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Not only did Mara know her stuff but she cared deeply that she understand our desires and priorities
Richard Kofkoff | December 2, 2019

My siblings and our spouses decided to plan a trip to Italy but I was at some loss as to where to turn to plan the trip. Fortunately, I was introduced to the WOW list and contacted Mara Solomon. She and her team were very responsive to my initial inquiry and it was obvious during our first phone call, which lasted perhaps one hour, and subsequent calls, that not only did Mara know her stuff but she cared deeply that she understand our desires and priorities. Her knowledge of Italy is encyclopedic and she has a feel for the intangibles such as the best rhythm for a relaxing and rewarding villa vacation. Mara’s entire team is very professional and the attention to detail is outstanding. Mara knows the best tour guides and makes sure the staff at the villa is talented and professional. She also has a concierge on the ground in Italy to help with any problems (there were none) and to handle any last minute change in plans that we wanted to make (restaurant reservations, etc.). I was particularly impressed by the scheduled “debriefing” phone call after we returned to hear about our experience and to hear if we had any suggestions for future travelers. I would definitely utilize the talents of Mara, Kristen and Anne again when planning an Italian villa vacation.

Has become one of our very best vacations…
Mark Belnick | September 19, 2019

Mara Solomon and her colleagues helped us plan a Villa stay that has become one of our very best vacations. Her advice, assistance with planning fabulous day trips ( and arranging for the appropriate (&excellent) boats & guides ), accuracy and overall responsiveness – backed up by her vast knowledge of the Villa and the surrounding area and her expertise – were spot on in every respect. Grade? A+.

A remarkable and memorable time…
John Burns | June 28, 2019

Mara and all of her team did a terrific job in the planning and execution of our trip. They were responsive to a couple of problems with car transfer that were the car service’s fault and refunded us the cost of those services.
Would definitely recommend them. Our family had a remarkable and memorable time.

The planning itself was such a pleasure
Carol Fenton | July 17, 2017

I started working with Mara Solomon, a year prior to our trip. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. Mara and her team are consummate professionals – highly skilled, super knowledgeable, fun and warm. They think of everything and do so with finesse and flair. Mara very quickly figured out our hopes, taste, and interests, beyond what I was articulating, and steered us toward several excellent villa options. In planning our excursions and villa experience, she offered unerringly sage advice and suggestions and listened intelligently to my responses. She also has a great sense of humor, for me a huge plus. It was clear I’d landed with the A-team. As a result, I relaxed and confidently put myself in their hands. Working with Mara was an effortless pleasure and the result was spectacular. We spent a week in Tuscany with a blended extended family of twenty-five and to a person, we had a joyful, exciting and refreshing time together exploring the countryside and savoring the many treasures of the villa, while reconnecting with loved ones and deepening our ties to each other. Mara anticipated potential pitfalls and prepared me for them while planning to prevent them. It worked. She suggested ways to add small joys to our days together. Those also worked. Our trip was for us just the right balance of art and architectural history, nature, exercise and of course, great food and wine along with lounging by the pool, playing cards and sharing stories. Whats remarkable in my view is that the planning itself was such a pleasure. That is entirely owing to Mara and her staff. I want to plan another villa stay in Italy if only to have the opportunity to work with them again.

She was so right!
Susan Bland | July 11, 2016

For our 70th birthdays this year my husband and I decided to splurge and invite all our family members along on a villa vacation in the Tuscany region of Italy. Using Mara Solomon from Wendy’s WOW list made planning things so much smoother. From the start I felt confident I had a friendly, trusted adviser guiding me in decision making and helping us all avoid pitfalls. Selecting a villa that would accommodate us was the first challenge, with Mara’s suggestion making it so much easier. We were spoiled for two weeks in June 2016 by a staff of 5 (how will I ever cook again after Rosanna’s magic cooking?) Mara warned me about not renting an SUV saying the roads were somewhat narrow. OMG, she was so right! Tiny little one lane around blind corners, with pedestrians walking to and from the beach, a large vehicle would have been impossible. Mara kept telling me that we would love the villa so much we wouldn’t want to venture away from it. Again, spot on! We did do some exploring, and fortunately left room before and after villa time for tourist stops, but the villa was near perfect thanks to Mara and Anne.

An amazing vacation
Kathryn Barden | July 5, 2016

Just returned from a fantasy vacation in Tuscany. Mara Solomon and her team at Homebase Abroad booked an amazing vacation for us. Our Villa Francigena 40 minutes south of Siena was suberb with an incomparable setting. The villa itself was beautifully restored with all the modern conveniences, 6 bedrooms all with their own bath. Fabulous large sitting areas and kitchen. As wonderful as the inside was, we spent as much time as possible outdoors, lounging at the pool, or eating in the covered dining area. Sunrise and sunset were picturesque.

Mara and her team took all our wants and desires and fashioned an itinerary with us. As Elyse predicted we spent much more time enjoying our villa than expected. That is not to say we did not venture out, just not far. We had one really great tour in Siena (book early) and another tour in Orvieto. Both cities impressed. We toured 2 wineries and the best meal of our trip was lunch at Poggio Antico, recommended by Mara’s team. Castello Romitorio was our own find and highly recommended. The local town of Bonconvento worked well for us – food markets and a few tasty low-key restaurants.

The 2 men working at the villa are as sweet as can be. Carlos is better at Spanish or Italian than English so we used our language skills. Our concierge Patrick was attentive and helped bridge any gaps. He took care of all our requests, particularly every changing meal places and times. We highly recommended using a private chef for great dinners. Carlos also fixed a nice mixed Argentinian grill meal.

One recommendation is to book any special tours and activities early in the planning process so that you have the flexibility to book around your schedule.

Mara clearly has very high standards for her villas. We wouldn’t hesitate to use her team again.

Exceeds expectations
Elaine Golin | June 27, 2016

We had a family villa vacation in the Sorrento Peninsula in June 2016 that was booked through Mara and her fabulous team. One of the rare vacations that exceeds expectations – the property was even nicer than expected, and the completely personalized attention from Mara and her team through every step of the planning process ensured a seamless vacation. Everything – restaurant reservations, transportation, etc. worked exactly as it should, and the villa itself was beautiful comfortable and impeccably maintained. I’ve traveled all over Italy, and lived there for several years, and usually plan my Italy travel independently but using Mara and her team enabled me to put together a relaxing and delightful vacation that met the needs of my extended family (including folks from 7 to 77 (really)). Highly recommended for Italy newbies and aficionados alike.

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