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Can't imagine trying to plan this trip without their expertise and assistance
Paul Myers | August 7, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL  Jill and her colleague Peter excelled in helping us organize our “Plan B” trip this year. Our visit to France was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to Covid and then, again, from 2021 to 2022. Given the global pandemic, our options for international travel were somewhat limited, but Jill and Peter, knowing our love of St. Barts, worked overtime to insure we were able to have an extraordinary visit to this tiny island.

Their efforts included securing us a beautiful and well-appointed two bed/two bath at Eden Rock – our little heaven on earth for 7 days and six nights. They coordinated flights that were the shortest, in terms of duration and layovers. They also booked our private catamaran cruise which turned out to be one of our most favorite experiences on the island. Because of their recent visit to the island themselves, they were able to make recommendations regarding wonderful restaurants. (One of which served the absolute best steak I’ve ever eaten.)

Jill and Peter’s all-star status in our eyes was secured when we arrived at the San Juan airport two hours late due to delays getting out of Dallas. We were more than a little concerned that we wouldn’t make our connection to St. Barts, once we landed. Because Jill reached out to her contact at Tradewinds Air, they sent a representative to our arriving gate who ushered us through security and on to our connecting gate with a few minutes to spare. We’re convinced that had Jill not made the call on our behalf, we would have missed our flight and 12 to 24 hours in St. Barts.

One final note, since this was our first international trip since the start of Covid, we were very unfamiliar with how to properly prepare for travel. What documents would we need? Would we have to be vaccinated? What about our daughter and her friend? Jill and Peter fielded every question with patience and helpful answers. I can’t imagine trying to plan this trip without their expertise and assistance. Beyond that, they are always cheerful and friendly. We will continue to work with them for future travel and trust them to help us make wise decisions.

Venice was magical without the crowds.
Joseph Kass | July 21, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL My 17-year-old daughter and I recently returned from a father-daughter trip to Italy, expertly arranged by Jill Taylor. This was the second of two trips I asked Jill to help me with for the month of June, and she literally put this fabulous experience together in under 10 days.
We have been to Italy several times, but since my daughter is studying Italian and the idea of a crowd free, cruise free Venice seemed like a once-in-lifetime opportunity, we decided to spend our 8 days in Italy divided between Milan, which my daughter had never visited, and Venice, where we last visited for New Years when my daughter was in late elementary school. Jill planned the perfect trip for us. She made the effort to get to know our travel style and our range of interests, which made a difference in terms of hotel choices and tour recommendations. We were Jill’s first post-quarantine travelers to Europe, but because we are seasoned travelers (and can get by in Italian), we were comfortable being at the vanguard.
We toured privately throughout, and the guides adhered scrupulously to the safety precautions in place at the time. The crew Jill uses in Italy is top notch. Jill has lived in Italy and returns there often, so her advice reflects her extensive on-the-ground experience. She also anticipated logistical issues for us.
For example, we had reservations at a one Michelin star vegan restaurant (my daughter is vegetarian) in Milan the day we transferred to Venice by train. Jill timed the transfers like clockwork, anticipating the amount of time we would be at lunch with amazing accuracy and arranging for a driver to pick us up from the restaurant to take us to the hotel to get our luggage before continuing to the train station. Although that may sound minor, not having to scramble for our own taxi in a residential area that afternoon eliminated any risk of our missing the train. We hadn’t talked about that arrangement ahead of time, but anticipating that issue by arranging that transfer demonstrated an attention to detail I sincerely appreciated.
Jill arranged all our tours, and an especially memorable one was spending half a day on a design tour in Milan.
This tour included meeting an up-and-coming fashion designer and also a young shoe designer. My daughter and I are both art fans, and we toured the Academia in Venice with an art historian. When her usual contacts in Milan could not obtain tickets to the Last Supper (we finalized arrangements the day before departure so with reduced access I hadn’t expected to be able to visit the masterpiece), Jill reached out to a contact she has at the Milan Chamber of Commerce, and presented us with two coveted tickets as a present to us.
In both Milan and Venice we were the first Americans that our guides had in over a year, and everyone was happy to have us back. Venice was magical without the crowds, and Jill’s experience in Venice paid off for us there too. I must also compliment Jill for making it easy to say that something was out of my price range. She also was perfectly fine with my using my Marriott Bonvoy points for my stay at the St Regis in Venice (which is a wonderful hotel, by the way).
Given how expensive hotels in Venice can be, she is used to working with people who want to redeem points in that city.
Her recommendation of the Vik Galleria in Milan was spot on in terms of location, design, and service. She suggested this property rather than another one I initially considered, and I’m so happy she did. We could not have asked for a more central location with very interesting design and a wonderful staff.
Jill is approachable, easily reachable, and extremely knowledgeable. She was great to work with.

