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A relatively complicated trip as it was happening during a very busy season
Vanessa Hulme | January 11, 2018

This is our second time utilizing the services of Michelle Allen and her team and, just like before, they excelled. This was a relatively complicated trip as it was happening during a very busy season at Disney World, three family generations were involved, and we had some very specific criteria. From the beginning, Michelle’s team was informative, professional and responsive to our questions and concerns. Of equal importance were their suggestions as to how to make the most of our time, whether regarding dining, transport, FastPasses, etc.

From our arrival at Orlando airport through collecting our luggage in Houston, the entire vacation went without any problems. I was especially impressed that they took the time, during the middle of our trip, to contact us to make sure everything was going according to plan.

I would have absolutely no hesitancy in using Michelle Allen and her team for anything Disney.

Patience, professionalism and kindness
Lisa Glickman | December 28, 2017

Wow, wow, wow! One of the best adjectives to describe the Michelle and her team. This was my family’s first trip to Walt Disney World, and I am so appreciative of the magical trip they planned for us. The team really took the team to get to know the particulars of our family and customized the trip accordingly. Every interaction was handled with patience, professionalism and kindness. I have already recommended them to friends, and they are equally enjoying their experience with the team.

A mobile app which is really a game changer
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | December 25, 2017

Just back from Disney World, Orlando, Florida. We had a very nice getaway planned by Michelle Allen and her team. The trip was perfectly planned in every way. Their level of communication is off the charts. They manufacture custom trips to satisfy every interest or need. They know everything and every inch of the parks and their recommendations for dining or how to organize time is so valuable.

In fact, they have now added a mobile app which is really a game changer. It reflects your itinerary, special documents, transportation, hotel info, dinner reservations, a messaging system etc…. really just about everything in a portable fashion. The few times we had to message them we had a response almost immediately – even on evenings or weekends. We have been exposed to this travel app only a few times in all our travels but I think it just gives a high service travel company like Michelle’s even an additional leg up on the competition. They were already at the top of the service game but if its possible now has really upped their game.

If you have special physical needs or limitations – they accommodate. If you have special dietary restrictions – they accommodate.

We have used Michelle and her team many times and will continue to recommend without hesitation and think anyone who goes to a Disney property should use Michelle and her team. They have highly personalized service, customized itineraries, intelligent well thought our recommendations and just nice people.

We basically needed only advice
Robyn Malach | December 24, 2017

Our family group of 6 were looking forward to taking the baby to Disneyland for his 5th birthday. I decided to give one of Wendy’s Trusted Travel Experts a call. I have used an Expert for three big adventures (Africa, Australia & Tahiti) and the trips were flawless. This time we basically needed only advice. Is it better to go the week before Thanksgiving or the week after? What are the least busy days of the week? etc. Our funds were very limited so we couldn’t stay in a Disney hotel. After helping us pick our dates, Michelle found us a very nice hotel within walking distance of Disneyland and it included breakfast. She arranged for transportation from/to the airport. She also got us reservations at the perfect dinner spot with a reserved place to watch the World of Color, which is a fabulous show. She ordered us a birthday cake but the restaurant changed it so many times that we finally just canceled it. Then I got a call from Michelle who, because the cake issue was such a mess, offered to pay for the cake for us. Very nice of them and so unexpected. We had a bit of a problem with our ride back to the airport. Shortly after arriving home I sent an email to Michelle telling her of the problem. I thought she would want to check it out before using them again. I hope she did as this was kind of a big deal. We were a bit frazzled upon arrival to the airport so we ended up leaving a bag with Disney souvenirs in the van. We were unable to retrieve these items but Michelle contacted the company and at least tried. The effort was very much appreciated. We wouldn’t hesitate to call Michelle and her team again. Hopefully, for our next trip to the Magic Kingdom, we’ll be able to afford more options. Thanks!

On top of the Disney deals
Eva Stark | September 6, 2017

In planning, she gave fabulous recommendations and helped in every aspect of the timetable. She made all the reservations and Fast Pass deals. She was on top of the Disney deals and was able to get our meal plans comped. Could not have done it without this travel group. Definitely WOW-worthy.

The whole trip was amazing
Pam Timmermans | June 20, 2017

Michelle planned an amazing trip for us to Disney World with very little lead time. The itinerary was perfect and fast passes and reservations were great. My special needs grandson had a marvelous time and the whole trip was amazing.

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