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Added such tremendous value to our experience
Molly ONeill-Emmi | June 12, 2018

Thanks to Christos and his team, our recent trip to Greece was filled with countless memorable moments and exceeded our expectations.

During the planning phase, Christos was immensely helpful. I had tried to research as much as possible on my own and became overwhelmed with the options. When I first spoke with Christos, and in our follow-up discussions, he patiently answered all my questions and gave me a different perspective than I had gleaned online and in the guidebooks. His detailed guidance and insider’s perspective enabled me to narrow down my much-too-long list of sites and islands to visit.

All of my interactions with Christos’s team were positive. Each member of the team was respectful, helpful and patient. Thanks to all of them, a wonderful itinerary was planned and coordinated.

While in Greece, everything unfolded without a hitch. All of the transfers were seamless and really made our lives easier. There’s nothing like walking off the ferry in Santorini, amidst what felt like thousands of other tourists, to be picked up and whisked away by a personable, safe driver in an air-conditioned vehicle that was ready and waiting.

Each boutique hotel was just perfect for us. At each one, the warm, friendly, incredibly helpful staff, as well as the location, amenities and comfortable accommodations, were ideal.

The half-day and full day tours in each of our destinations (Athens, Naxos, Santorini, and Crete) added such tremendous value to our experience. Our guides were knowledgeable, personable and willing to tailor each tour to our liking. Not only did we gain historical and cultural insights, but we delved into aspects of local Greek life & customs. Baking Cretan desserts with a local chef in her home was such fun and truly memorable. Not only did we share many laughs and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we gained insight into the Cretan way of life and some of the ongoing challenges faced by the Greeks. We truly were impressed by our guides, and are so appreciative of Christos and his team connecting us with them.

We were so pleased with all of the arrangements made by Christos and his team. We would certainly recommend them to anyone considering a trip to Greece. Hopefully, we’ll have the occasion to plan another wonderful vacation with them in the future.

He is as knowledgeable as anyone about Greece
Dale and Carol Davis | May 29, 2018

My wife and I just completed a 3 week trip to Greece. This was our first time in Greece, although we have visited 93 countries in our travels, and many of those, more than one time, such as Kenya, Tanzania, India, Antarctica, and others I have already forgotten. My passion is photography, astrophotography, and timelapse photography. I specialize in travelogues, and produce DVD and electronic (e.g.: YouTube, Vimeo) slide shows of about 30-45 minutes. So this trip was purposely directed at enabling this photography. We requested rooms that were advantageous to sunsets, sunrises such as the best view in Santorini), and access to special scenery such as Meteora.

I had several constructive design conversations with Christos at the onset, and then he turned me over to his staff, George, Anthony, Sophia, and they picked up the ball and ran with it. I was very happy with all of them. This was not a hands-on trip, in that Carol and had to navigate ourselves to each location, and then met our transfers which were arranged, as were guides, at sites we requested. I also hired my own for photography in Meteora through the internet, and hired my own Sunset Oia day cruise and guides through the internet, and Christos had nothing to do with these. I rented a car through Auto-Europe on my own in every place (Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos, and Santorini. Christos demurred from these rentals as company policy. All of this was to have better photography access.

All of this being said, the transfers, and hotels were very satisfactory in each city. We did have a few small problems, but nothing that would have required a negative rating of Christos and his staff. Our only real problematical situation arose when we checked into our room at the Grace Mykonos in Mykonos. The room was impossibly small for a 3 days stay. We could barely pass each other in the room. I had a ton of photo equipment and needed a desk for photo editing, downloading, etc. and this was simply not available in the Grace Mykonos. We had a 1-2 hour exchange between Anthony at True Trips, and the front desk, and finally elected to pay for an upgrade to their best room, which added $1000 to my already paid-for, but tiny room. Our only other complaint was also with the Mykonos Grace location. It was located a 10 minute shuttle ride (hotel driver) each time, from each direction, and required a phone call to get the ride back, and also required a 5 euro tip in each direction. In the 3 days there, we took this shuttle at least twice a day (2 x 3=6 trips at 5 euros per trip=30 euros or $35 USD. True Trips told us there were no better locations despite the fact that there were several 4 star hotels in town, and the 5 star Belvedere. We would have gladly stayed in town to avoid the hassles of the shuttle. This was all discussed at length (thankfully I had an international ATT calling plan that allowed me to call from Mykonos to Athens for this).

During the stay in Athens, we did a drive to the Pellopenese for the day (Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidaurus), and on the drive from Athens to Meteora, we did a 2 hour guided trip in Delphi.

Carol and I have evolved to be independent travelers. We simply cannot tolerate being in a tour bus or on a ship with other people. My photography angers almost everyone. So in this way, I can travel without the fetters of fellow travelers. Christos fashioned this trip exactly as I wished it to be and did a good job. I am certain that he is as knowledgeable as anyone about Greece, and would be able to fashion any sort of trip for any needs. We would use him again. We loved Greece, the beauty of the country, and the wonderful and warm people. The food was always reliably good, just like Italy and France.

