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A mobile app which is really a game changer
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | December 25, 2017

Just back from Disney World, Orlando, Florida. We had a very nice getaway planned by Michelle Allen and her team. The trip was perfectly planned in every way. Their level of communication is off the charts. They manufacture custom trips to satisfy every interest or need. They know everything and every inch of the parks and their recommendations for dining or how to organize time is so valuable.

In fact, they have now added a mobile app which is really a game changer. It reflects your itinerary, special documents, transportation, hotel info, dinner reservations, a messaging system etc…. really just about everything in a portable fashion. The few times we had to message them we had a response almost immediately – even on evenings or weekends. We have been exposed to this travel app only a few times in all our travels but I think it just gives a high service travel company like Michelle’s even an additional leg up on the competition. They were already at the top of the service game but if its possible now has really upped their game.

If you have special physical needs or limitations – they accommodate. If you have special dietary restrictions – they accommodate.

We have used Michelle and her team many times and will continue to recommend without hesitation and think anyone who goes to a Disney property should use Michelle and her team. They have highly personalized service, customized itineraries, intelligent well thought our recommendations and just nice people.

On top of the Disney deals
Eva Stark | September 6, 2017

In planning, she gave fabulous recommendations and helped in every aspect of the timetable. She made all the reservations and Fast Pass deals. She was on top of the Disney deals and was able to get our meal plans comped. Could not have done it without this travel group. Definitely WOW-worthy.

The whole trip was amazing
Pam Timmermans | June 20, 2017

Michelle planned an amazing trip for us to Disney World with very little lead time. The itinerary was perfect and fast passes and reservations were great. My special needs grandson had a marvelous time and the whole trip was amazing.

Excellent advice on where to stay
Cindy Decker | April 10, 2017

Susan gave excellent advice on where to stay, what events/meals to sign up for, how to maneuver the parks etc… plus so much more. Her team was all very responsive.

They ask the right questions
Jilda Vargus-Adams | April 4, 2017

Susan and her team have a comprehensive knowledge of all things Disney World. This is our third trip to Disney with them at the helm and they have been extremely reliable and helpful. They seem to have endless time to answer questions but are also efficient in asking the right questions to really understand how to make useful recommendations – like which resort hotels will match our preferences, what special events would appeal to our children, or how to schedule fast passes to match up with meal reservations. They told us what was new since our last trip and recommended a game plan for which parks/which days. Moreover, they researched room options on club level floors, got coveted dining reservations, and made sure we got a nice folio of well-curated advice prior to the trip. Susan and her team even let me scan dozens of gift cards into a document and then they entered all the numbers to pay for our trip – very customer-focused! I would recommend Travel Magic to Disney newbies who don’t want to wade into the Disney website to plan blindly because they will get really great advice to match their needs – and I recommend Travel Magic for repeat visitors because they can execute the tedious work of making all those reservations so you don’t have to spend your time at the computer searching for bookings.

Don't go to Disney without their invaluable help
Joel Gonzalez | January 30, 2017

Just perfect and everything you would expect from Travel Expert.

We did a one week vacation to Disney-world, Susan and her crew arranged everything from transfers, park tickets, character diners, and prime spots for viewing fireworks and shows.

They even helped us with same day recommendations for diner and Fireworks spots!!

Don’t go to Disney without their invaluable help, if you do you’ll miss a great deal of Disney Magic! I guess that’s why they are Travel Magic, congrats to the team!

New Year 2017

Every little detail and every possible perk
Jeffrey Bernfield | November 11, 2016

We have used Susan and her team many times as we are frequent Disney travelers. They have never disappointed in the execution of our trip.

Their level of communication is second to none. They have a team of incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and responsive experts and they are ALWAYS quick to respond to a question or quick to answer an email. Communication is everything is business and they have mastered the art of it. Their responses are always well thought out and intelligent and thorough.

I have been to Disney many times and I always feel that I know a little bit more than the average traveler there but they never cease to amaze me with their knowledge of every little detail and every possible perk to the Parks. They have incredible ability to get you the elusive Fast Pass or the elusive preferred dining package. They are relentless in their pursuit of making sure that their guest has the best Disney experience.