We found our recent trip to Maine (we had been to Maine many times before) to be rather ordinary, although diminished somewhat due to a flood of tourists beyond what we'd seen before...
Neil Deleeuw | July 11, 2021

PANDEMIC TRAVEL My wife and I have been to quite a few places, including Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and of course North America and Hawaii, both on our own and through travel agencies, with and without guides. Overall, we found our recent trip to Maine (we had been to Maine many times before) to be rather ordinary, although diminished somewhat due to a flood of tourists beyond what we’d seen before due to the newly vaccinated (including us in February) overwhelming the facilities. We flew into Bar Harbor and after 3 nights drove to Camden, then Portland, Kennebunckport and finally back to the Portland airport to go home. Our two excursions with guides were in ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, and a walking culinary tour in Kennebunckport.
The guides were good and we enjoyed both tours, much more so Kennebunckport which was a walking and tasting tour. We had not visited Portland before, other than the airport. Our travel agent strongly advised a stop there. We did not enjoy the hotel or the city, better to have avoided it.
Harborside Hotel and Marina Bar Harbor: Well situated, pleasant, well run, reasonably well staffed considering pandemic.
Camden Windward House, BandB, Camden: Very nice, we highly recommend it and the owners who were very friendly and attentive.
The Press Hotel, Portland: Poor, commercial feel, totally understaffed.
The Yachtsman Hotel and Marina, Kennebunckport: Nice room opening onto the marina. Staff friendly and helpful if you could find them. Literally, no one there at times, we had to go to the Kennebunckport Inn for help.
Overall, we enjoyed the trip because we got away from Florida and we like Maine. We only went to Portland because of a strong recommendation from Jill Taylor. I would have avoided it. There is a severe staffing shortage at Hotels, restaurants, etc and I dont think Jill was aware of how severe and did not take it into consideration for our bookings. It was also difficult or impossible to get restaurant reservations on short notice.
Trip date June 22 to July 1, 2021.
No added value
Would have taken same trip pre pandemic, except Portland
We’re both fully vaccinated, I’m a physician, I don’t see a health risk, all hotels took reasonable health precautions
Our trip planner could have been more up-to-the-minute on trip conditions

Response from Wendy, July 12, 2021:

Summer 2021 is a lousy time to be traveling in the U.S., what with the stampede of domestic tourists who were cooped up during Covid combined with the staff shortages, reduced services, and operational issues we’re seeing from U.S. hotels, airlines, restaurants, and activity providers, as the travel industry tries to ramp back up.

For months now, my team and I have been encouraging travelers to head overseas to the current best places to go: See “The Countries That Are Open to U.S. Travelers and What You’ll Find There” We’re hearing far better trip feedback from travelers who have chosen Europe and other international options this summer than from those who’ve opted to stay in the U.S. See: “Pandemic-Era Travel: The Trip Reviews That Matter Most Right Now”

The DeLeeuws were likely expecting what they knew from their past trips to Maine, even though Jill Taylor says she tried to set their expectations properly for this unusual summer. She says it’s a shame that they opted to book their own restaurants rather than having her help with that; that they signed up for only two local private tours, as opposed to the 30 or so that she offered them; and that they didn’t reply to her emails during the few weeks before the trip, which meant she couldn’t fill them in on current conditions. As for the hotels, Jill had to book them based on availability (which, of course, is very limited in peak season in a state whose tourist season is short), as well as on the traveler’s budget (and U.S. hotel prices are way up because of the sky-high demand).