Truly makes you feel like you're seeing "real Greece".
Erin Seuffert | January 16, 2018

Our July 2017 trip to Rhodes (Rhodes City and Lindos) and Patmos was flawlessly executed. Our hotels in Patmos and Lindos were particularly phenomenal, and all of the small pesky details that can sideline a trip were managed perfectly (transfers, ferry etc.). On Lindos, the hotel hosted a cooking class for us with our kids, which we really enjoyed – the Melenos Lindos is an amazing, not-to-be-missed hotel. On Patmos, in particular, the hotel selected for us was run beautifully, and we appreciated the small personal touches of being able to take breads and sweets from the hotel to the beach at no charge (from breakfast) and of the excellent recommendations where to visit on the island, to say nothing of the lovely pool and views from our room balcony. Our catamaran ride from Patmos to some uninhabited local islands and then to lunch on a small remote paradise was fantastically memorable and very worth doing….getting to Patmos takes effort but its absolutely worth it and truly makes you feel like you’re seeing “real Greece”.

Suggested and organized fun and interesting activities
Chris Stoll | October 8, 2017

Our group of three couples just returned from a magical week on the island of Santorini. The magic was largely made possible by Christos Stergiou. He recommended Astra Suites for our stay; a regular topic of conversation among the group was how wonderful our rooms, the service, and the pool were. The resort is perfectly located to enjoy the stunning sunset each night. And the breakfasts on our private terrace gave us that feel-good feeling every morning. Christos suggested and organized fun and interesting activities which included a private guide to show us the best parts of the island and a catamaran sail giving a different perspective of Santorini. Any questions we had were quickly answered by Christos’ team. It was a seamless experience making it possible to experience the best Santorini had to offer.

The guides were all phenomenal
Scott Mayerowitz | October 3, 2017

Christos and his team were on top of every element of our trip from the start. He listened to what we wanted, offered helpful advice and then executed perfectly. I can’t recall anything with the logistics – which is exactly what you want: a seamless trip. The guides were all phenomenal. So friendly, helpful and intelligent. Everything that Christos and the team at True Greece did made this a memorable experience.

I wanted something top notch
Frank Ott | September 27, 2017

Our trip to Athens, Patmos and Santorini was Flawless! My wife and I are normally very independent travelers, rarely using a travel agency when planning our vacations. However, this time I wanted something top notch and easy to navigate given our challenge with Greek and the many, many options Greece offers. We found Christos of TrueTrips thru the Wendy Perrin WOW list website.

There were a great number of transfers and getting to/from Patmos is a challenge since it is a less traveled island (our request). ALL the transits, to all locations, whether to airports, ferries, hotels went without the slightest hitch.

We went to Patmos solely on the advice of Christos and it was about the most peaceful place we’ve ever been (we have taken well over 50 vacations on 5 continents). People were friendly, food simple and authentic, beaches beautiful and near empty, a perfect recommendation. The hotel, Petra, was similar, high-end, small and quiet on beautiful Grikos bay, with incredibly good breakfasts.

The hotel in Santorini was perfect, in Inverogili, away from the crowds of Oia and Thira and cruise ships hordes. It had great views, was small, quiet (not easy here) and well located with great service.

We started and ended in Athens at the Electra Metropolis, a top-level service hotel, 2 blocks from the Plaka area, a rooftop restaurant and pool with a terrific view of the Acropolis. I suspect the upgrade the first night and perhaps the wine and flowers our last night were influenced by their team.

In fact, we think we may have gotten the best room in the house at each location thanks to Christos.

They provided well organized and delivered tours, excellent transit drivers, as well as a varied list of restaurants for each location.

The trip was expensive but we got AT LEAST what we paid for, lovely locations, excellent hotels, good tours, excellent transfers and NO stress whatsoever.

We felt so secure
Glorianne and Joh Powell | August 11, 2017

My husband and I planned a month long trip through Europe with half of that trip entrusted to Christos Stergiou and his team. We were met at the airport in Athens and from there we had planned on going to three other islands then two spots in Croatia. The trip plan was extremely detailed and we felt so secure knowing that we would be in their hands throughout. However, my husband had to have emergency surgery on a detached retina in Athens which Christos himself helped handle with our team back in the U.S. We had to change direction, stay in Athens but were allowed a side trip to Mykonos. They scrambled to get our trip back on track without any flights for 15 days and find hotel rooms at last moment in busy Greece. We could not have done this without them. Christos has a great team.

July 11th-27th, 2017. Athens, Mykonos, Athens. Originally planned for Athens, Milos, Santorini, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Hvar. We will go back and book again with Christos for another adventure next year.

