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Colombia: Plan Your Trip!

by | July 31, 2017

Your Trip to Colombia Begins Here

Call it a country on the cusp. Colombia’s range of landscapes—rolling hills demarcated by coffee plantations, snow-capped Andes mountains, turquoise Caribbean water, Amazon rainforest, thriving cities, even a desert—combined with its biodiversity and cultural richness make it a country just waiting to be discovered by travelers. With its guerilla groups turning to peace and crime rates reduced by urban revitalization projects, the issues that once kept people away are largely in the past. Visitors are not yet arriving en masse, and those who do go are greeted with warmth and gratitude. Still, for such a small country, this is a difficult one to get around, and the information you’ll find online is directed at backpackers rather than higher-end travelers looking for enriching experiences.  We’ve sussed out a few experts who have their fingers on the pulse of Colombia’s swiftly changing character—travel planners who can as easily arrange in-depth tours of Medellin’s cutting-edge graffiti as Cartagena’s fine gastronomy. Tell us what you have in mind for your trip, and we’ll point you to the right person to make it happen.

Pricing tip: For a WOW Colombia trip, expect to spend at least $800 per day for two travelers, depending on level of accommodations, quality of transportation, and number of special experiences.


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