It should be noted also that Jill’s specialty is Western Europe, not the U.S. We’re grateful to her for pitching in to try to help the many travelers who prefer to remain within the U.S. during the pandemic. Indeed, every mainland U.S. trip-planning specialist we’re comfortable recommending has stopped taking on new summer trips: There are so many people traveling domestically this summer that it’s impossible to guarantee a WOW-level trip. If you’re interested in an international trip instead—one that is safe, smart, and low-hassle—write to Ask Wendy:

She knew each destination because she had personally visited each location…
Paul Myers | June 24, 2019

My wife, my 13-year-old daughter and I just returned from 16 days in Italy and Greece. We had a wonderful trip. Jill, our travel specialist, picked the perfect hotels for us, lined up the best local tour guides and coordinated a good mix of sightseeing and down time. We were blown away that she thought of every detail. We were greeted at every transfer location by a nicely dressed, English-speaking professional who helped us with baggage, navigating customs and transfer to our next destination. Jill was patient with all my questions, which were many, and she knew each destination because she had personally visited each location. She, and her colleague, Peter, made sure we were able to relax and enjoy. (They even gave me a great tip on the best shoes to wear while touring Rome – Allbirds. So helpful!)

If we could have done anything different, I would have taken Jill’s advice and only visited one country this trip. She warned me that the additional travel to go from one country to another would take time away from relaxing. She was more than right! I will heed that advice going forward!

All-in-all, it was a wonderful trip in large measure because of Jill and Peter’s careful planning and thoughtful itinerary design!

Thank you, Jill and thank you, Peter!

Our mountain guides are expert skiers who offered improvement tips and engaged us in interesting discussions on a very wide range of topics…
Jerry Smyth | February 27, 2019

My adult son and I contacted Jill thinking we wanted to ski in France for a week. She offered to help us, but suggested that we consider a Dolomite Mountains tour as well. She described the Refugio experience, the varied mountain terrains, the unique aspects of moving across broad sections of the mountains and northern Italian cuisine, and sold us on Italy instead.

Jill coordinated every aspect of our trip. We were met in Venice by a driver who transported us to our first mountain hotel, La Perla, in Corvara. There we enjoyed an exceptional dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant. We met our guides the next morning, arranged our ski rentals, and headed to the slopes. We worked our way across the Dolomites, spending the next two nights at two unique Refugios high in the mountains, where we enjoyed wine tasting in their cellars, more outstanding food, and wonderfully comfortable accommodations. We ended our tour with two days skiing the Cortina area and staying at the Hotel Cristallo there. We were picked up Saturday morning and transported to our water taxi in Venice for delivery to the Hotel Danieli. We enjoyed exploring quiet residential areas of Venice until we met our guide for a later afternoon tour of the Venetian highlights. A water taxi was waiting for us the following morning at 4:30 to transport us to the airport for our return trip to the United States.

It is difficult for me to imagine how any aspect of our trip could have been improved. Every minor detail was thoughtfully vetted, every transfer was seamless, all lodging was impeccable, the wine tasting was special, the food outstanding, and the guides first class. Our mountain guides are expert skiers who offered improvement tips and engaged us in interesting discussions on a very wide range of topics over many days of skiing and evenings at dinner. Our guide in Venice was also outstanding, with an encyclopedic knowledge and refreshing wit.

Nothing was missed: great communication before, during and after the trip, a dedicated website with every trip detail, perfect logistics, jaw-dropping beautiful mountains with world-class guides, unique lodging with memorable meals…

If Dolomite skiing is on your bucket list, contact Jill, sit back while she arranges everything, and then enjoy a flawless ski experience!