I would recommend them for the first timer or the repeat traveler. No one knows more about Disney.

I have used many of Wendy Perrin’s travel experts and this entire team rates at the top of the list.

We will go to Disney again for sure and we will for sure use Susan and her team again.

I would absolutely recommend
Jennie Grube | May 5, 2016

I booked a family trip with Susan Kelly of Travel Magic to Orlando at the end of April, 2016 to coincide with a trip my husband was taking. Before contacting Susan, I really had no idea what was involved with booking a Disney/Universal vacation. Living in Southern California, Disneyland has always been a 1 day thing for us. She helped me determine the appropriate time to spend at each park. They advised me on fast passes and Disney related bookings (who knew fast passes for the good rides would already be limited at 30 days out and that you had to book right when you hit that 30 day window!?) Without Susan, we would have missed our fast passes (they even set them up for us!) and would have likely endured a lot more waiting in line. I wasn’t even thinking about a stroller and they suggested & booked a stroller rental for us. My only frustrations with the trip were minimal and had nothing to do with Susan and more to do with Disney. Dining was a bit of a struggle – while we realize Disney is about the “experience”, it would be nice to have more convenient dining options that focus on the quality of the meal rather than the experience! Even in the hotels, it seems great eats are hard to come by. The closest we got was our own hotel (Four Seasons). We could have ventured further out for food but in reality, with 3 little ones in tow, we had to prioritize convenience over quality… We did have one issue with our stroller – the company accidentally picked it up a day early thinking we were done because we left it at the bell stand – we weren’t – we left it there each night so we didn’t have to have it in our room. Susan promptly arranged a solution and proceeded to get us a refund without us even having to ask. In hindsight I could have arranged all the passes that Susan did for us but that is hind sight – for a first trip without that knowledge, they saved me a number of potential mistakes on a detailed itinerary that would have made our trip a lot less seamless and enjoyable – particularly when traveling with small kids. Though I might handle my own planning on a subsequent trip (or maybe not!), I would absolutely recommend Susan Kelly to someone heading to Disney World / Universal for the first time.

Susan's team did a great job
Marisa Fanning | February 29, 2016

We booked our trip well in advance, using prevailing rates. Subsequently Disney published a discounted package — we were unaware of it but Susan’s team advised us of the difference, saving us more than $1,000.

We also had a fairly complicated itinerary, with different family members arriving and departing on different days and wanting different fast passes. Susan’s team did a great job of helping all of this stay organized!

Made the trip memorable
Wendela Roberts | November 3, 2015

We had a wonderful trip to Disney World with our son, daughter in law and three of our grandchildren. At all times during the lengthy planning, we were informed if there were changes, upgrades or sale prices available, which we might choose to take them up on. Susan and her team were always ready with great tips which eventually made the trip memorable for all of us. We would absolutely plan another trip with her!

Wasn't overall a whole lot offered
Carrie Logan | September 22, 2015

Susan was helpful but not extremely helpful for our cruise we booked on the Disney Fantasy. I called her because she was on your list of trusted travelers, instead of going with a company that offered a much larger “on ship” credit. In the future, I think I would book through the company that offered the bigger credit. While Susan was happy to answer all of my questions and take time for me, there wasn’t overall a whole lot offered that I probably couldn’t have done/figured out on my own. Susan talked through a few things with me about the cruise, but I still felt like it wasn’t an above-and-beyond service. Before our trip she did send us a packet of information which was nice and probably the most helpful thing we received from her…it told us little tips we should know before the cruise.

