, the entire trip was executed flawlessly. Kristiaan was an immense help in planning our itinerary, as we had only a basic list of places we wanted to see and things we wanted to do. Despite this, Kristiaan put together an itinerary that suited us perfectly, combining visits to major temples, some out-of-the-way temples (all while avoiding crowds), and other fantastic experiences (sunset cruise on the moat of Angkor Thom, blessings by a Buddhist monk, making crafts with a family in the countryside, an oxcart ride in the countryside, dinner at their Villa Chandara, trip on their boat on the Tonle Sap Lake seeing the floating villages, to name a few).

There was nothing that Kristiaan would not do to help us, whether it was dealing with our myriad of changes to the itinerary before the trip, making restaurant reservations, or helping sort out an issue with the Cambodian visa. Whatever was asked was responded to very promptly and handled efficiently.

Our guide, Reksa, and driver, Chea, were with us the entire time, and they were incredible. Even when we changed a few visits during a couple of days because of the heat, they were very accommodating and revised our visits so we missed nothing.

There is absolutely no way we could have planned a trip of this caliber on our own; we got everything we wanted, and much, much more. When we decide to return to Cambodia in the future, Andy’s office will be the first call I will make.

Spectacular and smoothly run and we loved every minute of it
Elaine Golin | January 18, 2019

We never got to speak to Andy Booth. Our trip was planned by Ethan, who was excellent and very responsive, we were then passed on to Josh, who was also very helpful. Overall, our two week trip in Cambodia and Laos was spectacular and smoothly run and we loved every minute of it. Compared to some other WOW list specialists I have traveled with, there wasn’t any personal contact from the company during the trip, and there weren’t as many customized experiences as other specialists, but I cannot fault the execution or the actual content of the trip which was seamless.

Overall, a very good trip
Paul Markovich | January 12, 2019

They did a very good job planning a travel agenda, securing a guide that spoke good English, and arranging the logistics of our trip. Our first day was unremarkable but the next several were quite memorable. We realized once we arrived that we overbooked activities and it took them a little while to adjust to that. Overall, a very good trip.

We had many experiences we could not have possibly done or even found on our own.
Sharonne Hayes | January 11, 2019

My husband, David, travels ~50% of the time for work and I travel a lot too. We still love adventure and leisure travel- we just don’t want our vacation travel to feel like “work”. We need and want to see and experience lots, but also want time to relax, watch nature, sit by the pool, or read a book. A lot of travel agents who are used to booking clients wanting to “do and see the most possible in the shortest time possible” don’t “get” us. Joshua Clayton, a member of Andy Booth’s team, did.

We had some ideas about where we wanted to go (SE Asia) and one thing we really wanted to do (Mekong River cruise on the Aqua) but otherwise were open to suggestions/guidance. We were presented with options to chose from when there were several great ones (hotels in Siem Reap) and got firm recommendations when needed (just “do” one country-Cambodia and specific sights not to miss). Some of the activities did not sound like something we’d like to spend our time on, and the first version was still a bit too “busy” but we quickly came to a great plan.

In the end, we got everything we wanted and a few delightful surprises, like the architectural walking and cyclo tour in Phnom Penh. I was a bit worried at the start when the guide simply pointed out the buildings on a square and their original purpose-could have been a lo-o-ong 2 hours. But very quickly we were climbing up back stairs of a colonial era grand hotel that was now inhabited by squatters, going through hidden passageways to go inside the only church that survived the Pol Pot regime- nearly hidden and also now inhabited by numerous families- and took a death-defying trip in mid-day traffic on a cyclo. A hike in rural Cambodia to visit remote temples only accessible on foot was also a highlight. We had many experiences we could not have possibly done or even found on our own.