Wonderful trip with first-rate expert guides
Christina Brown | August 1, 2017

Christos listened to our needs very carefully and put together a wonderful trip with first-rate expert guides. Not just the hotels but the particular rooms booked were wonderful. Just as importantly, when our inbound flight was delayed his team worked rapidly to rearrange our tours so we still got to see everything we wanted. Thanks!

Everything we did was with an expert in their fields and top notch.
Kathy Gantz | July 26, 2017

The trip to Greece was truly memorable. Everything we did was with an expert in their fields and top notch. Every transfer, guide, car ride to and from the airports were professional and on time. We love the Samara Gorge hike, the Nemea WIne tour, the cooking class at our teachers home, discovering Cretan artisans and their customs, culture, and lifestyle. We loved the contemporary art tour and meeting the artists and gallery owners. We loved all three hotels that were chosen for us.

The food was amazing. I would recommend anyone planning a trip to Greece to work with Christos. Thank you, Wendy!

Strong and smooth execution
Sal Altman | July 25, 2017


Great recommendations and smooth at operations. But they are not so flexible, as opposed to other agents in other countries on your WOW List who are. They really didn’t like last-minute changes. And what is your opinion of an agent who refuses to make a restaurant booking for more than two people because only two people had paid for his service? (The hotel concierge was happy to make the reservation for us.) However, the strong and smooth execution of the trip outweighed the problems we encountered during the planning process. Still, my advice is to set your expectations from the beginning.

Explore the sites with tour guide but not in a large group... best decision ever
Heather Dennis | July 23, 2017

We had a family trip to Greece and was spending a few days in Athens after traveling the islands and I wanted to explore the sites with tour guide but not in a large group… best decision ever, we had private tour guide that brought all the history to life, my 11 YO had a blast and learned a lot.. the days we toured were very hot, it was a big plus not having to wait in lines and had an air conditioned car waiting for us every stop! The hotel accommodations were perfect and it was a fabulous trip! I will work through Wendy’s list again for future travels.

Managed to get us a fantastic room upgrade
Richard Abt | July 5, 2017

We had to reschedule shortly before our intended departure date. All hotels, internal transportation, and tours had to be canceled and rebooked. This was done in a couple of days by Christos and his team. Somehow everything still took place as planned. When we had an issue with one of our hotels, They managed to get us a fantastic room upgrade. All of the drivers and guides were on time and excellent.

Customized planning for our family
Kathy Fischer | May 27, 2017

Amazing Wow List trip planned by Christos Stergiou

From the first call placed to Christos, he was able to put together an amazing trip in Italy and Greece with our 2 adult daughters. From tasting wine to eating the local flavors and being driven and guided 24/7.
The highlight for our family was going to Spetses which was unknown territory for all of us. The hotels, excursions and all the customized planning for our family was spot on.
We will continue using The Wow List for all our travels

Felt very customized for our tastes
Carrie Lazarus | October 13, 2016

Christos put together a fantastic 2 week trip for us to Greece. From the moment we landed in Athens, to the visits to 3 islands, it was flawless. The hotels were great as were the guides, the excursions and restaurants. The trip felt very customized for our tastes. We are already thinking about Italy next year and will call on him again to plan our trip.

Would highly recommend
Thomas Nyhan | October 11, 2016

Very good recommendations on lodging and we were repeatedly upgraded. All transfers went very smoothly notwithstanding repeated changes in the schedules for the boats and airplanes. Agent was particularly helpful when the ferries in Greece went on strike on a departure day. They worked in real time to find an alternate ferry ride on the scheduled day of departure. All the guides were very knowledgeable and well educated. Agent was very responsive to every inquiry. I would highly recommend Christos and his team.

We had a great time
Stuart Kovensky | August 10, 2016

My family and I would like to thank Christos and his team for planning our trip through Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. We really enjoyed ourselves and their recommendations for hotels, restaurants and activities really helped make the vacation special! In Athens, our tour guide was great, and the dinner at Kuzina was a real highlight of the trip. Sitting on the top floor there and looking out over the Acropolis was amazing! Santorini was truly beautiful and the team at Mystique was so gracious and helpful. Our sunset cruise there with Santorini Sailing was truly the highlight of our entire trip. They were so funny, great tour guides and very good cooks. They even gave us the name of a SCUBA guide in Santorini that turned out to be a great find. Mykonos was amazing. We went to LIA beach for scuba two days and that was great. The staff at Myconian Ambassador was second to none. At the front desk, Virginia and Mike handled all of our requests with ease, and the Head Waiter (George) and the rest of his team, including Leo, were fantastic. We felt like home there.

All in we had a great time and we couldn’t have done it without Christos.

