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I see exactly what all the fuss is about!
Pam Osmond | October 1, 2018

As this was my first time using a travel specialist to plan a trip, I was not sure what to expect. We had an initial conference call with Marty and Jessica, one of his staff who did the actual planning with me. We worked back and forth over several weeks until the final itinerary was developed. Now, after going on the trip I see exactly what all the fuss is about! The whole trip was exceptional and all three of us have declared this trip to the Southwest National Parks as the best vacation ever! Accommodations were first class and everything was ready when we checked in. The activities planned were perfect, and the private guides were all exceptional. The final itinerary with timing and driving directions was flawless and the whole trip was worry-free.

We (my husband, myself and my adult daughter) are just plain-old-folks and not elite travelers and at first, I was concerned about the total cost. However, after completing the trip, I can easily see the value added in how smoothly one piece led to the other. I know we were matched with the best guides in each location and had extra perks like a lunch here or equipment there that is not usually included in a “regular” package. We have been on tours that were not handled as well. From now on, this is the only way we will travel. Thank you for introducing me to your travel planners. This trip was the very best we have ever been on, anywhere in the world. We will remember it for years.

The perfect balance of action, relaxation, exhilaration and peace
Sharonne Hayes | July 12, 2018

Overall, this was a magical trip and perfect for us. Our initial conversation with Marty Behr led to an itinerary that helped us find the perfect balance of action, relaxation, exhilaration, and peace. Each day brought new and diverse experiences that reflected our stated wish to explore, be active, and carefree.

We stayed at two different places and did day trips. First, from our base at Cougar Ridge in Torrey Utah, we went with Fremont Outfitters to Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. Shawn, the owner of Fremont, has a staff that’s eager to please and share their knowledge and love of country. We stayed at Cougar Ridge—what can I say? We loved it. Loved Gary, the owner of the lodge who lives next door and raises horses, alpacas, longhorn cattle and a few other animals in the front yard. Despite the power being out the first night as a result of a forest fire, it was a great experience. Power was out in the whole county, so he drove us to the next county over to eat dinner! Can’t wait until he finishes his expansion plans. The only thing missing is a pool to cool off in at the end of the day, and that’s coming!

Next, we stayed at Amangiri. This was a beautiful setting, grounds, and suites. An Instagram-worthy photo at every turn. Service was generally top-notch, but the food was only “above average”, which was modestly disappointing. Day trips from Page AZ/Amangiri arranged by Marty’s team were magical. Both the day on Lake Powell and private special access tour in the Grand Canyon by a guide from the Grand Canyon Association (Sherri) were fabulous. A perfect blend of adventure, beauty, history, and majesty.

We definitely will be back in the wilds of western US again!

The vacation was perfect
Judith Rodwell | July 3, 2018

Marty Behr and his associate, Mindy Teini, did an awesome job of planning a trip for our family and my husband’s brothers families and were attentive to our emails and questions during the planning process. There were six of us and it was the first time we’d all traveled together. From beginning to end, the vacation was perfect, accommodations were well planned, guides were top notch, knowledgeable and personable, interesting to be around, and the schedule was timed perfectly. The guides provided us with wildlife tours, incredible hikes of the Yellowstone and Grand Tetons mountains, were flexible and willing to accommodate our desires, like stopping to photograph the beautiful vistas, and the ten days were amazing. We so appreciate Marty’s organization and their knowledge of our National Parks. Having traveled internationally, we were happy to be reminded of the tremendous beauty in our own country and would happily use Marty Behr again as we explore more National Parks.