Siem Reap was magical. Our guide there was fabulous and the connection to the countryside and its people was tangibly authentic. Andy’s team has developed relationships with local individuals and families who host events at their home. We had mid-morning high tea in the front yard of a woman who lived steps outside of a large temple complex. She was a single elderly woman for whom this relationship was invaluable. Similarly, we sipped coconut juice and created woven crafts at the home of a grandmother raising her grandchildren. The company has a private villa in the countryside that you reach via a private boat over a lake created in the 12th century. It was a truly wonderful last night of our trip. Pre-dinner “entertainment” includes music, ox-cart rides, passionfruit and lemongrass mojitos (with mixology lesson if you want), and then there were the foot massages followed by a multicourse gourmet meal under the stars. Magical! David and I think that Phum Bataing resort is perhaps the nicest place we’ve ever stayed. The property is pastoral, serene, service oriented and the accommodations were just lovely.

We had several issues during our trip, one dealt with completely satisfactorily, the others not so much. We are vegetarian and supposedly all plans were made to account for this. We were particularly disappointed when our “special” New Year’s Day lunch, which was billed as “pre-ordered to save time”, had not one vegetarian option in any course (even the salads had meat or fish) and the staff were completely unaware of our dietary request. The on-the-fly vegetarian substitutions were uninspired (stir fried veggies for one course replaced the lobster and beef options). We let Joshua know. He was very apologetic and arranged a wonderful vegetarian meal in Siem Reap.

A bigger issue was the fact that on arrival to Siem Reap there was no one to greet us. We waited 20 minutes then called the team’s “emergency” number, only to have the person answering being unable to find our file, then finding it and saying he’d call us back. We never got a call so, then after another 20 minutes we just took a cab to the hotel (the cab driver got lost). We felt abandoned and were just praying that we’d have a hotel room (and that the cab driver would find the hotel). The time from landing in Siem Reap to hotel was longer than our flight….and should be only a 10 minute ride when the driver doesn’t get lost. We were met by our guide at the hotel who had been given the wrong arrival time by Andy’s team and I got a sincere apology the next day, but I think it was a big gaff- I really don’t understand why, after he mistake was discovered and he knew we were waiting outside the airport that we NEVER got called back by the staff person that night. And while the taxi service was not expensive, no reimbursement or other reparations were provided.

Response from Ethan Crowley on behalf of Andy Booth:

It is so good to hear that Sharonne enjoyed her time in Cambodia with us overall, and I want to thank her for the review, which I hope will help future Wendy Perrin travelers. I am glad she enjoyed her hotel in Siem Reap, and I especially enjoyed reading of her surprise with the walking tour in Phnom Penh (Sokhary is so good at exceeding expectations on that tour); additionally, her description of our Villa in the countryside was very kind—it is a passion project of ours and so it is lovely to hear positive words.

However, I must apologize deeply and personally for the oversight with her arrival into Siem Reap. With her travel dates falling on the single busiest week of the year, the volume of travelers on the ground taxes our systems and the city’s infrastructure, and so the chances of such a lapse does jump between the 25th of December and the 4th of January. Of course. there is no excuse for this oversight—it appears it was human error on the part of our team. Just yesterday we were penning an email to Sharonne to discuss the particulars of refunding the cost of the taxi to cover her personal outlay.

To be transparent, the oversight regarding her vegetarian New Years’ Lunch falls entirely on the hotel: Sharonne’s dietary requests were very clearly communicated to the hotel’s Food and Beverage team and discussed with their management, but were still missed. They had assured us of their ability to offer a good menu, and they are a world-class 5-star hotel with whom we have a long and productive relationship, so this was as surprising to us as it was to Sharonne.

Working in a developing country is always guaranteed to bring unexpected surprises and challenges, which cannot always be anticipated even after years of arranging travel here.

It was a pleasure hosting Sharonne’s trip in this amazing country, and I hope our oversight did not diminish the memories of her time in Cambodia with us. We have used this as an opportunity to review and revise our procedures to ensure in the future such oversights are avoided.


The 5 local guides and the drivers were the "secret sauce" for my experience
Pam Farmer | September 12, 2018

From soup to nuts my experience with the Andy Booth and his team was exceptional. During the planning portion of the trip, the staff was responsive with both emails and phone calls. They listened carefully to my interests and requirements and put together precisely the trip to Laos and Cambodia I had envisioned.

The hotels were all excellent (winning the most over the top “Lives of the Rich and Famous” prize was the Nam Kat Yorla Pa resort in Oudomxay). The 5 local guides and the drivers were the “secret sauce” for my experience. They all possessed an encyclopedic of knowledge of the region (Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap, Pakse and Luang Prabang/Northern Laos) were friendly, flexible and attentive.

