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With 83 million foreign visitors per year, France is tourism’s top dog, and it’s easy to understand why. How can you not love a country with a thousand castles and as many different types of cheese? France is the world’s top ski destination, its leading wine producer, and its number-one art mecca. Flanked by white sand beaches and alpine peaks, France has something for everyone.

But France isn’t always easy. For starters, its world-famous must-see monuments and museums are flooded with visitors. Its best hidden gems—markets, walks, bike rides, free museums, UNESCO sites, villages, wine tastings—are truly hidden….especially the many superb, stylish B&Bs that simply don’t exist to the same extent in most other European countries. France is also quirky, a country with its own logic, where restaurants close on weekends and shopkeepers routinely roll up their shutters for a two-hour lunch.  Result:  Most visitors see but a tiny fraction of France, sticking close to major tourist areas. Many of them never leave Paris, where they put up with long lines, crowded venues, and often astronomical prices.

When planning a trip to France, it can pay off to hire a travel specialist—someone who can introduce you to less-visited pockets, get you a table in a bucket-list restaurant, and generally make the most of your time and money. But there are many different types of travel planners to choose from, depending on your specific needs.  If you fill out your wish list below,  I can point you toward the right person. All information you provide is private; it will be seen only by me and, possibly, by the France travel specialist I recommend for you.

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