Wouldn't have been able to plan as well by myself
Arthur Hermann | June 24, 2018

We recently returned from our trip to the Southwest national parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce etc). Our trip was planned by Blair on Marty’s team. This is the second time I have used one of Wendy’s WOW planners and she did not disappoint. First, the reason I used a planner at all for a trip in the US (my own backyard), was that I had no idea how much time to allocate for each of the parks and how to navigate the loop so that it all would work well. On top of that, there never seems to be a huge number of choices re: lodging near national parks and I wanted help with booking comfortable, but not over-the-top, lodging. I told Blair that if there was a place to stay that became an important part of the visit, then, by all means, we wanted to do that. She nailed it with our stay at the Red Cliffs Lodge! Our backyard was the Colorado River and some amazing red cliffs!! All in all, Blair did a great job of setting up the logistics, planning excellent activities with a combination of shared tours and private guides… I definitely wouldn’t have been able to plan as well by myself (not to mention the time saved by NOT having to do so!). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marty and Blair if any of our friends wanted to tour US national parks.

The guides in each of the parks were exceptional
Jane Dawson | June 11, 2018

Our trip to the 5 national parks in Utah in 10 days went very well. The guides in each of the parks were exceptional. The accommodations were good to excellent and the recommendations for places to eat were also very good. The only thing we didn’t care for was the tour of Indian art outside of Moab. There wasn’t much to see and it seemed to be an add-on for no good reason. The cost of the trip was quite expensive but since we were on a fairly tight schedule it was what we needed to do. The accommodations at Cougar Ridge Lodge in Torrey was exceptional. We visited at the end of April, the first week of May 2018.

The timing of our trip was a disaster
Jeanne Kindt | May 1, 2018

I have used Wendy’s recommended travel specialists for many years, for many trips, and so I had high hopes for my trip arranged by Marty and his team at Revealed America. Sadly, it was a big disappointment and not at all what one would expect from a Trusted Travel Expert on Wendy’s List.

The timing of our trip was a disaster. My husband and I are free to travel at any time, and our biggest goal is to avoid the crowds, so we rely on Wendy’s Trusted Travel Experts to tell us when is the best time to go. As I know from experience, and as Wendy pointed out in her article dated March 14, 2018, “These TTEs can arrange an entire trip that spares you from every line.” Yet Revealed America sent us to Big Bend National Park, and to the Lajitas Resort there, during what the locals call “Hell Week.”

March is the best month to visit Big Bend, but only if you choose the right week and avoid the spring-break crowds. Our initial plan was to go the week of March 23, but Jessica on Marty’s team told us that “spring breaks in the southwest start the week of March 19th and run through Sunday, April 1st.” So, on her advice, we changed our dates to the week of March 13, which is the most expensive week in March to stay at the Lajitas Resort. The crowds were horrible. The receptionist at the Lajitas, as well as our guides, all asked why we had chosen that week to visit. Only if you were lucky and could find a parking spot could you hike the crowded trails; if you couldn’t park, you couldn’t hike. We waited in line to get into the trailhead, but we never could get in. So, even though we had gone to Big Bend to hike, we ended up with a driving tour of the park. Another Hell Week frustration: The Starlight Diner was the only dining option outside the resort. People started lining up at 4 pm because otherwise, at 5 pm when it opened, there was a two-hour wait. So we ended up eating at the resort every night.

I felt we were overcharged so, after we got back, I called the resort and Marty’s local suppliers to find out how much the individual trip components actually cost. We paid Marty $4,350 for our trip (that price included a $250 food allowance built into the room rate). By my calculations, the actual cost of the components (a half-day rafting trip, a full-day guided hike, an hour-long flightseeing plane ride, and the hotel room) was $2,766. Factoring in taxes and the food allowance, I believe I overpaid by $752. Also, if I had stuck with my original travel date, rather than switching at Jessica’s recommendation to “Hell Week,” I would have saved $362.