A wonderful experience all the way around
Deborah Knudsen | September 3, 2015

We recently used the services of Travel Magic for our trip to Disney World. We were extremely pleased with their service, expertise, and patience while we planned our big 10th birthday trip for our children. Travel Magic was consistently available to advise, brainstorm, and update any changes that might affect our trip. Everything was seamlessly coordinated and packaged in an organized, easy-to-understand manner. It was our first big trip (we have a special needs child) and it was just a wonderful experience all the way around. It was Our Disney, Our Way—and a perfect trip and memory of a lifetime! I highly recommend Travel Magic and, as always, Wendy Perrin is the optimal resource for all things travel. NOTE: I will also say that while Disney may be a bit limited in the “disability accommodations”, the cast members and employees were all extremely helpful and kind and all of our needs were met.

No one knows Disney as well as Travel Magic
Jeffrey Bernfield | July 17, 2015

We have used Travel Magic for two separate vacations and they are currently planning a third trip for us now. As a family, we have been to Disney over 25 times over the years but decided to use Susan and Travel Magic for the last three trips. No one knows Disney as well as Travel Magic. Everything is seamless from the planning to check-in and checkout. They spend hours finding out your personal tastes and preferences and they schedule your FastPasses, dining reservations and activities. They seem to have access to dining times that we could not get ourselves. Travel Magic is relentless in making sure that your experience is “magical” in every way. As seasoned Disney travelers, our experiences have only been enhanced by using Travel Magic and we will continue to do so. We have used many, many of Wendy’s travel experts and Susan and her other experts at Travel Magic rank near the top of all the different agencies we have used over the years.

Philip Rosenfeld | June 3, 2015

In May we took our family (6 adults and 5 children ages 6 to 15) on an unforgettable, somewhat complicated Disney trip, perfectly planned by Susan and staff. The trip included stays at Boardwalk, then a cruise on the Dream, finally a stay at the Grand Floridian. Everything was perfectly coordinated and more than I expected, including all the transfers, meal planning, and multiple other details. No time was ever wasted, and all recommendations were spot on! Thanks Susan, and thanks Wendy for the recommendation.

Flawlessly planned Disney Experience.
Virginia (Ginny) Bornholdt | July 4, 2015

I want to recommend Travel Magic to all those who wish to have a flawlessly planned Disney Experience. Each of the Travel Magic agents worked tirelessly and most enthusiastically to insure that our very special 50th anniversary trip for our family was the absolute best possible experience we could ever have imagined. We were a group of eleven, including my husband, daughter, son and daughter-in-law and six grandchildren. Each of us came away from our five day visit with memories to last a lifetime. We could never have foreseen the necessity of meticulous planning of park visits with fast passes, the meal plan , the Cirque du Soleil show, and the other details in the way that Travel Magic implemented. Throughout the months of planning they were always available to address our questions and guide us through the myriad decisions leading to an incredible vacation in the magical world of Disney.
We are ever so grateful for each and every member of the Travel Magic team for their unwavering commitment to making our Disney vacation the unforgettable experience it was.

Wonderful service
Rich Ring | March 9, 2015

I have used Susan Kelly of Travel Magic for both personal Disney vacations (June 2013) and for the family I work for. They go to Disney every year, the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I use Susan and her team every time and they do an outstanding job booking the right accommodations and then handling all of the important details right up until the vacation. They provide wonderful advice, helpful hints and just do an excellent job of making you feel like a VIP. I highly recommend Susan Kelly and Travel Magic.

Michael Ochsenhirt | March 2, 2015

We’re using Susan Kelly and it has completely taken all the stress away. Susan has handled everything and been incredible through the process! Can’t wait to stay in our park view room at the Four Seasons.

We had the best vacation ever
Michelle Sutton-Kerchner | February 9, 2015

We had the best vacation ever last August (2014). As first-time visitors to Disney, we were overwhelmed at the idea of planning this trip. Susan and the Travel Magic team did an excellent job of helping us prepare and enjoy the planning. We had insider tips of which even veterans were unaware. The whole experience spoiled us for anywhere else!

Thank you for answering my wealth of questions for months prior to traveling. We highly recommend Travel Magic at every opportunity. Biggest thanks for helping to make the planning exciting, and almost as fun as the trip itself! It truly was magical. Harry Potter World at Universal was like stepping into the books! Loved it and did all the Harry Potter rides. Thanks for those tips, too!

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