Jill made several suggestions of properties I wasn’t even aware of and secured a great price for us
April Milford | January 16, 2019

I called Jill Taylor to book a trip for the week of Christmas. We wanted to spend a week in Mexico at a beautiful hotel on the beach, but with our kids now teenagers we knew we needed a hotel that offered more for them to do. We decided it was time to try an all inclusive hotel. I was nervous as I’ve definitely become a bit of a hotel snob. However since this was my fourth trip working with Jill I knew she would suggest hotels I would like. Jill made several suggestions of properties I wasn’t even aware of and secured a great price for us once we narrowed it down. Jill and Pete dealt with all the details and many follow ups with the property as well as travel insurance when booking and then with confirmations and transfers as the trip approached. The hotel was beautiful and we were very happy. We had a great relaxing vacation and our children did too!

The perfect trip
Lynette Rasmussen | December 30, 2018

We did not have specifics to direct Jill and she prepared the perfect trip. Well done.

Something I could not possibly plan on my own
Andy Laszlo | August 7, 2018

I worked with Jill Taylor in tandem with Bucher Travel. Jill brought Bucher in for the Switzerland portion of the trip. We went biking in Burgundy and Chablis (using Backroads, which we are huge fans of) and also did the Swiss Alps. Jill and Bucher were fantastic. Their planning was impeccable. Fantastic suggestions, choices, and organizations. The trip was excellent, as were the excursions they suggested, the guides and the hotels. Whenever we had questions real-time during the trip – weekends included – they were easy to reach and extremely responsive and knowledgeable. Also, Jill provided a mobile app which I used multiple times each day (we were doing a lot of moving around, with trains, etc. so I could refer to the app and get detailed info, not only for hotels and excursions but for transportation details). I will absolutely use them again. The trip was amazing and something I could not possibly plan on my own.

We would use her again in a heartbeat
Fred and Sharon Hupprich | July 29, 2018

We had a last minute trip to Italy that included attending a wedding and needed someone knew our style of travel and would not complain that she had only one month to plan everything! Jill Taylor performed again for us (we used her for Italy 2 years ago and Africa in January 2018) and gave us choices of hotel in Florence and Rome and set up private tours in both places that were truly off the mainline tours. Jill had us upgraded in our Florence Hotel and for Rome suggested the best value was the prepaid rate that saved us several hundred dollars. In both places, Jill had personal greeting notes to us. and in Florence, there were sweets and beautiful fruits greeting us from Jill. The guides were top notch and drivers and transportation flawless. Jet Set has a fantastic app that constantly updates and is a great communication device between us, Jill and guides, etc. We would use her again in a heartbeat.

Jill got us an upgrade to a suite
April Milford | July 20, 2018

My husband and I just returned from an amazing week in Ireland that was planned by Jill Taylor. Our first stop was four nights at Ballyfin in Laois County. Jill got us an upgrade to a suite which is no easy feat considering that there are only 20 rooms in total…only 3 of which are suites. But because of her relationship with the hotel, she surprised us with a suite which was fabulous. Having been there herself Jill was able to recommend all the house activities that we shouldn’t miss. Ballyfin was even more beautiful than I had even hoped. We could have stayed there the entire week! Then we went to Dublin where the choice of hotel was perfect for what we wanted to accomplish. Transfer to the airport went off without a hitch and the JetSet app continues to be my favorite tool while traveling. I don’t know how I ever managed without it. Pete Timble as always is on top of every detail making sure trip insurance, car rental, flights and all relevant info is taken care of. Another perfect trip with Jill. We can’t wait for our next one!

Experiences that we wouldn't have had on our own
Arati Prabhakar | May 26, 2018

We were going to Italy, Athens, and Amsterdam, and needed an expert who could help us in each of these areas. Jill worked with us to understand our interests and then tap into her resources to find us great choices for hotels, apartments, and guides. We ended up with a set of experiences that we wouldn’t have had on our own, and that our family will remember for years.