I am a very experienced and highly independent traveler who seeks out diving deep into the local culture/history/nature/politics and food with an emphasis on “off the beaten track”. This trip checked all of the boxes and was my first foray into a “supported trip”.

I have a new appreciation for having a driver and guide that not only provide extensive local insight (cold towels and perpetual water too) but also are a friendly face at the airport to pick you up, ensure you are settled into your hotel and the drop off at the airport or next destination is equally seamless.

Highlights of my trip included (not necessarily in rank order):
-meeting one of only 2 living survivors from the Tuol Sleng prison
-seeing the endangered freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins
-biking in Angkor from Srah Srang to Ta Prohm and then Ta Nei (savoring the entire experience pretty much with just myself and my guide)
-spontaneous invitation from locals to party with their extended family during the Luang Prabang boat festival (a very special meal including LOTS of Beer Laos, dried and raw water buffalo and dried crickets)
– spending half a day at a no ride/no wash elephant sanctuary.

In summary, if you are looking for a Southeast Asia travel experience customized to your needs and interests Andy Booth and his team will make it happen.

They took us to the “must-see” sights and, at our request, way off the tourist trail
Richard Ashmore | August 23, 2018

Our thanks to Andy’s team—Joshua, Ethan, and the entire staff—for designing and implementing our recent trip to Southeast Asia. It was wonderful in every way. They arranged for us to stay in outstanding and diverse lodgings. These included French Colonial era gems in Hue (La Residence d’Hue) and Phnom Penh (Raffles Le Royal), a one-of-a-kind B and B in Battambang (Bric A Brac), and a resort/hotel in Siem Reap that could pass for an art museum (Shinta Mani Club). Our guides were knowledgeable, flexible, and open. They took us to the “must-see” sights and, at our request, way off the tourist trail. They helped us learn about the beauty and diversity of the people and cultures of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and the challenges that these people and cultures face. The centerpiece of our trip was Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor. We spent five days there, and each day was packed with marvelous adventures. Given Andy’s expertise in knowing when it is best to visit each facet of the Angkor complex, we were able to experience this majestic place with minimal crowds. We were even able to spend almost an hour at the top level of Angkor Wat, and, at times, we had the courtyard we were into ourselves. In sum, Andy and his staff helped us to see and experience the wonders of Southeast Asia and to learn about the people and cultures of this fascinating corner of the world.

Planned exactly the trip we envisioned
Maira Suro | January 11, 2018

We used Andy and Ethan on his team for our family summer trip last year. They were responsive and knowledgeable and planned exactly the trip we envisioned. We were a group of 5 families with lots of teens and we asked for ADVENTURE throughout Bangkok, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia. Everything from the guides who treated us to a spiritual morning feeding the monks, to riding elephants bareback & bathing them, to the exciting nighttime Vespa tour of Hanoi, as well as all the history to be taken in there, to trekking through the jungles of Cambodia on bicycles, culminating with Angkor Wat at dawn. They heard us loud and clear and gave us an experience we will never forget. Hotel highlights were the Siam (Bangkok) & Phum Baitung (Cambodia).

Our trip was phenomenal
JoEllen Shelden | March 1, 2017

We traveled last summer with Andy Booth from AboutAsia to Siem Reap and Hanoi. Our trip was phenomenal. With the exception of Angkor Wat Temple we almost never felt the crowds. We saw and did more than we ever could have imagined. We traveled in August and while it was hot, we had a steady stream of cold towels and cold water. We loved our hotels in both cities with my favorite be the Raffles Hotel in Siem Reap. This hotel was a great location and a quick $3 ride from downtown. The grounds of the hotel were amazing and the staff welcoming. Andy’s team listened to all our concerns, wishes, and requirements and curated a perfect trip. The price was extremely reasonable for what we received. We shopped for art & antiques, crafts, ate amazing local cuisine, learned about the local life and customs and visited more temples that we had planned. I cannot say enough about Andy’s team. We hope to use them again to return to the area.


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