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Morocco: Plan Your Trip!

by Wendy Perrin | March 7, 2017

Your Trip to Morocco Begins Here

It was just a handful of years ago that Morocco shot up the travel charts, becoming the destination of the moment. Now it’s in Phase Two of that trajectory: still an exotic locale, but one with a direct flight from the U.S., over-the-top hotels that far exceed a luxury traveler’s standards, and ancient cities that have undergone rapid transformations into cosmopolitan metropolises. That’s not to say that travel in Morocco is easily D.I.Y.-ed, though. Logistics are exceedingly tricky: Domestic air routes are limited, the Sahara isn’t a place you navigate by yourself, and trying to choose among all the stylish riads that have sprung up of late can be dizzying. The right travel specialist can make your sightseeing exponentially more efficient (while still allowing time for you to lose yourself in the medina, if that’s what you like), lead you to the most colorful secret souks and boutiques, and introduce you to traditional local families in the countryside. Tell us about the trip you have in mind, and we’ll suggest the right travel fixer for your Moroccan adventure.

Pricing tip: While Morocco can be inexpensive if you free-wheel it on your own, I’ve been to Morocco seven times, and I am here to tell you that a hundred little things can go wrong when you free-wheel it.  Morocco is not inexpensive if you want to avoid those pitfalls by using a high-caliber Morocco travel specialist—someone who has an office in Marrakech and uses the savviest local fixers: Be prepared to spend a minimum of $840 per day (and double that during the peak Christmas/New Year’s period). 

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