I am so glad Wendy encourages us to review the travel specialists on her WOW List, so that other travelers can learn from these reviews. My advice to anyone considering traveling with Revealed America is to follow Wendy’s advice and speak with Marty, who has by far the most knowledge, at the start of your trip-planning process. Marty and I never spoke or corresponded until after the trip was over; I worked only with others in his office. I also advise costing out the components of your trip ahead of time, to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Note from Wendy:

I have known Marty for many years, and he has by far the most knowledge of anyone in his office. Sadly, Marty and Jeanne never spoke during the trip-planning process. I have tried my best to ensure, via a pledge that is signed by every Trusted Travel Expert (TTE) on The WOW List, that each TTE will have an in-depth conversation with every traveler sent by me. I’ve established this rule because I’ve learned, over the past two decades, that such a conversation is the single most important factor determining the success of a trip. Marty has signed this pledge. (So, if you are unable to speak with him, by all means, let me know at Another big reason I see for why this trip did not end well is that Marty’s trips normally have a $5,000 minimum. Look on Marty’s trip request page (below his photo), and you’ll see where it states that his trips start at $5,000. Marty is best used for elaborate trips that are impossible to arrange on your own. If your trip has only a few components and will cost less than $5,000, I don’t recommend reaching out to Marty in the first place; you will get more value for your dollar if your trip involves a group and/or is more complicated. If you believe your trip will cost less than $5,000, feel free to write to me personally at Ask Wendy for a different recommendation.

Saved us a lot of time
Elizabeth Page | April 8, 2018

We just returned from a trip to Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef Parks in Utah, planned by Marty and his team. My husband and I traveled with our three daughters in their 20s, and everyone loved the trip. The planned itinerary saved us a lot of time discussing what to do, and the chosen accommodations were absolutely perfect for our family. There were at least two that I wouldn’t have found on my own. The only change I would make in the future would be to have fewer private guides within the parks.

Well organized and followed our requests
Nick Goldwasser | November 26, 2017

Our trip was well organized and followed our requests and requirements closely. Our guides were well chosen, friendly, knowledgeable and performed extremely well. We had an absolutely delightful experience.

Outstanding job with routing, planning, private guides/experiences
Carol Schackman | August 13, 2017

We had an amazing trip! This was our first experience using a Wendy Perrin WOW list travel agency. It was too logistically challenging to plan on our own. Marty, Mark, and Mindy did an outstanding job with routing, planning, private guides/experiences that we would not have figure out on our own. It was worth the fees to have experts plan this trip for our family. I highly recommend using them, especially after we had a bad fly fishing experience.  When I emailed them, their response was immediate and included a full refund for the fishing. That alone made using them completely worthwhile knowing they stand behind what they book and have a certain level of expectation from their vendors.

We have never been treated so royally!
Tonya Stabel | August 11, 2017

Marty Behr, Mark Campbell, and their team did a wonderful job with the accommodations, suggestions, prompt responses and keeping us informed. The private guides Sullivan used for us were beyond excellent. Vern in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons was outstanding as were Will and Maureen (Mo) for the horseback ride in Yellowstone. We have never been treated so royally! The trip was worth every penny, and we’d use them again in a minute!

Curated visits that were amazing
Cathe and Bob Spear | July 31, 2017

We used Marty Behr and Mark Campbell to help us plan a wonderful road trip covering a large part of the Pacific Coast Highway from Mendocino down to San Diego. They did a fabulous job working with us and suggesting a number of curated visits that were amazing. We especially liked a fabulous canoe trip down the Big River in Mendocino, a bike and wine tour through Sonoma, and a guided tour through Point Lobos (one of the most beautiful spots on earth). One of the best benefits from using them was their knowledge of the best rooms to stay in – we had some unbelievable views of the ocean from our hotels. They also worked well with us when we needed to make a last minute course correction and modify our plans. Their choice of guides and their detailed instructions were top notch. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a great road trip experience like ours. All you need to do is tell them a little about your preferences, your budget and what you are looking for and they are off and running to deliver some fantastic options. It was one of our best trips ever – we look forward to using them again. A definite WOW!

Patient and guided us well
Gary Horowitz | July 21, 2017

We had multiple iterations of the trip and Mark was patient and guided us well through the plusses and minuses of the changes. All of his recommendations for guides and the hotel were spot on.

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