The best decision we could have made!
Jennifer and Terry Jarvis | May 7, 2018

Our Italy trip to see our daughter studying abroad started by contacting Wendy. After answering a few questions, she then directed us to Jill Taylor to guide us on our journey. This was the best decision we could have made! Jill was a delight to work with and having lived in Italy for a while she was so helpful in planning an itinerary with our budget in mind.

I would have been overwhelmed and wasted precious time and money trying to figure out where to go and what to do for a 10-day trip. She booked all the hotel accommodations and transfers to the different cities we visited. This took the stress completely out of our trip and probably saved my husband and me from a few arguments! :)

On top of that, she created a great itinerary with private tours to see top sites in Venice, Florence, and Rome with her connections. We felt like royalty at times!

Jill was available and professional in every aspect. We will definitely use her again for a future trip!

She did a terrific job
Carl Petronio | May 3, 2018

My travel planner was Jill Taylor, she did a terrific job of arranging not only an English speaking driver but also English speaking interpreter & guide. I needed these folks because I can not speak Italian nor could my Italian cousin speak English. The people Jill hired for me on this trip to Palermo, Sicily & Rome, Italy was more like family, both my cousin, my grandson and I felt very at ease with these folks. They helped in a very large way to make the trip with my grandson a huge success. Jill’s pick of the two hotels was implacable, both the “Eden” in Rome & the “Principe de Villafranca” were perfect for us.

I do not have enough adjectives at my disposal to describe how nice this trip was for myself and my 29-year-old grandson. Jill arranged a side trip for us to a town of “Casteldaccia” Sicily the home of my Grand Mother and David`s great, great grandmother. This gave us both a sense of our own History as well as History in general. My grandparents came to America over 115 years ago. It also gave us a REAL appreciation of our own Beautiful United States of America!!

Jill got us the answers.
Lynn Allen | March 5, 2018

Jill did a fine job – we wanted to do an Abercrombie & Kent trip so she arranged it. She also arranged our trip insurance. We had a lot of questions and A & K wasn’t responding right away so Jill got us the answers. I don’t think that this type of trip really highlighted Jill’s skill set as it wasn’t too difficult of an assignment if that makes sense.

Wanted this birthday to be special and it was
April Milford | February 26, 2018

Jill Taylor and her associate Peter Tibble were terrific! I had planned this trip to celebrate my 50th birthday. I had actually originally planned to go to Anguilla and then Hurricane Irma hit and Anguilla was heavily damaged. For months Jill and Pete were in contact with my hotel who kept saying they thought they’d be reopened by Mid February. They finally told us they wouldn’t be reopened in time so we had to rebook. So we switched to St. Lucia. So Jill basically booked two trips and then Pete was so great with following up to make sure the first hotel refunded my deposit. While in St. Lucia Jill was in contact with my husband making sure surprises she had planned happened as well as surprises he had. I didn’t know any of this. Upon arrival, I had champagne and fruit from Jill waiting for me but then during the trip, Jill surprised me with a fabulous spa gift certificate for my birthday which was so generous and really amazing. It was so clear they wanted this birthday to be special and it was. They did a fabulous job!

Helped to make our trip memorable and worthwhile
Dr. Charles T. Barber | January 22, 2018

My wife and I traveled to northern India in December 2017. We selected an itinerary with A &K that appealed to us, opting for a travel agent as an intermediary. She helped to make our trip memorable and worthwhile, explaining our options thoroughly. We chose to upgrade our Leela Palace rooms; the results were fantastic. When we had concerns about restoration work at the Taj Mahal, she allayed our worries. We received a complimentary upgrade in Agra. As the only people on our trip, we had the same guide and driver for eight days. Both of them were superb.