We should have put a little more effort into the planning phase....
Joe Chuba | July 31, 2016

Christos and his team were very responsive and courteous in the planning phase and during the trip. We had a great time and really enjoyed the Santorini leg of the trip. All of the guides True Greece booked for us were amazing. They were also very quick to make a last minute change to one of our activities. Awesome service. One thing I would do if I could go back: we should have put a little more effort and engagement into the planning phase. We never had a conversation with Christos or his team. We did everything over email. In hindsight, it would have been better if we did talk. Mykonos turned out not to be the right fit for us, but we never really had much of a discussion about how the destination fit into our preference. Advice: Take advantage of the experts and ask more questions.

An amazing experience
Jan Heininger | July 8, 2016

In April 2016, we traveled to Greece with our two adult kids and our son-in-law. Christos Stergiou and his team planned a wonderful trip for us that perfectly met our needs. We are all well-traveled so adding in off-the-beaten path activities is important as well as not missing major sites. To do so, excellent guides are crucial and the guides TrueGreece provided couldn’t have been better. We especially loved Eleni, our guide to Epidaurus, Nafplio and Mycenae because when she introduced herself she said really wants her guests to understand Greece and what they are seeing so she does a lot of “blah, blah.” We told her she could “blah blah” all day long because that was exactly what we wanted so we got a good 5 hour lecture on Greek history and culture that not only greatly enhanced the sites we were seeing but gave us a context for what we’d see on the rest of the trip. Guides can make or break a trip and Christos’ guides are top notch.

The guidance we got on planning the trip was excellent (Athens, Delphi, Peloponnese, Crete and Santorini), the hotels were perfect (and with great concierges), the vehicle we used to tour mainland Greece was superb (and this a real sticking point for our family because we’re all tall except me who gets squashed if the long legs of the others aren’t given enough room), and the mix of driving, flights and ferry was just right.

The whole trip went off without a hitch. I would strongly recommend that anyone wanting to visit Santorini NOT go via a cruise ship. By staying on the island for 4 nights (in a terrific hotel — Astra Suites– that spills over the edge of the caldera), we managed to avoid cruise ship passengers, travel to all corners of the island (and around the caldera by boat), toured the ruins of Akrotiri that had been buried and excavated like Pompei and experienced the Greek Orthodox Easter in the mountain town of Pyrgos that is set ablaze on Good Friday with burning cans of fuel lining all terraces, rooftops, steeples and fences. It was an amazing experience and one you can’t get from the truncated visits made by cruise ships. Also, avoiding high season in Greece and going in shoulder season as we did was a great decision. We missed the crowds and had absolutely splendid weather. I can’t imagine how wrung out we would have been doing the trip in the height of summer, which is when most tourists visit.

Excellent experience...
George Foussianes | December 3, 2015

Excellent experience…there is nothing like having an expert on the ground during our trip to handle the unexpected modifications that we made once we arrived in Greece. Thanks for your help!

He did a terrific job
Dr. Bill White | October 7, 2015

True Greece—We had already booked a week aboard the sailing ship the Sea Cloud, when we asked Christos Stergiou to build us a month-long trip around our cruise. He did a terrific job. We conducted the initial planning via Skype while we were vacationing in Bali. He put together a trip which was special. The single most important point regarding the trip was the quality of the drivers and the guides. Always to the minute on time and the guides were some of the best we have experienced anywhere in the world.

The trip was fantastic
Martha Holland | October 6, 2015

Christos Stergiou is a superb travel planner. Patient, thorough, and kind. My friend and I traveled to Santorini and Naxos with a few days in Athens. Our Santorini boutique hotel, the Andronis, was the best-loved in the neighborhood. Great tour guides at the excavation site and the wine tasting. Our Naxos villa was too out of the way and we would have preferred being nearer to the port area. The Mod Hotel in Athens was no substitute for the grand hotel (name forgotten), but we were glad to sample both. Do not schedule that Onassis restaurant in Athens again—it was far away and certainly nothing special. Would have preferred a dinner in Naxos of Christos’s choosing. The trip was fantastic overall, and we had the most wonderful time.

The trip was a great success
Jeff Goble | August 10, 2015

Christos and his team helped us plan a two week trip to Greece with our daughter & son-in-law in July 2015. As expected they were great helping us decide where to visit (Athens, Crete, Santorini & Rhodes) and arranging great guides, experiences, restaurants, transport & accommodations. But what really set Christos apart was the high level of support we received once we arrived in Greece. This became especially valuable as our arrival coincided with the start of massive protests leading up to the referendum on the EU bailout program. Fortunately for us Christos had booked us into a hotel right on Syntagma Square so we were able to observe the protests, the crowds and democracy in action. Throughout our trip True Greece maintained daily contact with us to keep us informed of the political situation and to make sure our trip was going well. The trip was a great success and we owe a lot of it to Christos & True Greece.

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