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We were picked up in a Panama school bus—Diablo Rojo—with all the neon lights flashing and the salsa music playing!
Sally Boland | January 6, 2023

Our family of three decided in November we wanted to travel somewhere for the New Year holidays and chose Central America for our general location. We contacted Pierre Gedeon, a travel expert on The WOW List, for his help with travel options. We had used Pierre in 2017 for a fabulous trip to Nicaragua that we still fondly remember today. He suggested Panama and the trip planning began! Given that this was short notice and over the holidays, Pierre still put together another memorable trip for us.

We started out the first two days in Panama City and had an awesome guide, Rebecca, for our city tour. Rebecca showed us all the key city sights, but just as important was that she was very attuned to our interests and conversed rather than lectured. We had such a lovely day. One of my favorite stops was her recommended coffee shop, which we ended up going back to at least four more times!

The evening after the tour, we were given our WOW Moment — and what a Moment it was!! We were picked up in a Panama school bus — Diablo Rojo — with all the neon lights flashing and the salsa music playing! It took us from the hotel to the Historic Old City, where we had a great typical Panamanian dinner at a local restaurant, then enjoyed the view from a rooftop bar with a glass of wine. Finally, back to the hotel on Diablo Rojo! What a fun outing!!

Our next two locations were in the mountains of Panama — spending three nights at each place. Pierre did a phenomenal job getting rooms and guides arranged for us at these places. The first was in Boquete, at Hotel Hacienda Los Molinos. It was very charming with a gorgeous view of the area. We did two all-day tours. First was to an agro-organic farm called Hacienda Mamecillo. The family was such a gracious host, especially considering this was on Christmas Day. They produce all their food organically, as well as a special coffee. It was so interesting and impressive. The meal they served was, honestly, one of the best meals we have ever had — worthy of any fine dining anywhere.

The next day was spent with a well-known local expert birding guide, Raul, and we were rewarded with many sightings to add to our “life list.” But more than that, it was a pleasant day spent with Raul and learning about the local nature there in the cloud forest. We will request him again if we are able to return in the future.

Finally, we headed to our last destination at the Mount Totumas Ecolodge. Jeff, the owner, and his staff could not have been nicer. Panoramic views of the cloud forest from the main lodge deck were amazing and the variety of birds spectacular, all at arm’s reach. The local expert birding guide, Reinaldo, is highly skilled with sharp eyes. During our nature walks, we were again rewarded with many sightings added to our life list. Each day Alma, the head chef, prepared tasty meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was fine dining in a remote cloud forest retreat. It was wonderful!

Even though we planned this trip on such short notice, and over the holidays, Pierre was able to put together a really wonderful and memorable trip for all of us. We couldn’t be happier! Its only been 5 days since we have been back — and we are still missing Panama!!

We would have never seen this side of Panama without him
Mary Granger | October 1, 2022

With very short notice, Pierre Gedeon put together a wonderful 3-day trip to Panama City. My goal was to see the canal and a bit of old Panama City, and the goal was met.

I decided that somehow I had the time to see the Panama Canal (which I had been reading about) and Pierre made that happen. There were 2 days of seeing Panama City with my own guide and driver, and then a day on the Canal. Pierre recommended the partial canal tour and it was perfect timing. The local guide and driver were excellent, even letting me add the biodiversity museum after the canal tour.

A week before I was leaving for Panama, my sister and husband decided to join me and Pierre was able to add them to the tours—it was seamless.
The guide also showed us the non-touristy side of Panama City, where we were able to see the gym where Duran trained and play dominos with the locals. We also had lunch in a non-touristy restaurant with delicious sea bass with mustard sauce. We would have never seen this side of Panama without him.

There were some service issues with the hotel, beyond Pierre’s control, but he tackled the issues anyway.

I just scratched the surface in Panama, but when I return to Panama I will certainly contact Pierre again. He was terrific and will have some new ideas.

Our second time using them and they again created a fantastic itinerary
Cindy Francies | September 25, 2022

We wouldn’t hesitate to use Pierre’s office again. This was our second time using them and they again created a fantastic itinerary. Both times we’ve used them we’ve had unexpected issues that they had to respond to, and they performed well each time. This time, we had to delay our trip for medical reasons by almost a year, and they responded with kindness and professionalism.

We want to go back Panama again and we know exactly who to call when we are ready.

A couple days in Panama City, a super interesting tour of the Canal, and beautiful Isla Palenque
Kerri Meyer | May 22, 2022

PANDEMIC TRAVEL We hired Pierre and his team to plan our son and his new wife’s honeymoon. He planned a wonderful getaway for them that included a couple days in Panama City, a super interesting tour of the Panama Canal, and 5 days at beautiful Isla Palenque where they had their own private bungalow and could do as much or as little as they liked, every day. The food was spectacular and the staff at Isla Palenque was expectional. Pierre also included a welcome/congratulations dinner when they first arrived along with a tour of Panama and roof top drinks to celebrate their wedding. He was wonderful and their trip was so great!

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