Pays close attention to little details
Doug & Laura Mitchell | October 8, 2017

Jill Taylor is fantastic. She was easy to work with, talk to, follow up with – she had all the bases covered. We left MO, USA on 09/11/2017 and first went to Florence, then Monteverdi Tuscany, then Matera, then Lecce, then Amalfi Coast and finally Roma. Fantastic properties and even better guides and drivers – we left there feeling like we made 20 new, really good friends.

We had one time during our 21 days in Italy that a boat captain did not call the taxi to pick us up in advance (so they’d be waiting for us) and we were told we had to wait about an hour until the taxi could make it. We didn’t really mind as it was a beautiful seaport town, but we got a call within a few minutes telling us another taxi would be there within 15 minutes to pick us up. Jill obviously has many contacts and pays close attention to little details like this. I would (and will) highly recommend her to anyone who asks. Also, more than one guide and/or hotel personnel spoke VERY HIGHLY of Jill — one, in particular, saying “he’d do pretty much anything she asked him to – very special lady.”

Excellent followup and were always a step ahead
Phyllis Atkins | September 27, 2017

Jill Taylor and Petter Tibble did an excellent job in helping me to plan our trip to Chicago and Michigan and Wisconsin. Once planned, I loved their online trip planner. It outlined each day and had backup information and web sites for the places we were staying. This proved to be very useful during our travels. The Four Seasons in Chicago was wonderful and Jill and Peter were able to provide additional benefits for us during our stay there. They both had excellent followup and were always a step ahead. I would use them again. Phyllis Atkins Traveled to Chicago, Michigan, and Wisconsin September 3 through September 18, 2017

Excellent attention to detail
Cara Forcier | August 5, 2017

Jill planned an extraordinary trip for our family that more than exceeded our expectations. Every detail was taken care of from our transportation to our guided tours. Excellent attention to detail was paid when booking our hotels. Every part of our trip was perfectly customized to meet the needs of our family of five and there were no surprises along the way. Our entire trip itinerary was sent to us in both a PDF and an app that we all had on our phones making it accessible at all times. Best idea ever. Honestly, I could go on and on, not one part of our trip was anything less than amazing. I can’t endorse Jill Taylor enough.

Responded to me quickly
Alan Bramson | July 13, 2017

I thought Jill was very good. I was happy that I selected her as my agent through your service.

Jill worked hard to come up with a good travel plan, not necessarily easy as I didn’t know quite what to expect, made some last second changes, and because I am probably in need of more feedback and assistance than some other travelers. Jill responded to me quickly whenever I contacted her, fixed issues when they arose (not caused by her) quickly on my behalf.

I would definitely book again with Jill.

Multi-location European honeymoon
Jeffrey Bernfield | June 30, 2017

Jill Taylor recently planned my sons multi-location European honeymoon. She is extremely knowledgeable and organized. Jill has many excellent contacts and was great in coordinating the different aspects of the vacation and with multiple locations throughout Europe, it was imperative to have a good quarterback or coordinator. We worked to get the best prices at all of the locations and also was able to get hotel upgrades for the same price.

A key feature of her service is a fantastic phone App that contains live and interactive itinerary and schedules with contact numbers. There is a feature to send messages and responses are quick. For example, if there is a problem, there is an avenue to register the question and get and prompt response. Changes to the schedule can be made and be viewed real time. This is the first time I have used a travel expert that has this phone App and it is really a great thing.

Jill was attentive and responsive, She offers very high-end service. I would highly recommend her for any type of travel.

Bent over backwards to accommodate
Oak and Joellen DeBerg | April 14, 2017

Jill Taylor helped us plan a last minute, four-day rail sojourn through western Switzerland. Our sightseeing itinerary included Lucerne, St. Moritz, Poschiavo, backwards and Interlaken. Our party of six could not have been happier with the arrangements she made for us. We had wonderful train arrangements on both the “Glacier Express” and the “Bernina Express.” Our four-day first class rail passes made traveling easy and included a cog rail train to Mt. Rigi and a boat trip to Lucerne. Our luggage was handled by courier and we did not (for the most part) have to worry about our own bags. Jill arranged for a guide, Eliana, on our first day. Eliana was magnificent and gave us great commentaries on Mt. Rigi, Lucerne, the history of Switzerland, and she even arranged transportation for us in our next stop, St. Moritz. All in all, this was a great trip and Jill bent over backwards to accommodate all of our requests. (We had two unique dietary requirements which were taken care of perfectly.) We cannot say enough about Jill’s professionalism and certainly, we are already contemplating future travel with Jill as our agent. Jill will work with you to be sure she understands your particular needs and will do everything to accommodate them. Jill Taylor certainly deserves her spot on Wendy Perrins WOW List!

Three generations traveling together
Barbara Bowman | March 14, 2017

Jill developed a great itinerary which, as I requested, combined great sightseeing with downtime in beautiful places. The itinerary was perfect for the three generations traveling together.

I never had a worry
Cynthia Brown | December 9, 2016

Jill Taylor with JetSet Travel, never missed a beat! I was set up with the most FABULOUS trip! I contacted Jill while on my vacation to make some last minute additions to the itinerary — she was on it immediately (I dont think Jill sleeps)! I never had a worry. I will definitely use Jill for all of my travel planning.

Absolutely amazing
Janelle Santos | December 2, 2016

Jill was absolutely amazing! I was completely overwhelmed trying to book our honeymoon myself. A 15 day trip to Italy with so much to see and do~~ Jill really helped us pin down what We wanted to experience. Jill got to know us and had great suggestions based on our travel style, likes and dislikes. Jill was extremely responsive and even answered questions that we had while we were on our trip. With her incredible relationships, we had the best tour guides we have ever had- real archaeologists, historians and locals–we experienced authentic Italy, which is just what we wanted!

Our transportation was completely organized and was executed without a hitch. All of our drivers were very friendly and very accommodating. We had all of our travel documents on the Jet Set app- it was incredibly convenient and organized.

Booking our honeymoon through Jill gave us a real VIP experience. Every hotel, tour, dinner, excursion was top-notch and we were treated like royalty.

I realize that this review is all positive, but that is exactly how the trip was. It was perfect and we feel so blessed to have experienced Italia the way that we did.

Great job of connecting the dots
Thomas Fusco | December 1, 2016

Jill worked very hard to get an understanding of what we are about and what we would like and then did a great job of connecting the dots between us and our travel needs and wants. She came up time and time again with great suggestions for Hotels and Restaurants in Italy. Also her thoughts around day excursions were spot on as well. This is our 2nd time utilizing Jill and we will not hesitate to do so in the future. Also her service of us live time while we were on the ground in Italy was very responsive.

A truly fantastic time
Denise Gibson | October 7, 2016

My family of four, including two boys (12 and 10 yrs old), had the pleasure of working with Jill Taylor for a trip to Europe in August 2016.  Jill helped me with every detail of our itinerary, from selecting which countries to visit to making dinner reservations and arranging for our transportation needs.

She is a true professional. She spent time listening to our travel styles and needs up front in order to make sound recommendations. Throughout the planning process, Jill was insightful, resourceful, responsive and flexible. With her guidance, we crafted a trip that perfectly satisfied the diverse needs of my relaxation-seeking husband and adventure-seeking children. Furthermore, I was able to fully enjoy our travels because I had confidence that Jill had thought of every potential wrinkle and important detail, and was available to help with any questions I had along the way. Everyone had a truly fantastic time.

Jill is 6 star
Sharon Hupprich | July 24, 2015

Jill Taylor of Jet Set Travel did an amazing job of planning our tours and for 3 weeks in Italy. We came to her late in the game and with less than one month before our travel she was able to interview us and plan some amazing tours. We were given an a la carte list of tours and activities and we chose at least 75% of them because Jill really listyened to us during the planning interview. We had traveled in Italy many times and had private guides etc. but Jill really zeroed in on the essence of what we wanted to do and she hit the target every time. She was totally available to us and had an amazing app for the entire trip which made us feel we were totally in her care. Highly recommended. Jill is 6 star.

Diane Wintz | June 20, 2016

This is the first time I have used a travel agent/concierge. I have been to Europe many times and lived there, but my best friend wanted a well-planned trip to Italy, and I felt overwhelmed.

Wendy set me up with Jill and Caitlin. I first discussed the basic goals of the trip with them—our budget and the locations we wanted to visit (Florence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast). From there, there were 3 forms to fill out. The forms asked a lot of “getting to know you” questions. Then they sent me an initial itinerary, which was so detailed and really captured the timeline and hotel amenities that we wanted. A few weeks before the trip, I got the final itinerary through an app which had every train ticket, hotel reservation, activity plan, etc.

We have now returned from the trip. It was so smooth. The attention to detail was impeccable. Even little things—like booking seats on the train so we would be sitting together but with adequate room for bags, etc: Perfection. Drivers who transported us around, picked us up at the train, were punctual and knowledgeable. We had no “What do we do now?” moments. Also, we were within our stated budget; this included food, activities, tips, hotels, souvenirs, etc. Unbelievable. Jill and Caitlin were available through messaging in the app and by phone. I didn’t need them during the trip but, even before we left, I could email and get a response within 12 hours.

The hotels were exactly what we wanted, situated in the cities with easy accesss to sites, with all the modern conveniences we expected, and with the friendliest people I have ever met. I can never again travel outside the U.S. without this service. The trip was so efficient and stress-free, and there was no time wasted trying to “figure out” Europe because all the plans were made. Specifically, we arrived and were picked up at baggage claim by a driver who took us to Tuscany. We checked in and were taken for a prosecco toast, then lunch, then the spa, ending in an outdoor soaking-tub experience while watching the sunset. Dinner was a chef’s table. And this was just the first night!

I could go on and on about how enjoyable the trip was, but all the credit goes to Jill and Caitlin. Wow!!!! Great job putting this together. I have recommended them to all my friends and suggest using them the next time you go to Italy because they really made the difference between a good trip and the trip of a lifetime. Last thing: The service is affordable. I was worried about the trip costs, but their services were above and beyond—and worth more, given the time and money they ultimately saved me.

Beyond our greatest expectations
John Tebb | April 17, 2016

Jill Taylor is a Rock Star. Our trip to Paris and London was beyond our greatest expectations. It was our first trip to either city, and we had Jill set us up with greetings at the airports and train stations , transfers to and from hotels, hotels and some tours.
As we departed from the plane in Paris, we were greeted immediately and led past even the fast track security lane to front of security as if we were diplomats . Right then I felt no matter what else happened , working with Jill was worth it.!
I have booked many trips , had arrangements made , etc… , stayed in some very nice resorts and hotels and always , always there are at least little things that happen or major snafus that happen and can find some constructive criticism to pass along when asked.
I say this only to point out over 14 days , nothing could have been improved on our experience.
Every transfer was on time , we would have the same driver to and from and for our city tours as well . Our hotels were great, got upgrades with fabulous views, every detail and service was incredible… Both hotels sent me surveys, and I couldn’t think of anything that would have improved our stays
We did a 4 hours private tour in each city with a driver and English speaking guide. ( we are not big tour people, but with Jill’s advice did these ) they both gave us history, feel of the city, and of course highlights of what you want to see, and interests we had that we would want to explore further . ( Our tour guide in London coordinated the changing of the guard which was so much more extensive than what I thought..would never had seen and learned that on our own.) this set us up for the rest of our time being productive and fun. We may want to expand on these next time
I could go on for a long time , but to finish, we were whisked through security in the same manner in departing out of London. I am so amazed and impressed with Jill and her team. We felt so special and if we would have done this on our own the time lost in security lines, hailing down cabs and figuring out where to go in each city would have at the very least been exhausting and wasted time. Thank you Wendy for your help in recommending Jill. We are very grateful and will use Jill always


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